Calendar App crashes in Month view

I have noticed today that when I try to navigate forward through the months of the year from Feb using either page swiping or the navigation arrow > at the base of the app, the app crashes each and every time.
A reboot has not resolved this. If the view is set to week, there are no problems, and navigating backwards is fine also (Feb>Jan).
Has anyone else experienced this or can suggest a solution?
Ipad2, 32gb, approx 6gb free.
IOS 6.0.1

Musky50's suggestion worked for me too.  It appears to be a clock change to summer time (the Americans change after us) and if you change all your April 1st All Day events to timed events this seems to work.  If you have subscribed calendars etc you will need to uncheck these as Events in a subscribed calendar can't be changed and some are All Day.  Someone somewhere else said that the update to 6.1 cured this problem.  I haven't done this yet so can't say.

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  • Why aren't Calendar categories colored in month view

    On the iPhone 5S under iOS 7.0.4 in the Calendar app, in the month view, existting daily events are indicated by gray dots.  Why aren't these dots colored according to the event category?  My recollection is that used to be the case prior to iOS 7.0.  In day or week view, the time or full day are showing the respective category color.  And on the iPad Air, under iOS 7.0.4, the calendar month view DOES show the category color in the dot! Did Apple forget about this functionality?  I can see there is an event, but not the categories I used (medical, travel, etc).

    Comparing this functionality between a larger format such as the iPad and the smaller format on the iPhone is a little like apples and oranges. The iPad in Month view has enough space on each day to show discrete entries - and can consequently show them in their respective calendar colors.On the Phone, it only has space to indicate that one or more events exist (represented by a single dot). If you have more than one event, in different categories, which category color should it display?

  • IOS 7.0.2 - iPhone 5 - calendar app crashing - HELP

    iOS 7.0.2 - iPhone 5 - calendar app crashing - how to fix??
    I installed iOS 7 on my iPhone 5 the day it was released. No problems. After learning tips/tricks am loving it. 27 Sept 2013 rec'd notification of an update iOS 7.0.2 (bug fixes etc), and did the update. But now every day the calendar app is crashing. I open it and it closes. The only way I can get into it is to search for an event, or when an event alert comes up, hit 'view'. Other wise I can't open the Calendar. Never ever had this problem before. I've tried turning it off/on, but still crashes. I've closed all running back ground apps and did a Restart, Pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake & Home buttons for a few seconds until it shuts down, then the Apple logo appears, and restarts. Calendar still crashes. How can I fix this? Help ... I use my calendar daily. 

    Hello there Max,
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    It sounds like you have done some great troubleshooting already. What I would do next is backup and restore your phone to iTunes.
    iOS: How to back up and restore your content
    Before you restore from your backup, I would first setup the phone as a new device, then test the calendar app to make sure it works the correct way. Then restore from your backup and verify the Calendar is still working.
    All the best,

  • Calendar app stuck on year view

    iPhone 4S running OS 8.1 - Calendar app stuck in year view. Shows todays date in red but when you try to go to "Today" nothing happens. Any thoughts?

    There is more than one place to change time. If you set the time to local, you need to go into Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendar>scroll down to the bottom under calendar and set the time zone support there for the local time zone.

  • Calendar crashes in month view mode

    iPad 2 - iOS 5. Using Calendar app, viewing in month mode. Paging from month to month. When I page from february 2013 to march 2013, the app crashes. Consistently. Is it just me?

    Temporary workaround identified at least, at your link above.
    Please edit all-day events on 1 April 2013. Either remove the event or change the all-day event into an appointment event, starting for example 12.00.
    It worked for me.

  • Calendar app crashes when going to march 2013

    Does anyone else experience the same problem? I can recreate it on at least two iPads (the original iPad1 [iOS 5.1.1] and the latest Retina iPad [iOS 6.0.1])
    While browsing the calendar in month view and going from febraury 2013 or april 2013 to march 2013, crashes the calendar app.
    I can browse march 2013 fine while in day view, week view or list view, but not in month view.
    No problems on the iPhone, just on the iPad.

