C or C++ compiler (or even editor with some help) for OS X needed

I would like to learn C and C++ and am looking for a compiler for OS X that generates executable files. An editor that helps you a bit would be even better. Does anybody know any kind of software for this? Maybe even freeware?
Thank you,

It's called Xcode. It's supplied by Apple with every machine on the OS install Disc.
Put your OS X install disc in the drive and look for the developer tools package. It might be in a folder like 'Optional Extras'.
...or if you can't find your disc (or just want a newer version) you can get it from http://developer.apple.com/technology/xcode.html, but you need to create a free account.

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    points will be awarded if  useful

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          textline1   = 'Vendor Name'(f09)
          titel       = 'Enter'(f17)
          valuelength = 35
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  • Help with some ACLs for VACL

    I need some help with acls for a vacl. Goal - have the subnet only communicate with certain IP.
    So, they cannot get out to anywhere else and no one except that IP can get in.
    Here is what I have so far:
    access-list acl1 permit tcp host
    access-list acl1 permit tcp host
    access-list acl1 ip any log
    access-list acl1 ip deny any any log
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    I implemented this on my 6509 and it didn't work. I even modified it to look like the following and it didn't work (I could RDP to one of the boxes on that the subnet).
    ip access-list extended rapt_acl
    deny ip any any
    deny tcp any any
    deny udp any any
    vlan access-map rapt_vacl 10
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  • This was an add on to a BAD SERVICE comment. but could do with some help.. cheers

    My sympathies are with you, I just wished I had checked the Toshiba forums before making my purchase. I too have run into the non existence of their customer service. How on earth are you supposed to email Toshiba for some help. When I finally found an email Toshiba link,, it was a dud !! Comes up as an error ' no such address',, did a Google search for an email address,( that usually comes up trumps as someone that has been down that road and found it usually list it just to annoy,, and good on them) but could only find posts from people that had found the same as me... A dead end.."what does it say about a firm that deals in the world of communication, yet is frightened to be communicated with".
    All I wanted to do was to put two more Gigabytes of Ram into my laptop, just wanted to make sure that I was buying the right ITEM.. As it is near impossible to find anybody that has this 'what you would think would be everywhere' item in stock.. Found someone ""OFFTEK"" -DON'T USE THEM !!! Unless you want to get shouted at.!!  And sent the wrong item.. Who said they had the memory I wanted in stock as I had found the right part number :- PA3669U-1M2G.. But they sent me a TOTALLY DIFFERENT ONE  PART NUMBER--- FT256MSQ64V8U.. But insist that it is OK to use.. I just wanted to check, so as not to mess up my expensive NEW laptop (Xmas pressie)...... I WAS SENT ""MADE BY ELIXIR M2N2G64TU8HD5B-AC   0940.TW 2GB.2Rx8.PC-6400S-555-13-F1.800 MM099270NF.XX  So if any of you knowledgeable people out there know if this will be alright to use,, please let me know.. My Laptop is-- wait for it,, as, according to Toshiba search/find/put in your laptop model thingy..My laptop does not exist.... Anyway it is a, Satellite Pro L300-298.......
    Equally if anybody wants to buy this laptop from me just let me know... as I want to have a piece of Kit where the manufacturer actually gives a **bleep**.......

    i see you are having ram problems. the only ram that is compatible is kingston. anything else will either not work or you will be shipped the wrong thing and dont order from toshiba direct either there site is wrong more that it is right. if you ever have any questions in the future about ram for your laptop or someone elses the link is below.
    Post all info about your laptop and version of windows. We are working on it but still do not have the powers to read your mind.

