CAD Integration - Error While Saving file

Im having One  Document type "DRW" which was working fine with all the functionalities.
After that i created another document type "PDW". Now all the functionalities are working fine for this Document type and not for "DRW".
Im getting an error while saving the drawing file in AutoCAD.
For DRW Type, I can able to create a DIR. After creating DIR if i click save button im getting this error.
SAP RFC error
Group    : 104
Message  : Wrong status
Reading titleblock data for 0000000000000010000000458/DRW/000/00...
SAP RFC error
Group    : 104
Message  : Wrong status
Reading titleblock data for 0000000000000010000000458/DRW/000/00...
SAP RFC error
Group    : 104
Message  : Wrong status
Reading titleblock data for 0000000000000010000000458/DRW/000/00...
SAP RFC error
Group    : 104
Message  : Wrong status
Reading titleblock data for 0000000000000010000000458/DRW/000/00...
SAP RFC error
Group    : 104
Message  : Wrong status
Updating document info record 0000000000000010000000458/DRW/000/00 ...
SAP RFC error
Group    : 104
Message  : Wrong status
Command: Conversion to JPG done.
Checkin file into the existing storage category ZMRK ...
E26 253 Error while checking in and storing:
But there is no error in "PDW" document type.
Anybody have any idea on this?

Check  the Status in DC10.
Also make sure you have configured in dc30
If possible send me the config file (.cfg)* to [email protected]
I ll check n revert back...
Have you done any settings based on document type in CFG file?
Award points if useful...
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    oracle.sql.BLOB data = oracle.sql.BLOB.createTemporary(conn, true, BLOB.DURATION_CALL);

  • UseCompExpr Error while saving file in older format

    I have a sequence that:
    1. Was Developed in TestStand 2.0.1
    2. I am opened in TestStand 4.0.1
    3. I want to save it back in version 2.0.1
    WHY: Ease of use in newer TestStand GUI.
    But I get a UseCompExpr error >>> unknown variable
    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    The only place I know that UseCompExpr is used is in the test step properties.  It looks like the step types have changed since versions.  When you tried to back save it doesn't know what to do with that property or how to use it.
    It's used in the String Value Test, Multiple Numeric Limit Test and the Numeric Limit Test.
    Hope this points you in the right direction.
    Honestly though I'm not sure what you are doing is supported or recommended by NI.  I can't speak for them though.  TS 3.0 was a major overhaul to TestStand and any version previous I consider ancient and wouldn't personally consider crossing that line.  My 2 cents.
    CTA, CLA
    ~Will work for kudos and/or BBQ~

  • While specifying file in LSMW it is giving an error while saving 'No logica

    while specifying file in LSMW it is giving an error while saving 'No logical path has been specified'.why it is coming like that?

    Hi Shree,
    This error looks like that you have attached the activity to the work center and there is no rate  has been maintained in KP26. Please maintain the activity ...for1000/300008/LABORP
    for the period and try to repeat the costing run.
    I hope this clarifies...
    Rajesh A

  • Error While saving a iBot

    Hi All ,
    I am getting the below error while saving a iBot.
    Oracle BI Scheduler Error: [nQSError: 16001] ODBC error state: S1C00 code: 106 message: [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver]Optional feature not implemented . at stage of execute transaction command with data source: Procurement_Demo
    I am using xls as a datasource to create Repository. I have created scheduler tables for iBot in the same datasource.
    Can i not use XLS as a datasource for iBot?
    If i can use , what is the solution of this problem.
    Thanks in advance.
    -- Ashish

    Hi Vivek,
    Please close your SharePoint Designer application, clear/delete the cached files and folders under the following directories from your server installed SharePoint Designer, then check results again.
    <user profile>\appdata\roaming\microsoft\SharePoint Designer\ProxyAssemblyCache
    <user profile>\appdata\local\microsoft\websitecache\<sitename>
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
    interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

  • Error while Saving the report

    i have created some reports which are working fine,
    but now i am facing some errors while saving the files.
    Also the reports does show only one record while there are many records in the database.
    The error messages are as follows:
    REP-1051; Unable to save document to file ' F:\Database\Reports\report1.rdf '.
    REP-1070: Error while opening or saving a document.
    Please help me to find out the exact problem.
    Also tell me how can i show all the pages of Database records in a report( while one record on each page)

    As for the error while saving, you have only one possible thing to try. It it doesn't work, you're sunk.
    Assuming the report was not being newly created, i.e. that it was opened from a file on your system, then rename that file to something else (Report_001_OLD.rdf, for example). Then try to save it - Reports will think it is a new file to be saved rather than an existing file to be updated.
    Again, if that doesn't work, and if you do not have the auto-save option turned on, then you're sunk. You will have just lost all of the work you've put into that report.
    As you'll discover, Reports is not the most robust application ever written.