    An obsertation:  I have what appears to be an all-day event on April 1, that is a note that it is April Fools Day.  However, this note is part of a holidays calendar that I subscribe to on my iPad.  The holiday entries are an actual subscription, not individual entries on the calendar.
    I have not had any Calendar crashes with this April 1 entry at all.  As Skydiver said, it might be a DST problem, but it seemed strange that some folks are having crash problems with all day entries on 4/1 and some are not.  Maybe this subscription entry doesn't count as an all day entry??  Dunno.

  • IPhone 4 calendar app crashes when opened

    Hello, All  ~
    I hope that someone may be able to help me with this issue as I REALLY do not want to restore my phone! 
    I noticed yesterday that the calendar on my iPhone was not syncing with my Google calendar.  This is new.  I have never had a problem before - I could enter items on my phone and they would, through the magic of technology, appear on my Google Calendar, and vice verse.   This morning, the iPhone calendar now just crashes when I try to open it.  Here is what I have done to try to fix it:
    double checked to make sure all my google calendars were checked and supposed to sync to the iPhone (yes)
    checked the settings on the iPhone calendar (seemed all okay)
    tried to sync through iTunes, but didn't have a calendar to even select
    deleted my gmail account on my phone (was going to add it again, but the crash started and now the calendar on the iPhone won't even stay open)
    I am not really sure when it stopped syncing, it may have been a few days or weeks (since it's summer I haven't used my calendar as much, but now that the school year is starting, it's time to get back in gear!) 
    If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it.  I have had my phone for 1 year and LOVE it and have not had a single problem until now, especially with a native app that came installed on the phone. 
    Is it possible that there was some kind of bug with the 4.3.5  update?
    Many thanks,

    Okay, I reset and the calendar will now come up and will sync.  BUT!  It still is crashing when I go to the "list" view, rather than the day or month view.  Any suggestions?  It did sync with my google calendar but did not pull my various calendars over in their color-codes as they were before;  I will double check that setting online and see what the setting are there.  But even if the color-coded calendars don't come up, as long as all the info syncs, I am happy!     Thanks so much for your help!

  • Any calendar app with landscape week view?

    Before I waste more hours searching, I thought I'd ask here:
    Is there ANY basically reliable stand-alone calendar app for the Touch that will do a landscape-oriented week-view?
    Or any clue that in the next six months someone at Apple will sit down for a couple of hours, figure out how to make the native calendar program do this, and issue an update?
    I don't necessarily need it to sync to anything, since I'm used to using a paper planner. I'm not going to buy a program for my desktop just to get the Touch calendar.
    I teach college and do a lot of random meetings and appointments with people on the fly, in the "can we meet in the next few days" genre. On paper, I'm scanning my Week View all the time, and I'm just flabbergasted that that's the one thing I can't get the iPod software to do for me.
    The list-based portrait weekly view in something like PI-Lite will just barely suffice.
    Any suggestions?

    Palm Pre.
    Except it is $199

  • Calendar Events Disappear In Month View

    This has occurred twice now since iOS 5 on my original iPad. My default view is Month and when I launched the app on these occasions it opened to all dates blank. Frightened me at first thinking iCloud had wiped all my events out of my calendars however I discovered that if I changed the view to year, week or whatever the events were all there and remained when I switched back to month. So far this has only happened on my iPad and not on our iPhones all running iOS 5 or on our computers syncing through iCloud. Has anyone else seen something similar?

    I was hoping this would be addressed in the iOS 5.0.1 update yesterday but the issue still persists. I opened my calendar app this morning and was greeted with a blank month once again. Of course, swiping to the next month and back repopulated it but it's really, really annoying to have to do that - especially considering that the calendar always worked flawlessly before the iOS 5 update.
    I've submitted another bug report and will keep my fingers crossed for the next update.

