CAD Integration (SE,Inventor,AutoCAD,IDEAS)

Dear All,
I have done CAD integration with SAP PLM for AutoCAD,Solid Edge V17, Inventor V10 and now working on some added functionality for the same.
Let me know if you have any questions for the same.

> Dear All,
> I have done CAD integration with SAP PLM for
> AutoCAD,Solid Edge V17, Inventor V10 and now working
> on some added functionality for the same.
> Let me know if you have any questions for the same.
> Rahul
Hello sir,
I have developed SAP-Autocad interface with VBA as middleware
Now I am doing the development using VC++ as the middleware what language have u used
I have started the development just recently so its at a very basic point.Right now I am able to display a form for entering the login information by user there is a button on click of which connection 2 sap should be established.
In VBA there is a library called Sapfunctionsocx which provides u with functions to connect to SAP
Through VC++ r we suppose 2 use the RFC SDK I m using CRfcConnection class for it but it is generating the error as :
interfacedialog1.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: __thiscall CRfcString::~CRfcString(void)" ([email protected]@[email protected])
after a lots of effort i m not able to solve this issue can u pls help me
any information regarding this entire project u have pls do tell me

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  • CAD Integration doc needed

    Hi all,
    where can i get doc for cad integration for inventor and solid edge.
    im facing 1 prob @ Creating Doc BOM, which ll enable me to push part files along with assembly to DMS thru CAD DESKTOP (checkin option)
    pl mail me the doc..mail id is
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    waiting with lots of points

    points awarded
    <b>can u just have a look at my prob?</b>
    i cannot upload assembly file as it asks for ECN.
    when i give ECN it throws an error related to ECN.
    i want parts(child) to get get transferred along with asm file
    Can any one guide me on this.
    These are the entries present in parameters tab of cad desktop customisation (tcode - cdesk_cust) for inventor
    all the options are with value X except CDESK_COPY_OBJ_LINKS value as 2.
    should i delete entry in bold (cdesk_dost_with_ECM) to work without ecn.
    please help me out with this...
    thanx once again

  • SAP connector for CAD Integration with Unigraphics (NX)

    Hi Experts,
    Could you please guide me on where can I download CAD Integration connector for Unigraphics (NX).
    Thanks in advance.
    Kind regards,

    Thank you very much for the useful link Martin. Anyway, there are some things that I cannot find for NX Unigraphics integration:
    In the wiki you can find
    You can download the CAD-Integration-Software from and then goto
    Installations and Upgrades > Supplementary Components for Cross Industry Solutions > Life-Cycle Data Management > SAP PLM Integrations > select the desired integration
    But that path does not exist in SAP download software page.
    Also, in the availability matrix I can find integration with several systems (catia, solid edge, autocad...) but not unigraphics.
    Could you please provide some more information on the topic?
    Thanks a lot.

  • KPRO for CAD Integration

    Hello All.
    Just wanted to cross check this from you. We have CAD Integrated with SAP.
    1. We have Dev Box, Q Box and P Box. I would need a KPRO on 3 different boxes. Am I correct ? Also do I have to change setting in SPRO in Dev, Q, and P to point to the respective correct Box - how do I do this.
    2. Also in Q-Box we have 2 different clients EQ50 and EQ100. Am I correct to say we will use the same EQ box and Partition it for EQ50 and EQ100, so that when I work in EQ50 the files can be saved in Partition in KPRO for EQ50 and when I work in EQ100, the files can be saved in different Partition. How to make this partition in KPRO and also how do I change SPRO config for KPRO for EQ50 and EQ100, to point to correct partition.

    Thank you very much for the useful link Martin. Anyway, there are some things that I cannot find for NX Unigraphics integration:
    In the wiki you can find
    You can download the CAD-Integration-Software from and then goto
    Installations and Upgrades > Supplementary Components for Cross Industry Solutions > Life-Cycle Data Management > SAP PLM Integrations > select the desired integration
    But that path does not exist in SAP download software page.
    Also, in the availability matrix I can find integration with several systems (catia, solid edge, autocad...) but not unigraphics.
    Could you please provide some more information on the topic?
    Thanks a lot.

  • CAD Integration

    Hi, hopefully the experts will be able to give me some info regarding cad integration:
    I am trying to inegrate SolidWorks with SAP, I am at a point where I try to save the EBOM to SAP, the interface tries to save to SAP but it generates an error(error while checking in...) as it tries to check-in the files into the content server as the files is still active/open in solidworks. What is the correct procedure to save the drawings to SAP through the cad inegration functionality? The SAP content server does not want to check-in files if it is still open in the application?

