Camera Firmware Update Asking for 32 bit Kernel?

I'm updating my Sony DSLR camera firmware and it rejects doing the update because of 64 bit kernel and asking for 32 bit??
What needs to be done to accomplish that?

Forgot to mention, I did do a search & tried the reboot while holing down 2 & 3 keys to no avail. Tried Restart & then Shutdown - didn't work

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  • Still no firmware update available for E71 RM-346

    According to Nokia (, there should be a firmware update available for the E71 (update from version 100.07.76 to 110.07.127.
    I checked my product code (0569803) on "Can I update my Nokia device software?" and it tells me, that there is no update available:
    "Latest available software for Nokia E71, product code 0569803
    Version: 100.07.76" (> same firmware version which I currently have on my phone.)
    Does anybody know, when there will be a firmware update available for the E71 with product code 0569803?
    unbranded version!
    Go to Solution.

    I have an e71-1 (RM-346) and to this day i still cannot get an update. the phone freezes on mid answer and yet i still cannot fix it the phone came with firmware 200.21.118 and the nokia site says they are aup update 300.21.114 and other telling me they ave version 400.00.00 on theirs

  • Software update asks for restart before installing the updates. When restarted password is asked. After the restart the software updates have not been installed. how come?

    Software update ask for a restart before installing the updates. After the restart password is asked. When given the computer is restarted but the software updates have not been installed. How come?

    This article r-update/
    explains what might be going on.
    I noted that one of the updates in the list for my wife's iMac was an update to Software Update itself. Probably to fix this very problem. But it wasn't being applied due to Software Update itself not working.
    I considered two solutions.
    (1) Uncheck all the updates except that one update to Software Update. Then after fixing Software Update, apply all the other updates remaining. I did NOT try this approach.
    (2) Download and install the "combo update" for 10.6 -- from here
    I decided to try solution #2. It's a large download, 1 GB, but the whole process took less than 15 minutes. The "combo" update checks and reapplies every update since the beginning of 10.6, so if something is missing or amiss, it gets filled in. It's done manually, by downloading the update, opening the .dmg file, and running the update. When I did this, it fixed the Software Update issue because I then reran Software Update and additional, new updates were found and they all installed fine. Software Update was working as it should. I then ran it a third time and some additional ones were found, also then successfully applied. Finally, no new updates were found by Software Update, which mean everything is up to date.
    I can't be sure if your issue is the same as mine (the bug in the CNET article above) but I'm guessing that the combo update will resolve your issue.

  • I have osx 10.7.5 . i wanna know if can directly update to 10.9 as in previous version update asking for more version like if i hv to install 10.7.5 i must hv 10.7.4 ! very doubtful i m .. as in India its very difficult to dwnl 6gb

    i have osx 10.7.5 . i wanna know if can directly update to 10.9 as in previous version update asking for more version like if i hv to install 10.7.5 i must hv 10.7.4 ! very doubtful i m .. as in India its very difficult to dwnld 6gb.

    If Mavericks is supported by your machine you can download it for free via the App Store.

  • Applications update asks for appleid several times but never updates the apps

    Applications update asks for appleid several times but never updates the apps. Seems to be in a loop.

    Were you using a old Apple id before ?
    Because that may be the issue, try deleting all the Apps, go on Settings > iTunes & AppStore > Finish session.
    Then Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings.
    And the log in your Apple id again, and troubleshoot.
    Good luck.

