Calculating batch sizes using past and future data

Hello all,
I have been a business analyst for the past 10 years on SAP working in many of the different areas surrounding supplychain.
I am looking for a way of ensuring that the business that I am working in are ordering parts in the most efficient batch sizes.
Is there a way in which I can use past consumption, order data and future demand to determine any adjustments that need to be made in the current batch sizes that we use.
Thanking you in advance,

check this:

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    PN-BEGDA and PN-ENDDA will initially be the same date, if this is a custom program then before you do the GET PERAS statement you can make PN-ENDDA = PN-BEGDA + 30.

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    All SAP Gurus,
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    Check the below message setting if it works and set it to E mode
    in  mm-->Purchasing->environment data-->Define Attributes of System Messages->system messages----> New entries
    00 06 028 Purchase order date is in the past
    For future you may have to go for an enhancement. Check out
    Edited by: samuel mendis on May 22, 2009 9:02 AM

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    Kind regards,

    I am trying to do the same thing. I have got the get_data function working to create the desired output. However when I replace the xml <data> block with &P65_DATA, it does not work. If I display P65_DATA on the page, it has correct output. If I cut and paste the output into custom XML, it works fine. Anyone have come across this issue..any ideas how to fix it?

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    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! LOL

    A related question is why there is a limit of one year in search in iCal on the iPhone. I have 7plus years of iCal events and only the most recent one year can be searched. (The search works ok on the desktop.) And, there is no jumpToDate facility in iCal on the iPhone; I can only scroll fast in the list view to get to distant past events. I don't think iCal on the iPhone is up to the normal Apple app quality.

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    I've never seen this issue, and I handle many iPads, of all versions. WiFi issues are generally local to the WiFi router - they are not all of the same quality, range, immunity to interference, etc. You have distance, building construction, and the biggie - interference.
    At home, I use Apple routers, and have no issues with any of my WiFi enabled devices, computers, mobile devices, etc - even the lowly PeeCees. I have locations where I have Juniper Networks, as well as Aruba, and a few Netgears - all of them work as they should.
    The cheaper routers, Linksys, D-Link, Seimens home units, and many other no name devices have caused issues of various kinds, and even connectivity.
    I have no idea what Starbucks uses, but I always have a good connection, and I go there nearly every morning and get some work done, as well as play.
    You could try changing channels, 2.4 to 5 Gigs, changing locations of the router. I have had to do all of these at one time or another over the many years that I have been a Network Engineer.
    Good Luck - Cheers,

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    How Achieve timedseries calculations with out using AGO And ToDate functionion
    this question asking in interview it possible..?
    if yes please response as soon as possible..
    2) i have 2 cloumns Product and value...
    client requirement is they need ranks based on Value dashboard .using dashboard prompt..edit box...if user enter any number (ex :5 ) report should show top 5 ranks if he enter 20 should be top 20 ranks..
    how to achive this ?

    Consider yor first question:
    1. Yes, we can create timeseries measures without using AGO and TODATE
    1. Create ALIAS of fact tabe in the physical layer
    2. Join the Time id from the ALIAS fact table with the YAGO_MONTH_ID column from your time dimension table (For calculating Year Ago variants) similarly join with MAGO_MONTH_ID column for Month Ago measures.
    3.Pull the ALIAS tables as an additional Logical table source in the Lgical layer
    4.Keep the mapping of the columns from the ALIAS table as its is
    5. For e.g If you pick Revenue from the Year Ago Alias table it will give you the "Prior Year Revenue"
    See if this helps you

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    All my calendar info for the past and future has disappeared!
    I can understand the info for 2013 but not the 2014 past and future info. Err so frustrating!!!!
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    Is it possible that you've turned off your calendar? Tap on Calendars at the bottom of the screen, in the middle, and see if any of them are unticked.

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    does facetime use minutes and/or data?

    The call is initiated via the cell network but then switches to Wi-Fi once facetime connects.

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    My past and future appointments have disappeared from my iPhone calendar, but they are still synced to my iPad. How can I get them back on the iPhone? Thank you

    Go into the iCloud settings and make sure the calendar sync is on

  • Batch management - Shelf life and Production date

    Hi All,
    I am working with batch management where i did all the setting of characterestics, Batch class and neccessary settings. i am working with three characterestics shelf life expiration, production date and last goods reciept.
    I have to active shelf life and production date in Migo screen so that at the time of recieving my characterestics can store data. kindly help in customizing setting
    Thank you in advance

    You need to activate shelf life expiration check in T.Code OMJ5 for movement type 101 and also plant.
    This will activates the entry of Shelf Life expiration/Production Date at the time of goods receipt.
    If you are using std. SAP Characteristic (LOBM) for Manufacturing Date,Best Before Date and Goods Receipt Date then the value of this characteristic will updates automatically in Batch ,depends on your goods receipt data.

  • Using JSPs and passing data from 1 page to the next

    I have an application which has a number of JSPs.
    JSP1 has some fields and buttons.
    One of these buttons is called 'Print'. On pressing this control
    is passed to the next JSP2. In this JSP the data is displayed
    from the database. It is displayed via some TABLE tags, thus giving
    multiple records displayed. There is also a check box against each record and having checked this box - the user can then then press another button which takes the user to another JSP - JSP3 - which gives the user a list of options for printing. They then can do 1 of 2 things - print a report or print some labels.
    I have got this to work where there is only 1 record displayed in JSP2.
    But where more than one record is displayed in JSP2 - JSP3 does NOT
    know how to handle this and says the variable is undefined.
    The code I am using to reference the JSP2 variable is
    var batchNumber = top.opener.document.printTranscript.batchNumber2.value;
    Any help or ideas would really be appreciated.

    If you are using JavaScript, try putting data in a Hidden field and perform request.getParameter in the next page, Place data in a Delimited fashion when placing into the hidden field, on the next page split these values and place where you want them to be.
    This is a proven method...

  • Question on How to Use LI and NP Data Comparison Report

    We are trying to figure out how to make the Transaction Code PC00_M42_LLPD (LI and NP Data Comparison Report) work. What file type (.xls, .txt, etc) should be used?  Anyone who is familiar with the transaction, please help.
    Best Regards,

    Somewhere in the Oracle 8.0 documentation it is stated that one
    enviroment per each thread is required if I want to ensure
    complete concurrency of different threads accessing databases.
    But isn't this a waste of resources since only Handle Alloc &
    Free functions use Enviroment handle, hence they should be
    mutexed for access from concurrent threads.
    But the most time-consuming functions are ServerAttach &
    SessionBegin which shouldn't be mutexed since they have each
    their own Server/Session handle.
    So my question is if a single OCI Enviroment is enough for the
    most demanding tasks or should I create one enviroment per
    Most folks are happy with a single environment. The mutex on the
    env handle is only taken when the OCI library is allocating some
    memory for internal operations.

  • Can we use actual and plan data for same cube?

    hi friends,
    can we use actual data and plan data in same cube in bps.
    Thanking u

    Let us take std cube 0SD_C03 where we store billing info,sales order info and delivery info. But still in reporting we can get values without any mismatch in their respective KF. It is possible because of a cahracterstic called Documnet category which gets values in update rule by constant .
    Similarly we can have 2 types of data (plan and actual) in a single cube by having different value for a characterstic. Most frequently used characterstics for this are 0VERSION and Value type.
    With rgds,
    Anil Kumar Sharma .P

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