  • Error while saving project in cProjects

    I am getting following error while saving a project in cProjects-
    Access via 'NULL' object reference not possible.
    Details of the error are given below-
    Can somebody please help me resolve this error?
    Thanks and regards,
    Milind Dumbre
    Error analysis
         An exception occurred that is explained in detail below.
         The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL', was not
          caught in    procedure "FINALIZE_OBJECT_BEFORE_SAVE" "(METHOD)", nor was it propagated by a
         RAISING clause.
        Since the caller of the procedure could not have anticipated that the
        exception would occur, the current program is terminated.
        The reason for the exception is:
        You attempted to use a 'NULL' object reference (points to 'nothing')
        access a component (variable: "LR_CALC").
        An object reference must point to an object (an instance of a class)
        before it can be used to access components.
        Either the reference was never set or it was set to 'NULL' using the
        CLEAR statement.

    Hi Milind,
    You may check the settings by navigating to the following path
    IMG --> Collaboration Projects --> Connection to external systems --> Accounting Integration
    -->  Define Object Links for Accounting Integration.
    Check if the RFC destination has been correctly maintained. You may check the correctness of the RFC settings via SM59.
    Let me know if  this helps.
    Vivek Pandey


    Hi All
    I get this "Error While Saving" error when i save an affiliations or save a call activity. this error is very inconsistant. I get it sometimes and sometimes not. Can please someone help me with this?  Soemtimes it even saves after throwing this error.
    I can provide more details.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi ,
    Ensure you have generated the application both BOL and UI completely.
    Also do the following steps.
    1. Close Mobile Client and any other applications if its running.
    2. Could you confirm the following files are registered -
       All dll and ocx in <<Installation Directory>>\Sap\Mobile\bin and in
       <<Installation Directory>>\Sap\Mobile\3rd_Party.
    3. Ensure that TeeChart.ocx is present in 3rd Party folder
       If not copy it from another client machine and register it.
    Also register the MSA.dll and sfabol.dll

  • Error while saving BPM Project to MDS: BPM-70801 : Metadata operation failed

    Dear All,
    I am working on BPM 11g.
    I installed the following products for BPM 11g
    OS: Windows 7 SP1 Professional Edition all with 32 bit
    Installed s/w:
        JDeveloper Generic Version
        OracleXE 11.2 Win32
        ofm soa generic
        wls 10.3.5
        RCU for schemas dev_soainfra, dev_sdpm and dev_mds  - Utility run successfully.
    Overall Installation is successful wth no issues.
    Configuration of Weblogic server for domain is ok with admin server, soa_server1 and bam_server1 with test connections is ok.
    I am using browser as Internet Explorer 9
    In Jdeveloper after creating application, project and process
    From BPM MDS Navigator I configured the connection for Database 11g XE as well using
    Override Application Server user/password
    For SOA MDS I included the dev_mds user with MDS partition as obpm
    tested connections all ok (weblogic and soa_server1 up and running)
    In Jdeveloper I am able to export the BPM successfully.
    In the BPM Project Navigator when I use the Project --> SalesQuote.jpr --> right clicking with
    option as  Save to BPM MDS the following error is occured as
    "Error while saving BPM Project to MDS: BPM-70801 : Metadata operation failed".
    If the error is resolved than I can see the project in BPM composer.
    My queries on this error are
    1) Has soa_server anything to do with this error
    2) Is dev_mds schema to be reviewed
    what can be the possibility to resolve the BPM-70801 error.
    Please provide the solution ASAP or send me the reply to my  [email protected]
    Ajaz Ahmed

    Hello Ajaz,
    BPM-70801 is a very generic error that can have multiple causes. Please provide the error log from servers log file. From what I understand, you are using a separate soa_server1, so watch out /your_domain/servers/soa_server1/logs/soa_server1.log

  • Error while saving Long Texts

    We are using SRM7 Extended classic scenario.
    We don't use shopping carts, rather create POs directly in SRM which will be transferred to ECC as per the standard.
    I am getting an error "Error while saving Long Texts" during my PO creation. I get this message in a small pop-up screen. As soon as i click ok or close the pop up screen it kicks me out of the PO creation screen back into the main SRM screen.
    During the PO Creation
    Any specific situation:
    Yes, only for Material POs
    This is happening when I am creating the PO with a Material code. I can create free text PO without any issues.
    This is a standard message and the message number is 022.
    Thaks for the help guys.

    To confirm can you check commeting "getOADBTransaction().commit();" gives any error message?
    If yes then you can try the following option:
    Have you checked whether the "/" is changed to "\" in the dbc file?
    In the following two entries the slash has to be made as shown below:
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Error while saving new Version

    I am creating a new version in DRM by using Copy to New feature but I am getting an error while saving that version.
    The version gets created successfully but it does not allow me to save the same and gives the following error.
    Serve was unable to process request--->ORA-02291:Integreity constarint (MDM_SYS_C0047065)-violated - parent key not found
    Please help.

    I am creating a new version in DRM by using Copy to New feature but I am getting an error while saving that version.
    The version gets created successfully but it does not allow me to save the same and gives the following error.
    Serve was unable to process request--->ORA-02291:Integreity constarint (MDM_SYS_C0047065)-violated - parent key not found
    Please help.

