Calendar Sync Outlook 2003

Good morning
I'm using leopard calendar server to manage personal and group calendars.
Is there a way to manage leopard caledars using outlook 2003?
(are there plugins to have to way syncronization?)
With thunderbird and lightning 0.8 I can do that!!!!

I failed to mention that I am back to work today attached to the network receiving mail and everyghting continues to sync even after attaching my new user account to the network. Also I did try all fixes listed in these forums with no luck until I tried this.

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  • How can I sync outlook 2003 contacts and calendars to icloud?

    I know there is a tool for Outlook 2007 and later, but are there any solutions planned for Outlook 2003??
    I am not on an Exchange server.

    LouisaG wrote:
    You are not alone - it took me two weeks to work out why I could no longer sync my ihpone to my PC and realised it was because Outlook 2003 is not supported.  Outlook 2010 will cost me c£100 - I've already spend a fortune on my iphone and new ipad - why on earth do I have to buy a piece of software I do not need in order to be able to sync my calendar wirelessly?  It is incredibly annoying.  I have tried to sync Outlook 2003 with Google Calendar first - but it just hangs.
    You do need new software, yours won't work, a fact that was available to you when you chose iCloud.

  • Sync Outlook 2003 with iPhone 3GS and 4

    Hello community,
    I hope, I've placed my Issue on the right place in this forum.
    There're some major issues, where I need some answers. And I really hope, anyone of you can help me to find it.
    In our Firm, we use Windows XP SP3 with Office 2002 (except Outlook, we needed to upgrade it to 2003...Don't ask why...). iTunes Versions 10.1 and 10.2 are installed on several computers. (do you need the exact version?)
    I've read about some problems, synchronize the calendar, using Outlook 2003 and iTunes. Now most of the time, when the customer calls us on our hotline, it's the same problem they're complaning about. The calendar won't synchronize with the iPhone, only the contacts. Now what I found out, it's mostly the series schedule, which isn't working properly. If I put out those schedules, the other "normal" calendar entries are working fine. And then I gotta put every single series schedule into the calendar and synchronize. Then I find out, which entry is corrupt.
    We've also tried to delete the synch. history and such, but there wasn't any success.
    My question now: Is this problem well known out there? Or am I the only one who got this problem. If it's known, is there any better solution? Is there maybe a patch or an update? Is the Outlook 2007 or higher better for synchronisations?
    I hope to get some answers. If there are any further questions, please feel free to ask me.
    With kind regards,

    Here's a Possible FIX!!
    I ran into the same problem - Not able to Sync Outlook Notes after I upgraded my iPhone OS to 4.0 with iTunes 9.2.
    Here's what I did to get that fix (aka to get around it).
    I pretty much did all the standard procedure stuff. i.e. reinstalled iTunes, check and uncheck all Outlook related issues on iTunes.
    The last thing that I did was to use an IMAP email account to bring Outlook Notes into iPhone.
    ** Try to do the standard procedures suggest by Apple and other users first. If it doesn't work, try this.
    1) Create an IMAP account on your OUTLOOK (I have Outlook 2007).
    2) Set up a SAME IMAP account on your iPhone.
    3) On your iPhone, you will see two switches (mails and notes), be sure both are "ON".
    4) Sync your iPhone and Outlook (be sure to check the "Sync Notes with Outlook" box.
    5) As usual, there is no guaranteed it will work the first time, but play around with it.
    At least it works for me at last (after 5 hours of struggles).
    Apple is not any help at all.
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  • Importing calendar from Outlook 2003 or Yahoo to icloud calendar

    Can anyone tell me how to import my calendar from Outlook 2003 or Yahoo to icloud calendar, which I then can sync to my Ipod touch?
    I have exported the Yahoo calendar to an ICS file but on the icloud calendar there are no options to import anything.
    I am using a PC with Windows 7 & viewing the icloud page in IE8 or Google Chrome.

    Do you already know an answer?
    I have bought a new MacBook today and I have been trying it the hole day.

  • I miss my calendar sync , outlook 2007 to iphone  4 - ISyncInvalidRecordException

    I miss my calendar sync , outlook 2007 to iphone  4 - ISyncInvalidRecordException.
    attached part of the record of itunes:
    [4832 @ Wed May 23 19:28:30 2012] [_ISDVLog AppleMobileSync.exe] fast sync,,,,,,,
    [3040 @ Wed May 23 19:28:30 2012] [_ISDVLog] slow sync,,,
    [3040 @ Wed May 23 19:28:30 2012] [_ISDVLog] prepare to slow sync,, rs.Event,
    [3040 @ Wed May 23 19:28:44 2012] [_ISDVLog] ISyncSession record validation failure: Value pushed for property triggerdate on is not of expected class NSCalendarDate (calendar date), rather __NSDate.
    [3040 @ Wed May 23 19:28:44 2012] [YSLog] objcMain caught an exception:
    name       : ISyncInvalidRecordException
    reason     : ISyncSession record validation failure: Value pushed for property triggerdate on is not of expected class NSCalendarDate (calendar date), rather __NSDate.
    user info  : (null)
    call stack : (
    How i can solve this problem?

