Camera Raw Plugin not working

Photoshope CS4 won't open camera raw files from my new camera (Canon EOS 5D Mark II).  I've downloaded what should be the correct camera raw plugin update and installed it (5.2) but Photoshop still won't open the files.  Any help out there??  Many many thanks for your time in answering this.  Inga

You need to look for and download the Camera Raw 5.7 update and then install it manually following the instructions on the download page very, very carefully.
While the auto update function seems much improved in CS5 and higher, the Adobe Auto Updater in CS4 (and lower) is totally unreliable, almost always broken in one day or another.  Still stuck in the dark ages.
Here's the link for the download page for the Mac version of ACR 5.7:

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  • Camera Raw CS6 not working properly

    I have upagraded from Ps Cs5 to CS6.
    I open a file in CR, and modify the exposition. After that, I modify the clarity: immediatly, the exposition goes back as it was before the modification ...
    After the work on CR, I finish the file and go back to bridge: the image is not modified ! But if I dobble click on the same image in bridge, the file is opening in CR with the modifications: so this modifications are note visble on bridge ...
    Some body can help me ?
    I work with the last version of Br and Ps CS6.
    Michel,   [email protected]

    Thanks a lot, Adriana, it is working ! You are right, it is the Nike plugins responsibility. Everything is OK now.
    Salutations and many thanks from Guadeloupe, French West Indies
    Le 4 mars 2014 à 17:42, adriana ohlmeyer <[email protected]> a écrit :
    Re: Camera Raw CS6 not working properly
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    If you have Nik plugins installed, please check reply # 8 on this thread:
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  • I have CS5 and a d-600. I would like to use camera raw but not working. I downloaded CR 7.3 and still not working. Do I need to upgrade to CS6 ..or just throw it all out the window and get rid of my d-600 ?

    I have CS5 and a d-600. I would like to use camera raw but not working. I downloaded CR 7.3 and still not working. Do I need to upgrade to CS6 ..or just throw it all out the window and get rid of my d-600 ?

    it allows you to use your cr files, Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter : For Windows
    Camera Raw: How to use Adobe DNG Converter - YouTube

  • Camera raw is not working on my NEF files D600

    camera raw is not working on my NEF files D600.. I ALREADY TRIED all of the updates ( first 7.3, 7.4 even the 8.1) i have the photoshop cs6 and im not finding a way to make it read my files!!! even the DMG converter its not reading them!!

    It might be the way you are downloading them. I believe that Nikon Transfer has been updated to overcome a corruption bug which affects Adobe products.
    If you are using Nikon Transfer, it might be worth updating to the latest version, and downloading your photos again. Or use Adobe Photodownloader instead (I would).
    Also, accepted wisdom is to download photos off the memory card using a card reader, rather than via the camera USB, as it is less prone to problems. YMMV.

  • Bridge and Camera RAW preferences not working

    I'm setting up a new Macbook Pro, late 2013 15", 10.9.2
    CS6 Production Premium, Also have Indesign CS6, LR5, Acrobat Pro 11. Camera RAW is version 8.4. Everything is up to date.
    Bridge and Camera RAW preferences are not working correctly. Bridge prefs related to Bridge display, e.g. color theme, text beneath thumbnails, favorite locations, etc.. all work fine. Bridge prefs open and close fine with no errors. "Double Click Edits Camera RAW Settings in Bridge" does not take. Photoshop launches to open Camera RAW regardless of whether this is checked or not. Camera RAW preferences will not open. Selecting "Camera RAW Preferences" from Bridge does nothing. Camera RAW seems to work fine hosted by Photoshop.
    I tried a new user with the same results.
    What's up with this? Anyone else seeing this? Solution?

    fixed it with this work around
    Camera Raw 8.4 | No metadata or Camera Raw edit

  • Camera Raw synchronization not working

    I'm using camera raw 8.1 in photoshop cs6 extended.  When I select several images in bridge to synchronize the settings camera raw will not change all of the files.  It will work occassionally when I select only 1 file to sync.  This was working in the past and just started acting up.  Any advice or how I need to set preferences?  Thanks.

