BW Workbook as an iView in the Enterprise Portal

I keeping getting a dialog box asking to select the appropriate program to open the workbook. When I select .xls it opens, and it shows the parameters I entered and not the workbook. The customer is on NW04 Stack 11.
I followed ever step on site as listed below.
BW workbooks are MS Excel workbooks with one or more embedded BW queries. You are able to display these workbooks in the Enterprise Portal as iViews.
Workbooks are displayed in a separate MS Excel window. Opening workbooks within the Web browser window is not possible for technical reasons.
BW workbooks require the BEx Analyzer, which requires a local installation of the SAP GUI for Windows with the BW front end.
SAP recommends that you use BEx Web applications in the Enterprise Portal that run completely in the Web browser.
You can use the function Export as Excel 2000 File from the BW Web application context menu as an alternative to using a local installation of the BW front end if you require Excel functions. See Context Menu Functions  and Exporting as a CSV File/Excel 2000 File.
An iView with a workbook can be generated using the Portal Content Studio or Role Upload. For more information, see Generating Content from SAP BW for the Enterprise Portal.
The iViews are of type SAP Transaction iView and have the code link
The most important properties are System, Transaction (TCODE) and ApplicationParameter.
·The System property contains the alias on the BW system (see Creating BW Systems in the  Portal).
·The transaction code for every workbook is RRMXP.
·The value WBID= is in the ApplicationParameter property.
You can determine the workbook ID with the BEx Analyzer:
a. Open the desired workbook.
b. In the BEx toolbar, choose ® OLAP Functions for Active Cells ® Properties. The Information tab page contains the Workbook ID (Server).
Note that with BW workbooks as an iView, the AutoStart property contains the value True (process first screen) and the GuiType property contains the value WinGui.
Anyone have a solution for this to work?

Dear Rasmesh,
Please try to do this suggestion:
3. How can I use SAP Application Integrator to access SAP transactions?
There are two different ways to use the SAP Application Integrator transaction iView. In both cases please use a URL like 'irj://' followed by your custom parameters like '?System=DEV&TCode=SE38&GuiType=WinGui &WinGui_Type=Shortcut&OkCode=SHOP'.
The parameters are:
System [mandatory]
TCode [mandatory]
GuiType (=WinGui / WebGui / JavaGui) [mandatory]
WinGui_Type (=Shortcut ..if you want to launch the GUI in a new window)
OkCode (The OkCode that you would like to be executed after the transcation is called by SAP GUI.)
ApplicationParameter (Pass these values to your screen fields which needs to be be separated by
AutoStart (true / false)
UseSPO1 (true / false)
For a complete list of parameters please consult
Taken of:
I hope this highline can help you,

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    Yes.  All those steps are necessary.

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    hi ,
    i need to create a discussion forum in the EP.
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    Hello Saurabh,
    For the cretaion of discussion forum kindly access my Article that i have published in SDN the link of it is .
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    Here u will get Step by Step Solution for creation of Discussion forum.
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  • Urgent:- BEx Analyzer Workbook as an iView in the Portal

    Can somebody please tell is it possible to create BEx Analyzer Workbook as an iView in the Portal?
    If it is possible, how to create the iView?
    Please help.

    Hi Nikesh,
    The question relates much more to analysing queries.
    BEx Designer and WAD are for designing queries,output of which can be seen in BEx AnalyserWorkbook. These are used for analysing the data with some test data entered by user.
    But if we want them to be seen as a portal iview report we need to use BEx WebApplication Designer iview as we generally user for WAD n BEx.
    Use the Version of the BEx Appl as BW or BI and then give  propeties like system name,BEx Query,Appl parameters.
    We need to see tht these queries in the same compatible format as with portal.
    Please note "BExquery" must be the one which generates your reports.
    I am not sure whether i could answer you but hope my idea is clear.
    Thanks and regards,

  • How to bind an IIS to the enterprise portal installed on a linux machine

    Dear all,
    I am very new to the topic of Enterprise Portal.
    Our intention is, to develop .NET IViews and deploy them in the Enterprise Portal.
    The Enterprise Portal Server is set up on a linux machine.
    The Guy who did install the Portal Server, has no idea how to "integrate" the Microsoft IIS to the Portal.
    After deploying my .net Component, i tried to view this component in the portal (by right clicking the mouse on the Component in in the .NET Solutions Explorer).
    This gives me the following error:
    Portal Runtime Error
    An exception occured while processing a request for:
    Component Name: N/A
    Could not find portal application
    Exception id: 02:06.......
    See the details for the exception ID in the log file
    I think that this has something in common with integrating the IIS on the Linux Machine, and maybe additionaly installing the on the IIS webserver machine which should be used.
    Thank you for your help.

