Can Fireworks CS5 import a Word document?

I just watched a Fireworks CS5 tutorial where the author imported a Word document into Fireworks. The import dialog showed "All readable files" and Word documents just showed up in the list view. When he chose a Word document, he got the "place" cursor and when placed, a new text object was created with text from the imported doc.
I thought that was cool so I wanted to try it myself. When I opened the Import dialog, Word documents don't display in my listview, and the "Files of type" menu doesn't contain "Word" as any of the options. If I choose to show "All files", then choose a Word doc, I get "Could not import the file. Unknown file type."
I'm wondering if I'm missing a converter? Or maybe the tutorial author was using a third-party extension?
FWIW, I'm using Fireworks CS5 and Office 2010 32-bit (although I tried some older docs authored in Word 2003 and 2007 and they don't work either).

Oh, Hi Jim. 
First of all, you are one of my favorite teachers.  Thanks for working so hard to share this knowledge with us in such a carefully thought out way.
Secondly, the file is "Tour Spotlight.rtf" from Chapter 03 of Fireworks CS5 Rapid Prototyping Exercise Files.  Or I should say 'was'.. I've just tried it again on my CS5 install on my other laptop and it imported just fine.  I'm not sure why I had an error on the other one...
So, no worries, thanks for your timely response, that is very appreciated, but the problem was on my end.

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  • Importing Multiple Word Documents into RH

    I know that RH allows users to import word documents, however
    I was wondering if there was a way to import multiple word
    documents (ala batch style import) instead of importing each
    document one at a time.

    Colum has good advice. Also, since you're new to this, there
    are a few curiosities that occur that can be puzzling to newcomers.
    If you have graphics in your Word docs (screenshots, etc.) a new
    folder will automatically be created. So if the name of your Word
    doc is MYDOC.DOC, graphics will be placed in a new folder called
    Another "hitchhiker" to the process is the creation of a CSS
    file automatically created for each Word doc. After the import you
    have the choice to reassign any style sheet you like, regardless of
    the CSS originally linked.
    Another tip if you're new to importing, go to Peter Grainge's
    excellent site.
    Follow the links: RoboHelp > Importing from Word for some
    excellent ideas.

  • Importing multipage Word document w/hyperlinks into InDesign

    I am new to InDesign and I am trying to import a 11 page Word document with hyperlinks into InDesign. For the life of me, I can not figure this out. I try to "put" the file into InDesign but it just imports as a tiny box. Two questions:
    1. Does anyone know how to import a Word document where everything is left intact - formatting, line spacing and hyperlinks?
    2. Can anyone recommend a good resource for beginners? Trying to learn the software is very challenging.
    Thanks in advance for our help!

    Matt: The 11 pages of information from Word still have to be laid out to 11 pages (or whatever) in InDesign. The little box you're talking about is a text box you either created before the Place command (with the text cursor waiting inside it) or created when you clicked the "loaded" cursor after the Place command.
    You need to resize the box and link it to other boxes for the text to flow from one box to another. This can be a fairly automated procedure once you understand how to work in InDesign; it would require that you have your document designed with, say, a Master Page design, and then different choices of click, shift-click, cmd-click do different things: fill a single text box, fill "threaded" (connected) text boxes on pages you've created, or automatically create new pages as necessary to accommodate all the info you've brought in with the Place command.

  • How to remove tab stops at one shot after importing a word document

    HI everyone,
    This is my first post in Framemaker Community as I am moving from RH to FM.
    I have an issue with respect to importing word documents to Framemaker.
    After I have import a word to doc to FM multiple tab stops are created.
    Now, although I remove the tab stops manually once, If I place my mouse in the next line , the tab stops are seen again.
    Is there any shortcut wherein I can remove tab stops at one go after I import a word document in Framemaker.
    Thanks in advance.

    Edit > Find / Change
    Find: Text: [ \x08 ]
    Change To Text: [ \x20 ]
    <*> Document
    [ Change All ]
    This would change all tabs to ordinary spaces. You can actually just type a tab and space character, but I used the hex notation so you see what you're doing. The space could be any other character(s) you desire, or no characters at all (make sure the To Text: field is empty).
    Hex codes?
    Found here on one of my installs:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\FrameMaker9\Documents\Character_Sets.pdf

