Calibrating 15" MBP LCD and a 22" Gateway LCD correctly?

No matter how hard i've tried there is no way i can calibrate the LCD on my MBP and the 22" gateway LCD to look the same. I want to have the exact same color profiles but if i select for example the same adobe color profile on my MBP and 22" Gateway, even tho the profiles are the same the differences are quite noticeable.
How can i calibrate the LCD on my MBP and 22" gateway to be the same?

After color calibration with the huey, they will be not be exact, but as close as they can be, which is to say, they will be MUCH closer than they are now. I agree with you that the color gamut (the spread of colors possible) is better on the Gateway than it is on the laptop, but I can only tell you I don't think you'll be disappointed if you get the huey (Colorvision Spyder probably works just as good, but I've never used it). The Gateway being better shouldn't be a surprise, given the laptop monitor has other things than just color accuracy to be concerned about (e.g. text crispness, heat, longevity in a mobile setting, compressed resolution rendering).
One thing I noticed with both monitors once they were calibrated, is the incredible amount of blue I had going on with both. After calibrating, you can go back to color settings before calibrating, and click on before/after buttons. The difference is amazing. The color calibrator renders something like 25 colors from the Greytag MacBeth color chart (same company as the one that makes the Huey) and then matches it to a database, to determine how far your monitor's color settings are from the standard, then adjusts them so they match the Pantone standard colors. Nice, quick, effective.
The two monitors will also likely be much closer to input (e.g. from your camera) and output (to your printer) once you get it squared away and do a little tweaking of camera and printer (otherwise you'd need to create a profile for each of those too.

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  • What is the ideal resolution combo for MBP 13" and Projector?

    In our school district we are using 13" MacBook Pro's (OS X 10.7 Lion) and external epson projectors, projecting to a Promethean Smart Board. The default resolution for a MBP is 1280X800, that is a no brainer. Now everything I've been reading says that projectors like to be on 1024X768. When we do that the projector resolution dictates that resolution to the MBP screen and the MBP screen is of course distorted. They don't play nice when trying to set independent settings. We've found that 1280X800 for MBP and 1280X960 for the projector works best. When set at these settings and you plug and unplug the VGA adapter the settings on the MBP hold to 1280X800. But we have to keep calibrating the Promethean Smart Board though inbetween plugging and unplugging the VGA adapter's. Any ideas?

    Try setting up the projector at 1024x768 as it calls for, but you want to use the best image. This might require a resolution reset as you are dealing with 3 different viewing sources. (ahh, if only they would come up with a standard.
    You can try a pram reset with everything up and running, this can sometimes correct distortions.
    NVPRAM reset:
    Power down the mac, power it back up, before the start up chime, press and hold the following keys:
    option,command,P,R,(no commas) and continue to hold these keys till you hear the start chime 2 times. See what you have. You might have to reboot.
    Also you can try connecting the projector, fire up the mac then the projector, it might auto-detect. You can try system preferences click detect displays,
    As for the smart board, you would have to contact the manufacturer for details.
    I know I have not offered much here, but it's worth a try, can't hurt anything.
    Also, if you plan to contact the Community in the future, please ammend your profile with the model and OS you are using, as it could help you get more info.
    Does your IT person have  stuff locked out? Most school districts have many of the useful tools locked out.
    The reason I know this is my wife is a school teacher, and we end up doing most of her multi media stuff on one of our personal computers, because of the lock down imposed on the entire staff.
    I hope there is something that might help you here. If not get your IT person to make it happen.(If they can)
    Good luck

  • Connecting Mac Pro to LCD and TV LCD Problems

    I have a 22" Gateway LCD that works perfect with my mac and I just recently bought a Mini displayport HDMI connection that I wanted to connect to my Sony 46" HD TV.
    Now, everytime i connect it and I boot up my macpro it will freeze at the login and causes weird things to happen on my screen leading me to Hard reboot. The only way to stop it is if I disconnect the HDMI port from the tv and reboot. If I connect it while the computer is on, it wont be as dramatic with freezing but you can tell the computer is not acting like it should.
    I tried connecting to a different TV and its the same thing.
    What should i do??
    Thanks for reading,

    It's probably the mini display-HDMI connection, the thing itself.
    An odd thing happening I've found is that the mini display port is preferred by the Mac as the start up display. So, I'm wondering if the Mac doesn't find what it expects if that might be a problem.
    Still, I bet a DVI to HDMI connection would produce better results for you. No guarantees though.

