Can I have multiple libraries under different Windows profiles/logins?

My brother and I currently share the same Windows Vista computer. In a few months we'll separate as he moves on to an iMac, but for now if he wanted to setup under his own Windows profile/login another iTunes library can he? One obviously where he'd login under his own Apple Id and containing his own iTunes music library including only his purchases from the iTunes Store. Can this be done and done easily?

Yes of course. If your HD has space, make a complete copy of the entire library under his new login. Then, you can each delete stuff you don't want. From that point on, you can manage your own libraries independently.
When the time comes, he can copy "his" library to his new computer.

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    Can you have multiple libraries on a single iPod?

    Yes.  This explains how >
    Using iPad or iPod with Multiple Computers:
    Note:  You cannot load music from multiple computers or iTunes libraries onto iPod shuffle and iPhone like you can with other devices.

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    Please help me out.

    These all have drm so i cannot read them without a i-Device. 
    Correct.  If you do not have an iOS device or a Mac running Mavericks, do not buy Apple iBooks.  They will be unreadable.

  • Can I have multiple libraries?

    My wife has has an ipod for a while and has all her music in her itunes library. I just got an ipod and would like to have my own library to store my music. Is this possible? I'm trying to keep from having to uncheck all of her songs every time I want to add music to my ipod. Thanks!

    I don't think it is unless you have separate users on the computer. You know, how when you sign into Windows you have the option to sign in as different users? Well, I noticed the other day that my iTunes library didn't show up on iTunes when opened from my husband's username.
    So try that. I hope that works

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    We have 1 main apple id for our household so that anything we buy can be shared onto any of our devices. However this is a problem when we use giftcards. When 1 child redeems their gift card onto the account, they can't stop the other sibling from using their money accidentally. Is there a way to set-up separate subaccounts while still being able to share content among all of us?

    iCloud isn't designed as a multi-user service. Either you all have the same ID, and all your data is available to everyone, or you all have separate IDs and keep your data separate. You can share calendars, so that for example you could all have your own calendars but have one which is common to everyone:
    If you want to share contacts you will have to do it manually. If you want to do file transfer you will have to find a third-party alternative.

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    iTunes must be running for home sharing to work.  There is no way to have home sharing running simultaniously for two users on the same computer.
    Simply add the media files using File > Add File/Folder option in iTunes.

  • Windows Server - Run multiple domains under different accounts

    I have multiple domains on a Windows Server. I'd like to run these under separate accounts for security reasons.
    My options I have so far:
    1) Install all Admin servers and managed servers as windows services and set logon appropriately
    2) If possible, use multiple node manager instances, one for each domain and set the log on for each node manager windows service
    I like the idea of multiple node managers but I can't find any reference in the documentation about this. I'd rather not use option 1 as I won't be able to restart servers from the WebLogic Console
    Has anyone had to do this before?

    First option might be the cleanest .
    For second option make sure that there are separate Node_Manager home directory for different node manager instances.
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  • How can I have multiple WINDOWS (NOT tabs) with INDEPENDENT content?

    How can I have multiple '''windows''' (''not ''tabs) with '''independent''' content?
    I used to be able to open separate windows with Firefox, and the content could be completely different in each window. No matter what I did in any window, no OTHER window open at the time, nor any of the content therein, was affected. This is no longer the case and it is extremely frustrating for me.
    I do ''not ''like tabs and do not use them. I prefer multiple windows plus I am so used to using them, for so many years now! But with v9.0.1 I suddenly can no longer do what I've always done with my browser without this aggravating problem constantly reminding me that I can't have what I want in firefox anymore.
    Or can I? Does anyone have a solution I don't realize exists?

    AppleScriptObjC can use pretty much everything in the Cocoa API, so yes, it is possible.
    Note that a view is not the same as a window, and a window can have multiple views. There are also many ways to implement "tabs";  take a look at some of Apple's applications - they use various mixtures of toolbars, checkboxes, and radio buttons, for example.  An application such as this will be a lot more involved than what you have done so far though, using custom classes and subclassing existing ones, so be prepared to do a lot of reading and researching.

