Can an Infoset (Adhoc) Query Report be Run using a Variant ?

We have a lot of users that have access to infoset (adhoc) query tool but where they are not authorised to save queries in the system. They have the ability to create new reports and also open up existing reports using Open query button.
My question is whether the user can run an existing report using the Variant if one exists and how they select to run the report with a variant, and also whether a user can edit a variant for an existing report.
Any help on this would be much appreciated.

The usersd do not have SQ01. They only have S_PH0_48000513 - Ad Hoc Query since SQ01 is a sensitive transaction as access to it should be restricted. Hence our users can go into adhoc query and open existing queries etc.
I do not see any button Execute with Variant when in Infoset (Adhoc) Query view. Might you be able to advise?
Thanks a lot

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  • Automating ADHOC query reports to generate Emails

    Hi Experts
    Hope you guys are doing fine.
    I have a requirement where we need to automate the ADHOC query reports to trigger emails with the Excel attachment of the report to a set of users.
    To explain in detail,we have some adhoc queries which are run manually on monthly basis(by our functional guys).Once the output report is generated,they used to download them into Excel document and send that to a set of users as an email attachment.
    Now we are planning to automate the entire process,so that these query reports once set to run on monthly basis should trigger emails to set of users with the excel attachment.
    Now,i am looking for solution on how to proceed on this.Since the program behind the query(which starts with AQ*) is not be a modifiable program,i can write any custom code here.Alternately,i planned to set a background job which runs the query and then use a  custom pgm which reads the spool no for the pgm and then to read the data from the spool into an internal table and then use a FM to send the internal table data as an email attachment.But wasn't sure of what FM's to use to read the spool no. and data from the spool.
    Is there any alternate way to work on this or any suggestions on my assumed process would be really appreciated.

    Ok, here's what you do:
    - Go to T/C: SQ01 and find your query
    - From the menu at the top select Query>More functions>Display Report Name (copy the report name)
    - Go to Transaction SO23 and create a new shared distribution list - give it a name and title, click the dropdown on folder and click the create folder button, give the folder a name and save/green tick.
    - Click on the Dist. list content tab and enter all the external email addresses that the report should go to ( the recipient type should be internet address or via internet or something like that)
    - Go to Transaction SM36 and click on the Job wizard button, go through the wizard entering the program name we copied earlier. In the print parameters section make sure it is set to print immediately, then on the spool list recipients button select the dropdown box, select distributions lists and find the one you created earlier. Define the variants, periods, time etc etc
    - When the job runs it will process the output via SAPConnect (transaction SCOT) you will be able to see the status of the emails by going to transaction SCOT and selecting the menu option Utilities>Overview send requests.
    Job Done, Chillax
    PS: remember the output type of the query in SQ01 needs to be set to excel or whatever you require otherwise a PDF/html attachment will be created in the email.
    PPS: If SAPConnect is not set up in your system speak to your basis guy to set it up - If you don't have any basis resource, it is really easy to set up, plenty of guides around.

  • Adhoc Query Report

    Hi SAPients..
    I have a n issue in Adhoc Query
    In Adhoc query report ( PQAH ), X person having authorization to see the folder Additional Personal Data (IT0077), but Y person can access the Adoc but could not see the folder (IT0077). Please guide what should I do to make the Y person can view the (IT0077) folder??
    Appreciate your support on this, Please guide me.

    Hi Shan,
    What I undertand is as follows:
    Person is having access to view IT77 and Y person is having access to t code - PQAH (Ad Hoc Reprot). you want to give Y person access of IT77.
    In this case you would need to add the concerned role to y person's SAP user id by which he ll get acces to maintain IT77 ands also can download the report. The role name you can get from your security team or GRC team.
    Hope this solves your query.
    Sarang Kulkarni

  • Adhoc Query report not working fine

    We have a customized infotype  9222 which stores the previous experience of the employees.
    Now I have created a adhoc query in which I have added this infotype.The problem which I am facing is when I put the Indian company codes and run the report, the report is working fine . But when I put a Ukraine Company Code and then run the report ; the report does not picks the experience details of the employees and it shows Zero Yrs and Zero months.
    I have checked in PA30 the experience details are maintained  for the Ukraine employees.
    Is their any setting in the system which allows the infotype for a particular company? or what may be the reason for the strange behaviour of the report towards a specific compant code. Please reply asap

    Hi ,
    Pls check do you have authorization or not for to create Object Directory entry.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • ADhoc query : reporting error

    Hi Experts
    I am getting an error with Adhoc query.
    When ever i open a report in the transaction code S_PH0_48000513,the query is not allowing me to open the report.
    Any help in this regard wud be appreciated.

