Can i resize Boot Camp Partition,what about a second partitiion?

i had 40 GB left on my macbook
i boot camped a new Partition at 10 GB and put Windows XP SP2 on it
i got 2 new questions
1.Can i change the 10GB to 20 GB and if so HOW
2.Can i do yet Another Partition so my macbook can have OS10/Xp/Vista in 3 seperate partitions?
what about Linux
is there a way to open Both Partitions at the same time to view OS10 and XP side by side on the same computer ?
thanks in advance

Sounds like you didn't plan enough space. Not w/o destroying (backup) your current partitioning to install each natively.
Maybe Parallels would fit your needs.
Triple boot

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  • Resized Boot Camp partition; now I have "disk0s4"

    OK so i was following this tutorial on how to increase your boot camp partition from this website.
    Following this blog post: s-8/
    I resized my Boot Camp partition to give Windows 7 more space.  In Disk Utility on OS X ML, I reduced the size of my OS X partition. So then i clicked apply and now that partition says disk0s4. I tried to verfiy and repair it through disk utitlity but It wont let me as there are problems. I have reiszed my parition before and never had this problem before. What did I do wrong and will I be able to fix it?

    As you have found out, those instructions do not work, so.
    If you can you still boot to OSX, you can Use Boot Camp to remove the Windows partition and return the Mac to normal, then start agin.
    Next time you need to resize an NTFS partition use Paragon Camp Tune, which can do it without borking things.
    Do Not Ever use Disk Utility to do anything to a Windows partition, it will make the problem worse.

  • Windows disc does not update after resizing boot camp partition

    When I bought my iMac, it came with a 500 GB HDD. I used bootcamp to make a 200GB windows partition and a 300GB Mac partition. The other day I bought a 250GB SSD, and moved everything from my 300GB Mac partition onto the SSD.
    My plan was to use the whole 500GB HDD for windows. So, I deleted the 300GB Mac partition and made it free space on the drive. I then expanded the boot camp partition to take up the whole drive using Mini Tool on windows 7.
    Now, windows 7 shows that my drive is 465GB, but when I boot into mac, the bootcamp hard drive still reads 200GB and 300GB are "free space" even though I expanded the drive using Mini Tool.
    I tried to fix this by filling up the hard drive with an extra 120 GB so it exceeded the 200GB limit that windows shows. But when I booted back into OSX to see if it had worked, none of the files were showing up in the drive, making me believe that boot camp and OS X are not reading changes I am making to the bootcamp drive when I use Windows.
    How can I change this so Disk Utility shows the full size of the disc, like Mini Tool does?
    I will try to upload screenshots soon.

    Re-sizing Windows partitions is not supported on Bootcamp. It requires a clean install. The other option is using Winclone.
    Boot Camp 5.1: Frequently asked questions
    How can a Windows partition be resized after Windows is installed?
    You need to delete the Windows partition using the Boot Camp Assistant, and start over to change the size of the Windows partition. Back up your important Windows files first.

  • Resizing Boot Camp Partition

    Is it possible to dynamically reduce the size of my Boot Camp partition to allow room to increase my OS X partition. I really don't want to delete Boot Camp and then reinstall everything from XP to the applications so was hoping I can painlessly take 5GB out of it.

    Backup both - WinClone for Windows, SuperDuper or Disk Utility Restore for OS X.
    Head over to Paragon Software and download CampTune and read the directions.
    For 5GB???
    As for OS X, it has a fit if it doesn't have 10-20% free space, less than 10% and it can belly-up, loss of btree directory.
    Sounds like time for hard drive swap actually.

  • Windows installer can't detect boot camp partition

    I recently bought my first iMac and I am trying to install Windows 8.1 using the Boot Camp Assistant. I have rebooted the Mac into the Windows installer program and made it to the screen titled "Where do you want to install Windows?" However, the Boot Camp partition I thought I created earlier is not showing on the list of available drives. I have tried hitting the Refresh button several times.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.

