Call service with url /sap/opu/odata/SAP/GBAPP_POAPROVAL is intermittent

I have problem: call service with url /sap/opu/odata/SAP/GBAPP_POAPROVAL is intermittent, same times it works and same times not work to any type the Approve Orders.
We are Fiori SAP NetWeaver 7.40 and mobile client is version 1.2.4.
I used in IOS.
We are SAML2 using ADFS with Fiori. 'Using SAML 2.0 Authentication to Access Fiori Apps from the Public Internet' in
I try to run like example and the same 1797736 - Troubleshooting Guidefor SAP NetWeaver Gateway,
and I tested this URL in the SAP Netweaver Gateway Client (, but appears "HTTP Open falied: INTERNAL_ERROR"
How to solve this problem?

if you got 2004s preview from this page
then it does not contain XI

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  • WebDynpro ABAP : Error when calling ME23N with URL

    Hi all,
    I have some problem with my WDA. I have an ALV in web dynpro and it displays Document number for Purchase Order.
    When a user clicks on it, we call SAP WEBGUI using ITS and I create dynamically URL to display the document.
    But I can't set the PO number when I call the ME23N while i passed the PO number in parameter of my URL.
    My URL has this content : http://xxxxxxx/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui/?sap-client=&~transaction=ME23N&MEPO_TOPLINE-EBELN=xxxxx
    But the Po display isn't the same. I don't found any solutions for this problem
    Anybody has an idea ?
    Thanks in advance for your feedback.
    Ludovic Bento

    I found the correct way to open ME23N in WebDynpro:
    *Create URL
        CONCATENATE 'http://' host ':' port
                    'ME23N' '&~OKCODE=MECHOB&%20MEPO_SELECT-EBELN=' lv_ebeln
                    INTO url.

  • Calling a web service with URL to Insert into DB Web service

    Does any one have an idea how I can call a web service using a URL to insert records into an Oracle DB table.
    Something like this :
    I need to call it outside of Oracle Apex.

    Hi Swapna,
    from your screenshot it seems that you actually try to call the service in your Data Source Expression field. You should set path to the WSDL file here actually - this could be either URL to SAP or to filesystem, as Anton suggested (this could be faster). Have you created endpoint binding for your service in transaction SOAMANAGER? If yes, then simply download the corresponding WSDL with binding or copy the URL which leads to it. But also test whether you are able to retrieve the WSDL without logging into SAP (close all browser windows and then open a new one otherwise session ID from other browser windows can be reused).
    If you have to give username and password, then setup anonymous alias in transaction SICF, for example.
    Pleas, check my previous post on the same subject here: Re: BCM7 IVR : SOAP request for client identification in CRM .
    Maybe it could help.

  • Am i able to use 3g video calling service with my xperia P?

    i cannot find 3g video calling option in my phn......where i get model number is sony xperia P
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    i cant use video there any integrate software?if yes how can i find it?

  • Call mutiple tables data in single OData service call

    We have created a ZBAPI same as standard BAPI "ALM_PM_NOTIFICATION_GETDETAIL" for creating an ODATA service. But we are facing problem while calling the data from multiple tables in a single query/entity while creating that ODATA service using SEGW.
    Please guide me how can we do that or is this possible to do that.
    Shrikant N.

    Hello Shrikant,
    You mean to say BAPI is returning multiple tables and you have to get all those table data in one call ??
    If this is the case you cannot get all the table data from that BAPI in one shot as you can map only 1 table as response table in GW.
    Assuming you are passing inputs A & B to your BAPI and it is returning 2 tables in the response,
    maintain a Parent entity ( dummy one ) and create association to those tables ( each table as different entity ).
    This way you get all the tables data in one go as GW calls your RFC 2 times.
    I mean to say you have 2 tables in the BAPI response , GW calls 2 times the same logic to get those 2 tables. i.e., Table 1 in 1st call and Table 2 in 2nd call.
    Your URL would be looking like this its just an example :
    http://<GW_Host>/sap/opu/odata/sap/<Service_Name>/<Parent>?$filter=A eq 'x' and B eq 'x'&$expand=Table1_Set,Table2_set
    where Table1_Set and Table2_Set are your navigation properties which you would have defined.
    Also note that here there is a performance trade-off here as GW calls 2 times the same logic and that is how GW calls BE on $expand.
    Suggestion is to have separate FM's to get those tables separately so that data retrieval is fasted and there is no overhead.