    Please be sure that you are using right <b>Work Area</b> and <b>User Group</b>.select the query and double click on the infoset name. I hope it will work.
    please reward points if the answer helps you.

  • Can't kill query when I run using "statement" option

    Help! I get an "X" to kill the query when I run a query using the "script"" option, but when I use the "statement" option I have no option I can find to cancel/kill the query. What should I do? I am using SQL Developer In prior versions the "X" was always there. This has got to be a bug but I don't see this quetions posted anywhere else.
    Please help!!! Thanks.
    Edited by: user13064034 on Jul 9, 2010 10:06 AM

    Oh... right, but that's only on SELECTs. I thought we were all referring to the still missing features discussed in-depth in 30EA2->2.1.*: Task Progress indication

  • Cannot get report to run using Report Server

    I have installed, compiled and now have running the reports server (6i patch5a) on Linux 7.0. I can view the queue, but when I run rwcli60 to try out a report, it always complains about an invalid printer, even though one is defined (but not connected to the machine currently), and if I try destype=pdf, it just hangs for a long while, then writes errors about the Oracle Toolkit.
    Is there anything you might have (papers etc) that helps troubleshoot using the report server? (we are not using 9ias currently).
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
    Monte Malenke

    color <> 'WHITE' was causing the error

  • How can we know weather a report is running in background or foreground?

    Is there any system variable to find it?

    Hi Adiseshi,
    You can check the value of the system variable SY-BATCH. If it contains the value 'X' it is running in background else in foreground.
    Hope this helps!

  • Adding a field in an field group in an existing infoset(ADHOC query)

    hi Experts
    I have an infoset which contains different field group's in the form of infotypes.i have a requirement to add a field in to one of the field group's.
    When i see sq02 trasaction,i can change the field group for my infoset,but i don't have any option to add a field to that field group in the infoset.(I can only delete/change a field).
    Can any one tell me,how to add a field to the field group in an existing infoset.
    Any help in this regard wud be appreciated.

    In SQ02, select the infoset in change mode, you wil see Data fields in left hand side  & Field Group in right hand side. select your field which u want to add from the Data field, drag & drop in the field group.
    If your field is not there in any of Data field, then create additional field & then drag-drop in the field group.
    Hope this is clear.
    All the best!!!

  • Infosets - Adhoc Query

    Dear Abapers,
    I have created a new infotype: 9100. now i have to add fields from 9100, 0000, 0001 and 0002 to a infoset z_pa_admin which is existing already. I have added the newly created infotype: 9100 to this infoset to appear on left side. now i have to link required fields for display from all the above specified infotypes.. How can i do this? Please suggest..
    Also when i try to change the infoset from Tcode: SQ02, I'm getting a popup with below msg:
    Due to change in the data dictionary some fields in the infoset are different to fields in the data dictionary. use the "Adjust" function to adjust the infoset so that it matches the Data Dictionary.
    Its not giving any option to adjust the infoset.. How can i adjust it... Please help me...

    Go to SQ02. Enter the infoset name.
    On the menu bar, click Infoset>More functions> Adjust.
    Generate the infoset again after saving.
    Does this solve the problem?

  • SCCM2012: Can you create a Query-based "User Collection" using an IP Subnet (or IP Address range) in the Query?

