Can I download photos from my pc to my ipad2 without using iTunes?

Can I download photos from my pc to my ipad2 without using iTunes?

You can with an app like this ....
WiFi Photo Transfer
Search the app store for more apps like this one.

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  • How can photos be copied from iPhoto on MBPro to iPad2 without using ITunes?

    Using iTines to sync iPhotos from MBPro to iPad2 automatically starts to sync iTunes which I I do not want to do. 
    How can I copy the photos without using iTines?
    Thanks for your help!

    What app do you use?
    Thanks for you reply and suggestion.

  • Can i download music from my laptop to ipad air without using icloud

    my laptop uses windows xp, and not windows 7 or 8 which, apparently i? thanks

    You can use it on XP, as long as you have service pack 3+ on it - from :
    PC: Windows 8; Windows 7; Windows Vista; or Windows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack 3 or later
    You also need iTunes 11.1+ installed on your computer.
    To sync music, connect the iPad and select it on the left-hand sidebar of your computer's iTunes (on iTunes 11 you can enable the sidebar via control-S on a PC), and then use the Music tab on the right-hand side of the iTunes screen to select which of your iTunes music library to sync to it.
    Syncing media :

  • How can I transfer books from my Mac to my iPad without using iTunes?


    I can get books into iBooks on my ipad easily enough by just emailing them to myself or using Dropbox. The problem with that route is that it loses the book's genre, which must be something iTunes handles separately from the file.
    Anyone have any ideas on how to retain the genre metadata outside of iTunes?

  • How can I put photos from my iPod to my computer wihout using camera roll?

    How can I sync photos from iPod touch to my computer without using camera roll?

    How did the photos get on the iPod? If they were synced from another computer you need a third-party program like PhoneView or TouchCopy.

  • Can I download photos from I pad2 to computer

    Can I download photos from I-pad 2 to the computer?
    Also, how I can check or change assuring on my camera at I pad 2? How many megapixel and what size of photo i'm getting?

    For photos taken with the iPad, copied to it via the camera connection kit, or saved from email/websites then see this page :
    If you want to copy back photos that were originally synced from a computer then you will need a third-party app such as Simple Transfer (which has a free lite version called Simple Photo & Video Transfer) which can copy them off via your wifi network. But as photos are 'optimised' when they are synced to the iPad, any that you then copy back may not be exactly the same as they originally were on your computer.
    The rear camera is listed as 720p, which I believe is 1280 x 720

  • How can i download photos from mac to other hard wear device, how can i download photos from mac to other hard wear device

    how can i download photos from mac to other hard wear device

    Depends on the actual device.
    If it's an iOS device you can sync via iTunes.
    Other devices: Export from iPhoto to the FInder and send them from there.
    This User Tip
    has details of the options in the Export dialogue.

  • Can I download photos from droid phone?

    Can I download photos from a droid phone to iPad?

    Depends. If you have the camera connection kit you can try importing the photos from your phone to your iPad. However, if your phone is like mine, it won't work. The camera connection kit needs a very specific naming protocol. For it to see files, they need to be in a folder named DCIM and have file names of exactly 8 characters.
    What will probably be easier is for you to connect your phone to your computer, get the photos onto your computer and then import them into your ipad. Or perhaps text/mail them off your phone to a mail account you can access on your iPad.
    Or if the photos are on a removable memory card, get that to your computer, pull the photos off that way and then use iTunes to sync them onto your iPad.

  • Can't download photos from my Lumix

    Can't download photos from my Lumix - I've done it before but now it either just doesn't stop "loading" - I'm using the SD memory card (it tells me there are 854 photos to download but it seems frozen ). When I connected my camera using a USB key iPhoto told me the files were unreadable.
    I am using a Mac OS X Yosemite version 10.10.2, Memory 4 GB
    There are videos on the camera, short ones from vacation, can it be not enough memory space? Too much to download at one time?

    Use the card reader on the MBP with the SD card and upload to a folder on the Desktop first.  From the Desktop see if the files can be imported by iPhoto. If the card reader method works, reformat the memory card with the camera, take some test photos and videos and try again.

  • Can I download photos from a digital SLR?

    Are attachments available that will allow transfer of photos to an external hard drive?

    Don't totyally understand your questions or what you are trying to do. Do they pertain to an iPad?
    First you say "Can I download photos from a digital SLR".
    You can use Apple's Camera Connection Kit to import photos and videos, but you can't export.
    Then you say "Are attachments available that will allow transfer of photos to an external hard drive?"
    There are some wireless external hard drives that can be used with the iPad.
    The Kingston Wi-Drive, which costs $50 for the 16 Gigabyte, and then $30 more for every 16 gigs more. It works by you turning it on and then accessing the files on it from an app that you download on your iDevice. You can access music, movies, and other stuff. No connections or anything, it works like a WiFi connection, you connect to it from the setting on the iPad under wireless networks.
    Then there is the Seagate GoFlex, which some would recommend over the Wi-Drive. But this one costs $199 and had 500 Gigabytes of storage. It works the sameway as the Kingston: no wires, runs over its wireless connection. You can actually fit up to 300 HD movies on it.
    Another option:
    Expand your iPad's storage capacity with HyperDrive
    On the road with a camera, an iPad, and a Hyperdrive
     Cheers, Tom

  • Can I download photos from my macbook to a Canon Selphy CP760 printer

    I have a Canon Selphy CP760 - a nice compact printer.  All of my photos are on my MacBook - none on a card from a camera.  Can I download photos from my Mac to the little printer?  I have tried using a thumb drive/flash drive, but the printer says it is an unsupported USB devise.  P.S.  I am technically challenged!

    That makes more sense...
    You can print photos directly from iPhoto to your computer.
    Help here >

  • I can't download photos from my camera. instead of a camera listed under devices I have a new icon named wizard.  help?

    I can't download photos from my camera.  My camera used to show up under 'devices' when I connected to my Mac.  Today it shows an icon called wizard instead.  When I turn on the camera to start the download, empty picture frames appear, but no photos to import.  Can anyone advise?  Thank you!

    Try to import from your camera with Image Capture instead of iPhoto. Does that work?
    Do you see your camera as a disk on the Desktop?
    Can you open the image files from te Finder?
    That wizzard-icon is puzzling. Have you used your camera with a PC and perhaps reformatted the SD Card from a different operating system? Then I'd try to import a different SD Card, that has been reformatted in the camera.

  • Can't download photos from my iPhone4 into computer

    I don't know what is the problem? I can't download photos from my iPhone4 into computer. Because last week I could download it. Today I've got the error message "Microsoft Office Document Scanning does not support this type of device". How can I solve this problem and this problem is related to my iPhone or my computer?
    Thank you.

    Photos should be downloaded using the scanner and camera wizard and not Office. That will copy pictures into your pictures folder in the My documents folder. This is one of the options that should pop up when you connect the USB cable to your Iphone.

  • Can you download photos from your ipad mini to an sd card?

    Can you download photos from your ipad mini to an sd card?

    No. You can move them to computer and from there to the SD card or you can upload them to a Cloud service like Dropbox.

  • How can you download photos from your iphone to your macpro book

    How can I download photos from my iphone onto my macpro?

    You import pics taken with your iphone as you would with any digital camera.
    Open iphoto, connect iphone, import pics

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