  • Mac Mini and thunderbolt/vga to LCD TV

    Hi All,
    Here is an interesting one......
    I have just taken delivery of 5 new Mac Minis which have the thunderbolt port on them.  The Mac Minis each connect using displayport tb/vga adapter to a switch then on to 5 LCD TVs.
    The HDMI/DVI is not used.
    In this config, if I start a Mac Mini the display will not route through the Thunderbolt/vga adapter to any of the TVs (even though I have selected them on the switch). The display seems to want to go through the default HDMI port.
    If I connect a standard PC monitor to the tb/vga adapter and reboot, the screen shows correctly on the monitor.  If I then change cables without a reboot, the LCD TVs show correctly!
    I can add the PC monitor as a second monitor using HDMI/DVI and ensure that the outputs are mirrored AND that the VGA display is the primary.  However, on reboot it's as if the details are all forgotten!
    Searching around it seems that there are issues with Mac Minis and VGA connections to LCD TVs.  That said, I wanted to put my environment out there and see if anyone had an ideas.
    Interestingly enough, with older Mac Minis (without the tb/vga) it works perfectly well, indicating a problem with the new Mac Minis.
    Thanks for ANY ideas!!!!

    Hey Spost!
    You have explained exactly what happened to me last night.  I was afraid it was part of the 10.8.3 update or the latest ATV software update that hit this week.   I tried from my macbook pro and the airplay from 10.8.3 and the atv software worked fine.  
    Previously my mac mini was connected to a monitor in my basement but last night i made it "headless" and moved it to my "server closet"  airplaying prior to the move worked great ... then last night 4:3 Green Screen. 
    My guess is the computer needs to be connected to a external display in order for airplay resolution to figure itself out.   Via Logmein i could see that the Mirror mode wanted to use the resolution that fit the mac and not what was best for the Apple TV ... Even forcing the change made the setting go right back to this mac. 
    Looks to be a bug in a plist file that apple would need to fix as many people run headless mac mini's and now wish to AirPlay to their Apple TV's without the need for a external cable run. 

  • How do I connect a new Thunderbolt MBP to and old 23" HD Cinema Display ADC port

    A question Im sure many have asked but I cant find a straight forward answer.
    I simply will be buying a new thunderbolt MBP 15 and NEED to connect it an old 23" Apple Cinema Display that uses the old ADC connector.
    Can I do it and if so how? I realise theres a potential under powering issue?

    Hello Sigh
    I am sure there is no way to get your ADC connector display to function with your new Mac Book Pro.
    I tried everying I could and gave up and purchased a 24" Apple refurbbished Cinema Display for $599 + tax on 4/27/2011. The Apple part number is FBXXXXL/A, Model A1287.
    Gave my  year 2002 ADC 22" display to a friend.
    Sent- Tuesday, August 9, 2011-- 3:49 PM(Pacific Time)
    Don Macdonald
    < Edited by Host >
    Re: How do I connect a new Thunderbolt MBP to and old 23" HD Cinema Display ADC port Jul 8, 2011 4:58 PM (in response to Russy47)
    Got my new MBP 2011 today. Hooked it up to my 23" Apple Cinema Display fine, using the Apple DVI to ADC converter > Mini Display port adaptors. I could then mirror display, but only at 1440 x 900 resolution.
    My dream is to have it like my old laptop--I mostly leave it shut, and main display is on the Cinema Display. So far, if I close the laptop lid on my new MBP, display shuts off. Also, can't get it to bump up the resolution to 1920.

  • How can I get ilife (iphoto/imovie) on my Used Retina ... Previously purchased new mbp 17 and have an Imac 27....

    Well I just purchased another Retina mbp 15 and this ones a keeper (sold 2 before this was just looking for a mint one).  Now my issue is I cant get ilife (in particular imovie and iphoto) without purchasing it and I dont want to do that.... yet.
    I did purchase a brand new mbp 17 in 2010 but not sure if I registered it or logged into the app store. Dont think I did because I dont see any downloads available in the app store.
    I have an imac 27 Im using right now and I dug up the appllications cd it came with. 
    My questions are:
    How can I install ilife or any of the apps without buying them?
    Are the applications one use only for the specific machines?
    Is there any way to use the resource dvd to install onto my retina ?
    (regarding this I have tried using remote disc and my retina wont show anything under remote disc when the cd is in my ima )
    ANy input or help is appreciated. I did enjoy using imove and iphoto alot and would like to have them again.