  • Issue with F4 help for the variables for the 0CALWEEK and 0CALMONTH

    We have custom IOs which refers to 0CALWEEK and 0CALMONTH.In the report we have variables on the custom IOs.For these variables F4 help does not giving any values .I tested with  0CALWEEK also. For the 0CALWEEK also F4 help does not working..Please help me on this issue.The variable I haveused d to test with 0CALWEEK is 0S_CWEEK.
    Edited by: Sudhakar Are on Jul 6, 2010 4:17 PM

    Hi Pramod,
    I don't know how it is done in infoset. But if you have a context node and attribute for the field which is displayed in the view, create a custom dictionary search help for the field you want. Design the search help as per your requirements (what fields to be displayed etc..).
    In the context attribute of that field property, select 'Dictionary search help' in the Input help mode. Enter the name of your custom search help here.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Problems with F4 help for dates

    Hi all.
    In a redesign project we use a new structure for the bsp pages. Since the redesign every F4 help for dates is giving us a java script error.
    Row:      689
    Column: 3
    Error:     'document.all.sapDate.style' is NULL or no object
    Code:    0
    URL:      http://<server>:<port>/wbw(bD1..)/main.do
    In the first version it was a view with some page fragments included containing the F4 helps.
    The new application is a main view containing a changing view over command <bsp:call comp_id="...
    Does the difference in place used matter?
    I also removed the attribute themeRoot from <htmlb:content ...
    Thanks for every hint,

    I have exactly the same problem, someone can tell me how to fix it please ?
    Here is my code for the "date" field :
    CASE p_column_index.
            WHEN 1.
              DATA: tv_col1_inputfield TYPE REF TO cl_htmlb_inputfield.
              CREATE OBJECT tv_col1_inputfield.
              tv_col1_inputfield->id    = p_cell_id.
              tv_col1_inputfield->cellvalue = 'TRUE'.
              tv_col1_inputfield->value = '20000131'.
              tv_col1_inputfield->type = 'DATE'.
              tv_col1_inputfield->showhelp = 'TRUE'.
              tv_col1_inputfield->disabled = 'FALSE'.
              p_replacement_bee      = tv_col1_inputfield.
    Edited by: BB.Fethi on Feb 8, 2010 2:10 PM
    Ok sorry for this post, i haven't see the "remove tag htmlb:page"....
    Edited by: BB.Fethi on Feb 8, 2010 2:13 PM

  • Some help for you with an Creative

    Hi my name is macbrutal, today i got a black screen on my ZEN when it was on, but the battery lamp was shining blue as normal, and ofcourse the lock button was off..
    You couldnt turn it off, or press any buttons.. it just were on..
    If you having the same problem as i had, please try these :
    (I mean with a screwdriver or something)
    Really important so you don't broke it because of that..
    -Put the ZEN back into the USB and hope for it to get back "ali've"
    -Find the Reset button on your ZEN, took me 3 hours to find something to fit..
    (A juice plastic thingy which i cut in pieces)
    Please feel free to comment more advices so people can find their way to solve their problems with the Creative Zen player.
    Thanks / McB

    Print, Fax, and Scan drivers are already included with Snow Leopard for Scanning. HP Scan Pro does not work however. To scan on the Officejet 6300 series at the moment you need to use your Printer browser, the Print & Fax system preference, Preview, or Image Capture. Plenty of other thread here on the issue, including my FAQ thread.
    Just trying to help.

  • Lightweight graphical text editor with some features

    Dare I ask?
    This is mostly for others that may be using my laptop, or when I just need to do something quick. All I really need is the basics, tabs (hopefully), and printing. No advanced find and replace with regular expressions needed, or any advanced keyboard layout. I'll have Vim for that once I know it well enough. GEdit is perfect, except that it's Gnome, which I am not ready to support. Leafpad is far too bare-bones. nedit works good, but is butt-ugly -- normally, I don't put much value here, but come on.
    Last edited by Ranguvar (2009-04-01 04:08:31)

    Beaver. Supports tabs, small, fast and lightweight. 0.4.0 will not require build patches as does I do not like Leafpad (though I prefer printing through libgnomeprintui than xfprint). Its 'find and replace' is awkward whereas Mousepad does the job as expected (though Leafpad does highlight found keywords). And the red root banner of Mouspad is indispensible when editing files with multiple editor instances open.

  • How can I use the "gcc compiler and emacs editor" in Solaris 8 for Intel?

