Can I buy an iPad which can be used as a Mobile Hotspot and used to make Phone Calls?

Can I use the new iPad as a phone and a mobile hotspot?

Yes, it can be used as a mobile hotspot if your carrier supports it. iPads can only make calls using Voice Over IP apps such as Skype or FaceTime.

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  • I Can´t use my cell phone calls from my computer

    Since i have made the latest update on my macbook air (Yosemite 10.10.3) and the latest on iphone 6 using iOS 8.3 i can´t make or receive phone calls to my computer. I am signed in on the same iCloud and apple ID on both devices. Like i sad it worked earlier but it don´t work now after the update.

    This is a user to user forum, not Apple. You will have to contact the Sprint network to see if they will unlock the phone for you. That is the only way to get it unlocked.

  • Can't use speaker during phone call

    I'm facing a problem with my Z1 Compact running FW build 14.3.A.0.757 with bluetooth on and my Sony SBH 52 headset (but problem should be the same with any bluetooth headset.
    Problem is occuring during a phone call, any time I'm trying to activate the phone speaker instead of the bluetooth device, sound is coming to the speaker but after few seconds, switch back to bluetooth. Re-eanbling the speaker, it works for few seconds and switch back again to bluetooth!
    Is it a known bug ? Will it be fixed soon ?

    Hi and welcome to the community! Since you're new please be sure that you have checked out our Discussion guidelines.
    I suggest that you try to repair the phone software using PC Companion..
    Before repairing your device you may want to backup your information first. Check out this topic for more information on how to.
    How to backup?
     - Official Sony Xperia Support Staff
    If you're new to our forums make sure that you have read our Discussion guidelines.
    If you want to get in touch with the local support team for your country please visit our contact page.

  • Hello I'm upgrading my iPhone 4S tmw to a iPhone 5c , I also have a iPad which I've used iCloud to get pics from phone to iPad, obviously if I delete my phone pics there gonna go from iPad too. Any idea what I can do please?

    Hello I'm upgrading my iPhone 4S tmw to a iPhone 5c , I also have a iPad which I've used iCloud to get pics from phone to iPad, obviously if I delete my phone pics there gonna go from iPad too. Any idea what I can do please?

    In addition to the very sound and useful information posted by Lawrence Finch, there is also a way to save the photos from the photo stream to the camera roll on the iPad so that even if the photo stream is turned off, the photos will remain on the iPad.
    Launch the photos app and them open the Photo Stream album. Select every photo that you want to save by tapping on them, then tap in the action/sharing icon and select  - Save to Camera Roll.
    Having said that, the information that Lawrence shared with you is very important and the instructions in both articles are very useful. Make use of them.

  • I have Apple ID for using iTunes, but haven't signed in. Now my Ipad stolen, how can I use Find My Phone for finding my Ipad?

    Who can help me, to add my Ipad to Deviecs in Find My Phone. I was usually using my Ipad sign in iTunes for download music, but haven't signed in iCloud yet. Now my I Ipad stolen, how can I use Find My Phone?

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    You can only locate your device when it is logged into iCloud and 'Find My Phone' is enabled, additionally the device will need to be switched on and connected to a wifi or cellular network.
    Unfortunately, you cannot activate iCloud or 'Find My Phone' remotely.
    If the device is wiped by you or another, you may not be able to locate the device (although some have reported they can)

  • Can't used my iPad to make phone calls with 8.0.2

    I can't get my iPad to make calls or answer texts through my iPhone. Same network, bluetooth on both devices, same FaceTime account. I can't find wifi calling on my phone to turn it off. Handoff is working just fine with safari
    any suggestions?

    Hello jllieblein,
    Wi-Fi calling is only available on T-Mobile. The setting can be found in Settings -> Phone, should you have T-Mobile. Otherwise, Wi-Fi calling is off.
    Make a call over Wi-Fi with iOS 8
    The steps below detail how to go about setting your iPad and iPhone up to make phone calls.
    Phone calls
    To make and receive phone calls on your iPad or iPod touch, here's what you need:
    Your iPhone and your iPad or iPod touch need to use iOS 8 or later.
    Both devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network.
    Both devices must be signed in to FaceTime using the same Apple ID.
    This means any iOS device that shares your Apple ID will get your phone calls. Look below for instructions on how to turn off iPhone cellular calls.
    Wi-Fi Calling needs to be off.
    You may also need to verify that iPhone Cellular Calls is turned on in Settings -> FaceTime.
    Turn off iPhone cellular calls
    To turn off iPhone Cellular Calls on a device, go to Settings > FaceTime and turn off iPhone Cellular Calls.
    Connect your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch using Continuity

  • Is there a CUCM API which can be used to see what calls are in progress?

    Hello All,
    I am trying to build a basic monitoring application which will display a list of calls in progress along with endpoint information such as IP address etc
    Is there a CUCM API which can be used to see what calls are in progress?

    It looks like another person had a similar question before, see the following thread:
    Also, according to the comments seen on that post, I was able to find the JTAPI developers guide, see more information below:
    If this still does not satisfy your question then, the best you can do is post this inquiry on the Cisco Developer Network on the following link:
    Hope this information helps,
    Marco Rojas.

  • Can i use internet in my ipad 3g ios 5.1 through my iphone sim also possible to make voice calls

    can i use internet in my ipad 3g ios 5.1 through my iphone sim also possible to make voice calls
    and i can't fine any access pint name changing option in ipad plz help me

    You might be able to use your iPhone sim. FaceTime calls are only possible over wifi or you can get something like the Skype For iPad app from the store if you want to make video calls over 3G - but you can't do 'normal' phone calls with the iPad.