  • Firmware update available for 6230?

    new to this so sorry if its all been said before.
    I have a 6230 that I am loathe to get rid of, its a good phone, I wondered if there was a firmware update available for my current phone and how much Nokia charge for updating it as it is out of warranty.
    Any help/advice would be most appreciated.
    Current Nokia software version:
    V 05.24
    GSM P1.1

    The issues with the 6233 in a carkit are well publicised within these forums, I'll just give you a brief rundown.
    No 'lights on always' option, some say this is because of some EU directive, however it is rumoured that the 6233 is prone to screen burn. Either way it's a downright danger at night because your eyes down have time to adjust to the brightness when someone calls you or if you chose to make a call.
    You cannot record your own voicetags, an automatic voicetag system is in place for all contacts meaning for example instead of recording your own tag for the contact 'John A Mobile' as 'John', you'll have to say 'John A Mobile' and hope the 6233 understands you and doesn't either give you a list or pick the wrong contact altogether.
    Key 2 is now reserved for the video mailbox, so you cannot assign it as a speed dial key.
    Ring/Alert tones set at level 5 (maximum) do not ringout at full blast at first, they ascend. Not really an issue with a carkit, just annoys me as I can barely hear the SMS tone.
    Apart from all the above, I find the 6233 really good for texting and as a 3g bluetooth modem.
    If I had the choice again I'd either stick with the 6230 or put the money towards an offline 6230i for the slightly larger screen and because you don't have to change the cradle.
    First use the search to see if your question has already been answered...
    Secondly I will not knowingly assist in breaking the forum rules.
    My information is always changing, what I post at the time is usually true.

  • Firmware updates unavailable for most product code...

    it's over a month now that Nokia has released the latest 40.x.x firmware for its 5800 model, or should I say to a small, privilleged amount of customers? I have purchased a Nokia 5800 via, totally unbranded, product code is 0578314, and up to now, the new firmware is unavailable. Why does it take so long for the firmware to become available at least for the unbranded country versions? Technically, there seems to be no problem at all, since many users simply change their product code and install the new firmware, but I am asking here for an official way to get the new firmware in time. The massive delay in firmware updates for different product codes is simply a pain for us paying customers who want the latest features available.

    Actually, Nokia already is using a similar system. If your phone is unbranded, you still have to consider if its a Regional or Country Variant (similar to the SE phones, and the China versions I stated above). There are basically two types of unbranded handsets: regional generic and country variants.
    This fact is not clearly obvious when you buy a phone, so how does a customer know if he gets a CV (copuntry variant) or any other type of phone before buying? When I bought my unbranded 5800XM, I was still thinking that I get a perfect, free phone, and that firmwareupdates can be applied when available. It was absolutely not apparent to me that I would have to wait three months or so, before I can upgrade my phone to a new firmware, once it becomes available

  • Camera firmware update via USB thru ImageBrowser EX?

    Hello everyone!
    I recently made my first ever Canon camera in the history of the universe (Powershot SX280 HS) and it's amazing.
    I have a question, though, about firmware updates.
    When I launch ImageBrowser EX, and click on the button to "update to latest version" with my camera connected to my computer via USB, does this update the firmware too? Or does this only update ImageBrowser EX?
    I understand that updating the firmware requires me to download a file from my product's support page and manually installing it using a memory card. But I was wondering if updating through USB is also possible.
    Thanks for reading this message.

    I am pretty sure you have to do it the way Canon tells you to in its documentation on the support page for the 280, i.e. copying the firmware file to a card in a card reader.  There is no mention of ImageBrowser in the documentation.  Updating via ImageBrowser is probably just for the browser software on your computer.  Most things can be done via USB but updating firmware is usually a pretty rare thing except for this particular model camera which has seen two updates so far and I wish would see another (since I too am verging on returning it to the store before my 30 days are up, the day after I get home from vacation). The issues improved with the updates but are still there (see very long thread about battery issues in this forum).
    Powershots: A80, SD1300is, SX280 (returned)

  • Keyboard Firmware Update 1.0 causes immediate kernel panic

    Has anyone else encountered this issue? I have tried twice to no avail now to install the keyboard firmware update. I'm curious if anyone else has encountered this problem.
    Given that I haven't had any keyboard problems, I am guessing that I can just ignore this update.
    Note that contrary to the comment accompanying the installer that it will launch automatically, I had to start it manually both times.
    Leopard's quality of updates has really tanked in relation to Tiger's. I have never seen a kernel panic before upgrading to Leopard... in fact, until Leopard, the kernel was so stable with Tiger that I was lulled into thinking that Macs don't have kernel panics. Leopard has provided abundant proof now to the contrary. I think that's a shame.

