Call customer

Hi Experts,
We can find user exits by finding call customer function in the main program.
After finding the function how can we know about menu or field or screen exit with that function?

Yes we can.
When you find the corresponding Customer Exit just double click on it it will go to the corresponding exhancement.
Reward all helpfull answers.

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    1.     Is it possible to call custom designed RFC function module, apart from BAPI.
    2.     Why we call it Adaptive RFC layer, Since every time the JCO layer updated with SAP, Why can’t be dynamic.
    Thanx for Ur time.

    Also check <a href="">here</a> for more information on aRFC. Here you can find why it is called adaptive.

  • Unable to debug an exit in CALL CUSTOMER FUNCTION 003

    Hi Guys,
    I have an exit EXIT_SAPMV45A_003 that is called by CALL CUSTOMER FUNCTION 003. I had placed a break point at
    CALL CUSTOMER FUNCTION 003 and the debugger stops here but i am unable to debug inside this to reach into
    the code in EXIT_SAPMV45A_003 even after setting the system debugging on & Update debugging
    Can someone help me with this?

    You have to include that Enhancement of that exit in the Project and Activate that project in the CMOD.
    The Enhancement for the exit EXIT_SAPMV45A_003 is V45A0003.
    Create a project in CMOD
    And inclue V45A0003 in the project.
    Activate the Project.
    Now, it will stop at break point.
    Naimesh Patel

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    Are you using any disk cleaner or optimization tools like CleanMymac or Mackeeper?

  • Call Custom Library built in type is not available in form personalization.

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    In our Vision instance(EBS Dev 6i Patchset 15) Call Custom Library built in type is not available in form personalization..
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    probably wiser to post this in the E-Business forum
    General EBS Discussion
    your welcome

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    Hi Everyone,
    I have a urgent requirement related to form personalization like Calling custom form to standard form based on passing some parameters and after click on save icon then custom form should be enable and open. how to achieve this functionality through personalization.
    In brief ......Responsibilty -> Enterprise Asset Management->work order form and in this form's tool menu attach a custom form which comes other responsibility(here no issue) issue is that which trigger and condition used and what should be Action attribute/option. How to disable or enable tool form on some specific navigating the form.
    and how pass the parameter through current using form fields.
    plz help me's urgent.

    Forms Personalization is a feature of the Oracle Enterprise Business Suite (EBS) not a feature of Oracle Forms. Please post your question in the General EBS Discussion forum. If you have a general Forms question, by all means, ask it here! ;-)
    Craig B-)
    If someone's response is helpful or correct, please mark it accordingly.

  • How to call Custom RFC enabled Function Module in R/3 From XI

    Hi Experts,
    I want to call custom RFC enabled Function Module by sending some input parameters from XI.
    How to do this

    Hi RAMS,
    1. Under the SWCV Go to the Imported Objects.
    2. Right click on the RFC and click on the Import of SAP object.
    3. Give the logon server name, system number the user name and pasword.
    4. Select the RFC u want to import.
    5. Execute the import and the RFC is imported under the SWCV.
    Now u can use this Imported RFC in the scenarios of that SWCV.
    Remember to set the thread to solved when you have received a solution

  • How can I get a credit card re-instated with ITunes/Apple Store?  It was blocked due to an ITunes billing error.  Called customer (lacking in) service, but they were no help!

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    Only Apple Account Security could help at this point. You can try calling Apple Support in Canada - you'll have to find one of the several ways, such as Skype, to call an 800 number from outside of the relevant country - and ask for Account Security and see if they can help. Or you can find a friend who speaks Chinese and ask them to help you talk to Apple Support in China. There are really no other options that I know of.
    Note, by the way, that these are user-to-user support forums. You aren't speaking with Apple when you post here.

  • Can we call custom functions in view objects?

    Can we call custom functions in view objects?these custom functions are from my backing bean...
    Please help.....

    You can certainly add code to your view objects to do whatever you like.
    However, it would be considered a very bad practice to call something in the backing bean from your view object. It violates the whole MVC design principle of ADF.
    Perhaps if you can share your real use case, someone will give you ideas about the best way to do it, but I, for one, would advise you to forget about calling a backing bean function from your view object.

  • PCW call custom task after approval process

    Hi comunity,
    I need to know how could call a custom task from PCW. Because I need to update a Z log table after the users approval SC just when the document is set to approved. I've checked the WS40000015, but seem to me that this is not possible.
    I have no other option to use the BBP_DOC_CHECK_BADI to do so? Am i right?.

    Rick, thanks for your answer.
    I didn't explain myself right with Z table. This is a relationship that required my customer between different entities (SC guid and one external number ID from a Non SAP SRM system and other fields).
    I agree that maybe the business requirement could be revised. But the core question it's the same, is not posible call a custom task from the process level, because seems to be limited to decision tasks. I don't get why SAP does not create a condition step in WS40000015 which allow us to call custom background tasks.
    I will use the BADI, hoping to get the SC when it's already approved.

  • 11g iBots(Agents) calling custom java class?

    We upgraded from 10g to 11g and we have iBots that call a custom java class in the form of a jar file.
    This all worked fine in 10g.
    I followed all configuration steps in the documentation, but we are unable to get our iBots(Agents) to work in 11g.
    Keep getting "Can't find Class" errors.
    Has anyone successfully created agents that call custom java classes with 11g, if so, can you please share your steps for doing this?

    Hi glova,
    The document refers to the RPD and catalog migration....what ever customization used in 10g wont effect in 11g i suppose most of the things.
    i would suggest you to copy the java class of ibots and do the copy paste or manually do it in 11g and see if it works ...this is the only alternative.
    hope helps you.