    I appreciate the replies. Grant if I have an Imac and the apps on the cd then what you are saying is it should be tied to my apple id and therefore I should be able to install them on my new macbook?
    I dont recall when I bought my mbp 17 if it had a cd and back then it was my first mac.. dont think there was an app store just itunes. It isnt tied to my account but shouldnt it be? I guess the person who bought that 17 from me got a free bundle :/
    Its not a matter of $30 I understand that fully. Its just its $30 wasted if I am able to get it.
    What im confused about (and I dont care to argue apples reasoning for it) is tying ilife to 'that Mac alone" is just dumb when a new owner of a machine cant install it and has to buy it again. that means the original owner keeps the apps for any machine he wishes and it isnt for the machine.
    I think im confusing myself and possibly answered my own question but ill leave it lol.

  • Formation of moisture between LCD and front panel in a iMac

    Hi Guys
    I am using a 21,5" iMac for the last 18 months or so. Every monsoon (which is pretty heavy in Bombay) I face a strange problem. A few minutes after starting the mac, moisture starts accumulating between the LCD panel and the front glass which covers it. I have complained to Apple several times but there is no satisfactory reply. In fact one of their service center girls sent me this email explaining the reasons behind this problem
    Hi , Sir !
    Greetings of the day ............
    This is with regards of ongoing problem with your iMac display issue.
    I have understand it from the technician who have visited your place regarding this issue.Pls correct me ,if your imac display issue is different than belows.
     Problem Reported: u see Some fog/condensation forms in that middle or corner of the screen(behind the glass). computer, But after turning it ON a large spot is clearly visible. [Deepak J] Your understanding is Correct .After turning of the computer, The fog disappears in just about 20 or 30 minutes.[Deepak J] No its not correct that fog/condensation goes in 20 or 30 minutes rather it takes more than 8 to 10 hours to get disappear and nature of the problem is intermittent. This is an environmental issue that happens with most of the iMacs here in mumbai during is because of humidity/moisture in the air.mostly it happens if there is a open window right behind the iMac or imac is very close to the AC.[Deepak J] My early PC which I used for more than 5 Years was also kept in the same way / environment  in which iMac is Kept & I bought iMac for 4 times more than the Cost I purchased my Old PC.
    Since the iMac goes Glass > Space > LCD it wouldn't be totally surprising that condensation would show up there if there is a lot of humidity and the temp variations between the outside of the glass and the inside of the glass.
    The space between the glass and lcd is not air tight. The glass is just a "cover" and not affixed to the actual LCD. It's held on by some magnets but there's still air going to and from between the lcd and the section that connects to the glass. It's like when you get condensation/ie., fogged windows in a car. The temp difference the air outside the glass and the air inside the glass as well as both surface sides it's a matter of physics that a fog will appear if the conditions are optimal.
    So,only few below things can help u in this case.
     1.Keep the iMac On,as much u can.we can keep the system in sleep all the time with energy saver settings.we will help u to do the same.[Deepak J] I use PC for Max to Max 2 to 4 hours in a Week so are you suggesting that I keep the PC on for rest of 160 Hours
    2.use of de-humidifier will might help.[Deepak J] Can you please tell me what is de-humidifier ?
    3.Removing the glass panel(But not advisable.)[Deepak J] I don’t want to do that
    Trust me ,it happens only in rainy seasons where humidity level is very high in our city and there is no technical solution to fix this as imac is design that way.[Deepak J] This the First rainy season after I purchased iMac
    Hope,the above information will help u.
    Pls let me know ,if u need any more information from our side.--
    Thanks & Regards,
    Rupali Mandve
    Admin Asst.
     Unicorn Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.
    301, Kotia Nirman, New Link Road
    Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400053
    Tel: +91-22-67354000
    Mobile :- 9769276811
    [email protected] 
    Its pretty obvious from this email that they have no clue on how to solve this problem. Combined with the fact that Lion has a lot of bugs, my impression is "Apple is the new Microsoft".
    whats your experience guys
    best regards

    Hi Shilpa
    Its not the lack of testing. I am sure moisture is a problem in many other parts of the world. More irritating are the 'suggestions' by so called apple experts.
    One solution could be to seal it from all sides. Should be a pretty standard job.
    best regards
    Tejash R Majmudar

  • Difficulty using a projector. I have a MBP 17" and am running 10.6.8. Often I need to make a Powerpoint or other presentation  at a client and I want to connect my computer to their projector. Either it won't display on the projector at all. HELP!