    You should also report this to Apple at <> so that they can check whether there is a bug in the update or somewhere else. If they receive several similar feedback messages it will alert them to a problem. Generally they don't respond directly unless they want further information such as a copy of the installation log.
    You could also attempt a re-instal in safe mode (startup holding the shift key until the Apple logo appears. If you haven't recently done so use Disc Utility to Repair Permissions and see whether this finds any problems. Even startup from your installation dvd, select language, then choose Disk Utility from the top menu and Repair Disk. All of these processes may allow the installer to complete its task.
    Note that some firmware updates are slow completing their tasks and usually they advise that there should be no other activity on the computer until the process has completed. I've seen it mentioned that the computer may look to have frozen but to wait - not for ever though!

  • HT4623 Why does the update ask for a pass code? Previous updates did not.  Why does it NOT accept the only PIN I have set on this computer? Thanks.

    What the heck is a "pass code" and why am I being asked for one??  And where would I find said pass code?  I've not had to do that for prior updates, so am more than a bit confuzzed.  Thanks.

    The Passcode is the 4 digit code you use to unlock your iPad.

  • Why are Toshiba driver updates asking for passwords to open?

    I am running windows 7- 64 bit on my Toshiba L850 part no: PSKDLE, when prompted by Tempro I download the recommended driver update but once downloaded my peazip says...
    Archive is not readable. Would you like to try a password?
    Then asks for a password or Keyfile to open and extract the file. What is wrong and how can I fix it?

    If there is some problem with specific Toshiba driver please post the link or let us know which driver do you mean exactly that we can see what are you writing about.
    I would like to test it on my machine.

  • 3.71 ARD Update asking for serial Number

    The update is asking for a serial number. I don't have a serial number since I purchased it from the App store. Any suggestions? Delete and reinstall ?
    The ARD was upgraded today automatically by the App store. I guess I should switch that off for the future.

    A delete and re-install fixed the issue.

  • Why does the Acro 9.3 Updater ask for Safari Plug-In 3 Times?

    Adobe's software is generally known for its massive bloat (Acrobat 9's 1GB install size, I'm looking at you), but when one of the updates asks me to install its craptacular Safari Plug-In that takes aeons to start up and simply pales in comparison to the Apple Preview Plug-In, and then doesn't take no for an answer but goes on to ask me two more times if I want install its crap I begin to understand why Apple hasn't allowed Flash onto the iPhone or the iPad.
    Ok, I'm done ranting for today. If the language is too strong (or honest) for Adobe's moderators, go ahead and delete me. It's not as if I'm actually going to waste money on you again.

    In Keychain Access app in the Menu for the App is Keychain First Aid.
    If you open this is the tick box for Synchronising the Login password with the so called Login Keychain ticked ?
    9:49 pm      Monday; March 16, 2015
    ​  iMac 2.5Ghz i5 2011 (Mavericks 10.9)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro 2Gb (Snow Leopard 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),
     Couple of iPhones and an iPad

  • Disk Image for Firmware Update Utility for LaserJet p2055dn is corrupted

    Yep.  Not sure what happened with that one. I have submitted the issue to the software team.  Hopefully I can get a copy that works out to you soon. Apologies for the inconvenience.  