    I haven't really kept up lately but the only thing I see missing in your information is you didn't say if you had Formatted the Boot Camp partitiion to NTFS. The last I looked into Boot Camp that was one of the mandatory things you had to do in order for the installer to "see" the partition.
    You end up formating it twice.
    The original format when you make the Windows partition should be "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" it's done by the Mac (BootCamp) then when your booted from the Windows installer you then have to format it again with the NTFS format. And of course it has to be on an internal drive. And a full install disk not an upgrade disk. Boot Camp 5?
    Take a gander at the instructions again and see if you might have missed a step?
    Hope it helped, at least I bumped ya up.......

  • Can't create boot camp partition on new macbook pro

    Hi all. Having an odd issue installing boot camp on my 2011 Macbook Pro. When I try and create a partition it gives me the following error message:
    "The disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved."
    It goes on to tell me that I need to reformat my drive and try again. Seems a little extreme and even worse, I'm wondering if this will work considering that I still have over 600GB of free space available on my drive. Thought I'd post here and see if anyone has had a similar issue before harassing support.

    If you look at the pdf guide in Boot Camp Assistant, step one is to backup. Common sense before altering, installing new OS, and should be required of anyone even if just updating Mac OS.
    Now, having fragmented space: Apple never considers defragging free space and says Mac OS X defrags some files, and that having more than 25% free should not impact Mac OS performance.
    So I think that covers Apple support for their own OS.
    When you install updates, applications and such, the patches are compressed, expanded, space is fragmented, and some vendors often choose to write their updates to the far end of the drive in order to leave high access for other portions.
    the best and perhaps only way to move files is to boot from another hard drive, rather than pick yourself up by your own bootstraps and try to shuffle files.
    I would never recommend using only built in tools. I don't advise Apple DU First Aid as the sole utility for maintenance and repairs for Mac HFS file system. nor would I use TimeMachine alone. They are free and there and better than nothing.
    Create a bootable backup clone of Mac OS for one.
    Repair your internal drive.
    Try using Boot Camp Assistant; or iDefrag; or Paragon CampTune (yes, it can be used to install Windows partition as well as resize partitions now or later if needed). Does a better job.
    The use of x86 Intel cpus opened up new possibilities. Some unintended or not foreseen I guess too. A competition challenge to see who could install Windows on a Mac first and easiest took place in 2006. Apple came in later with their beta. but Boot Camp Assistant has always been a weak, lame, partitioning tool.
    Macs and users using gparted and other tools? and try to stop the hand-holding concept? unlikely.
    A better tool? there should be, and not only that, it really needs to just be rolled into Disk utilty as one more feature and tab along with other tools - so integrated and if you want to create, resize, remove an MBR slice and Windows partition, you can.
    Paragon lets you create a partition, and also they have their own NTFS driver so you don't need to format BOOTCAMP (MSDOS/FAT32) during the install phase later.
    Of course installing Windows in a VM doesn't have all the trouble of dual boot native install and given RAM and processor resources, can be more than functional enough for many.
    With Windows 7 you can install and have a Windows-only computer, remove all traces of Mac OS (and boot OS X off 2nd drive, either with two SSD + hard drive or eSATA or Intel 'Bolt' interface as well as FW800.

  • How can I get my Boot Camp partition off my old drive?

    I swapped out the stock 160gb drive that came in my MacBook Pro since it was acting up. I installed a new drive and restored it with Time Machine, but now my Boot Camp partition is still on my old drive. I slipped my old drive into a usb sata enclosure and tried booting from it in hope I could back it up with Winclone. When I went into the startup disk selector the drive would not show up (but it sounded like it was trying to spin up). Earlier when I pulled the drive out of my MacBook Pro it was still functioning fine, so I do not think the drive has failed.
    Any ideas on how I can get the Boot Camp partition off the old drive? Thanks for your help.

    Some drives require more current to spin-up from a "cold start" than most USB ports put out, even if the port supplies. Additionally, if the drive is failing, it may require even more power for the startup.
    I have a couple USB enclosures with external AC power that I keep around in case I run into drives like this. Failing that, I also have a couple of USB cables which use 2 ports to provide additional current. Also the cable length, and gauge makes a difference.

  • Can I recovery Lion with a Boot Camp partition?