    I have worked in AutoCAD(2D) integration and Pro/E(3D) Integration. I dont know about Solid works.
    But the functionalities of all the integration softwares are mostly same.
    1) To save the Assembly files and part files, you need to create two document types. Hope u have done all these configurations.
    Once you are ready with all ur settings.
    Goto CAD Desktop select the part file and create the document by selecting the proper Document type, then select the Assembly file and create the document by selecting the proper document type.
    Then Check-in the file from CAD Desktop by selecting the appropriate content repository.
    like that the Materials and BOMs can also be created directly from CAD Desktop.
    functionality wise i can help you but not technical wise as im not aware of solid works.
    Sorry i dont have any training materials for Solid works.

  • SAP CAD Integration

    Can anybody tell me how to integrate SAP And AutoCAD.
    what I require is , I can get the design parameters from SAP . With these Design parameters, I need an Auto CAD Drawing Directly.

    In fact in the latest SAP ERP versions (4.7 and upward), the CAD integration is done using a single transaction called CAD-Desktop in R/3.
    This interface gives an overview of all the files used, linked to a specified BOM for example.
    But the actual link with the CAD system is specific to each CAD system, and the possibilities depend directly on the interface you have.
    I used the  AutoCAD interface 3 years ago, and it was quite poor ... what you need to do is to check the precise list of functionnalities offered by the developper of the interface.
    What you see end read on the SAP side is just the maximum you can have !

  • UCCX 8.5: CSQ Name Displayed in CAD Integrated Broswer?

    Cisco Forum:
    Can UCCX 8.5 for the Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) provide the CSQ Name in the Integrated Broswer portion of the CAD?  That is, the CAD can be used to pop a web link to agents on incoming calls.  While the CAD can show the CSQ Name by default, it does so in a reasonable small font amid other data.  Can some call script variable be set for the CSQ Name which would then be used to dynamically pop a unique web link on CAD Integrated Browser which would then display whatever is configured as a web link to display?
    As an alternative, can agents using the CAD also have a IP Phone display of the CSQ Name.
    Thank you for your comments and suggestions.

    Before you can pass the CSQ name to the integrated browser you must first have the script pass the CSQ name to the CAD. It needs to show in the top left panel where the ANI is currently displayed.
    See this link for an example of how to create a layout and the script changes to pass a value to CAD.
    You can then build a dynamic URL in the desktop administrator with the CSQ name.
    Please rate helpful posts.

  • Questions on Cad Integration- Solid Edge and Solid Works

    Hello All,
    I had the following questions related to CAD Integration:
    1. I have my CAD files saved in working directory. I create DIR for them from CDESK (Cad View - Create Document) and want to rename the files as Document Number_Document Description. How can I achieve the same. Again, I want to do the same from CDESK (CAD VIEW)
    2. On Solid Edge CAD integration, I have noticed sometimes when I register the DLL's the 'User/System Preferences from SAP-PLM' on Solid Edge side does not pop up. Can someone tell me what might be the reason and how to fix it. Also if I already registered the DLL's and want to clean them (remove them), so that to try to register DLL's again, where can I go to remove them from Windows registery file
    3. In Solis Edge is it necessary to check in and check out the SEC application (representing .cfg ) in SEA document type. I have noticed if I have the .cfg in my working directory and I check in SEA without .cfg and if  some other person checks out the SEA, the .cfg gets created for him on the fly in his working directory.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hello Sachin,
    1. please have a look at and implement note 645365 - "CDESK: Attaching Solid Edge .cfg file when creating doc.".
    2. If you registered the DLL's once and you want to update them, you only have to copy and replace the old ones with the new ones. You do not have to un-register the old ones.
    The problem with the disappearing Menu-Items or symbols can only be solved by restoring the SolidEdge-Registry-Path...
    3. You can only checkout the CFG-Files if you use the CAD-Desktop.
    You have to add the WSAPPL SEC (*.cfg) to the applications in the CDESK_CUS.

  • Solid Edge Cad Integration Numbering

    Hello All,
    I am involved in SE Cad Integration. I am using 'internal numbering' schema for creating DIR's for the Part. I want the Drawing DIR to be same as Part DIR but starting with a letter 'D'. For example if a part DIR is 100025/SEP/000/00, when I create drawing out of it and go to Cad Desktop, and furthur create DIR for the drawing, the DIR number should be D100025/SED/000/00.
    How can I achieve the same.
    Thanks in adavnce.

    Hello Sachin,
    perhaps in the RENAME_AND_ADD_FILES method you can read the CAD-Structure one level down, get the document number and add an "D" at the beginning ?

