Cache refresh issue with PI Load Balanced HA setup.

Dear Experts,
Wei have installed a HA Load Balanced PI Production Server with the below specifications. Its a four node cluster. Two nodes for Application Cluster and another two nodes for Database Cluster.
Physical Hostname  : axsappci
Virtual Hostname  : axsapp00
Instances         : CI,SCS and ASCS.
Physical Hostname : axsappdi
Virtual Hostname   : axsapp00
Instances          : Dialog instance installed with physical hostname axsappdi
Physical Hostname : axsappd1
Virtual Hostname   : axsappdb
Instances  : DB Instance.
Physical Hostname : axsappd2
Virtual Hostname   : axsappdb
Instances  : Standby DB Instance (passive).
Web Dispatcher Hostname : h2h
Application Switchover : CI,SCS and ASCS to switchover to Node2 and dialog instance Node2 forcing to go down
Database Switchover : DB Instance switchover to Node2 if Node1 fails.
We have changed all the parameters according to note 951910 -> NW2004s High Availability Usage Type PI
I am facing an issue with the cache Notifications in the Integration Repository and Directory. The cache notifications are not happening properly particularly with the ABAP Cache.
I get the below error in my ID when i try to do the manual cache notification.
Unable to notify integration runtime (ABAP) of data changes
Unable to establish http connection "http://h2h:8002/sap/xi/cache?sap-
Kindly assist.
Thanks and Regards

Hi Srikanth,
Thanks for the reply.
I have configured my web disptacher to use default HTTP and HTTPS ports i.e 80 and 443. According to note 951910 i have changed parameters in exchange profile to use these ports.

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    Issue resolved. Switched the order of the trustpoints on the outside and vpn load balance.

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    Regards Restless Spirit

    Using Request Management isn't a replacement for using a hardware load balancer.  It will be used internally within SharePoint to route things appropriately.  It depends on the number of users your farm will support, but you may or may not need
    a dedicated distributed cache / request management layer.  Refer to this
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  • Is CPA Cache refresh linked with  ftp or file pooling process in XI?

    I have a file to file scenario using Transport protocol as FTP in XI 3.0 SP 15.
    When we try to sends some file using ftp protocol where we are using
    FTP  connection parameters
    Server                          = <CORRECT IP>,
    Port                               =  21 ,
    User name                <CORRECT NAME>,
    Password                  <PASSWORD> ,
    Data Connection           = Active
    Connection Seq          = None
    Connection Mode          = Permanently
    Transfer Mode            =   Text
    Processing Parameters
    Quality of Service    = Exactly Once
    Pooling Interval        = 1 sec
    Processing Mode    = delete
    File Type                   = Text
    File encoding           = utf-8                 
    The problem we are facing like some time the ftp is not working even the file is present in the location for pick up. If few files are stacked up to be collected then when we are using CPA Cache refresh in Full mode manually then it fetches all the files from the location but the problem is that ,we have a time constraint for this process to be completed in just 60 seconds if we are not able to pick up a  file in 60 Secs then the file will be treated as invalid.
    So I just want to know how Manual CPA CACHE refresh in full mode generally solve the problem.
    Next if more files will be stacked up then cache refresh also failed to solve the problem and more cache refresh result in NOT pooling any other files in XI including the above discussed flow.
    So,in anyway Cache refresh linked with ftp or file pooling process in XI?
    Please assist me in correctly understating the whole problem and what solution could be put to solve this.
    Edited by: Satya Jethy on Mar 14, 2008 12:28 PM

    Hi Suraj,
      If you see my query i have mentioned that the pooling interval is 1 Second.
    If we are not able to pick the file with in 60 Secs as this is a  real time scenario so the file will be treated as a invalid file.
    Moreover this problem is happening some time.
    I have also checked the component monitoring it is saying everything is ok as because we are receiving the file with out any error and the file transfer is also success.The only problem is that it is not collecting the files from the given location.
    Hope i make you understnad the problem .If not please revert back i will try to explain once again.

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    Has the issue with website load time been addressed?
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    Any type of resolution coming?
    Site for reference:

    Major updates of Muse are targeted to release roughly every quarter. The 1.0 release was in mid-May. The 2.0 release was in mid-August. A fundamental change to image loading would only appear as part of a major update due to the engineering and testing efforts required.
    As provided in your previous thread the only workaround until then is to reduce the number of images in the slideshow.

  • Issue with opening stock balance in 2LIS_03_BX in BW

    for some of the material we are not getting correct inventory stock available in BW report.
    where we have customised KF for inventory stock-non cumulative (based on difference of stock receipt and issued).
    The stock qty is  not considering the opening stock balance and hence this is coming as -ve in BW report.
    and but i checked the data in cube stock issued = stock received so ideally the stock should be zero .Also i have seen that i am not able to see stock intilized data in cube .
    also i ran the report for posting date on which stock intilization was done in BW and stock for material is coming as zero
    so hence all material where we have problem are those which has opening stock balance in  BX data source.
    we have also checked in R3 in t code MB51/52 and the stock available is zero but BW report shows -ve stock.
    Note that this problem is not for all stocks and also marker update settings are correct.We have also checked settings in RSDV .they are maintained relative to time..
    Please share your thoughts on this issue..

