Calling a swf from captivate

I have a project that has multiple chapters. Within those chapters there are multiple sections. Some of the sections are used in other projects. So for version control, I would like to create a captivate project that finds these sections that are outside of the project. In other words, I might make a project about fruit and another about food. Both have a chapter about apples. If I change apples, i would like for it to affect both fruit and food (man I hope this makes sense).
Is there anyway to do this? So far people have said 'cut and paste the slides', but I will literally be using some sections in 10 different projects. Having the ability to update one main 'apples' file and have it update in all 10 projects is what I am looking for.

The secret ingredient in all successful daisy-chaining is to use relative links, not absolute links (which would only work on your computer).
If you've done that, then all you should need to do is copy the folder containing the published course files over to the client's computer.
If your client is running this course from their computer hard-drive or a LAN drive, you'll need to make sure that they have this folder set up in their own Flash Global Security settings as a trusted location.

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  • How to call one .SWF from another?

    How do I call one .SWF from another. I built a very beefy
    base .SWF, and want to add music overlay, and an intro slide show
    to the exsting Flash animation, but put it in a second .FLA/.SWF
    file. How do I call one from the other?
    This will be embedded in an HTML file but I assume this is
    superfluous to my question.

    I think you should open that Another SWF (FLA),
    and add some actionscript..
    For example, you could create a movie clip, and write
    actionscript in the
    first keyframe:
    "FredZimmerman" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:ftnjas$mj5$[email protected]..
    > How do I call one .SWF from another. I built a very
    beefy base .SWF, and
    > want
    > to add music overlay, and an intro slide show to the
    exsting Flash
    > animation,
    > but put it in a second .FLA/.SWF file. How do I call one
    from the other?
    > This will be embedded in an HTML file but I assume this
    is superfluous to
    > my
    > question.
    > F.Z.

  • Cfpresentation with a swf from captivate 3

    I have a swf file that I created with captivate 3 for some
    user training. I thought it would be a good idea to include it in
    the new cfpresentation tag. When I run it, the cfpresentation tag
    starts and then I see the captivate starting icon comes up and then
    it is a white screen. I can run the swf from the browser and the
    file runs find. I put a cfpresentationslide before this slide and
    that one comes up fine but then it goes to this next slide and I
    again only get a white screen. THe swf file runs about 30-45
    seconds. Am I doing something wrong? Here is the code. I just have
    the basic since I just want to see it run.

    I built a SWF in a program called Articulate and tried to
    include it in a cfpresentation and it had the same result.
    I also included a SWF built in Adobe Flash that included
    sound and the sound does not make it into the cfpresentation.
    I think the <cfpresentation> tag is a good start, but
    it certainly isn't the jaw-dropping, WOW, this changes everything
    tag that I initially thought it was.

  • Clarify a guess (calling a .swf from a database maybe?)

    I visited a website today and saw something that really interested me.  They seem to have built a generic .swf that looks like it calls another .swf maybe from a database.  I think this would be pretty slick as you would never have to touch the main page, only update with a newer .swf on the database.  Does anyone else think this or am I smoking crack?

    Sorry about the hxxp.  It's a habit I've gotten into on account of the spiders always attaching my posts/questions to my website.
    I think I'm struggling to grasp something new to me.  I've loaded a .swf slideshow from a flash page, but I used a regular URL call, not an XML.  I've never thought of storing .swf's in a database.  It's always been text or an image with regards to XML.
    I'll do some Google'ing for XML loaded .swf's and see if there isn't a tutorial out there for this.
    Thanks for the response.

  • SWF from Captivate in other video editors

    I have published some Captivate 2.0 movies to .swfs and they
    work fine and run in my browser just fine. However, another group
    needs them converted to a video format to put into another project.
    No problem, I say, since we have Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0
    which lists .swf as an import file format and .wmv and/or mpeg as
    an export file format.
    The problem is that when I bring the Captivate swfs into PE
    it sees them as 1 second/x# of frames. I can download a random swf
    from the Internet and PE reads it just fine, XXXseconds/XXX# of
    I have tried tinkering with just about every setting in
    Captivate and still can't get it to work. I've also tried just a
    swf to .avi converted which worked fine, the .avi plays just fine,
    but when I bring that .avi into an editor like PE it's one second
    long again.

