Can I connect a 24" Cinema Display with mini DisplayPort in to HDMI out?

I have a 24" LED Cinema Display that I want to use with a new 15" Retina MacBook Pro I will soon be purchasing. Using cable adaptors, would it be possible use the new Macbook Pro's HDMI port to connect to this Cinema Display? I understand that this does not work with the newer Thunderbolt displays because Thunderbolt only adapts in one direction, but since this is an older Mini Displayport monitor would it work? My goal is to keep both Thunderbolt ports available for storage I/O untill Apple releases an update to the Thunderbolt display later this or next year. Thanks for your advice!

Yes, in this scenario, I'd connect the display to one of the Thunderbolt ports and use a USB hub for additional I/O. Here's my current I/O needs:
1) esata (with port multiplication)
2) gigabit ethernet
3) firewire 800
4) USB keyboard
5) 3-port USB hub (iOS, bluetooth charger, misc USB2 or 3)
6) monitor
My current plan is to use
1) thunderbolt 1 - display
2) thunderbolt 2 - firewire 800
3) USB3 1 - esata
4) USB3 2 - USB3 hub - gigbit ethernet and all other USB devices
Does this seem like a resaonable set-up in terms of maxing I/O bandwidth? My main concern is if the USB2 devices on the USB3 hub will throttledown my gigabit ethernet speeds.
Thanks for your advice!

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    I am ready to install a new NVidia Quadro K5000 for Mac in my not so old Mac Pro 4,1 (2009). I already installed Mountain Lion (10.8.3) as required. The problem is that the Mac Pro came with a Led Cinema Display which apparently only can be connected with a mini DisplayPort plug and the graphics card only have DVi and DP 1.2. I tried to find an adapter but the ones I have find are minidp male to DVI female and obviously I need a minidp female to DVI or DP female.
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    The fifth and sixth item on this page are DisplayPort male to Mini DisplayPort female "Extension cables". Under US$6 plus shipping from a reputable seller:

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    Hi Gilly,
    I have no proof, but I think it will not work with an adapter, only Mini Display Port or Thunderbolt.

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    I'm having a bit of an issue attempting to connect my new 21.5' iMac to my Apple Cinema Display. The display has a mini DV port that used to connect into my MacBook Pro but now I see there is no such port on the iMac.  They clearly state they offer support for it but I don't see a way to connect. Any suggestions?
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    Well, a bit confused here, maybe TB...
    19. How do I connect my Mini DisplayPort monitor or monitor using a Mini DisplayPort adapter to my Thunderbolt-equipped Mac when I have other Thunderbolt devices connected?
    When connecting a Mini DisplayPort display or a display using a Mini DisplayPort adapter to a Thunderbolt peripheral (except as described in question 14), make sure the display is connected at the end of the Thunderbolt chain. You can use only one Mini DisplayPort device in the Thunderbolt chain.
    Note: Systems with more than one Thunderbolt port, like an iMac, can have more than one Mini DisplayPort monitor or monitor connected with a Mini DisplayPort adapter connected as each Thunderbolt port can support one Mini DisplayPort display.

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    Thanks Malcolm.  I saw this on the apple site
    Kanex C247D Single-Link DVI to Mini DisplayPort Converter
    Will that work?
    I also spoke to someone at apple..They told me to get 2 cables.  Mini DisplayPort to Dvi and Dvi to Hdmi..Connect the 2 and it will work...Do you think it will work? Just to save$$$

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    I wasn't sure how the whole thing would have work but it seems thunderbolt also acts like mini display port. Thats sweet. I can now haply continue using my 30 inch apple display.

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    Hey phil staton, highland,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Apple computers: Troubleshooting issues with video on internal or external displays
    Have a nice day,

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    I am trying to connect a 27" cinema display (2010) that has a mini display port cable out of the back, into my macbook pro (2013) with thunderbolt ports.  The mini display port cord fits into the thunderbolt port on the Macbook Pro, however the macbook pro does not detect the cinema display and the cinema display does not have any picture on the screen.  The USB plugs in fine and sound comes out, and I have the adapter for the magsafe to magsafe 2 and that works fine, it just the actual display.  Any help would be appreciated!

    Hello mmholt,
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    It sounds like there’s no video on an Apple Cinema Display that’s connected to your MacBook Pro, and you’re wondering if the configuration is supported. It is supported, take a look at the article linked below for more information.
    Thunderbolt ports and displays: Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - Apple Support
    1. Can I connect a Mini DisplayPort monitor or monitor using a Mini DisplayPort adapter to a Thunderbolt port on my Thunderbolt-equipped Mac?
    Yes. A Mini DisplayPort display or a display connecting with a Mini DisplayPort to VGA, DVI, or HDMI adapter will work just like it was connecting to a Mini DisplayPort connector when plugging in directly to the Thunderbolt connector on your Apple computer. Click here for more information on Mini DisplayPort connections and adapters.
    Also, this article provides a lot of great information and troubleshooting tips that will resolve most issues related to video external displays.
    Apple computers: Troubleshooting issues with video on internal or external displays - Apple Support
    So long,

  • How to connect 22" Apple Cinema Display with ADC to Mini DisplayPort?