    I have a MBP with Lion and Windows 7 on Boot Camp. I need to initialize the Lion partition and do a clean installation of the operating system for various reasons. Can I initialize the Lion partition with Disk Utility in the Recovery HD and re-install Lion without affecting Windows? Will it work correctly after this operation? Or I need to delete the Boot Camp partition first, and recreate it at the end of the whole process?

    Yes, you can. Your Boot Camp partition is unaffected by installing or reinstalling OS X on a different partition.
    Install or Reinstall Lion from Scratch
    If possible backup your files to an external drive or second internal drive.
    Boot to the Recovery HD:
    Restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the COMMAND and R keys until the menu screen appears. Alternatively, restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the OPTION key until the boot manager screen appears. Select the Recovery HD and click on the downward pointing arrow button.
    Erase the hard drive:
    Select Disk Utility from the main menu and click on the Continue button.
    After DU loads select Macintosh HD volume from the left side list. Note the SMART status of the drive in DU's status area.  If it does not say "Verified" then the drive is failing or has failed and will need replacing.  SMART info will not be reported  on external drives. Otherwise, click on the Erase tab in the DU main window.
    Set the format type to Mac OS Extended (Journaled.) Click on the Erase button and wait until the process has completed.
    Quit DU and return to the main menu.
    Reinstall Lion: Select Reinstall Lion and click on the Install button.
    Note: You can also re-download the Lion installer by opening the App Store application. Hold down the OPTION key and click on the Purchases icon in the toolbar. You should now see an active Install button to the right of your Lion purchase entry. There are situations in which this will not work. For example, if you are already booted into the Lion you originally purchased with your Apple ID or if an instance of the Lion installer is located anywhere on your computer.

  • Sharing the Boot Camp Partition

    I partitioned the hard drive, installed Boot Camp, installed VMFusion so I can run the boot camp partition in a window, and assigned 1G of my memory to the Virtual PC.
    Query: Can I, and how do I, make it so the Mac can read and write to the Windows partition? I have Word files, I'd really like to be able to access from both. I tried sharing the Windows partition, but that doesn't seem to work.

    Okay, here we go: Checked Get Info\Permissions and Sharing and I have read write permissions on the Boot Camp partition which is named Windows HD.
    So I boot up Word and vreate a new doc with the text "Test test" I go to Save. I select Windows HD. I find the My Documents portion of that drive. And I am told:
    Word cannot save or create this file. The disk
    may be full or write-protected.
    Try one of the following:
    * Free more meory.
    *Make sure that the disk you want to save
    the file on is not full, write-protected, or damaged.
    (Test Test.doc)
    So I'm back to stuck again. I guess I'll try to see about write-protecting.

  • Running Boot Camp partition via a VM?

    Can someone comment on their experiences running Boot Camp through their VM software?
    Does it prevent you from booting into the Boot Camp partition?
    I know you have to install the tools for your VM onto the Boot Camp partition to keep your activation active? What happens if one uninstalls the VM? Can the tools be uninstalled to and the Boot Camp partition work like normal again?
    Most importantly, can running the Boot Camp partition through a VM cause any damage?

    It seems to be hanging, it's actually listed as Not Responding by the force quit menu.
    Though I did just check the HD in Disk Utility, and it seems like there is a Windows Partition of the correct size, so I am starting to think BCA just crashed after successfully partioning.

  • Boot Camp partition created but W7 did not install?

    On a late 2009 MB running Lion 10.7.2 with 2.26 Intel Core Duo I used Boot Camp to partition the drive and tried to install Windows 7 Enterprise w/SP1 (x64 and x86).  The computer restarted in Lion and I can see the Boot Camp partition but I do not think W7 installed.  When I restart and hold the option key there are only the MB and Restore drives available.  Can I install W7 Enterprise?  If so, any suggestions on how to proceed?
    I found this:
    These Macs can use 64-bit editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, or Windows 7 Ultimate:
    MacBook (13-inch, Late 2009) and later
    But I have never seen W7 Enterprise listed on either a compatible or incompatible list.
    Thanks in advance,

