Can I color-code file types?

I'm a Mac newbie. I carried over some Windows files I have been working on for years. They were made by different versions of a layout program (PageMaker 6.5 -> PageMaker 7.0 -> InDesign CS5.5), and so have different file extensions.
I see how to color an individual filename, but would like to assign one color to all files with the same extension to facilitate bringing them all up to date. Can I do that?

Yes you can color code based on extensions. Open a Finder window and hit command+F - this is a search window that can be populated according to your searching criteria and can also be saved to later consulting (it would live in the sidebar should you decide so). Click on the little drop down menu presently labeled as Type and choose other; type extension on the now blinking cursor besides the magnifying glass to narrow your options, choose file extension and "ok" your selection. Now fill the box with the desired extension (no dots necessary) and select all, do your color coding and you're done.

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  • Can you color code keywords?

    When I apply keywords to clip segments, the bar that appears at the top of each segment is blue. If I have overlapping segments, each with a different keyword, or two segments back to back, each with a different keyword, it looks like one single keyword application.
    Can I color code keywords so that the keyword bars are a different color for each keyword?

    I don't think so. But you can click VIEW/PLAYHEAD INFO and see the keywords as you skim.

  • Can we limit the file type in Attachment?

    Is it possible to limit the file types that the OAF attachment can upload?
    Edited by: maeve on Apr 17, 2011 7:09 PM

    Hi Maeve
    You can make use of below code in pfr method of controler
    if(pageContext.getParameter("FileUpload") != null)
    DataObject fileUploadData = (DataObject)pageContext.getNamedDataObject("Bean id of OAFileUploadBean ");
    String contentType = fileUploadData.selectValue(null, "UPLOAD_FILE_MIME_TYPE");
    //Write logic here to limit the file type
    }For more details read JavaDoc as well as refer below thread
    File Upload
    Hope it helps!!!

  • Can I exclude certain file types in the Photo Downloader?

    Hi there!
    I am very new here, so please do correct me on etiquette and if I'm doing something wrong. I've been searching the web for quite a while now but couldn't find an answer or even questions concerning this problem...
    I like using Bridge's Photo Downloader, for the nice renaming and other options it gives me. Usually I want to download all images from a card and then delete them on the card. The problem I am having is that Photo Downloader will not only see images (like .JPG, .CR2 or .ARW) but camera database files and settings (.INT, .BDM, .BIN, ...). This is annoying, since I neither want them stored on my hard drive nor deleted on my card. I also would like to import movies in a different way. The way I can work around this now is that I manually deselect all non-images in the Advanced Dialog and then only download these. But I was hoping that there is a more elegant and automatic way to just exclude certain file types from automatic selection. Or even just a way to mark or unmark the images by file type. This should be very easy to implement and I am really curious if I am missing something obvious here or if this is just not possible yet.
    Has anyone else thought this before? Or are you all using different methods to import images from your card reader?
    Any help or comment is appreciated.

    Sorry, download history is either on or off. There is no preference setting to exclude specific file types.

  • Can't open .fir file type

    I am trying to upgrade the firmware on my Canon camera.  The firmware file is a .fir file type.  I can't open/run this file on either Mac or Boot Camp running Windows.  Any help would be appreciated.

    Are you sure that you are meant to open that on the computer? I shoot Nikon and I download firmware updates, copy them to the Card and insert that in the camera, never open them on the Mac.
    Check the updating instructions. Just a guess.

  • Page Snapshot on Mac using Shift+Command+4, can I change the file type?

    Is there a way to have this feature save the screen shot as a .jpg or something other than .png?
    Thanks for The help!

    Actually you can change the file type, using a defaults write command in Terminal. Whatever you select changes the file type for all screenshots until/unless you globally change it again. All OnyX does is run this command in the program's interface--if you don't know how to use Terminal you may prefer this. If you want to use Terminal, you would launch it, then copy this command:
    defaults write type jpg
    Paste it into the Terminal window and then press the Return key. I believe you need to restart for the change to take effect.