  • Importing Microsoft word documents that already have paragraph styles

    Hello. I have been trying to figure out how to do this for months, this was taught to me many months ago but for some odd reason when I tried it myself it didn't work . I have my paragraph styles all set up in my indesign document. I have to import text that another person is giving me. The document that this person is giving me is a Microsoft word document. Someone showed me that you can customize the document in microsoft word, with styles for example: Selecting a part of text and customizing it (making it big and bold for example), then naming that style Heading, and then doing the same for lets say...a subheading. Well after you save the document (the microsoft word document), you are able to import the word document into your indesign file and it's supposed to override the styles from Microsoft Word and customize itself with your own paragraph or character styles that you already have in your indesign document, as long as the name of the styles are the same as the ones you had in microsoft word(which in this case would be heading and subheading). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Convert Word styles to InDesign styles
    Here's the info you need. I found it in the InDesign Help section. I needed it, too. The "Show Import Options" is a little box in the lower left hand corner of the screen that comes up when you choose the file you want to place in InDesign. It's easy to miss.
    While importing a Microsoft Word document into InDesign or InCopy, you can map each style used in Word to a corresponding style in InDesign or InCopy. By doing so, you specify which styles format the imported text. A disk icon appears next to each imported Word style until you edit the style in InDesign or InCopy.
    Do one of the following:
    To add the Word document to existing text in InDesign or InCopy, choose File > Place. Select Show Import Options, and then double-click the Word document.
    To open the Word document in a stand-alone InCopy document, start InCopy, choose File > Open, and then double-click the Word file.
    Select Preserve Styles and Formatting From Text and Tables.
    Select Customized Style Import, and then click Style Mapping.
    In the Style Mapping dialog box, select the Word style, and then select an option from the menu under InDesign style. You can choose the following options:
    If there is no style name conflict, choose New Paragraph Style, New Character Style, or choose an existing InDesign style.
    If there is a style name conflict, choose Redefine InDesign Style to format the imported style text with the Word style. Choose an existing InDesign style to format the imported style text with the InDesign style. Choose Auto Rename to rename the Word style.
    Click OK to close the Style Mapping dialog box, and then click OK to import the document.

  • Import a word document composed in Arabic font (.ttf) into a .fla

    Hello Everyone;
    I am developing an advance e-book in Flash. My client has composed about 500 books in arabic using Microsoft Word. My client wants search features in this book in which the user will type something in arabic & it will search the ebook text and give him results, so I cannot convert the text into vector or image I have to keep it as text. I want Import a word document composed in Arabic font (.ttf) into a .fla file without losing its formatting. Rightnow I am able to import the font using copy/paste from the word document into Flash, but it changes the font, but I fixed it by changing the text property from "classic text" to "TLF text" which fixed the font. Even though the copy/paste method works without formatting its not practical for my project because there are thousands of pages and copy/pasting them one by one frame by frame is time consuming & not practical.
    I need a method or a third party software through which I can convert the word documents into fla or swf keep the font as text & very important without messing up the font and formatting.

    3rd Party software that can be tested for free:

  • How do I  import a word document without format errors?

    I am trying to import a word document into Dreamweaver to turn it into HTML so I can enter it into an email. I don't want to send the email with an attachment, I want to be able to insert it into the body. Dreamweaverclaims to be able to do this successfully. How do I import without error and make it editable?

    Word formatted text injects MS junk code into your web pages that you don't want.  For best results, only paste unformatted text into DW.  Then, use DW's CSS editor to style your text and layout however you wish.
    Nancy O.

  • Import of Word Document is not working

    Hello, I wanted to import a word document but it is not
    working. Draging droping is not working (just puts me link) and
    through the menu (File > Import > Word Document ... ) is not
    Does somebody knows why.
    Here is an image:
    Dreamweaver Menu

    Good catch! Thanks, Alan.
    Murray --- ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
    (If you *MUST* email me, don't LAUGH when you do so!)
    - DW FAQs, Tutorials & Resources - DW FAQs,
    Tutorials & Resources
    "Alan" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:C5B334E2.31EDC9%[email protected]..
    > your first screenshot-
    > shows an icon in the bottom bar for OpenOffice.
    > Does that machine have Word installed?
    > Dreamweaver doesn't import the .doc file directly, it
    uses part of Word to
    > do it. If Word is not installed, the Word import into
    dreamweaver will not
    > work.
    > --
    > Alan
    > Adobe Community Expert, dreamweaver

  • How can 2 user edit 1 word document at the same time

    in office 2013 professional plus, can 2 user edit 1 word document at the same time?

    As far as I know, multiple users can not edit Word file in the same time directly. Could you give me your demand?
    Please check the two follows workarounds if they are helpful:
    Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
    George Zhao
    TechNet Community Support
    thank you; its worked.
    I'm so excited about this; thank you again.

  • How can I change a Microsoft Word document file into a picture file?

    How can I change a Microsoft Word document file into a picture or jpeg file? I am wanting to make the image I created my background on my macbook pro.