    Hi there.
    I have exactly the same problem with Bridge CC and ACR This always worked properly when I was using Bridge CS3. I am using a Mac running Mac OS 10.8.5
    The only change on the detail tab that is consistently synchronized to all selected photos is the white balance (when not set to auto). I called Adobe tech support last night. They gave me the following steps. It appeared momentarily to resolve the problem but it persists. I already had the latest Bridge and ACR versions installed and the permissions on the cache folder was set correctly.
    Troubleshooting steps from Adobe:
    Please follow these steps to begin with basic trouble shooting regarding your bridge cc issue:
    1. Update to the latest version of Bridge.
    Download the latest Bridge update by going to Help > Updates or from the Adobe website at
    2. Reset preferences, reset the default workspace, and purge the cache.
    You can also purge the cache by doing the following:
    Choose Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Bridge > Preferences (Mac OS).
    Select the Cache panel.
    Click Purge Cache.
    Or, you can manually purge the cache by doing the following:
    Bridge > Preferences (Mac OS).
    Select the Cache panel.
    Look at Location and note the path for the Cache folder.
    In the Finder, navigate to the Cache folder.
    Drag the Cache folder to the Trash (Mac OS).
    3. Reset the permissions of Application Support Folder:
    In top menu Bar -> Go->Go to folder
    Type in ~\Library
    Select Application Support right click get info and Under sharing Permissions please change all permission to read and write.

  • Please help me? My Camera Raw does not work?

    Hi, I recently purchased the full version of Photoshop CS6 from Adobe. However the Camera Raw doesn't work even after I did the updates. I contacted someone in the chat and they refused to help me, because I purchased the full version instead of the CC. Can anyone help me please?

    Thank you so much Jim. I really appreciate your support. I opened some files with the Nikon software and it works just fine. :-) I never thought the problem can be in the camera software. Just some quick shots to test the Camera Raw:

  • Camera Raw Plugin "Not Recognized File Type"

    It was suggested that I post this here...
    I'm trying to install the camera  raw update for the Canon Rebel XS in CS4.
    I downloaded the newest RAW update,  and the files still didn't work, and then when I went back and  downloaded the camera-specific update, I get a plugin and photoshop says  that "Photoshop does not recognize this type of file."
    Any ideas?

    You should always run the latest version of the Adobe Camera Raw for the particular version of Photoshop you are using.
    In your case that means ACR 5.7, which is the last to run with CS4.
    There's no such thing as a "camera specific version" of Camera Raw.  Once a camera is supported by a specific version of ACR, it will always continue to be supported in all subsequent versions of ACR.  You need to run the latest version because each update contains unannounced enhancements and bug fixes.
    There will not be any further updates of ACR for CS4, so you must use ACR 5.7.
    Note that ACR 6.1 will not work with CS4.  The 6.x series of ACR requires CS5.
    The error message you describe—"Photoshop does not recognize this type of file"—is returned by Photoshop when you attempt to open the plug-in by double-clicking on it instead of installing it.  It is NOT meant to be opened, it's meant to be installed in a specific folder.  Read the instructions.  As a matter of fact, try updating through the auto updater in the Help menu of Photoshop or Bridge:  Help > Updates…
    Only if that doesn't work should you perform a manual installation of ACR according to the instructions.
    Wo Tai Lao Le

  • Camera Raw is not working due to computer crashing

    I Need some help in figuring out why and how to fix this problem…. My computer crashed and I had it repaired it is the same computer that I initially installed Photoshop Cs6 onto… The photoshop part work just fine, when I try to use the Camera Raw for a Quick Edit. It Tells me That a qualifying product has to be launched at least once to enable this feature… This is very frustrating esp. when you pay so MUCH $$$$$$$ for this product. I do have a license for this… I wish their was a phone number so you actually could talk to someone. But I hope there is someone to help with this issue… Thanks

    When your computer crashed and needed to be repaired, I assume something was messed up with Camera Raw and/or Photoshop. I would recommend doing a clean uninstall and then re-installing Photoshop completely. Any PSD you have on your computer will not be affected, but some preferences may be reset to factory defaults.