  • Can't Associate AE File Types

    I am running Adobe Creative Suites CS4 for my company. However, we had a file we needed to open so we also installed After Effects CS5.5.
    However, now all the AE files open in CS5.5 and this doesn't work for us as our plugsin are installed in CS4. I've tried several times in Windows 7 to associate AE files back to CS4.I've tried through the Control Panel under Default Programs and the right click context menu by "Open With". The problem is when I nativate to the After Effects.exe for CS4, it WILL NOT load in the Windows menu to allow me to re-associate it. The only option remains CS 5.5.
    Any way I can perhaps manualy associate these files by doing some kind of edit in the Registry?

    See this or that on how to change icons for associated file types in Windows 7 or just do a Google search...
    Bear in mind that the location of file you may want to pick an icon from is
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS4\Support Files\AfterFX.exe

  • HT2500 Can you color code contacts or groups so that it shows in the inbox/message?

    Are you able to color code contacts & groups so that it shows up in "their" color in the inbox & message?

    Set up a rule (Mail preferences -> Rules) for something like:
    If From contains [the sender's email address]
    Perform the following actions:
    Set Color of Message -> Background/text -> Color
    You can also set the first criteria to "Sender is a member of group" with the group name, or have multiple criteria, as suits your purpose.

  • Can customize sequence of file type options while clicking export icon?

    In our project, we are using Vs.net2008 + CrystalReport2008 component.
    But there's an issue while export reports. We are using the standard CrystalReportViewer and show the "export report" icon on the toolbar. When user clicks that icon, it pop-ups the Export Report dialog for save to a file.
    But our customers wish to see the "PDF(.pdf)" at the default file type option not the "(Crystal Reports (.rpt)".
    Is that possible to configure inside CrystalReportViewer?
    Edited by: Mark Uram on Apr 9, 2009 11:19 AM

    Only option is to create your own export button and display then in the order you wish and which export types you want to support etc...
    Thank you

  • Can Photoshop Convert Selected File-types From a Folder Full of Files?

    I have a folder with approximately 20,000 files in it. The files are a mix of eps, tif, jpg, and PSD files. I want to convert all the eps files to tifs. For now I've created a folder into which I move approximately 500 eps files at a time (that I manually select) and then run a batch action I created to convert them. This works fine but you can imagine how long this process will take (moving, converting, emptying the folder, moving 500 more files, and so on). I'd like to know if there's a way, either within an action or the batch command (or possibly a script or even some other way) that Photoshop would select only the eps files to convert. I could let it run overnight if it were possible.
    I'm using Photoshop CC on a Mac running 10.6.8 with 7GB RAM.

    I'm not sure about EPS files but the rest can be taken care of via File > Scripts > Image Processor. I'm pretty sure that EPS files can't be handled by Image Processor though.

  • Can't open .wmv file type

    HELP! I can't seem to open email attachments from friends when they're a .wmv.
    I've tried the drag into an open Safari window - no worky.
    I've downloaded the free version of FLIP4MAC - no worky.
    Have not downloaded Windows Media Player 9 for Mac yet (and really don't want to).
    Any ideas?????? Thanks in advance for any help!

    I'd suggest you use VLC ( It plays close to all file formats without problems and it's free. So except for the above mentioned case it will solve your problem.

  • Can i change the file type on itunes? they arent compatible with my mp3

    is there a way to change the file to a wma or mp3? please help before i brain myself with the keyboard ^^

    wma is Windows Media Player format so no to that. mp3 can be done of course. In the importing section of preferences you can set what kind of file is created when ripping CDs.

  • Can't filter by file type RAW + JPEG after upgrading to 3.3

    I'm running 10.7.4 OS.
    After upgrading to 3.3 I'm unable to filter my photos using the "Raw + Jpeg" argument. There are Raw files and Jpeg files and they filter okay. The combo doesn't work any longer. How do I get this to work?

    See "Unexpected installation error -203"

  • Can Encore encode MPG4 file types?

    Can it take MPG4 or do they have to be MPEG2?

    Encore CS3 will import and encode to MPEG-4 (AVC).

  • Restore colored file-type icons

    In Mavericks and earlier, didn't icons used to be colored by file type? PDFs were red, Excel files green, etc. Now the icons all look almost exactly the same and I can't find things as easily. Is there a fix for this?

    Folders – Color folders
    Folders – Color folders Mavericks
    Folders Factory – Color folders

Maybe you are looking for

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