  • How to call custom API in ODI

    Hi All,how to call custom API in ODI and how can multiple people run the scenario at same time. I explained my process below
    1. Through ODI console pass parameter (file name) to scenario and read the file form configured location
    2. Insert the data from flat file to custom table
    3. Call custom API
    4. Generating a report in ODI in same location where we read the file from. Creating sample report just reading from custom table
    5. The above design should be such that multiple people can run the scenario at same time.
    can any one help me on step 3 and step 5 how to go forward..
    Thanks in Advance.
    Edited by: 981371 on Mar 4, 2013 3:19 AM

    You can invoke java api in the procedure or KM tasks. You can select Jython technology type and can call the custom java API.
    You may find relevant info at
    You can directly put DB functions in the your mapping expressions.

  • How to call custom BSP application (copied from standard)

    I came across 1 interesting link in SDN.
    [Enhancement procedure of BSP application HRRCF_RECRUITER in eRecruitment]
    My requirement is also similar.
    I need to copy the HRRCF_TRM_SRCH application.
    I know how to make the changes for the logic (like copying the standard controller & iterator class etc.)
    But I donu2019t know how to call the custom BSP application.
    One requirement is, I need to call a BSP application, in which there are only UI(user interface/screen) changes .
    That is, if there are only changes made to hitlist_cand.bsp page . And no changes made to page.
    Eg: Removing one button from screen.
    Second requirement is, I need to call a BSP application in which there are logic changes also.
    (I know how to  change the standard controller class to custom class)
    Eg: Changing logic of button.
    We tried renaming the application name from standard to custom one (with Namespace=SAP itself, though it gave a warning) in the table T77RCF_LOG_APPL .
    Then we used this name to configure the start page link. But still the execution control is going to standard page & not to custom BSP application.
    How will I know which BSP application(Appl A), is calling the BSP application (Appl B) in which I want to make changes ?
    The starting application is HRRCF_START_INT.
    Would really appreciate solutions posted.
    Nisha Vengal.

    Hi Nisha,
    I think you have an issue to call custom BSP.
    -     Ignore the warning message (in the table T77RCF_LOG_APPL) as it is just a warning message. I did not touch start page link at all.
    -     Additionally you need to make (I had to made) an entry in table u2018V77RCF_SMG_NAVIu2019.
    Let me know, if you need anything else.

  • Calling custom wlst command in embedded mode

    Please give any idea how to call custom wlst command (Oracle Access Manager related wlst command) in embedded mode.
    can we call /Oracle_IAM/common/bin/ using java weblogic.WLST ?

    thanks for quick reply
    i have to write a script which will register a OAM agent and create OAM Server (OAM related WLST custom command), all command comes under Fusinn Middleware product and for executing that command we have to run the file from <Oracle_Common>/common/bin, here if i run help('oam') command it shows all oam related command but when i run the wlst using java weblogic.WLST then it does not show any oam command because this call wlst from /WL_Home/common/bin, so i want to call that custom oam related wlst command by using java weblogic.WLST so that i can call my .py script as java weblogic.WLST *.py or in java class using WLSTInterpreter.

  • How to call Custom or Component Controller methods from View Controller

    Hy Guys,
    how do I call Custom Controller or Component controller methods from a View or Context Controlller?
    thanks in advance

    Hi Juergen
    Yes it is possible, pls follow the below approach to access the component controller in context node class
    1) since the standard component controller class is protect variable , declare a variable of type component controller in your controller class.
    say for example the public variable you declared is  g_comp_controller
    2)  now redefine the controller class method WD_CREATE_CONTEXT  and add the below lines of code
       g_comp_controller ?= me->comp_controller.
    3) go to context node class  (CNXX)  there declare the varaible which of type controller class (IMPL)  as public variable, for example g_owner
    4) redefine the method  IF_BSP_MODEL~INIT  and write the below code
         CALL METHOD super->if_bsp_model~init
          id    = id
          owner = owner.
      g_owner ?= owner.
    5) now the variable   g_owner  that is declared in  (CNXX)   contains reference to your controller class
    6) in  on_new_focus  method access your component controller in the below manner and access the entities also.
    DATA: lv_owner                    TYPE REF TO xxxxx_impl,  " Implementation class
                 lr_comp_cont                TYPE REF TO xxxx_bspwdcomponen_impl, " component controller class
                 lv_entity type ref to cl_crm_bol_entity.
    lv_owner ?= g_owner.
    lr_comp_cont    ?= lv_owner->g_comp_controller.
    IF lr_comp_cont IS BOUND.
       lv_entity ?= lr_comp_cont->typed_context->mdfcampaign->collection_wrapper->get_current( ).
    now lv_entity contains the value of component controller context node.
    Thanks & Regards
    Edited by: bmsraj on Sep 27, 2011 3:28 PM

  • Call Customer Functions.

    Hi All,
    What does the suffix "001" indicates in the command "Call     Customer Function 001" ? 
    What are different types of Call Customer Functions?
    In the Version ECC 6.0 There are some more functions which have been added such as 003, 004, 005.
    Can anyone help me out from this differences ?
    Thanks & Regards,
    Swamy Kunche.

    Hi Swamy,
    If you have seen the components (function modules) of an enhancement from transaction SMOD, you see the name of the function module is structured as
    This nnn takes values e.g. 001, 002 etc.
    Hence when you call
    CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION '001' ... it calls the EXIT_<main_program>_001 function module in the respective enhancement.
    Basically these function modules (components) in an enhanement are called from different pre-defined in the standard program and are there for you to modify standard processing. Hence additino of more components 003 etc. means SAP has given more support for customization/enhancement.

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