    Welcome to the forums
    I like how you've posted all the steps you took, it make our work a lot easier!
    Try deleting the intellisync folder according to this guide:
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  • Can i sync outlook 2003 contacts to the iphone 4s

    can i sync outlook 2003 contacts, memos, and tasks  to the iphone 4S

    In iTunes (with phone plugged in) go to the Info tab and check Sync Contacts with Outlook.
    I am not sure about memos and tasks.

  • Unable to sync TX calendar with Outlook 2003 (Windows XP)

    Last week I noticed that random past diary entries were gradually disappearing from my TX with each Hotsync without me changing any settings or receiving any error message. They went 1st from Outlook on my PC but remained on my TX and then all non-recurring anniversaries pre-2008 disappeared from my handheld too.  Future events were fine though.
     We contacted Palm Live Chat twice but got nowhere.  They couldn’t retrieve the lost data; tell me why it had happened or what to do to stop it happening again.  I was quite upset because I’d lost 5 years’ diary entries and then annoyed when I scrolled through the help forums and saw how many people were experiencing similar problems. 
     Luckily, I managed to find an old version of my calendar up to last summer in Palm Desktop on our laptop.  So we copied it over to the PC via a memory stick, changed the PIM conduit temporarily and synced the TX with Palm Desktop (version 4.2), making sure the HS icon was customised to synchronise the calendar files.  But what it did instead was overwrite the calendar on the TX with that from Palm Desktop, effectively wiping all calendar entries from last summer off the handheld – including all my future plans.
     In an attempt to get these back, we changed the PIM conduit back to sync with Outlook and tried again.  Now everything has come to a total standstill.  Luckily, my calendar events from this year and the future are still in Outlook but it won’t now sync with my TX at all.  When I try to HS, the TX seems to do a soft set and reboot itself back to the factory date & time setting page.
     We have also tried:
    ·                      Disabling Windows Automatic Updates before performing a Hotsync
    ·                      Running the repair feature in Office 2003
    ·                      Running DBFixIt 
     None of that has thrown up any errors and I have got myself in an increasingly desperate tangle.  The latest HS log is below and it looks as if I’ve probably duplicated lots of files I shouldn’t have by desperately swapping between Outlook and Palm desktop (take a deep breath – it’s huge ….)  Can anyone please help me?  I’m so fed up about this.
    HotSync operation started for ***** on 08/25/08 13:40:42
    OK Expense
    OK Quick Install
    OK VersaMail
    AddIt Manager Conduit processing transactions
    AdditDV - Processing Transactions No Transactions Detected
    AdditDV - Retrieving Files No Resources To Retrieve
    AdditDV - Installing Files No Files To Install
    AdditDV - Updating Databases
    AddIt - Processing Transactions No Transactions Detected
    AddIt - Retrieving Files No Resources To Retrieve
    AddIt - Installing Files No Files To Install
    AddIt - Updating Databases
    AdditSystem - Processing Transactions No Transactions Detected
    AdditSystem - Retrieving Files No Resources To Retrieve
    AdditSystem - Installing Files No Files To Install
    AdditSystem - Updating Databases
    OK Note Pad
    Outlook Notes
    - Fast Sync
    OK Outlook Notes
    OK Media
    OK Documents To Go
    Outlook Calendar
    - Fast Sync
    Outlook Calendar synchronization failed
    Outlook Contacts
    - Fast Sync
    OK Outlook Contacts
    Outlook Tasks
    - Fast Sync
    OK Outlook Tasks
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\-_Getting_Started_Tips_-​1_PDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\-_Getting_Started_Tips_-​_PDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\1-Get_Started_PDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\2-Sample_File_PDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\ADD050SData.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\ADD050VData.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\AddIt-Content.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\AddIt.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\AdditDV.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\AdditMyPalm-Content.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\AdditShop-Content.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\AdditSystemSData.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\AddItVault.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\AddIt_data.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\AddIt_newstips.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\AddressCitiesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\AddressCompaniesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\AddressCountriesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\AddressStatesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\AddressTitlesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\BFViewer.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\Blazer_Bookmarks.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\Blazer_Cookies.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\Blazer_Field_Autofill.PD​B
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\Blazer_Find_Autofill.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\Blazer_URL_Autofill.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\BtExgLibDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\CalculusDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\CalendarLocationsDB-PDat​.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\CardEngine_Library.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\CarrierProfiles2.PDB
    - Already exists: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\ConnectionMgr50DB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\dbFixit.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\FavoritesDB-Fave.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\Graffiti_ShortCuts_.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\Keyboard.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\locLCusLocationDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\locLDefLocationDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\MA_Council_meeting_repor​t__PDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\midataidcache.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\MMIDCache0.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\MMIDCache1.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\MMIDCache2.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\MMIDCache3.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\MMIDCache4.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\MMIDCache5.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\MMIDCache6.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\MMIDCache7.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\MMUpgrade.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\MultiMail_Attachments.PD​B
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\MultiMail_Disconnected.P​DB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\MultiMail_Messages.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\NetworkDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\NetworkProfiles2.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\PhoneRegistryDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\PMHDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\PMNDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\psysLaunchDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\Queries.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\Sample_-_Golf_and_Fitnes​s1_PDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\Sample_-_Golf_and_Fitnes​s_PDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\Sample_-_Home_Purchase1_​PDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\Sample_-_Home_Purchase_P​DB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\Sample_-_Travel_Informat​io1_PDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\Sample_-_Travel_Informat​io_PDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\Saved_Preferences.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\SmsDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\Super_Solitaire_Saved_Ga​mes.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\System_MIDI_Sounds.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\AlexanS\backup\VaultDeviceList.PDB
    Restore synchronization failed
    Protocol Error: File already exists. (400B)
    HotSync operation completed on 08/25/08 13:41:38
    Post relates to: Palm TX
    Post relates to: Palm TX