    I can't believe I didn't notice before that Captivate can't
    output to a
    movie format.
    I'd download a trial version of Camtasia, open the SWF you
    created with
    Captivate, and use Camtasia to record it - then output to
    I think many conversion utilities expect Flash documents to
    be 'linear'.
    Captivate has movie clips in movie clips and is not a linear
    these conversion utilities get confused.
    Essentially, I think you'll need to record the original SWFs
    with some other software then publish as a movie. There are
    lots of SWF
    to AVI conversion utilities out there but I dunno how well
    any will work
    with Captivate-generated SWFs.
    dicknsont wrote:
    > I have published some Captivate 2.0 movies to .swfs and
    they work fine and run
    > in my browser just fine. However, another group needs
    them converted to a video
    > format to put into another project.
    Erik Lord
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  • Insert and play a .swf (from captivate)

    I imported a .swf and it comes in broken into 180 frames -
    how can I use this in my main timeline without having to insert 180
    frames (or more since I'll need to place other .swfs as well)?
    Thought I could copy those frames into a new symbol (movie clip?)
    and then place that.... just not sure how to do this correctly. It
    doesn't seem to be working.
    Also - this .swf is exported from Captivate - any special
    file format I should ask for instead?
    Thank you!

    Ok - I did that and am adding new frames to the movie clip
    (piecing it back together since it imported as six different .swfs
    for some reason), so I think I have to keep extending the timeline
    to give it enough time to play (?), but unfortunately it doesn't
    play a preview for me inside the .fla - I have to test movie each
    time. Does that sound normal/right to you? I guess you always have
    to add frames in the main timeline to accomodate however many
    frames are within the movie clip? (kind of a pain but if it's the
    only way I guess I'll live) :-)

  • How do I add a swf from captivate into muse

    I have created a swf in captivate and need to add this to muse.  How do I do this?

    Please refer to the following link

  • Importing swf from Captivate 3

    Hi, has anyone imported a single swift file that contains its
    own playback control into Presenter from a Captivate 3 published
    Currently when you publish from Cap 3 two files are created
    xxx.swf and xxx_skin.swf... Importing both into Presenter does not
    work either.
    The idea is to have a voice over and points on the left side
    of the slide and then on the right have the swf file with its own
    playback control for the user to manually play after the voice

    By turning off the 'borders' in the Skin option will only
    publish one swf file.

  • Difference between published Captivate 5.5 swf and Captivate 7 swf?

    I have a custom SCORM framework built in Flash that handles all of the calls to an LMS, and I simply insert published SWFs from Captivate; everything has been working great for a few years now.  The problem I am experiencing now is that content that I have published from Captivate 5.5 shows up just fine, but I upgraded to Captivate 7 and now the SWF files hang during loading, or simply show a black screen.   My client uses SumTotal LMS, so I first thought it might be an issue with the LMS, but this is the case in every single LMS I have tested in, so it is definitely some anomaly in the different versions of the published files.
    So I guess I am trying to figure out what is different between the two SWFs published in different versions?

    I don't think so that it is the soulotion for this problem , but you in publish setting/ start and end part (something like this, I don't remember the name completely ) /  you can turn off the preloader and fade in at start checkbox and turn on the autoplay.
    this can solve the problem temporary till adobe find better way for it .

  • What's the right/best way to publish from Captivate 7 for use in Presenter 9

    Just upgraded to captivate 7 and have presenter 9.  We are updating some old training courses created using Presenter with demos created in Captivate.  I've gotten as far as upgrading the old .cp files to .cpx files and now am ready to publish the files within Captivate so I can import them into Presenter 9.
    When I hit 'publish' in captivate there are options to publish as .swf and/or .html5.  So I am trying to fugre out what will work best given what I'm trying to do.    In presenter I don't see an option to import HTML5, only video files or .swf files, is that correct?  in which case i need to publish as .SWF files?  Is that the best way to do it in order to be able to import into Presenter 9?
    If that's the case, and I need to have .SWF files, how do I choose which Flash Player version I want to use when I publish the files in Captivate?  It's got the drop down box containing Flash 10, 10.2 and 11.  My instinct would be to use the newest (flash 11).  Is that correct?  If not, why would I want to use a lower Flash version?
    thank you!

    You can publish to either as .mp4 (Go to publish >Media >Mp4 ) or .swf from Captivate 7. In presenter 9 you do have an option to either import .swf or .mp4 files. See the image below to import these two formats in presenter:

  • How can I fix 2121 sandbox security error, local swf MP3 player test calls MP3's from website?