    What are my chances to connect a 22" Apple Cinema Display with ADC connection to my new MacBook Pro with its Mini DisplayPort? Is there a combo possible of some adapter with some cable for instance?

    You need a Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter
    followed by a DVI to ADC adapter
    < s=topSellers>

  • How can I connect my 24" cinema display to a mac book pro retina HDMI output?

    Hi folks,
    I would like to have a macbook pro retina running three external displays (this is technically feasable):
    2 times a 27" Cinema displays through thunderbold ones (connecting them to the Thunderbold output, daysy chaining them)
    1 time a 24" Cinema display through mini display port (connecting it to the HDMI output as the resolution matches on both ends 1920 x 1200)
    Any idea which adaptor I would need as most of them are only working one way (the wrong way!..)?
    Thanks for you numerous inputs ;-)

    < ered.html>
    if you add a HDMI to DVI adapter.

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    I see various questions out there about using Apple Cinema Displays and PCs, but each one has its own twist. If anybody can help with this scenario, I'd greatly appreciate it.
    I use one of the last editions of the Powerbook G4. I just bought a 23" Cinema Display and, of course, love it. It is supposed to replace an old CRT monitor in the home office, which brings me to my problem. Can I hook up a pc laptop to use with the Cinema Display (I ocassionally need the pc laptop and my wife and kid use it as well). I realize it will depend on the graphics card. Offhand I'm not sure which one it is, but the Dell is just shy of a year old and has good graphics, albeit VGA. I need a female DVI (I assume DVI-I) and a male VGA connector. Do these exist? I'm also looking for a PC Card DVI-I graphics card, but I don't know if these exist either.
    I could buy a Dell (or some other brand) monitor that has both DVI and VGA connections, but I really want to keep the Cinema Display. It's gorgeous.
    Thanks for any help.
    Powerbook G4 15" Mac OS X (10.4.5) 23" Cinema Display

    Thank you for the reply. I kind of figured this was the case. I have found two "boxes" that supposedly handle this problem. One is from Dr. Botts called Vgator and the other is from Gefen (, but these solutions are very expensive -- $300 each -- and I am not certain of the quality of the picture. For that kind of money, I could buy a cheap PC monitor and just use the Cinema Display for Mac-only needs, as it was intended.
    Take care.

  • What can I connect to the cinema display´s firewire port?

    What do you think of connecting an external hard drive to the cinema display´s firewire port? My other firewire ports on my G5 are already occupied.

    The FireWire ports on a Cinema Display can be used with anything that the FireWire ports on a Mac can be used for; they are included because a Mac and external monitor may be set up in a way that prevents the ports on the computer from being easily accessed.

  • How to connect my 20" Cinema Display with my new 27" TB-Display...

    ... running the latest OSX 10.9.1 on my MB Air 2013 8GB RAM/1.7 Intel Core i7?
    I have the Apple DVI to MiniDisplayport adapter too for the Cinema Display.
    Before I bought the display an apple technician at Hamburg Apple store told me I could plug the MiniDisplayport adapter into the thunderbolt port of the 27 TB-Display to run both displays, which does not work, which I could read just now in a support article here. But it is not mentioned how to make it work. Please let me know.
    Many thanks in advance

    You need a drive with two Thunderbolt ports.  Plug the Thunderbolt display's Thunderbolt cable into the computer.  Connect one Thunderbolt port of the disk drive to the Thunderbolt port on the back of the Thunderbolt display.  Plug the Mini DisplayPort adapter into the other Thunderbolt port on the disk drive.

  • Can I connect my 20" Cinema Display to my new mac mini?

    Is there a connector available for this? Cinema Display connector is not same size as DVI connection.

    If an ADC connector
    If so you need one of these: roduct_top
    Otherwise what connector is on the monitor?
    The 20 inch model A1038 has the ADC while the A1081 has DVI

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    My iMac24" (Intel-based 2.8 Ghz Core 2 Duo) has a Mini DVI Output. The LED 24"Cinema Display has a Mini Display Port. Is there an adapter available to use the Cinema Display as an Extended Desktop?
    Need help urgently! Thanks.

    no 3rd party solutions available?
    As I said, there are no converters available, from any source.
    What makes the DisplayPort special compared to a MiniDVI?
    You can read up on DisplayPort here:
    That article lists some purported advantages.

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