  • Gateway service with multiple entity sets

    I have designed a Gateway service with 3 entities, and 3 entity sets.Entity sets are not related one to another. This entity sets correspond to static data stored in 3 different custom table in SAP. The aim of this service is to provide static data (but customizable on the backend) for drop down lists on a SAP UI5 application consuming Gateway services.
    I am wondering if it is possible through a single read operation, to retrieve all entity sets. Since the service URL to get data related to one entity set is /sap/opu/odata/sap/ZTEST_SERVICE_SRV/EntitySet, how should I process if I want to retrieve all 3 entity sets ? Is it something possible or do we have to call each entity set at once ?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hi Krishna,
    I'd try and avoid a construct like this because I don't think it's very compliant or discoverable - you have to know how to access it. That's maybe acceptable for "internal" services, but really, we should try and use the protocol instead of introducing so many workarounds.
    It seems that the simplicity of OData on some levels makes people think they have got the wrong answer. It can get complex but something like a value list is pretty basic and shouldn't be subject to loads of different interpretations.   
    Batching GET's on the entities or using a grouping entity as per Andre's suggestion is what I'd be thinking of doing. I know that the former is used by some Fiori applications.

  • Problem creating an OData service with RFC-/BOR Import.

    Hi Experts,
    i am running always into the same problem
    I want to create an Odata Channel with "SEGW" and Datamodel with an RFC import.
    but I am running always into the same problem when I want to generate the runtime.
    I don´t know why.
    Error: ... _DPC was generated with syntax errors....
    I would really appreciate if someone could help me.

    Oh dear, your'e not an ABAP guy are you
    OK, you can go back to my previous suggestion and do it a different way, but first...
    TF_CPU_ALL isn't a table, it's a structure of type CPU_ALL. GET_CPU_ALL uses that as the interface structure for data it sends out.
    Starting with a blank service, create a model by using DDIC import wizard, using CPU_ALL as the structure. Call the entity "CPU". Mark 'serialnr' as the key.Create an entityset called "CPUSet".
    Generate the service.
    Go to DPC_EXT, find method CPUSET_GET_ENTITYSET and redefine it. Assuming that you can leave the inputs as the defaults, call function GET_CPU_ALL in the method with the importing parameter TF_CPU_ALL assigned to ET_ENTITYSET.
    call function 'GET_CPU_ALL'
           tf_cpu_all = et_entityset
           others     = 1.
       if sy-subrc <> 0.
    * Implement suitable error handling here
    That's all it needs.
    Activate EXT class and try your service.
    "type" : "ZCPUALL_SRV.CPU"
             "Type" : 101,
             "Subtype" : 3,
             "Serialnr" : 0,
             "NbrCpu" : 2,
             "Load1Avg" : 7,
             "Load5Avg" : 29,
             "Load15Avg" : 30,
             "IntSec" : 1059,
             "SyscSec" : 4555,
             "CsSec" : 895,
             "UsrTotal" : 3,
             "SysTotal" : 1,
             "IdleTotal" : 96,
             "IdleTrue" : 96,
             "WaitTrue" : 0
    Did it myself in under 10 minutes from build to test.

  • Error in Service with Party and Service without party scenario

    Hi All,
    I  am configuring an external system to customer SAP system scenario.
    I have configured the external file system as Service with Party and the receiving SAP system as Service without party.
    All the configuration including the "Virtual receiver" set up has been done properly but i am still getting the error "No receiver could be determined".
    Can somebody help me on this ?
    Thanks in advance.

    in my previous experiences with internal/external parties communication, I've found out that the best practice is to create an integration scenario and then create the configuration scenario from scenario wizard. It is much simpler and easier.
    Briefly, you'll have to create a dummy party/service in order to "wrap" your internal system, since the external party should not receive information regarding internal systems (Business system name, for example).