    Have you compressed requests other than BX load and BF init load? If not run the infocube with 0RECORDTP = 1. This will give you the inital stock setup by the BX load. By default, when you run the non-*** infocube you will get records with RECORDTP '0' only. Whenever compression is done, the reference points get changes and records get written with RECORDTP '1'. If subsequent BF delta loads are also compressed i guess it would be difficult to differentiate. We have an OSS note on the importance of RECORDTP. Please check in service market place.
    One important point to note is that the BF init shoud have been done for the same selections as the BX load as the load (BF init) brings in movements for the stock already setup by BX. If there are differences in the selections for the 2 loads initially or setups were done on different days for these datasources, you could endup with issues.

  • Testing Forms Services availability with Hardware Load Balancer

    I have posted a question about load balancing to a group of application services running Forms Services here on the Forms forum but have had no reply:
    Forms Services availability checking for BIGIP Load Balancer
    My basic questions are:
    a) What do people recommend for load balancing Forms ... least connection, round robin ... ?
    b) Do people use http://server:port/forms/frmservlet?ifcmd=status or have some of you used something else?
    My reason for the question is we had a Forms Services failure that was not detected by the ifcmd servlet as the HTTP side of things was still working. This meant that the BIGIP load balancer sent everything to the failed server as it had the least connections. So basically no-one could logon.
    I've raised an SR with Oracle but they recommend the standard URL above. Has anyone else had a problem like this and if so were you able to fix it?

    Well SR followed up and it looks like the only course of action is to use the standard HTTP check: http://server:port/forms/frmservlet?ifcmd=status ...
    ... unless that is you want to do some serious customisation. Oracle don't support any other form of checking.
    I'm guessing from the lack of responses to this thread that this hasn't been an issue for anybody else ... ???
    Any thoughts/suggestions really welcome as we go into production in 4 weeks.
    a) What do people recommend for load balancing Forms ... least connection, round robin ... ?
    b) Do people use http://server:port/forms/frmservlet?ifcmd=status or have some of you used something else?

  • Bug with Network Load Balancing Services and SkipAsSource always reverting to true

    Steps to reproduce:
    Add an IP address to the cluster (2 nodes running Windows Server 2012) using the Network Load Balancing Manager
    Using PowerShell set the SkipAsSource flag on the IP Address to true (Set-NetIpAddress -IpAddress -SkipAsSource $true). The flag is correctly set.
    Try to reverse the setting (Set-NetIpAddress -IpAddress -SkipAsSource $false). Flag stays as true.
    It appears as though Network Load Balancing Services is remembering the setting from someone.
    Things I've tried all without success (in no particular order):
    Removing the IP address from the cluster and adding it back in
    Using PowerShell to remove the IP address and add it back in manually (on each host).Flag stays set as true on the 1st node but takes a second before it reverts back to true on the 2nd node.
    Using netsh to remove the IP address and add it back in manually (on each host). Flag stays set as true on the 1st node but takes a second before it reverts back to true on the 2nd node.
    Deleting each host from the cluster (one at a time), removing the registry keys CurrentControlSet\Services\WLBS and
    Removing both hosts from the cluster
    Restarting the hosts
    Using processmon (sysinternals) to try and find a registry entry that might be set when SkipAsSource is set
    Does anyone know:
    How to resolve this issue? I'm guessing resetting the TCP/IP stack would work but that's a last resort as it requires an on sight visit to the datacentre.
    Where the SkipAsSource flag it stored?
    How to reset the master/global cluster config?
    Thank in advance,

    Hi Antony,
    I am trying to involve someone familiar with this topic to further look at this issue.
    There might be some time delay. Appreciate your patience.
    Best Regards.
    Steven Lee
    TechNet Community Support

  • Having An Issue With Site Loading In Firebox

    I'm having a small issue that I could use some help with. I'm not really sure what is going on, but I'm having an issue with one of the pages from my site not loading when trying to view the page in Firefox. But if I load this page in Safari or Chrome, it loads just fine.
    Here's the page URL to take a look: <!-- deleted ~J99-->
    <sub >Specific link removed from display by moderator ~J99 </sub> <sitename>.com/top-10/
    <!-- thread now solved, link removed -->
    Any idea on why this could be happening or how to fix it? I'm not sure if it's just my computer, or if others are having the same issue.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hello Mike,
    I have no problem loading and seeing the page <site>.com/top-10/...monitoring-services . General advice would be to try clearing cache and site cookies on the machine you are using.
    *see [[Firefox can't load websites but other browsers can]]
    I imagine you will have easy access to other machines on which you can test with Firefox so hopefully you will be able to test and demonstrate that the page does normally load on Firefox.
    Website design is outside the scope of this forum, but you probably have a professional team working on that.
    I did note from <sitenname>.com/disclosure/
    <blockquote>Disclosure <br /> In regards to the new FTC regulations, we are making this page to be compliant with 100% transparency regarding disclosure of incentive and paid reviews. <br /> Every page on this site has been created to generate revenue. <br /> This site generates income through banner advertisements and affiliate links on product reviews.</blockquote>