    The topic says it all (I hope).  I am new to 2012 and I have tried to accomplish this feat all day, which includes researching online, but I have had zero success in finding anything helpful.
    Obviously I can create "Device Collections" based on the IP Subnets, and I can do a "Direct Rule" in "User Collections" for the desired IP Subnet, but I do not want to do this because I need the results to update if/when
    any changes occur during a "scheduled/incremental update".
    The only thing I could find for the "User Collections" was this:
    select *  from  SMS_R_User where SMS_R_User.FullUserName = SMS_R_User.UserName and SMS_R_System.IPAddresses like "111.11.1%"
    EXAMPLE (Query for Devices):
    select *  from  SMS_R_System where SMS_R_System.IPAddresses like "111.11.1%"
    Is there a way to Query SCCM (2012) and display the Usernames of computers that login to the (sole) Domain through a specified (or desired) IP Subnet?

    Why do you want to install software by location for a user? Why do you care?
    Why would you want to create a collected of Users with software installed? PCs have the SW install not users so how would you use it?
    Garth Jones | My blogs: Enhansoft and
    Old Blog site | Twitter:
    I was asked to setup these (Device and User Collections) in this manner so we can limit future distributions/deployments of Applications (and/or Packages) and (OS) Images by these groupings.  Apparently there will be occasions where deployments will need
    to be segmented as such because the company wants to have them grouped in this manner.  If there is a better option available than this, which I would not doubt since I am new to SCCM 2012, then I would appreciate the information.
    IMO, you need to go back to the person asking and get and better understand of exactly what they want and more importantly why.  Making a collection, just in case doesn't make sense.
    Garth Jones | My blogs: Enhansoft and
    Old Blog site | Twitter:

  • Running the ALV report in Background using layout variant

    Hello Everyone,
    I am facing a problem in downloading a text file to the Application server.
    My requirement is, when the user downloads a file with the layout variant, the file should have only the columns which was selected in the variant.
    Can anybody give me a optimized solution for this issue.

    How are you downloading the file to the app server, using which internal table? How are you building that internal table?
    What you need to do is to build a internal table dynamically with only those columns that are a part of the layout variant. Then move the data from the original internal table into this and then download the dynamica internal table to the app server.
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  • Using custom fields of Infoset as Selection Criteria in Query Reporting

    Hi Experts,
    I have created one Infoset based on LDB PNPCE and added some custom fields to it. Coding has been done for the custom fields.
    But these additional custom fields are not available as selection criteria while creating the query.
    Can you please tell me how to use the custom fields as selection criteria?
    Reply soon
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hello Guys,
    I just noticed that it is possible to select custom fields as selection criteria in case of SAP Query,
    but NOT is case of Infoset(Adhoc) query.
    Can anyone tell me the whether it is possible to select the custom fields as Selection Criteria in case of Infoset Query?
    Thanks in Advance,

  • Can I declare variables in Reports from SQL Query

    I have a Report from SQL Query published as a portlet on a page among other reports. In the query report I am using the fuction WWCTX_API.GET_USER at quite a few places to filter the data returned to the user. Can I assingn the user id to a variable at some level & replace the fuction WWCTX_API.GET_USER with the variable in all the places.
    For eg:
    usr varchar2(25);
    select USER_ID, USER_LVL, BUSINESS_ID, BRANCH_ID from crs_user where user_id=usr;
    can i declare variable and assign the value like the above at any level(Report or Page Level) to the acces the variale in queries.
    Thanks in advance

    I have found that you can't use a * in a dynamic page.
    Try this:
    usr varchar2(25):=PORTAL30.WWCTX_API.GET_USER;
    for c in
    (SELECT <column_name> <alias> FROM PORTALWORK.CRS_USER WHERE USER_ID=usr)
    You can also add table tags for column formating:
    <tr><td>column 1</td></tr><tr><td nowrap>
    usr varchar2(25):=PORTAL30.WWCTX_API.GET_USER;
    for c in
    (SELECT <column_name> <alias> FROM PORTALWORK.CRS_USER WHERE USER_ID=usr)

  • Education & Previous Employment in Adhoc Query

    Dear Experts,
    Can you tell us how to include education & previous employment (only the recent employer name) in adhoc query report in recruitment module.
    Request if anyone can help me with this.
    Have a nice day.

    did you build the infoset so that adhoc query can be built?
    which report you are referring to?

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