  • The new Update with the Patch for Camera Raw is not working. Code U44M1P34

    Hi there,
    i have a problem with the new CC Update - including the patch for Camera Raw 8.7.1
    Error Code: U44M1P34
    Photoshop CC (2014)
    After Effects CC (2014)
    Brisge CC
    The logfile shows 1 fatal error:
    FATAL: Payload 'Photoshop Camera Raw 8_8.7_AdobeCameraRaw8.0All with a number following.
    I have tried to uninstall an reinstall. Did not work at all, because the same Problem is shown.
    I did not install in other folders. All other updates worked - but not this update. The problem seems to bee only caused by the Camera Raw Update.
    Are there others with the same Problem? Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance and Greetings,

    Hi Jeff,
    it seems that i have found a dirty, but working solution for my problem on this site: Getting fatal Exit Code 34 when installing an app
    To change these 3 folder names and reinstalling of my Programs worked fine without any errors:
    Adobe PCD -> Adobe PCDold
    backup -> backupold
    caps -> capsold
    Now the Programs are on the actual status with all updates included and everythings seems to be fine.

  • Camera raw is not working.

    Why is camera raw not working in photoshop CS6 and bridge? All my photos just show the letters nef. My pdf files show a photo and I can work on them.  Help!

    We believe we have now fixed the following issue with the Release Candidate version of Camera Raw 8.3, where the plug-in would not work properly under Windows XP. In particular, if you saw this message:
    "Entry Point Not Found: The procedure entry point WakeAllConditionVariable could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll."
    please download the new build of Camera Raw 8.3 RC from here:
    If you check the version number of this build, it should be (the early one that didn't work was Build 123 should now work properly.
    If you are running on a more recent version of Windows (e.g., Vista, Win 7, Win 8, etc.) or a Mac, you can safely ignore this message because the problem only affected ACR / DNG Converter when running under Windows XP.

  • Camera Raw Preferences not working in Bridge CS6

    When I try to choose this nothing happens - I don't get the preference panel or any kind of error.  It is as if I did nothing.

    Without system info and otehr details nobody can say anything.

  • Camera Raw Plugin PSE6 MAC Not Working

    I downloaded the latest version of Camera Raw Plugin for a MAC - for Photoshop Elements 6. I followed the instructions included in the readme file, copied the Camera Raw Plugin file to where the instructions said to but it doesn't work.  From Bridge, from the "file" dropdown menu, instead of an option to open in Camera Raw, it says "Check Plugin".  Since Camera Raw Version 5.3 didn't work, I deleted it and downloaded an earlier version (4.6) installed it as per the instructions but I still can't open a photo in Camera Raw. It still says to "Check Plugin".  Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Gilda

    Here is where I copied the Camera Raw Plugin file - Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CS3/File Formats
    Barbara, I don't know the first thing about this, but I do remember (when looking for something else) reading
    which says that the latest plug-in should be put in the ../Adobe Photoshop Elements 6/Plug-Ins/FileFormats/ folder and the
    equivalent Bridge folder.
    As I say, I've no idea whether this has any bearing on Gilda's problem.

  • Camera raw plugin for photoshop 5.5 (windows) not updating

    Hi, I'm trying to update the camera raw plugin (min 8.2) in photoshop 5.5 for windows. I downloaded, ran, installed camera raw plugin 8.6 and rebooted. The installation wizard shows as installed but when I open photoshop it still has camera raw Please help!! (The dng converter works but the camera raw plugin has not been updated)

    That may be because the latest version of ACR that works with CS5 is ACR 6.7
    Adobe - Photoshop : For Windows
    Adobe - Photoshop : For Macintosh
    You can install ACR 8.7.1 in CS6 to get new Camera support without ACR new features
    Photoshop Help | Camera Raw

  • Photoshop Elements 7 acr 5.4 camera raw plugin won't work

    Hello everyone,
    I am very frustrated hopefully someone can help me out.  I have PS Elements 7 and installed the camera raw plugin 5.4 per adobe instructions which I followed to the letter.  I still can't open raw files and do not want to use other third party software and use DNG converter which is a hassle. 
    Here is the error I get:  Can't open NEF because it's the wrong type of file. 

    I'm afraid that there is no camera plugin that you can install for pse 7 that will read the nikon D5100 files, since pse 7 can only use up to
    camera raw 5.6 and your camera requires at least camera raw 6.4, which is not compatible with pse 7.
    So, the dng converter is your best free alternative.
    You can always upgrade to photoshop elements 12, which will open those files without having to use the dng converter.

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