  • Calendar app crashing when adding any event with repeat

    On my thrive when I'm using the calendar app (the default android one) I can add one-time events just fine. However, when i try to add an event and select any repeat options (like weekly, monthly, etc), when I click "done" the app disappears (crashes). Strange though there is no force close message or anything. When I open the calendar again, I can confirm the repeat event was never added. I even tried a downloaded calendar app and while it did not crash it would still not enter any events with repeats. The "add event" dialogue just disappears and the event never appears on the calendar. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

    I am having the same problem. I my case I can never do a repeating event in the native calendar app, whether it's a new event or a modified one. Talked to support at Toshiba (multiple times) and they blamed it on the Android software. Suggested I download another calendar app from the market called "Ancal" which was a joke because it does not even support repeating events. I tried a few as others have. Since I'm using "myphoneexplorer" to sync my data with Outlook on my laptop vs. using google site for sync, I had to find one that works. I found that "Touch Calendar" (they have a free version you can test before buying) works great. All my existing events populated after install on the tablet. All you have to do is delete any repeating events you have in Outlook and do a sync, then any repeating events created via Outlook and/or your tablet sync perfectly.

  • Why are my events in iCal NOT sorted by calendar? (in the month view))

    I use 5 calendars in iCal (iCloud).
    Even in iCloud beeing opened in a browser, the events are all mixed up. The events of "Calendar 1" are sometimes above those of "Calendar 2", sometimes below. Same thing with the other calendars. This causes much blindness in using iCal...
    When I use iCal, all events are also mixed up, but in a different order as they are in iCloud (browser).
    I think, it should be able to sort all events in the month view by the calendar in which they have been entered. Isn't this the purpose of beeing able to arrange the calendars in differents ways?
    Sorry for my bad english...
    I would be grateful for some help!

    no help?

  • Need to develop a feature which is similar to calendar app (Repeat:Weekly, Monthly etc) type.

    How to develop a view mentioned in the above screen shots (I have got above screens from the calendar app)? Just like above I should show label on the right side and value will be left side. After selecting value, it should redirect to another view(with multiple options) upon selecting one option it should come back to previous screen automatically. Can some one provide me the solution, I need to develop same kind of feature in my project. My project is related to travelling, left side I have to show trip label, right side default value will be recent trip, after selecting this recent trip it should redict to other view, there we will have many past and present trips. Upon selecting one option, he should come back automatically. Thanks in advance.

    What problems are you having? That seems like basic table view programming.
    Table View Programming Guide for iOS TableView_iPhone/TableViewStyles/TableViewCharacteristics.html
    Table View Sample App ntro.html

  • TS3999 can't see times of my icloud calendar events when using month view...

    I use a macbook pro and like to view my icloud calendar using month view so I can see the whole month at a glance.
    It used to be that when I viewed my calendar using Google Chrome, the time of each event would show next to the event name. Recently, this changed and now the month view just shows the events, not the times. This is also true for my macbook ical - month view only shows events, no times.
    Is there an option to allow the times to show when using month view? I looked in preferences and didn't see one.
    Also, as a side note, I tested in Firefox and the times DO show when using month view. I just prefer using my ical or chrome, so would love to figure out a way to fix there.
    thanks for any help!

    I was able to see some posts after I made mine and I found the answer to the macbook ical issue.
    would still love any input on the google chrome issue. If anyone knows how to show event times in chrome, I'd love to hear how!

  • IOS 5.0 Calendar without dots on month view

    I updated my iPod touch to the new 5.0 iOS, but the month view of calendar is now without the little dots on days with some event.
    So I have to tap day by day to check if there are events, or I have to use the week view or the day view, but not so convenient.
    Looks like I have no event for all the month.

    See Here   Updating to iOS 5
    And here   Backup and Set Up as New Device

  • Calendar app crashes when selecting save for this event only

    When putting my work schedule into the calendar app, I usually put it in as a repeating event until a certain date. If I edit one of those days and hit "Save for this event only" the app will crash. It does save, but the crash is quite annoying.

    I'm having a similar issue, but mine is crashing when I try to delete one occurrence of a repeating event, and when I re-open the calendar the event I'm trying to delete is still there. This only began after the 8.3 update. Eventually I just gave up and deleted it on my Macbook at home, but there's obviously a bug in the update.

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