Can I batch print PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader X

can I batch print PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader X?  I have tried from Windows Exploer (Windows XP) and it looks like the files are opening but they do not print.

Very strange!  What is your installed Reader version?
Try disabling Protected Mode in Adobe Reader [Edit | Preferences | Security (Enhanced)].

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  • Can't open any PDF file with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

    I have tried to open multiple Acrobat files but none will open. I get a FATAL ERROR message saying: "Acrobat failed to connect to a DDE server."  I've created documents in word and publisher and am able to convert to pdf format but after the pdf file has been created I cannot open to view and I get the error message. Please help! Thank you!

    No I am thinking that the problem is with Acrobat XI Pro. Because as previously noted I can create a Word document and save as a PDF, the PDF document will be created by Acrobat XI Pro but will not open with Acrobat XI Pro, which normally happens automatically upon creating the PDF file from say Word, Exel, Publisher, etc. When I try to open with Acrobat XI Pro it give me the FATAL ERROR message saying: "Acrobat failed to connect to a DDE server". Since I could not open any of my PDF documents with Acrobta XI Pro, because I had Acrobat XI Pro as my default PDF creater and reader, I installed Adobe Reader, hoping that it would allow me to view the PDF documents that I had just created with Acrobat XI Pro and it did. The problem is that I cannot open Acrobat XI Pro to creat or edit or add PDF restrictions on  a PDF document straight from Acrobat XI Pro, but I can create a, say Word document, and save as a PDF file. Before installing Adobe Reader I could not open, see or edit the just created PDF file created through Word it is just now after installing Acrobat Reader.
    Also worth noting.
    I have been told that this same problem happened sometime ago with Adobe Acrobat X Pro (Vesion 10) and that the problem was fixed by editing something within the registry. Does anyone know anything about that? Thanks!

  • MacBook won't open pdf files with Adobe Acrobat Reader

    I just bought a 13" MacBook and transferred everything from my 12" PowerBook to the MacBook. I just tried to open a file saved with Adobe and I get the following message:
    You cannot open the application “Adobe Reader” because it is not supported on this architecture.
    Any suggestions?

    Yep you need Adobe Reader for Intel. Actually you don't even need that. You could use Preview to view .pdf's but I always use Reader. Don't really know why

  • Why can't I open PDF files with Adobe Reader in Google Chrome?

    Suddenly I cannot open PDF files with Adobe Reader when I am in Google Chrome. I have installed up to date versions of both. What is happening? -output-from-chrome/

  • Open PDF files with adobe acrobat

    I need to open my PDF files in Adobe Acrobat NOT in Preview. How do I set my full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro X for Mac to open all PDF files by clicking on the icon without having to choose adobe acrobat to open each time?
    Thank you; these simple savings of time compounded over a year really add up.
    Doug Kennedy

    Select a PDF file and do a Get-Info (command-I) Where it says "Open with" select the drop down menu and then select Adobe Acrobat Pro X. Then select the box "Change All"
    BTW, this bit is Mac 101. Get a good book on Mac OS.

  • Trying to print says " problem with adobe acrobat/reader exit try again help?

    I keep trying to print a document, which has been working up until today, it has to be in PDF format to print, but when I push print a box comes on the screen and it says "there is a problem with adobe acrobat/reader, please exit adobe acrobat/reader and try again. What do I do? Thank you

    Hi tanjam38435898,
    Please refer this thread Links as it seems relevant to your query : Re: Error Code 0:104
    hope that helps

  • I cannot print pdf files with Adobe flash player installed

    I have just encountered an issue with printing PDF files on my computer. I am running windows 7 64 bit. I just upgraded to the latest Flash player with firefox addon. After I completed the upgrade, I soon realized that I could no longer print pdf files. Whenever I opened a pdf file and attempted to print it, through several different supported pdf programs, the print screen would up becoming unresponsive and I would have to close the pdf program through the task manager. I unistalled the adobe flash player and it's accompanied addon, and I was then able to print pdf files again without any issues. Can you please help me resolve this issue? Is anyone else having similar problems? Thank you in advance.

    Very strange!  What is your installed Reader version?
    Try disabling Protected Mode in Adobe Reader [Edit | Preferences | Security (Enhanced)].

  • I can't open my pdf files with adobe reader, adobe is not default

    I can't open my pdf file and when i select default program nothing happens, I try repair adobe reader, I try reinstall it, I installed older version, i try fix default programs but when I select my adobe reader nothing happens, there is still only windows media player (he is set as default). Please help me. I am already try all of those steps

    If Reader ISN'T in the list of prpgrams to open with, click "Browse"
    In the "Browse window" go to C/Program files [or Program Files (x86)]/Adobe/Reader 11/Reader
    Select "AcroRd32.exe" and click "Open"
    Make sure "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" is checked and click "OK".

  • Cannot print pdf files with Adobe reader 9.3

    I upgraded from Adobe 7 to 9.3 and now I can not print pdf files.  I am able to print word and any other type of file but not pdf.  The printer will pull paper into it like it is going to print but stops and nothing else happens.  I have an HP C3100 printer.I also tried to do what the support web site said to do but no luck.  I also tried to do a system restore but it would not do it.  Does anyone have a idea to help fix this?

    Post your problem in the forum for Adobe Reader.

  • Can't open a pdf.file with Adobe Reader XI

    Adobe Reader  XI was installed successfully, however, I can not open my pdf.files.   A screen opens up asking for a word conversion, ms dos or other encoding,

    byyng wrote:
    Should I download the old Adobe Reader instead?
    No, you need to fix your file association; see ault

  • I can't open my pdf files with adobe reader  because I get a message that saysThere was a RAISE with

    i can't open my pdf files because i get a message that saysThere was a RAISE without a handler. The application will now exit.

    What is your operating system?  Reader version?

  • Can't print pdf files with adobe XI?

    I can't print any pdf files since I updated to Adobe reader XI

    What is your operating system?  What is your Reader XI version?
    What exactly means "can't"?

  • Can't create PDF files with adobe acrobat professional 8 on windows 7

    I running acrobat Professional 8 on Windows 7 64bit. I can only create PDF files while logged on as administrator. I tried adding the user to the Administrators group, but still have the same problem. The system hangs right after adobe promts me for the file name, I provide the file name click save and it hangs when displaying the "printing message'
    Any ideas?

    Acrobat Pro 8 is not compatible with Win 7---especially for creating pdfs.

  • How can i synchronize incoming pdf files with adobe reader

    i have just set up my new pc and now whenever i receive a pdf file i can not edit it, unless i go through x amount of steps. opening adobe, opening the file and every time the same proceder. what to do that pdf files get automatically upon downloading opened through reader. thanks for help

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  • I cannot open or print pdf. files with Adobe on my windows 8

    I have downloaded Adobe Acrobat but can only read files not print them - even when I save them.

    Problem resolved by uninstalling Windows 8 reader to allow Adobe as the default reader.

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