    Welcome to the world of Enterprise portal
    Seems to me like you are trying to use the PDK for .NET. If so - Please read the overview section in the documentation to get a general idea of how it works (for example - IIS is not used at all!).
    See the Visual Studio integrated help or click this
    there go to "Getting Started" and mostly "Overview".
    Anyway, It seems like the problem is that you didn't deploy the 2 required SDA's to the portal. You should also take a look at the "installation and configuration" guide. Download it here: for .net administrator
    Good luck,

  • Windows Applications in the Enterprise Portal

    Hi all,
    we have EP 6.0 SP10 based on NW04 installed.
    Is there any possibility to integrate Windows Apllications
    (Windows 'exe' files) in the Enterprise Portal.
    Best regards

    With LaunchInIE you use JavaScript to launch the actual applications. What we do is write a Java iView that contains links (we use icons) to programs installed locally on each machine. When the user clicks a link (icon) we run the JavaScript that opens the locally installed 'exe' file.
    If you have a look at the WhirlyWiryWeb link posted earlier you can see how to use LaunchInIE.
    The downside to this is that the .dll has to be installed on each machine and the registry (for each machine) has to be maintained.
    You can just write a java iView that has links to locally installed exe's (file://C:/myfolder/myexe.exe) if you like but that will result in a security warning each time. LaunchInIE stops the security warning.

  • Portal Component receives GET from other app out of the Enterprise Portal?

    I want to design a portal component, to which i can send GET-Parameters via URL.
    The sending application runs out of the enterprise Portal and has a simple HTML-form (The portal component generates HTML and JAVA-Script for a Flex Application in the Enterprise Portal which should point to a specific document named in the params. The params will be written into the generated HTML document after calling).
    Is this possible without authetification and how would the URL looks like, which is used to call the enterprise portal?
    Pls help me.
    With best regards
    Edited by: Björn Karpenstein on Aug 15, 2008 11:02 AM
    Edited by: Björn Karpenstein on Aug 15, 2008 11:03 AM
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    Hi Björn,
    you can access request parameters with the following code in the standard methods of your Portal Component:
              // IPortalComponentRequest request;
    The direct URL of your Portal Component without a specific iView is:
    If your component should be directly accessable without authentication you must add the following property in your portalapp.xml in the the component-profile section:
            <property name="AuthScheme" value="anonymous"></property>
    Best regards,
    Stefan Brauneis

  • SAP Travel & Expense Management (TRIP) in the Enterprise Portal environment

    HI All
    I am Viki. In our organization they are planning to implement the SAP Travel & Expense Management (TRIP) in the Enterprise Portal environment. Can any one help me how to start this process other details like
    What is the business package for Travel and Expense Managment
    How many Iviews are there
    How to show the Travel data in portal
    How to configure the UWL for TRIP
    What are all roles?
    Please help me in this regard

    Hi Viki,
    SAP Travel & Expense Management  comes under ESS Package,
    to use these service we need to take license and all So first
    you gather your requirement ,then check for license n with SAP.
    Check Below links for details
    [Link 1| [original link is broken]]
    [Link 2|]
    [Link 3|]

  • Installation Learning Solution on the Enterprise Portal

    Hi All!
    A have a question: What a business package should be installed on the Portal for Learning Solution?

    Hi Artsiom, I am going through the same exercise at the moment, and the way I understand it is that LSM Portal is a standalone apps running on a j2ee WAS application server (LSOFE) that can be integrated within the EP portal.  The Learning Portal can be called directly by the SAP WAS or it can be integrated as an iView in SAP Enterprise Portal.
    Essentially BSPs, so my guess is either integrate the content running on this LSOFE or incorporate BSPs into the EP.
    See the following links for the Business packages available:
    Additional info:
    This link has a conceptual architecture to illustrate my earlier comments:
    Hope this helps,
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  • Webinar: Change Management and Transport in the Enterprise Portal

    <b>SAP NetWeaver Know-How Network Webinar: 
    Change Management and Transport in the Enterprise Portal
    Wednesday 21 July 2004
    11 a.m. EDT</b>
    On Wednesday 21 July, Scott Jones hosts the webinar titled <b>Change Management and Transport in the Enterprise Portal</b> as part of the ongoing SAP NetWeaver Know-How Network Webinar Series.
    Here’s how Scott describes his webinar presentation:
    “Change Management offers special challenges to administrators working in Enterprise Portal 6.0 SP2 environments.  This talk provides recommendations and tools, and defines best practices and methods for the effective transport of Enterprise Portal content, with special attention to content dependencies, tracking, and troubleshooting.   We'll also look forward to Change Management enhancements coming with Netweaver 04.”
    SDN invites you to post your questions to the presenter prior to the webinar and continue the online discussion afterward.
    <b>How to Participate</b>
    (Please go to the SDN Events page to see the article and download the PDF presentation)
    Dial-in Information:
    Date: Wednesday 21 July 2004
    Time: 11 a.m. EDT
    Within the U.S., call: +1.888.428.4473
    Outside the U.S., call: +1.651.291.0618
    Password: NetWeaver04
    WebEx Information:
    Topic: SAP NetWeaver Know-How Network
    Date: Wednesday 21 July 2004
    Time: 11 a.m. EDT
    Meeting Number: 742391500
    Meeting Password: netweaver04 (lowercase)
    WebEx Link:
    Replay Information:
    A recorded replay of this call will be available for approximately three months after the webinar. Access this recording by dialing the appropriate number and using the replay access code TBD.
    Toll-free: +1.800.475.6701
    International: +1.320.365.3844
    <b>About the SAP NetWeaver Know-How Webinar Series</b>
    The SAP NetWeaver Know-How Webinar Series is driven by the SAP NetWeaver Regional Implementation Group (RIG), part of the SAP Development organization. The mission of the SAP NetWeaver RIG is to enable customers, employees, and partners to successfully implement the SAP NetWeaver solution. This SAP RIG has expertise in BI, EP, XI, and WebAS. They contribute their implementation expertise to the SDN implementation forums as well as to the SAP NetWeaver Know-How Webinar Series.
    SDN is not responsible for any changes to the webinar schedule. The webinar schedule may be changed or cancelled without prior notice.