    Problems with a calendar sync in Outlook can generally be traced to a corrupt appointment at some time. It can happen from a shutdown in Outlook or any number of other reasons. If you can remember when the trouble began, see if you can locate an appointment on that day. You can also try and reset the sync history in iTunes, and can also run scanpst.exe and troubleshoot your Outlook file.
    I've used every version of Outlook since 2000 and have been able to trace this issue a couple of times to an appointment that has a recurring setting. You can change the view of your appointments and list them. When you do that, you may be able to locate an appointment that doesn't look right. I had to print out all of my appointments once and then reenter them. Luckily I didn't have that many, so it didn't matter. Again, this is usually something corrupt in the Outlook file that will make the problem appear, and since everything else in Outlook is syncing except the calendar, that is the place to look.

  • Issue with syncing bblink calendar + group events calendar into outlook 2003

    Had a BB Curve OS 7, and I was able to sync my default calendar AND my BBM groups calendars in one single sinc.
    Now, I have the Q5 OS 10.2.1 and I can not find for the life of me, how to sync my device calendars (personal and BBM Group Events calendars) onto my pc using Outlook 2003.
    Called my carrier and they don't even know what to tell me. Can someone point me in some direction please!
    PS I would also accept a solution using a cloud calendar (Gmail, I just want ALL calendars to be visible from my PC with one combine calandar view.
    2014-02-22 UPDATE: Just installed BBLink 1.2.3, same issue.... No solution yet!

    The OS7 calendar sync ONLY sync's the default calendar. Unless you merged your BBM group calendar entries (you would have had to move them to the default calendar using a special, and little known, documented procedure) into your default calendar you couldn't have had the BBM group calendar sync'd.
    Regardless, the BBM group calendars will not sync to Outlook in BB10.
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  • Can't sync calendar from outlook 2003 to iphone

    just purchased iphone and calendar won't sync.  Help?

    Don't worry about taking up my time. If I didn't have it, I wouldn't be here on the computer trying to help. You are talking about a contacts folder in Outlook 2003? The address book is when you click on sending a new mail and then click on the To: Am I correct? I think you should try and export your pst file and then try opening the new file in Outlook and see if that will correct things. You might need to go to the Microsoft site to get help in how to import the file. I am using Outlook 2010 and cannot remember the exact commands that would help you. I cannot remember if it is under Tools or somewhere else for you to export the file. It could be under File, then Export if 2003. After you save that file, then go to file and open, and then navigate to the new file and see if that opens a new Outlook pst file for you. You can then try and sync with the new one and see if that works. I hope that helps, but trying to remember all of the commands can be difficult. I teach Microsoft Office and having to remember all of the new ones can be difficult enough!

  • Problem Sync Outlook ()2003 Calender

    Ever since I bought the Iphone, It has been virtually impossible to sync the outlook (2003) calendar. The first time I connected my Iphone it went well, but that was also the end. Since then it does not take any of the changes I do in Outlook (on my Lap Top). It is a vital tool for me, and hence this, I still have to use my old phone.