  • WCM Error while saving Project

    I am getting following error while saving new created project in cProject.
    Saving is not possible because the WFM Core data could not be adjusted
    Message no. PRP086
    When checking the project role or project role staffing, differences to the related WFM Core data were found. The project cannot be saved because the data cannot be adjusted. Possible causes for this include:
    The WFM Core is not installed locally. When working with the application, the WFM Core service is suddenly no longer available.
    The WFM Core configuration has been changed in Customizing.
    The WFM Core is only activated after projects have been created. During the automatic adjustment of data, it is determined that resources unknown in the WFM Core are assigned to existing project role staffing.
    When working with the application, an existing resource already assigned in the WFM Core is deleted.
    System Response
    The project cannot be saved.
    Contact the system administrator if the required resource is not known in the WFM Core. The project can be saved as soon as the resource is created.
    Let me know how to resolve this issue??
    Thanks in advance,

    hi Atul,
    Are you using WFD server for your resource planning in cProjects???
    If yes, you have to do settings in customizing for the same in Workforce deployment server under Resource Management in cProjects.
    If not, then do following settings to remove the error you are getting:
    1) SPRO -> Collaboration Projects -> Resource management-> Business Partner-> Set Up Integration of HR,
    Maintain following setting:
    Group     Sem. abbr     Value abbr     Description
    HRALX     HRAC     X     Activate HR Integration
    2) SPRO -> Collaboration Projects ->  Resource management Qualification Management->  Activate Qualification Search and Matchup Using WFM Core
    In this, deactivate the use of WFD Core for the qualification match up and the search by deleting the X under Value abbr. in the activity Activate Qualification Match up and Search Using WFM Core.
    Hope this will be helpful to you.
    Niraj Sikligar

  • Error while saving record "john doe":     Error: -14140

    when changing a users preferences i try and save but it comes up with this error
    Error while saving record "john doe": Error: -14140
    and wont allow me to save
    any ideas?
    Many Thanks

    This thread might help you:
    This document is supposed to be very good as well:

  • I keep getting "Unknown Error while saving"

    I keep getting "Unknown Error while saving"
    Using APE-11 on Windows 7- This error is a first for me, after many years of using Premiere. The product is a mix of photos (jpg and png), video clips (mpg-2 and mp4), and audio clips (all mp3). When I try to publish as Standard DVD- MPEG-2. I get the error. Error repeats saving as MP4.  Error gives no location on the timeline where it is running into an obstacle to saving, so I do not know where to begin looking to remove repair or replace the item causing the 'unknown error'. The prel runs fine, start to finish, giving no indication that the save may run into a problem on final rendering.
    I have tried many different options like rendering the entire timeline prior to saving, converting the clips to all be the same format, with no resolution to the problem.
    I have worked many long hours for many weeks on this project, and I am not going to give it up, especially when the majority of the clips were created on APE in the first place, and the images are all Photoshop edited images

    Screenshot of error message for above issue
    Also: Since first report, I have attempted render with all sound clips removed (easiest to to with hundreds of clips/photos), with no help. Same error appears.
    I will continue removing aspects of the project until I get a completed save, or until I get an answer here!
    After removing the sound and video clips, video saved ok, with blank spots where the missing video clips were. So I reopened the original prel file, and began checking them individually.
    When I checked the clip properties, it correctly identified the path to the source video, but when I asked it to 'reveal in project', I got this error
    So I assume this is where the SAVE error is happening, but as I am not an Adobe coder, I have no idea what it is telling me.
    I did check to insure that the source video from which this clip originates, is in the project assets. I checked all the other clips as well, and any clip from this source video, generates the same error.
    The source video runs fine on its own and is an mpeg-2 file.
    Properties of the source video are:

  • Error while saving the Sales Order

    Hi experts,
        i am getting a runtime error while saving a sales order stating: SAPSQL_EMPTY_TABNAME. It says the field T681-KOTAB could be empty. I would give in more inputs. Someone plz help.

    I would expect that KOTN521 would be a Database table defined in the ABAP Dictionary that relates to the condition implemented in 521 for the usage specified in that record.
    You should be able to go into the info system, SE84, and search under ABAP Dictionary / Database Tables to see what KOTN521 is.
    Also, since the only Keys to T681 are KVEWE and KOTABNR, and there are two KOTABNR entries with a value of 521, then there must be two different usages (KVEWE) associated with that table.
    If you see what they are, you can check to see what the usages represent.   Based on a lookup, it appears that a usage of N is for Free Goods, A is for Pricing etc.   In our system, we only have A entries.
    What are the usages for the 521 entries?  Do they relate to Free Goods/Pricing???
    Does the table KOTN521 exist in the ABAP Dictionary?
    Answering these questions may get you closer to the answer.
    Can you compare the values in these entries to what you have in different SIDs?
    Is this problem happening in Production, or is it still in a development or Quality Assurance client?
    If it is still in development or Q, then it may be that a recent customization change was made.
    Compare the entries across your systems, if possible.
    Good luck

Maybe you are looking for

  • Migrating with RMAN from 10g to 11g

    Hi gurus, I am following the following procedure to migrate database from 10g to 11g using rman Source side: RMAN>connect target RMAN>backup database; RMAN>backup archivelog all; RMAN>backup current controlfile; SQL> create pfile from spfile; Copied

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