  • FireWall ( with DMZ ) Load Balance

    I search CCO and find some Firewall load balance document ( ), but in this sample both firewall havn`t DMZ. Is there anyone can advise me how about the network diagram and hot to configure CSS if both firewall have DMZ?
    Best Regards,

    There are no issues with the firewalls having DMZ's. The firewall load balancing occours accross firewalls regardless of the firewall interface that the incomming packet is destined for.
    Regards Brett

  • Performance issues with class loader on Windows server

    We are observing some performance issues in our application. We are Using weblogic 11g with Java6 on a windows 2003 server
    The thread dumps indicate many threads are waiting in queue for the native file methods:
    "[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '106' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'" RUNNABLE Method) Source)
         java.lang.ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream(Unknown Source)
         javax.xml.parsers.SecuritySupport$ Source) Method)
         javax.xml.parsers.SecuritySupport.getResourceAsStream(Unknown Source)
         javax.xml.parsers.FactoryFinder.findJarServiceProvider(Unknown Source)
         javax.xml.parsers.FactoryFinder.find(Unknown Source)
         javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance(Unknown Source)
    On googling this seems to be an issue with java file handling on windows servers and I couldn't find a solution yet. Any recommendation or pointer is appreciated

    Hi shubhu,
    I just analyzed your partial Thread Dump data, the problem is that the ajax4jsf framework ResponseWriterContentHandler triggers internally a new instance of the DocumentBuilderFactory; every time; triggering heavy IO contention because of Class loader / JAR file search operations.
    Too many of these IO operations under heavy load will create excessive contention and severe performance degradation; regardless of the OS you are running your JVM on.
    Please review the link below and see if this is related to your problem.. This is a known issue in JBOSS JIRA when using RichFaces / ajaxJSF.

  • Issue with a load from R3 to BW 3.5

    Hi Guys,
    We are having an issue here with a load from R3 to BW 3.5 to an ODS and
    a transactional infocube.
    In a daily basis we are running loads to BW from R/3 infosets and all
    of them but one loads fine.
    The one that is having problems is actually the one that loads more
    data, therefore the infopackage is divided into two infopackages.
    In the update rule of the first ODS we are running an initial routine
    in which we are doing a RSDRD_SEL_DELETION (selective deletion) of the
    data to be loaded to both the ODS and the infocube, and is actually
    here where we got the core dump.
    Our first assumption was that maybe there was any yellow request in the
    transactional infocube avoiding the selective deletion but we have
    discarded this.
    We think that, as the only one failing is the one that divides into two
    infopackages, the problem might be that at the moment that the first is
    triying to delete the second one is loading data into the ods and there
    we get the dump.
    The question here is ¿Could this be the problem? ¿How could we
    workaround this if this is the case?
    Thanks for any suggestion.

    Be carefull on ODS activation, if you're using 2 infopackage and/or deleting data from an ODS which is lock for an activation, you'll occurs a dump.
    Check SM12 / ST22 / SM21 and job logs in SM37.
    And if pb still occurs for a load, debug it in start routine.

  • Issue in setting Load balancing for Indesign Server CS5.5

    Hi All,
    I need to set up load balancing mechanism for Indesign Server CS5.5 on Windows Server 2008 R2(64 bit version).
    I have dutifully following all steps defined in "WORKING WITH LOAD BALANCING AND QUEUEING FOR ADOBE INDESIGN CS5 SERVER.pdf"
    After running Indesign server using batch file "startup-indesign-server-CORBA-4instances.bat" from "<ID_SDK>\samples\load-balancing-and-queuing-clients\indesignserver-startup-scripts", I get only one instance of Indesign Server running. How to run multiple instances of the INDD server ? Is running multiple instance has something to do with type of licensing ?
    Now I run Clover.cmd script, I get this screen. I have no idea why its not working. Please help. Please let me know, if the scenario is not clear and more information is required.

    This is the image after running clover.bat

  • Issue with FDM load to Essbase

    I have an FDM app setup to load HFM data to Essbase which then runs a calc script after the data load. Everything works fine if I bypass our load balancer when logging into FDM to run the data load. If I login to FDM through our load balancer, when I run the data load and calc script, they immediately restart when they finish, so after the calc script completes, the data load starts over and so will the calc script eventually. I have to go into the EAS console to kill the session. I was just curious to see if anyone ever seen this behavior, and if so, what can be done to remedy the problem? We are on version and we are using BigIP as our load balancer software. Thanks.

    Leaving the files in this location (where they were initially installed by the Essbase Client) works.
    The issue was that I need to have the full server name to the Essbase server instead of the short name. Once I updated that and re-started the server, I was able to test my target adapter successfully.

  • Issue with Data Load Table

    Hi All,
           i am facing issue with apex 4.2.4 ,using the  Data Load Table concept's and in this look up used the
          Where Clause option  ,it seems to be not working this where clause ,Please help me on this

    hi all,
        it looks this where clause not filter with 'N'  data ,Please help me ,how to solve this or help me on this

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