    I installed Solaris 8 for Intel to my desktop computer.
    After the installation, I found I couldn't use the companion software (the software CD included in the Multilinugal Media Kit for Solaris 8) - especially the emacs editor and gcc compilers.
    I certainly installed the companion software to my computer. And I can identify that those softwares are
    really installed to my system. In order to check out whether I installed them or not, I went to the "System Administrator" and opened the "Solaris Product Registry", in which I identified that all the files in
    the companion software were succesfully installed in my computer.
    However, when I open terminal or console box and tries to use those
    software, the system responds that "there is no emacs or gcc."
    Why I cannot use those things?
    Did I install the companion software wrong?
    I really don't understand why I can't use them.
    For your reference, I saw the directories "/usr/bin" and "usr/ccs/bin"
    In /usr/bin I typed
    and no such command.
    In /usr/ccs/bin
    and also no such command
    was what I had as a response.
    If I installed the companion software CD correctly and if they are installed somewhere in my computer,
    where I can find them and how I can use those softwares?
    Lastly, whenever I try to connect to my ISP via telnet mode, I see this
    "Try to connect ...
    connected to ***.***.***.*** (IP address of my ISP)
    Closed by foreign hosts."
    Is there any one who knows why this happens?
    Thanks for reading my question.

    gcc and emacs install in /opt/sfw. You should change your path statement to include /opt/sfw/bin and should obtain the FAQ from sunfreeware.com. The FAQ answers all your questions.
    I have installed gcc and gtk and am using both at this time.
    [email protected]

  • Is there a document editor with handwriting recognition for IPad?

    I want to be able to open a word document, and be able to actively edit content in it with a stylus and handwriting recognition. I am not talking about making notes on a PDF I mean real editing of a word document using handwriting recognition. Please don't waste my time and yours saying that there is a program where I can write notes on a picture or PDF file please.

    Did you try a reset?

  • Digitizing live LPs (with some help)

    My question begins with Snow Leopard, but probably involves a bit more. Maybe a few people could point me in the right direction.
    I'm all up to date on my upgrades, but I have a challenge what to do next. I have no problem ripping tracks using a turntable, some inexpensive software, and the Mac OS to digitize my vinyl collection. Very easy. But the problem with live LPs is another issue.
    If I try to separate live album tracks after digitizing them, the gaps are problematic. I'd like to digitize a whole album, and have it play as if it were a CD (where the tracks naturally flow from one to the next). How do I even begin to do this? What more do I need to know/buy? Has anyone done this before?
    Thanks. This is a tough one.

    I somehow managed to get a digitized version of my LP, so the "crisis" is over, but there's a lot of information to digest here.
    Kiraly: I've been using Amadeus Pro for the easy interface - and have been using your recommended ClickRepair for a long time. An outstanding application. However, cutting it up into individual .aiff files can lead to a certain imprecision, since the there's practically no separation between tracks.
    dechamp: I do use crossfeed, a useful feature. However, I imagine this overall strategy would be less than 100% effective, say, when processing a live LP (my next project). Too much inconsistency in the crowd noise. I'd want it to sound continuous.
    Slammer99uk: I've never used CDA - but it seems the recommendation is an important one. And I may start using Audacity more (it came free with my turntable). It seems to have a few features Amadeus Pro doesn't.

  • An account with some docs posted on it needs to be changed to an recon...

    Hi all
    I have a problem, I need to chnage an account to be an reconciliation account for vendors. The problem is that I already have some value posted on this account. I tried posting a document on it that would bring it to zero balance and then do the change but it won't let me. Is there a way to do it?
    Thank you for the help!

    If you can simulate in a test environment, please try this,
    a. transfer the entire balance in recon account by posting to one single vendor (with the same recon account) and crediting it to some other account.
    b. make the change to recon account in FS02.
    c. reverse the earlier entry and it should allow cause you are posting to a vendor account and not directly.