  • Consuming web services with Attachments

    I need to consume a web service with attachements (mime type) from sap was j2ee 7.0 (nw2004s).
    When I try to generate the web service deployable proxy using nwds (version 7.0.06), I get the following error message
    "Invalid WSDL or WSDL not found, please specify different WSDL.."
    Removing references to"wsi:swaRef" from wsdl, above error is not displayd and wsdl is correctly processed
    <complexType name="ArrayOf_tns2_swaRef">
    - <sequence>
      <element maxOccurs="unbounded" minOccurs="0" name="swaRef" nillable="true" type="wsi:swaRef" />
    Unfortunately, we have not been able to find any SAP documentation (online help, oss note,,,) describing if SAP WAS Java 7.0 supports this standard.
    Has anybody already worked with Web Services with attachments ?
    Thanks in advace,

    hi berta,
    HTTP error 406 when consuming a Web Service with attachment
    let me know u need any further info

  • Web Services with Attachments

    I need to consume a web service with attachements (mime type) from sap was j2ee 7.0 (nw2004s).
    Unfortunately, we have not been able to find any SAP documentation (online help, oss note,,,) describing if SAP WAS Java 7.0 supports this standard, or how to generate ws proxies for consuming these web services.
    Has anybody already worked with Web Services with Attachments ?
    Thanks in advace,

    hi berta,
    HTTP error 406 when consuming a Web Service with attachment
    let me know u need any further info

  • Error calling "RfcRegisterServer" with NW or SAP-RFC

    with our customer upgrading to the EHP 7.0 we run into an erroro while calling the function "RfcRegisterServer"
    with SAP-NetWeaver:
    Contents of structure “RFC_ERROR_INFO“:
    code = 1
    message = (0x0A)ERROR       service '?' unknown(0x0A)(0x0A)TIME        Thu Apr 10 15:24:30 2014(0x0A)RELEASE     711( 0x0A)COMPONENT   NI (network interface)(0x0A)VERSION     39(0x0A)RC -3(0x0A)DETAIL NiErrSet(0x0A)COUNTER     120(0x0A)
    group = 4
    abapMsgNumber =
    abapMsgClass =
    abapMsgType =
    abapMsgV1 =
    abapMsgV2 =
    abapMsgV3 =
    abapMsgV4 =
    Function “RfcWaitForRequest“ with classical SAP-RFC:
    Contents of structure “RFC_ERROR_INFO_EX“:
    message = CPIC-CALL: 'SAP_CMACCPTP : rc=20(0x0A)(0x0A)LOCATION    SAP-Gateway on host / sapgw92(0x0A)ERROR       registration of tp master.down.wtr from host(0x0A) not allowed(0x0A)(0x0A)TIME        Thu Apr 10 14:33:45 2014(0x0A)RELEASE 740(0x0A)COMPONENT   SAP-Gateway(0x0A)VERSION 2(0x0A)RC 720(0x0A)MODULE      /bas/740_REL/src/krn/si/gw/gwxxrd.c(0x0A)LINE 3536(0x0A)COUNTER     880458233(0x0A)
    Any thoughts of how we can fix this issue?
    With king regards.

    Hi Jan,
    Please go through SAP Note "1850230 - GW: "Registration of tp <program ID> not allowed" and try to again rerun this step where you are getting error.

  • Connect to Secure web service with certificate from SAP EP

    Hi Experts,
    Here is the current situation:
    1. Our business requirement is to connect 3rd party RESTful web service which requires secure connection with private client certificate attached
    2. I've tested in my Java test application and successfully attached private certificate to HttpsURLConection request to the web service and made a connection. No problem at all.
    KeyStore keyStore  = KeyStore.getInstance("PKCS12");
    InputStream inputStream = new FileInputStream("privateKeyCert.p12");
    keyStore.load(inputStream, "myPassword".toCharArray());
    KeyManagerFactory keyManagerFactory = KeyManagerFactory.getInstance(KeyManagerFactory.getDefaultAlgorithm());
    keyManagerFactory.init(keyStore, "myPassword".toCharArray());
    KeyManager[] kms = keyManagerFactory.getKeyManagers();
    SSLContext sslContext = SSLContext.getInstance("SSL");
    sslContext.init(kms, null, new SecureRandom());
    SSLSocketFactory sockFact = sslContext.getSocketFactory();
    URL url = new URL("");
    HttpsURLConnection conn = (HttpsURLConnection) url.openConnection();
    conn.setDefaultUseCaches (false);
    conn.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "text/xml");
    3. Next, I tried to apply my Java application to SAP EP NetWeaver, and found that I have to use SecureConnectionFactory:
    4. So, I modified my Java code for SAP EP:
    KeyStore keyStore  = KeyStore.getInstance("PKCS12");
    InputStream inputStream = this.getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("privateKeyCert.p12");
    keyStore.load(inputStream, "myPassword".toCharArray());
    SecureConnectionFactory scFactory = new SecureConnectionFactory(keyStore);
    HttpURLConnection conn = scFactory.createURLConnection("");
    conn.setDefaultUseCaches (false);
    conn.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "text/xml");
    And I'm facing the following error message:
    Exception: ja Unable to decrypt private key: javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: Invalid PKCS#5 padding length: 253
    Could you please help me what this error message means?
    Do you think do I need to to do some other configuration to make connection to web service with client certificate?
    This is our first approach. Please help...
    Thank you in advance.