    Difficulty using a projector. I have a MBP 17" and am running 10.6.8. Often I need to make a Powerpoint or other presentation  at a client and I want to connect my computer to their projector. Either it won't display on the projector at all. Once it displayed but the presentation mode was on the big screen and the presentation I wanted to show was on my MBP screen. I have the adapter( white ones) to attached to the projector cables.  I am so looks so silly not to have a computer work during a presentation..
    Another problem one the rare occasion that it shows on the screen is that the presentation does show just my desk top.  Any ideas?
    Thanks !

    You often have to turn off Mirroring to be able to set the second "screen"s resolution to something reasonable. When you do, the two screens become an "Exceeded Desktop" joined along one edge, and the Arrange pane in displays prefs can allow you to specify what edge. Initially, it will show a vacant extension of the built-in screen's desktop.
    The mouse moves freely across that shared edge, and can allow you to drag the presentation window across to the the projector screen and re-size it to fit.

  • Resolution, MBP 13" and MBA 13"

    In considering the MBP 13" and the MBA 13" as a portable extension of my iMac 27", I have pretty much decided on the MBA now.
    The final area I want to be clear on is in the resolution of the display and how much of an image I can see, and how much scrolling I will need to do.
    As the system will not be not my only computer, I guess a bit of scrolling while on vacation won't hurt a lot!
    As far as I can see, the attached picture shows how much of a picture I can see on my iMac, and then how much at full size will be visible on each of the MBA and MBP. The MBA is the larger rectangle.
    The picture seems to suggest the 'larger' display given by the MBA would be the option to go for. Am I missing something here?

    Thanks ssls6,
    I do tend to agree. Thanks.
    Hi Ralph
    I'm panicking really at the possibility of buying a computer that can't be upgraded! However, the Air has the extreme portability that I think I need.
    As long as I can sensibly use the system when away from my desk, it is simply convenience really.
    I'm looking to go for 8GB RAM on the system but would stick with the slow processor.
    I think it will do the job nicely, but the price makes me want to be absolutely sure.
    I'll take some files to the Apple Center and sit at one for an extended period and see how it goes. If I then order the system online, I will have 14 days from delivery to really test it, while retaining the option to return it if it just doesn't work for me.
    Thanks for your advice.

  • HT3910 Original OSX 10.5.6 and app dvd's (that came w/MBP) lost,and have recv'd replacement dvd from Apple. Once hard drive is erased and new OS w/dvd instl'd, how do I insure all applications bundle - that came with MBP - will reinstall?

    Original OSX 10.5.6 and app dvd's (that came w/MBP) lost,and have recv'd replacement dvd from Apple. Once hard drive is erased and new OS w/dvd instl'd, how do I insure all applications bundle - that came with MBP - will reinstall?

    Your profile says you have 10.6, so why bother with the original 10.5 OS?
    But to your question, before you erase anything, make a backup of your data for safe keeping and restoration. Having an external hard drive for this purpose is most useful.

  • Switching screen off on Tecra and using external monitor/LCD TV

    I recently bought an LCD TV and was looking forward to using it as the monitor for my Toshiba Tecra M2V. I have run into problems.
    I seem unable to "turn off" the laptop screen and ONLY use the LCD TV screen to cary out work, play games etc. Rather I seem only to beable to COMBINE the LCD screen with my LCD, effectively creating a "two screen monitor". I have followed all the online help and still I am unable to have only one screen.
    I just want the LCD TV as my screen!
    Any ideas on how to do this? It is really a pain!!

    Usually you should be able to do it using FN+F5 key combination. As far as I know if the unit is connected to the TV you have three possibilities (maybe depends on notebook model) LCD only, LCD and external device and just TV.
    You can also try to switch it using GeForce properties:
    Display properties > Settings > Advanced > GeForce tab > Device Settings > Select output device.

  • 24" LCD AND 19" CRT. Any problem?