    In the intresting document I read that for the deployement the version number mentionned in the MANIFEST.MF is very important in a clustered evironment.
    SAPnote 727180 - Version of PAR File in Manifest File
    denies this.
    Can you clear this out?
    Kind Regards
    Koen Van Loocke

  • Branding bar in  the Enterprise Portal

    All the requirements is  to build of the header bar (branding bar) in  the Enterprise Portal.
    Currently when I click in left nav  , the SAP EP Links open up in new window.
    These pages do not have any Company  Branding header on the top.
    I am required to put Branding header  on these EP Pages and call them on to MOSS UI.
    Plz refer the solution to me.

    Dear Sanjay ,
    Please clarify the below points so that we can understand exactly what issue you are facing .
    1. " requirements is to build of the header bar (branding bar)"  --- Are you referring to the portal  MastHead ?
    (typically mastheadincludes -- welcome "name of user who logs in " , Branding Image - horizontal image bar, help , log off n personalize button"
    2. "when I click in left nav , the SAP EP Links open up in new window. "
    In the left Navigation what are you clicking , what exactly is opening in a new window .
    Kind Regards,

  • Use HCM processes and Forms without using the Enterprise Portal

    is it possible to leverage existing HR Admin Services (HCM processes and Forms) functionality without using the Enterprise Portal?
    1) Create an Adobe form and Interface using SFP
    2) Set up ISR and Form Scenario
    3) Set up Forms configuration to use existing Backend and generic Services
    4) Set up workflow to updated Backend using Services
    is it possible to do the above steps and not use the Portal? If Yes, how do we present the forms to the Manager, and provide different buttons that appears on the Portal by default?
    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Saurabh,
    your assumptions and findings (items can not be started from the backend workflow inbox etc.) are correct: These processes can not be started without the Portal and it is not intended to do this.
    The above mentioned backend report are only forseen for implementation and testing purposes and not for productive use.
    In addition to the fact, that you already can't execute the work items a lot of other features of the framework (Process Browser etc.) are only available through the Portal.
    Best Regards
    Michael Bonrat - Solution Manager HCM Processes and Forms
    Info about HCM Processes and Forms: 
    - SAP ERP Human Capital Management -> Workforce Process Management -> HCM Processes and Forms

  • Create the user master records using the Enterprise Portal

    Hello gurus!!
    I'm configuring SRM 7.0 with EP.
    I'm configuring the organizational structure, and steps guide (pdf and Solution Manager ) are:
    1. Go to transaction SU01 and create an ABAP User. (SRMADMIN)
    2. Assign this user the administrator role /SAPSRM/ADMINISTRATOR
    3. As the administrator, creater the organizational plan
    4. Create the remaining organizational unit
    5. Using the Enterprise Portal application, Business Parter:Employee, create the user master records for the departmental managers.
    How I must create the user in Enterprise Portal? What user I have to use to log on in the Enterprise Portal application? Has the user to be integrated in the organzational structure??
    Thanks in advance!!!!
    Best regards.

    You can create users in WebDynpro application. You can also create users in USERS_GEN transaction.

  • Among the Netweaver XI and the Enterprise Portal.

    I am new to the Netweaver Technology and would like to know the following.
    1. Which among the both i.e. Netweaver XI and the Enterprise Portal is better in terms of fetching the job and making a bettre career in it.?
    2. Also which one is more in Demnad within and outside India ?
    Any other Information on these topics would definitely help.

    Hi Deepak,
    I agree with Subbarao. If u have gud command on ABAP then go for XI.And if u r technically sound in JAVA then go for EP which comprises of Knowledge Management and collaboration, portal and webdynpro.Both have gud value in the market right now.
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    plz reward point if this helps

  • Difference between using the Enterprise Portal and SAP GUI

    Hi Gurus,
    Could one of you please send me a document that lists the differences between the Enterprise Portal and SAP GUI?
    thanks in advance

    For groups, managedBy is an administrative convenience to designate “group admins”. Whatever principal listed in
    managedBy gets permission to update a group’s membership (the actual security is updated on the group’s AD object to allow this).
    In Win2008 and later managedBy also became the way you delegated local administration on an RODC, allowing branch admins to install patches, manage shares, etc. ( 
    On the RODC, this is updating the RepairAdmin registry value within RODCRoles.
    So the difference between them should be only the way they do the same thing.
    For more details, please refer to the below article:
    are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
    interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

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