    SunJSSE implement SSL server CertificateRequest in a strict mode, if client failed to find a proper certificate corresponding the server request, it does not guess what's the proper certificate and send to the server. In your case, because there is no intermediate certificate in the client context, so there is no way to make the decision which certificate would be acceptable by server, so client does not send any cert to server. That's why you got a handshaking error.
    I guess your client key store does not contains a full certificate path from the client end-entity certificate to the root CA. Please import the full certificate path into the key store.
    BTW, these approaches should work, but I found no reason why one does not adopt #1:
    1. import the full certification path of client certificate into client key store.
    2. as a workaround, configure the server to send a list including the intermediate certificates;
    3. as a workaround, you will have to customize the client KeyManager if you don't want to or are not able to configure the server to send a list including the intermediate certificates.

  • Configuring SAP Provided oData services

    Hi All,
    I saw that sap has many pre-delivered many oData services.
    SAP NetWeaver Gateway Supported OData Channel Scenarios - SAP NetWeaver Gateway - SAP Library
    Has anyone configured them and got to work?
    I have a Hub Scenario and see that IW_CNT is a requirement for each of them. Configuration guide says that this is a component to be installed on the HUB server. Does it mean that DPC and MPC are going to be in the HUB for these scenarios? What if I want MPC DPC to be in backend ?
    Any experience or comment is welcome.

    Hi Krishna,
    Atanu is right. You either need to deploy either IW_CNT on systems prior to 7.40 and IW_FNDGC on 7.40 systems in the Hub.
    The services themselves are in maintenance mode and are not developed further. That's why they have been packed in 7.40 in a separate AddOn and are not shipped as part of the 7.40 standard.
    This is because we (SAP) do not plan to ship content via SAP NetWeaver Gateway but rather are shipping services as part of complete solutions such as SAP Fiori.
    Though the customer can use the services I would recommend to develop your own services instead (the BAPI's hat have been used are listed in the SAP Online Help).
    Another option if no development is wished would be to have a look at the applications that we are shipping with SAP Fiori.
    Best Regards,

  • Integrating Microsoft Reporting Service with SAP running on SQL Server 2K5

    Hi All,
    I am new to SAP R3 and I need the help for Integrating Microsoft Business Intelligence Report Services with SAP R3 4.6 C running on SQL Server 2005? Also how Biztalk Adapter is use full for this process?
    Thanks in Advance

    Hello Madhav,
    you might want to post this to the "SAP on Windows" forum as well.
    SAP Techology RIG

  • Integrating Search Engine Service with SAP R/3

    We are in the process of researching enhancements for search features available in SAP R/3 4.7.
    One of the options is the SAP NetWeaver Application Server Enterprise Search's Search Engine Service feature with which I believe any SAP application (including SAP R/3) can perform fuzzy search for their business objects for instance Customer master data.
    I have seen an article on SDN which talks about enabling the same for mySAP ERP 2005. Can someone tell me if the same is advisable for SAP R/3.
    Here's the link to the article for reference.
    Any pointers on this would be appreciated. In addition to these pointers to any other options available within SAP R/3 to enable fuzzy search for customer and it's attributes (address etc.) would be useful. Please note we are not looking at using third party licensed products for the same yet.

    Hi Priyapravas,
    With the SAP NW Enterprise Search 1.0 we are supporting (out of the box) search for a bunch of Business objects like Customer, Vendor etc..  with the help of SES. SES is a part of the NW2004s and ERP 2005.  For the earlier R/3 versions above 4.6 we are providing the search functionality on Business Objets by leveraging the  BI extractor mechanism and TREX.  Also to a large extent existing BAPI can be leveraged for searching the backend. 
    So as you see no matter what SAP backend you have in place the Enterprise search has or  will soon have a solution for you and you dont have to even look at a 3rd party licenced product.

Maybe you are looking for