    Hi and welcome to the forums!
    If you are setup BIS you cannot wirelessly sync,
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  • Problems with sync outlook 2003 & blackberry 8120

    when i connect my phone with usb to the blackberry desktop manager, it starts to sync then i get a message
    'blackberry desktop manager has encountered a problem and needs to close'
    this happens on every connection, i have tried re-installing the software and re-set the handset but this hasnt solved the problem. can you please help?
    I need it to sync with outlook 2003 for my calendar and contacts etc. I receive emails, can open my media files and transfer between handset and PC but cannot sync

    Hi and Welcome to the Forums!
    Here is a public knowledgebase article that discusses the error:
    Hopefully something in there will be helpful to you. Keep us informed as to your progress, please.
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
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  • Can't sync outlook 2003 pc contacts to iphone 4s

    Just bought an iPhone 4s... can't load my contacts from Outlook 2003 XP. I've tried every fix that I can find in search and they all seem to have you go through iTunes.  I have the latest version,
    I want to sync contacts, calendar and task/reminders eventually, but Contacts are my first priority.

    In iTunes (with phone plugged in) go to the Info tab and check Sync Contacts with Outlook.
    I am not sure about memos and tasks.

  • Not all appointments in outlook are syncing - Outlook 2003

    I've seen a number of threads about outlook not syncing at all with the iphone. My issue is different in that I am able to sync but not all my calander appointments are making it onto the phone. I dont see any common factor in the appointments that arent making it. Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas?
    After 2 dayt Im close to getting the iPhone to where I need to be. This is the last of the major issues. I guess thats why its called the bleeding edge.

    Same problem here. Outlook 2003 Calendar only syncs some events, but not all. But, contacts sync both ways without any problems.
    Sure like to get the calendar to sync right.
    iPhone 8GB   Windows XP  

  • Sync Outlook 2003 Cal and Contacts

    Ok here is the real weird problem. I at one point and time had outlook cal sync to my iphone, and then the next day it stopped working. Now I know that there have been a lot of updates which I have updated to the newest on everything. Itunes and the Iphone itself as well as outlook. Now here is the kicker. I am using Oracle as my back end server for email. There is a connector between outlook and oracle. Now I am using the newest connector and in Itunes it does not show anything to sync to. It used to say outlook. As anyone else run across this. I have it on good word from a guy that works at Oracle that the sync is working for him. Please help!!!

    I work for Oracle and we use the Oracle Connector with Outlook 2003. I have Outlook SP3 installed with the and it works fine for me with one exception (see below). I'm running the latest version of iTunes and it syncs cal and contacts.
    The only issue I'm having is some events not syncing, which after looking at some threads, it appears that there is a limit on the amount of text that can be in the event, so I'm doing an experiment to see if that's the case.
    These are events that I've clicked and dragged from email inbox onto calendar icon to create new event and if I CTRL Click to copy that event, the new event doesn't show up either. These events also include HTML in them so not sure if that's the issue or not.
    For example, I travel alot so when my travel itinerary is sent to me in email, I simply drag that to the Calender Icon to create a new event. I edit the time and date to reflect my departing flight. Then I simply CTRL Click and Drag to create a copy of this event, open it and edit it and change the subject to include my Hotel, Rental car and return flight information.
    This way I can (should be able) open my iPhone calender to see all my travel info, without having to print the itinerary or open my laptop.

  • Anyone had problems syncing Outlook 2003 to the iPod?

    I have syncd it via iTunes and it thinks it is syncd, but when I go into calendars on the iPod, there is a calendar there but no appointments and i can't create new appointments in the iPod either! Please can anyone tell me what I doing wrong?
    I have Outlook 2003 running via MS Exchange Server.
    Many thanks

    I am experiencing the same problem with Outlook 2003. No trouble syncing contacts, but calendar will not sync even though it appears to.
    I have done extensive troubleshooting on this (different iPods, different computers, reinstalled iTunes and Outlook 2003, restored iPod, etc.) Talked with genius at local Apple store and tech support at Apple ... they created a "ticket" on this and sent it to "engineering" but that was 10 days ago and nothing hear back from them.
    I did find a work around. There is a product called O2M from Little Machines which cost $10. It will sync to Outlook and transfer calendar info (as well as contacts, emails) to a file O2M creates in iCal format. You can then copy these files into your iPod calendar folder. To do this you need to enable iTunes to open iPod as an external disk. Then you can find the iPod in My Computer and within that is an empty calendar folder. Drag (i.e.copy) the files from the folder created by O2M into this iPod folder and you are set. Besure to do this after iTune finishes syncing with you iPod but before you eject the iPod. Otherwise, iTune will come in and erase the data you just put into the calendar folder. If you need more help on this get back to me on this forum.
    I will let you know if I hear back from Apple on my ticket on this issue.
    5th Gen Video,   Windows XP  

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