  • Jar files............could do with some help

    I want to deploy an application I have built along with the JRE it seems creating a JAR file is the way to go. Could somebody confirm this & advise of any other steps that I will need to take along the way. Please take it very SLOWLY and omit nothing.
    I have attempted to create and run a JAR file but have met with failure so far let me explain where i am upto.
    I have an application with several class files all data or code no image or sound files. class that contains the main method is called
    "pStruct". have created a JAR file called "TelDir.jar" succesfully & checked that all required classes are their they are. Next have built the file "mainClass.txt" in notepad have been carefull to get the syntax & case correct & have entered newline before saving file.
    Now i think i am merging the text file into the manifest of the jar file
    with the line:-
    jar cmf mainClass TelDir.jar pStruct.class
    this results in an error message as follows
    java.io.FilenotFoundException:main Class(System cannot find the file specified).
    now I have tried adding .txt to the end of mainClass and the line seems
    to execute happily but if i then try and run my amended jar file with:
    java -jar TelDir.jar
    I get the following response:-
    Exception in thread "main" javac.lang.NoclassDef Found Error:GUIFrame
    and a about 8 other lines of complaint.
    ("GUIFrame" being one of my classes in the jar file)
    when building the jar file i have not stated each class individually but used the wild card. would this cause a problem. I have also made sure ALL files invloved are all in the same subdirectory.
    Hoping somebody can tell me what i am doing wrong

    Have discovered my mistake at the end of the line "jar cmf mainClass.txt TelDir.jar pStruct.class" pStruct is the class containing my main method as stated in the Manifest but it should read all of the classes required to make my application run or * the wildcard.
    Things always seem clearer the following day.
    When you say post the contents of the Manifest file how can i examine its contents or do you mean the contents of the text file.
    Now i have my jar file how do i take this further to enable me to deploy my application along with the JRE onto another machine?

  • Problems with starting jstart.EXE (help for/from anyone needed!)

    Dear all,
    the last days I have spent some time trying to install CE7.1 and also CE711 EHP1. The installation itself worked great: no errors were reported during intallation. But somehow the instance CE1 never starts up completely. As I have found out, and so do many many many others, the problem lies in starting "jstart.EXE" (Please check your SAP Management Console: CE1 => matrix 0 => Process List).
    The following behaviours I have monitored:
    1. When trying to start the CE1 instance jstart.EXE tries to start but stops after a while. So the J2EE Server is not started. This behaviour is monitored and reported by many posts here at SDN, but it seems that "final" solution has been posted, which is valid for anyone. At least non of the hints could help me.
    2. I have monitored that the status of jstart.EXE seems to hang at status "Starting the processes" (I have waited more than 25 minutes).
    To all the experienced and anyone else:
    PLEASE post all you hints here! This issues seems to be a very common issue and is not really solved. Other posts did not help me so far.
    In my case (case 2 from above) I can provide the following information:
    Today (December 3rd, 2008) I have installed CE7.1_SR5. Hardware requirements are fullfilled by 100%.
    I have to mention that I have installed some old CE or NW J2EE version on the same system like about one year ago, and I uninstalled it after only one week.
    Maybe what the jstart.EXE problems are somehow related to the license: does the "uninstallation" leave some data back in the system, which could be used by later installs in order to check the license (wich is only a 90 day license)?
    Who can help?
    What is your experience with jstart.EXE?
    Any help is very welcome. I am sure not only for me!

    OK, if jstart in the "Process List" has status status "Starting processes" I guess what you have to monitor is the "AS Java Process Table". It should show which processes are being started at the moment.
    If I remember correctly the first in this list are offline deployment/bootstrap (which need to run to prepare the instance after updates). After that two processes should be started: the icm and server0 (if you have created more nodes there might be more serverX processes).
    So which one really fails? If it runs for long time and then goes down I suspect it might be server0 (that's the actual java server process). In this case you'll want to check for errors in <drive>/usr/sap/<SID>/JXX/work/_server0. files or the default trace.
    Another way to determine what goes wrong might be to check the <drive>/usr/sap/<SID>/JXX/work directory. If you sort traces by date you'll probably get some idea. dev_<process> are the jstart output, the std_<process> is the actual stdout of the process, if the process failed probably the std file contains some more information on why it happened.
    If you cannot find the problem is there a way to share the last files from the work directory. If it's a common problem we must identify and add it to the TS guide ...
    Best regards, dido

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