    After I had the document image the way I wanted it, I saved it as a web page and went from there. Below are the steps starting after I did the "save as" option in Word:
    1) Select "Save As Web Page". I changed the location from documents to pictures when the window came up to save it as a web page.
    2) Go to "Finder" on you main screen, or if it's on your main toolbar at the bottom.
    3) Click on the "Pictures" tab and find the file you just re-saved as a web page. (I included "web page" or something similar in the new title so I could easily find the correct file I was looking for)
    4) Open the correct file and then "right click" on the actual image. (Use 2 fingers to do so on a Mac)
    5) Select 'Use Image As Desktop Picture", and voilà! The personally created image, or whatever it is that you wanted, is now your background.
    **One problem I encountered while doing this is that the image would show up like it was right-aligned in relation to the whole screen. The only way I could figure how to fix this was to go back to the very original document in Word, (the one before it was saved as a web page), and move everything over to the left.
    I hope this helps someone else who was as frustrated as I was with something that I thought would have been very simple to do! If you have any tips or suggestions of your own, please feel free to share. : )

  • Did I miss something in the fine print? I installed Lion and and come to find out, I can no longer open any Word documents or Excel spreadsheets as they are no longer supported (being PowerPC apps).  Seriously?!?!?!?!!   What are my alternatives?

    Did I miss something in the fine print? I installed Lion and and come to find out, I can no longer open any Word documents or Excel spreadsheets as they are no longer supported (apparently because they are PowerPC apps).  Seriously?!?!?!?!!   What are my alternatives?

    Hi Mary and Matthew
    You might find it helpful to "try before you buy" - there is a 30 day free trial offer for Office for Mac 2011, accessible from M's .com website.
    You may be able to use this period to open and resave your old documents in a format that enables you to switch instead to using Apple's iWorks apps moving forward.
    I initially intended to do something similar, but ended up buying Office as it provided an easier way (for me, at least) to continue working with years worth of old emails, letters, spreadsheets and other documents (from my PC days) without risking damage to their integrity, formatting, etc.

  • How to fix EXC_BAD_ACCESS error? I just upgraded to 10.7.5 and now I can't open any MS Word documents

    How to fix EXC_BAD_ACCESS error? I just upgraded to 10.7.5 and now I can't open any MS Word documents.
    I get this error message every time:
    Microsoft Error Reporting log version: 2.0
    Error Signature:
    Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS
    Date/Time: 2013-05-28 02:28:42 +0000
    Application Name: Microsoft Word
    Application Bundle ID:
    Application Signature: MSWD
    Application Version:
    Crashed Module Name: Microsoft Word
    Crashed Module Version:
    Crashed Module Offset: 0x00938638
    Blame Module Name: Microsoft Word
    Blame Module Version:
    Blame Module Offset: 0x00938638
    Application LCID: 1033
    Extra app info: Reg=en Loc=0x0409
    Crashed thread: 0
    I tried to remove the plist files, but it hasn't worked! Please help!

    What version of Microsoft Office for Mac do you have?

  • Importing the word document in RoboHelp

    I am importing a word document into Robohelp 7 HTML. But after the import is completed, the entire word document is converted into a single HTML page. My requirement is that each chapter should be created into seperate HTML file based on the heading level. This will help in creating the book based on the heading level. I was able to do this task successfully with RoboHelp X5 but not with any other higher versions!!!!!

    Hi there
    The key to this is to ensure the Word document has been styled consistently with headings and other formatting. If it's one of the garden variety where folks just painted across text all willy nilly you will indeed see mixed results.
    Pay careful attention to the intermediate dialogs you see when importing the document. The second one should offer a way to split on style.
    Cheers... Rick
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  • Suddenly I can't open one document in inumbers: "The sheet can't be imported. The document was created with an unsupported application version."

    Yesterday I worked on a inumbers document on my mac mini. No problem. 3 hours later I would open the same document on my ipad. It told me that there were 2 versions and I had to choose one (surprisingly bouth had the same time/date). Since then I can't open this document anymore (regardless if iphone, ipad, mac mini): "The sheet can't be imported. The document was created with an unsupported application version." I worked on this document more than 1 year only on my ipad, iphone, imac... how can i get it worked or back? Other documents are still working properly.
    Thanks for any hint.

    The first part of the warning message was in german, so it's probably not translated as it really appears in englisch:
    Massage on IPad and IPhone: "Tabelle kann nicht importiert werden. The document was created with an unsupported application version.
    Message on mac mini: ""Verbrauch.numbers" kann nicht geöffnet werden"
    What changed since is also, that the mini privew for this document no more exist; it shows just the inumbers icon in the sheet. The other documents around this one appears with preview and can be open, e.g. are working fine.

  • Once I convert pdf to WORD, why can't I edit the WORD document?

    Once i convert PDF to WORD, why can't i edit the WORD document?

    Hi sophtex,
    Kindly refer this FAQ:Can't edit converted Word or Excel file
    Please let me know for further assistance.

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