    1st Issue.  I am a new user and am fighting #2121, #2044 & #2048 Flash security errors in getting an MP3 player to work as I test the fla file in Flash CS4 on my local computer.  The fla in Flash and swf in Dreamweaver calls mp3 files from our host server on the internet.
    After reading various sparce posts and Adobe articles on this issue, I have added a crossdomain.xml file at our websites root (see file below) and added the code, flash.system.Security.allowDomain in line 1 of the action script of the flash fla to allow our site access (-see script below).  These efforts have helped get the player to work better on our test site.
    But, I am still getting the 2121 error within Flash CS4 as I debug the player or play the swf in live view within Dreamweaver.  Playing the fla or swf will lock-up the Flash 10 player and crash the program. I am having the mp3 player access the mp3 files from our web site as I test the fla.
    Here is the debug message I am getting:
    Attemping to launch and connect to Player using URL C:\Web Site Files\Plank Productions afc\Plank Productions 2010\site\MP3_List_Player_AS3.swf [SWF] C:\Web Site Files\Plank Productions afc\Plank Productions 2010\site\MP3_List_Player_AS3.swf - 209827 bytes after decompression SecurityError: Error #2121: Security sandbox violation: Sound.id3: file:///C/Web%20Site%20Files/Plank%20Productions%20afc/Plank%20Productions%202010/site/MP3%5FList %5FPlayer%5FAS3.swf cannot access . This may be worked around by calling Security.allowDomain.
    at id3()
    at com.afcomponents.mp3player::MP3Player/get id3()
    at com.afcomponents.mp3player::MP3Player/handleBuffe ring()
    Here is the crossdomain xml code:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <?xml version="1.0"?><!DOCTYPE cross-domain-policySYSTEM " policy.dtd">
    <allow-access-from domain="" secure="false"/>
    <allow-access-from domain="" secure="false"/>
    Here is the AS3 in line 1 of the Fla file that I added:
    flash.system.Security.allowDomain("", "");
    2nd Issue.  The online playback of the mp3 player will play about 4-7 mp3’s then lock-up in Internet Explorer 8 on a pc.  I think that is related to flash security, not sure, I do not know how to debug the mp3 player on the web site.
    -How can I resolve the error 2121?
    -What as3 code do I need to target the local c drive to have security clearance and work properly, is this the problem?
    -Why is the mp3 player locking up on the web page?
    Thank you in advance for any help.
    Operating System: Windows XP Professional, CS4 Web Premium

    Do you have the standard or debug player installed?  Such errors should not occur with the standard player.
    See er_version_type_and_capabilities__Flash_developers_only_

  • How to call a method in a flash file (swf) from another fl;ash file (swf) and vica versa ?

    Hi, I have a Flash file (Flash1.fla). I have a  public method, method1() in a public class of the file. I have another Flash file (Flash2.fla). I have a public method, method2()  in the public class of this file. I want to call the method1() from Flash2.swf and the method2() from Flash1.swf. Please help!!

    swf-to-swf communication

  • Detect end of the .swf file from captivate

    I've a .swf file sent by our clients. They want to put that .swf file on the webpage. The .swf file is published from captivate.
    Now they want to display a submit button on end of the .swf (video). I don't know how to detect end of the video.
    Need help...!!!
    Thank you,

    Welcome to our community
    Within Captivate you are able to choose different actions to occur when the Captivate movie completes play. Of course if you don't have Captivate and the project file you are pretty much stuck with what you have. If you *DO* have access to the source, you would then configure the end action to be what you like. Perhaps execute some JavaScript, load a different page, etc.
    If you don't have access to the source file, you may be better off asking whomever provided the SWF to you to make a small change to the end action. They would then compile a new SWF and provide that to you to use.
    You just said a "Submit" button should appear after the video plays. What exactly is this button supposed to do?
    Cheers... Rick
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  • Calling flex functions from flash swf (AS3)

    Hi all, i'm stuck with communication between loaded AS3 SWF
    from Flash and Flex3 project. I use SWFLoader for runtime loading
    SWF, call functions inside SWF, but cannot find the way to call
    functions declared in Flex project. I try to use ExternalInterface
    class, but it does not help me, or maybe i use it incorrect. Is
    there a method to call Flex user declared functions from Flash SWF?
    All i need is a syntax sample, thank you in advance!

    Also, application.application will point to the top-level app
    scope, even from a loaded swf.
    I believe parentApplication will resolve to what you usually
    want as well.
    For looser coupling, consider using a bubbling event.

  • So Wat to do? Is there any way to get out as a single swf file from captivate.

    Dear friends,
    I am beginner in Adobe Captivate. We have a E-learning
    project. We are using Dockers as our LMS. Previously we were using
    Flash for all. Now we are trying Captivate for better and faster
    results. I have few swf files and i inserted al files in Captivate
    and i published. So instead of getting single output, am getting
    all the swfs, skin swf and html file. Html file is accessing all
    swfs and works. But it is not working in Dockers. Single swf will
    only work in Dockers. So Wat to do? Is there any way to get out as
    a single swf file from captivate. please Help mee.

    If 'Dockers' cannot handle a .zip file as the content and
    requires a single, uncompressed content file, then it is not
    SCORM-compliant. The SCORM specification requires the LMS to
    handle a
    'pif' file (most common is .zip) which contains the lesson
    and the
    required manifest file. If Dockers doesn't support that then
    you can't
    do SCORM-compliant content.
    loverflash wrote:
    > Dear friends,
    > We are using
    > Dockers as our LMS.
    > So instead of getting single output, am
    > getting all the swfs, skin swf and html file. Html file
    is accessing all swfs
    > and works. But it is not working in Dockers. Single swf
    will only work in
    > Dockers.
    > Thanks
    > Flashlover
    Erik Lord
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