    Update to my previous post: HP confirms that their Firmware Update Utility is broken, but there is another way to update the firmware on a LaserJet P2055dn using a Mac running OS X, and here it is. HP tech support walked me through this procedure and it worked for me: Getting the printer ready: ensure that the LaserJet P2055dn is connected to your computer and make it the default printer. In System Preferences / Printers and Scanners, find your HP LaserJet P2055dn, select it, Click “Open Print Queue” and on the Printer menu, choose “Make Default.” On that same menu, choose “Print Test Page” and verify that the page prints.Using your Web browser, go to the following page on the HP website and click the “Download” button. Don’t worry that the page says it’s for Windows Vista. The file you’re about to download is for your HP LaserJet printer and doesn’t care what kind of computer you use to install it. Here’s the link:
    When it finishes downloading, go to your downloads folder and find the file HP_LaserJet_P2055dn_20141201_build155964.rfu
    (note: you'll probably get a “Preparing for HP separation” message;. Just click OK)In your Applications/Utilities folder, find Terminal, and open it. In the Terminal window, type lp (space) but don’t press “return” yet. Drag and drop the above file from your finder window into the Terminal window. Then press “return”Watch the LCD display on your printer. It should go through several steps, beginning with “erasing” and finally saying “ready.”Go back to the printer’s “Print Queue” window and print another test page. If the test page prints properly, congratulations. You've done it!

  • Compiling STREAM module for 64-bit kernel

    I am trying to compile a STREAM module for Solaris. The results I get when I execute "isalist" and "isainfo -kv" are:
    -"sparcv9+vis sparcv9 sparcv8plus+vis sparcv8plus sparcv8 sparcv8-fsmuld sparcv7 sparc"
    -"64-bit sparcv9 kernel modules"
    The host is a Ultra5_10 with SunOS 5.7 sun4u sparc.
    First I tried to compile the module with gcc 2.8.1 but altough the compilation apparentelly finisihed OK I did not get to load the module. Later I read that, gcc so far does not generate binaries for 64-bit sparc.
    So I installed the Sun WorkShop 5 environment (try version) and I tried to compile my sources with the following line:"cc -D_KERNEL -xarch=v9 -xcode=abs32 -xregs=no%appl -x03 -I. -I/usr/include -c mymodule.c"
    but I get a huge list of errors such as:
    "/usr/include/sys/thread.h/, line73:warning: volatile is a keyworkd in
    ANSI C"
    "/usr/include/sys/thread.h/, line 73:sintax error before or at:volatile"
    so if I compile adding the directire "-D_ASM" to the previous line, the list of errors descreases to 2 lines:
    "/usr/include/sys/kstat.h, line 52: sintax error before or at: hrtime_t"
    "/usr/include/sys/kstat.h, line 52: cannot recover from previous errors".
    I have also tried adding directives such as: -D_LP64 -D__sparcv9 -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE, -D_XOPEN_SOURCE but I do not get to compile it successfully.
    Could someone be so kind to give me a clue of what I am doing wrong, and what should I do in order to compile it??.
    The header files I have included right now in my ".c" are:
    #include <sys/stream.h>
    #include <sys/conf.h>
    #include <sys/modctl.h>
    #include <sys/kmem.h>
    #include <sys/cmn_err.h>
    #include <sys/ddi.h>
    #include <sys/sunddi.h>
    If I do not add the directives -I. -I/usr/include to the compile line above I get the following error:
    "/usr/include/sys/modctl.h, line 185: major, argument mismatch"
    "/usr/include/sys/cred.h, line 51: sintax error before or at: uint_t"
    But this is because the environment it is taken the /usr/ucbinclude as default include path instead of the "/usr/include". �which one should I consider?.
    Thank in advance for your support.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    (could you please send to me the answeres to this e-mail:[email protected]??)

    Maybe a file I can edit that says to run the Garmin stuff in 32-bit mode?
    Right or control click the Garmin application (or utility) then click: Get Info
    In the Get Info window under the General tab, if it can be enabled you should see:
    Open in 32-bit mode.
    Activity Monitor (Applications/Utilities) shows all apps running in 64 bit. If it doesn't have 64 bit under Kind on the right, then it's running in 32 bit mode.

Maybe you are looking for