  • HT2534 Can you have multiple ITunes accounts under a single e-mail address (i.e. separate accounts for my children and myself?)?

    Can you have multiple ITunes accounts assigned to a single e-mail address?  i.e. different Apple ID's for my kids and myself, but all assigned to my e-mail address.

    No. Each account must have uniquie email address.

  • HT4847 Can I have multiple users's family devices backed up to the cloud e.g. 2 iPhones and 2 iPads under the same iTunes account

    Just got a second iPad for the home.
    Can I have multiple users's family devices backed up to the cloud e.g. 2 iPhones and 2 iPads under the same iTunes account?

    Yes, but it's not usually recommended to share an iCloud account within a family.  If you do, any data you sync with iCloud will be merged and you, for example, will end up with each other's contacts and calendars on your devices.  Also, any action taken on one device (such as adding or deleting a contact) will be replicated on the other devices.  You will also all be sharing the same 5GB of free storage for all your data and device backups.
    Normally it's best to use separate iCloud accounts for each person's devices.  This will keep your data separated, and allow each person to have their own free 5GB of storage.  You can continue to share the same iTunes ID within the family; the ID you use for iCloud does not need to be the same as the one your use for iTunes purchasing.  (Each person should also use a separate ID on their devices for iMessage and FaceTime to avoid getting each other's text messages and FaceTime calls.)

  • Suddenly I can open only one Firefox window at a time. I can have multiple tabs in that window, but I can suddenly no longer open another window. What happened?

    Suddenly I can open only one Firefox window at a time. I can have multiple tabs in that window, but I can suddenly no longer open another window. What happened?

    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    *Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.

  • How can I have separate Libraries in iTunes for my Children?

    Hi all,
    I have bought my children iPod Touch devices for Christmas this year and would like to set up accounts and libraries for each of them (3 in total, one for the Mrs!) so I can sync them and put some games and apps on ready for use.
    Is it possible to have multiple Libraries on one computer? I know I can open iTunes accounts for each of them but they're not at that stage yet but will - at some point - require different games, apps and whatnot.
    I'm sure a friend of mine has a different iTunes library for him and his wife on the same computer and they don't have any sync'ing problems at all...
    I hope someone can help!

    You can likely set up different user accounts on the computer and have a library in each account.  I use a Mac so I can't be more specific on user accounts on Windows.
    Alternatively you can set up different libraries inside a single user account.  I'ts a bit cumbersome switching between them though.  You can create and switch betwween libraries by holding down the shift key while starting iTunes, then guide it to the library you wish to use.
    Another possibility would be to sync just playlists, not everything.  While there are ways to share items between libraries using other methods, this one has the advantage that all the things are in one library and each person makes their selection.
    iOS: Syncing with iTunes -
    As for AppleID and accounts, you might consider setting up sooner rather than later.  The main problem with Apple purchases is you cannot transfer them between accounts.  If you give a child a song for a birthday and purchase it on your account, it is forever tied to your account.  If in 10 years your child wants to take with them to college you'll have to give them access to your whole account or always be authorizing their devices which you may not wish to do.

  • How can I have multiple users on iTunes (in order to connect to a shared office iPad)?

    How can I have multiple users on iTunes (in order to connect to a shared office iPad)? Currently each of us has our own iTunes account, so I've made an "all office" Apple ID. However, I can't seem to get two different accounts (my personal and the office) to work on my machine. Even when I login as "the office", my personal library is still showing. Additionally, when I try to setup with a first-time use in iTunes, I get an error that I don't meet the minimum age requirement - no matter what birthdate I enter!

    The library exists regardless of which user is logged in.
    The only way around that is to create different user accounts on the computer.
    There is no way to have 20 unique iTunes users access a shared iTunes under a single login on the computer.

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