    My current set up is two dual 19" CRTs and the ATI 9800 256MB card.
    I want to move up to a widescreen LCD, but am aware of a couple limitations with a 24" LCD.
    These being:
    1. You have more screen real estate with two 19" than with one 24".
    2. CRT is supposedly a better image.
    So, my thinking is to move up to a 24"LCD and keep one of my 19" CRTs active as a 2nd/palette monitor. that way I get more screen real estate, and a nice CRT handy if needed.
    Can anyone tell me if I'd get eye-strain or headache or something from switching my eyes back and forth from a CRT to LCD?
    Any reason I wouldn't want a dual monitor set up where one is LCD and one is CRT?
    Thanks very much
    G5 Dual 1.8 2GB RAM   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Accidental damage is not covered under the warranty - it is a limited manufacturer's warranty only, not insurance.
    If you live near an Apple Store, call the store and ask or make an appointment there to confirm if only the glass panel needs to be replaced, if the store does that, and how much.

  • Purchase Order to Purchase Order using BPEL and/or XML Gateway

    Is there a way to do create a duplicate Purchase Order in another instance using BPEL and/or XML Gateway? We're looking to do A2A transactions, namely duplicating data from one instance to another (of course the functional setups would have to be the same). Thanks!!

    this is the perfect usace for the upcoming ESB (shuffling data with transforming from A to B) - but this can be done with BPEL too .. there are some solutions to this
    1) on a database level (db to db)
    2) having events setup'ed in the master instance, that fire a process that get's the data
    3) and then using the functions from iRep
    hth clemens

  • Calibrating: Improve the quality and accuracy of your images

    The Sprout Workspace depends on the alignment of the HP Touch Mat and the projected screen on the touch mat.
    This alignment is calibrated during initial setup and can also be recalibrated at any time you choose.
    During calibration, Sprout detects the alignment of the touch mat and adjusts the projector and cameras to create the best results. Calibration can be done from the Sprout Workspace or from the Windows Control Panel.
    Make sure that Sprout is on a level surface to successfully calibrate the product.
    You can check out Calibrating the Sprout by HP to read more about this function.
    Here are some tips to help you get the best image capture quality:
    Make sure the touch mat is flat, plugged in, and clear of any objects.
    Place the object for capture in the middle of the touch mat.
    Don’t touch the mat during capture.
    For best capture, objects should be less than 6 inches (15.24 cm) tall.
    Perform a recalibration (calibrating Sprout aligns the touch mat and the projector).
    Shut down other applications.
    Turn off the lights in the room, or darken the room as much as possible.
    I work for HP, supporting the HP Experts who volunteer their time and technical knowledge to help others.

    There's another HP document about calibrating for 3D scanning with your Sprout.
    Sprout by HP - Calibrating for 3D Scanning on Sprout by HP
    You might want to take a look at this one too!
    I work on behalf of HP.

  • How I can keep my MBP nice and speedy?

    I finally jumped out of my Windows and into a Mac. I have used a Macbook at work for 3 years with very little trouble. I am an educator who lost my job right after I invested in a Macbook Pro and it seems to FREEZE UP frequently. I have seen the "spinning rainbow wheel of death" more times than I can recall. I have had the machine exactly 1 month.
    Someone mentioned to me that it may be my Office 2008; the scripts don't seem to play nicely. I am at a loss. I invested in this because I wanted less drama than my "Dell from ****."
    Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can keep my MBP nice and speedy?
    Is there a limit to how many applications I should have on the dock?
    Should I keep everything off of the desktop?
    I am also a web developer and I have been using:
    adobe CS4 web suite.
    Second Life
    Firefox (With many plug-ins)
    MAMP Pro
    Office 2008
    I don't turn it off everyday.
    My system is as follows:
    Model Name: MacBook Pro
    Model Identifier: MacBookPro6,2
    Processor Name: Intel Core i5
    Processor Speed: 2.53 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 2
    L2 Cache (per core): 256 KB
    L3 Cache: 3 MB
    Memory: 4 GB
    Processor Interconnect Speed: 4.8 GT/s
    Maybe I can get some pointers to minimize this drama, so before I start screaming at Apple, I thought that I would check with my peers in this wonderful online community.
    I am open to technical advice and personal philosophy.
    Thank you for your help in advance!

    Get Onyx. It has some automated scripts that keep your mac's performance really good.
    Personally, I'd try using Onyx, if that doesn't help, just put your Ma OSX Install DVD inside, boot from it and install the OS again. All files and settings will be left intact (don't forget to update your system after installing it).
    Make sure you have the latest Office version installed, as earlier versions are known to disable some system tasks, therefore making OSX unstable.

Maybe you are looking for