  • Tips to work with heavy SE/SW assemblies -CAD Integration

    Hello All,
    I am associated with SAP-Cad Integration for Solid Edge and Solid Work Applications. My concern is when working with large/heavy assembly structures.
    What can be the few  tips so that heavy data download from SAP Content server to local working directories can flow in less time and less likelihood of system getting crashed. Also is there something like a time period involved in CDESK by which if all assemblies or parts dont download, it crashes. If yes how can the time be increased. Basically how to improve efficiency while working with heavy assemblies for Solid Edge/Solid Work through CDESK
    All useful answers would be awarded points.
    thanks in advance.

    Thats abs right.
    in system preferences >  register doc
    what u set here will take the name for hard disk.
    actually it should take DocumentNumber_descrip.par
    and likewise
    even if u dont do this, it ok..
    Award if UsefuL

  • CAD Integrated browser and CUIC Permalink

    Hello All,
    In Cisco Desktop Administrator the Integrated browser is enabled and CUIC Permalink home page is setup.
    One of the work flow is using CUIC Permalink. There are 7 agents assigned to the work flow however couple of agents and I experiencing below started issue.
    Which I suspect may be a desktop or Microsoft group policy related issue. However I want to investigate the issue from the UCCE CAD aspect.
    I have looked into CAD however no luck.
    Problem Description
    Please see screen dump CAD login. When Agent login into Cisco Agent Desktop, The agent gets the Certificate pop and the option on the certificate (Yes and No and View certificate).
    If I click “YES” I login Cisco Agent Desktop displays the home page in the Integrated Brower. If I click “NO” I can login into CAD however the home page is not displayed.
    If I click “view certificate” I have the option to install Certificate. The source of the Certificate is CUIC. I have installed the certificate however I am still getting the certificate pop up.
    I would like to know that why the couple of agents now getting the certificate pop up and the rest do not ?
    CAD 8.5(2a) and CUIC 8.5.3

    Thanks Anthony.
    I did find out that if the customer's web app has links in it that when you click will launch a new tab it will work within Integrated Browser. You can even close it afterwards. The other problem I'm running into is that it doesn't seem that I can use the "Run Macros" within the Integrated Browser. When you try the "Record" option it doesn't record any of the clicks you do within the CAD Integrated Browser. I take it there's no workaround for this as well?
    BTW, I did already suggest running it outside of CAD (via launch app and macros) and customer didn't want it that way...

  • CAD Integration - NX

    Dear All,
    I am working on CAD Integration for NX 4.0 with PLM++Gate 3.0
    I could not able to load the assembly files from my local directory.
    It gives the error: 'abc.prt' Failed to find file using current search options, part left unloaded.
    I have also added the filepath of local directory in "load options". still getting the same error.
    Is there any specific settings to be done in either NX or configuration files of integration piece.
    Please give a solution for this.
    Solution will be appreciated with Reward points.

    R u workin with SAP CAD DESKTOP?
    have you defined filetypes / workstation applications in SAP.
    also Data carriers in DC20
    Which integrator you are using?
    elaborate on same.

  • How easy is CAD Integration out-of box

    Hi All
    I am new to cad integration and we have downloaded Integrators from Service-sap for nx.
    1) How easy will it be, the integration to NX system  to SAP(out of Box-CD)?
    2) Running the Integartion CD..will this automaticly do all the necessary configuration between NX and SAP?
    3) How much config Do in GENERAL we have to do? I am only a DMS Business Analyst.
    Thank you in advance.

    Hello Peter,
    Its not just executing the file. There are many other things which have to be done for the NX integrati tork.
    You have to import the Table entries and BADIs provided with the installation.
    Also you may have to use the templates, configure for title block integration to work.
    Plan content server architecture etc...
    Most important is you may have to migrate data. Apply many pathces for which you have to contact DSC.
    Prasad K

  • CAD integration with sap

    could any CAD integration experts give me some integration capability documents? i'm new to this area, just want to know the integration points between the cad and sap...for example: I've read some material, it saids that when the CAD design is near to complete, the material used in CAD will be transferred to SAPu2026
    The question is: how the CAD material is integrated with SAP  material master data? is this two different set of material master data? thanks in advance!

    It is not required to use interface only when the design is completed in CAD..these interfaces are bulit in such a way it will support complete CAD document life cycle ...
    Suresh HP

  • CA-CAD: Integration SAP - Autocad

    I have SAP ERP 2006 SAP enhancement package 2, SAP GUI 710 and Autocad 2005. We are working with the RE-FX module.
    How can I install SAP Menú in Autocad? The autocad interface is an Add-on of the SAP GUI?
    Thanks a lot,

    Hi Uday,
    You have posted this message in the CRM Mobile Sales section.
    Provide me more details of your system so I can redirect you to the proper forum.

Maybe you are looking for

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