  • Can I use an Android phone without a data plan?

    Please read all of this before responding. You will not be helping when you show a clear misunderstanding of my question.
    I do not need a data plan. Everywhere I go has Wi-Fi, and I am perfectly content to not have internet connectivity in the event that I don't have Wi-Fi. What I want to know is if I can buy a phone from a store (not from Verizon or a contract renewal) and replace my current phone with it without needing a data plan. There is NO software/hardware reason why I couldn't, and the only reason I would need to is as a Verizon requirement.
    As an additional question, if Verizon doesn't allow it, is there any workaround?
    I want an android phone not to have ubiquitous connection to social media. I want an android phone to have platform to run software on in addition to making/receiving calls and text messages. I would not utilize a data plan and it would be a waste of money.
    Additional info: 
    Can I use an Android phone that I buy from a retailer on my Verizon plan without adding data? There's no hardware or software reason why I need a data plan, and there IS a point to having a smart phone without a data plan: Wi-Fi. I don't need to have redundant internet access.  The only reason conceivable for why I'd need a data plan is because Verizon wants more money for no additional service (I wouldn't USE connectivity provided by a data plan). I don't want to have a mobile platform for running software and a phone filling my pockets, I'd like it to be in one. All the connectivity I need is for calls and text messaging.
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    I stand corrected!
    Here's an article on the subject with a good discussion and a somewhat dodgy suggestion for non-Verizon service:
    Here's a discussion on a T-Mobile forum laying out the options (as of last November): It sounds like it would meet one of the OP's desires: "Can I use an Android phone that I buy from a retailer on my Verizon plan without adding data?" Not on Verizon, but probably on T-Mobile.

  • I have purchased apple phone 4s for india (non-carrier). Can i use the same phone in USA with usa based sim

    I have purchased iphone 4s for India from India. Can I use the same phone in usa with usa based sim

    An unlocked phone is an unlocked phone, which is the same for the iPhone.

  • Can't make phone call to Taiwan

    Can't make phone call to Taiwan now. But I paid for world unlimited call, and still active now.

    Your subscription is active and you can check it on your account page here:
    The problem is that Unlimited World only covers Taiwan landline numbers, it doesn't cover mobiles which you have tried to call recently.
    You can check list of covered destinations under your subscription settings:
    Also shown on subscriptions page under country list for Unlimited World.
    If answer was helpful please mark it with Kudos and if issue is resolved mark it with solution. This will help other users find this answer more easily. Thanks in advance!

  • What is the name of the name of the app that I can use to make free calls from iPhone to iPhone?

    What is the name of the app that I can use to make free calls from iPhone to iPhone ?

    You mean Whatsapp messanger?
    WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS.
    NO calls.
    FaceTime, Skype and Viber are the most popular. (at least here in Greece)

  • IPhone calls via Mac not possible: I can't make phone calls on my Mac (via iPhone) although I am able to receive and accept those from others.

    I can't make phone calls on my Mac (via iPhone) although I am able to receive and accept those from others.
    I have activated all relevant options in FaceTime (either on the iPhone or Mac) but without success.
    Mac > Yosemite 10.10
    iPhone (5) > iOS 8.1
    After trying a call via the iPhone in the "Message App" on my Mac - it says "iPhone and Mac must be in the same network"...
    They definitely are... also I have logged in with the same Apple-ID's, etc.
    Can anybody help?

    Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, it does not make a difference. It still shows "iPhone not available. iPhone and Mac have to be in the same network"
    Are there any settings which are fundamental on the iPhone, I have activated:
    - iCloud Drive
    - FaceTime (FaceTime and iPhone Mobile Calls activated)
    The only strange thing - on Yosemite I can activate mobile phone number AND email in FaceTime whereas I can activate just my email in the FaceTime app on my iPhone...

  • Can i use my old phone with verizon prepaid plans

    I bought a prepaid gophone from AT&T some months ago. But now I want to test how good Verizon's coverage is. Can I use this old phone I bought from AT&T's website (a Pantech Link) with Verizon's pay as you go plan? Or do I have to buy a phone from Verizon?

    Verizon Wireless and ATT use two different networks for their voice services. The GSM phone from ATT won't work on the CDMA network used by Verizon Wireless. You need a Verizon Wireless branded device.

  • What can I use to make a poster?

    Hi, in early 2010, I bought a Macbook Pro and I love it! I was really excited about having software that I could use to make really cool posters and things. The only thing is, as there is no longer comic life, I have nothing to make posters with or do my homework on. Does anyone have any suggestions about software or applications which aren't astronomical in price? I'm only thirteen and I don't have much money. Thank you.

    You might want to check out Apple's iWorks. It's 99 Dollars, but you can download and try it for free. one of the programs in iWorks is Pages. It's a word processor and basic layout application. it's very easy to use. And it includes templates for making posters.
    Open Office is a free Alternative to word and pages. You can use it to word process, and It can open, and save word files.
    Pixel Mator, is an alternative to photo shop. You can use it to make posters or edit photos. You can download it for free, but it costs 50 dollars,
    A free Alternative to photoshop would be Gimp. It's kind of hard to use in comparison to pages and pixel mator. BUt it can be used to make posters. It can be downloaded at .

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