    Thanks Hatter,
    Actually figured it out and got it installed last night.  Using Explorer now.  What I ended up doing was inserting the W7 disk while in Mac.  Then restarted the computer.  At the chime I held the option key until MAC and Restore and W7 disk appeared.  I selected W7 and Enter.  It installed on the partition as intended.
    I'm not sure why the Windows Installer didn't do this automatically?  And, everytime the INSTALL rebooted the machine I had to hold the Option key to drive it to restart in Windows but that was it.  And, when asked, I selected BootCamp partition, Format, and installed the x64 (not x86).
    When the Windows Install completed I made a few tweaks in preferences then inserted the driver disk I burned during the Boot Camp partitioning process.  There was an executable on it that I OKed and all my drivers were installed.  Video, mouse, wifi...everything works like a champ.
    I partitioned out 50GB because I wasn't sure.  That's at least 10 and maybe 20GB more than needed.  I don't intend to store much on this partition, just need it for access to some work sites and to try to teach myself C# (we'll see how that goes, the last programming I did was in Turbo Paschal).
    I still haven't been asked for product keys.  I assume that is coming after some period of time.
    Thanks for the reply.

  • Parallel runs slow on Boot Camp partition and other questions...

    Hi all,
    I have had my MBP santa rosa for about 3 weeks. I love it. Everything is super fast and responsive on this thingy. I have parallel running on Boot Camp partition and it is slow. I mean its not awfully slow but when I click start (the play button of Parallel), I see the spinning beachball for 0.5 to 1 min. When I get to Windows XP or Vista (I tried both of them), there is no way parallel could perform up to "near native" speed, I get a lot of sand-clock and it takes 1 mins or so to boot up MS SQL server 2005. When i tried to open lots of windows at once, it freezes for a while then all the windows pop up. I dedicated 1gb of ram for parallel. I am thinking of removing boot camp and use parallel virtual drive on which to install windows. Would that make the performance any better?
    I have another question. I bought Disk Warrior 4 but my lovely cousin broke the disc into half coz he thought it was a cheap toy. Is there anyway I can make another bootable CD for disk warrior? I know BootCD only works on Panther. Can I use SuperDuper to clone my MBP and put the image file on a PC-formated external hard drive to bootup from there to run Disk Warrior?
    Thank you so much for your help. I gotta say this MBP is the best laptop I have ever used in my entire life. VEry happy with the purchase so far. Thank you Apple.
    p/s: Any recommendation on how to keep the Mac running well without slowing down? Cheers

    I have to say, I have never used Parallels in a system with 2GB. I don't feel that it's worth it given Boot Camp is available. That said, if you run nothing else it should run quite happily.
    If you're having problems getting through the installation try setting it up with a virtual environment that has no drive. That way you should be able to get through the installation/setup and then you can add your Boot Camp partition after that.
    As for transferring files, I will either use Parallels folder sharing else a 1GB DOS formatted USB flash drive.
    PS You're right, I certainly can't complain about the equipment I get to play with. I've had to fork out quite a bit of money for the privilege but it's all been worth it.

  • Scanning windows boot camp partition for viruses from mac system

    is there any way that i can scan my boot camp partition (windows hard drive)from my mac operating system since i think this will remove more viruses and leave less chance for them to reappear.

    I would first buy or find the best malware/spyware AV software and firewall.
    An ounce of prevention costs less than the pound of cure.
    Backup Windows image with WinClone or something.
    ClamXav or Intego AV 5 are two ideas mentioned earlier.
    If you use the web and email you need to install some programs, free or commercial.
    My hat goes to Norton 2009 or their Windows 7 beta of Norton 360 v3 after using Kaspersky and AVG Suites.

  • What is special about a Boot Camp partition?

    I have a somewhat complicated partition setup. Boot Camp Assistant, naturally, refuses to add a partition. I intend to eventually boot Windows directly and use Parallels to virtualize, but as far as I can tell Parallels insists on having a genuine Boot Camp partition to virtualize.
    How can I emulate what Boot Camp does to a partition to trick everyone into thinking the partition was created with Boot Camp?

    Boot Camp Assistant will only create a partition on an OS X drive that only has one partition - Macintosh HD. If you have more than one partition on your hard drive, then Boot Camp will not create another partition.
    If you want to create a bootable Windows partition on a drive that has more than one partition already, then you need to use a third-party boot loader such as Boot Runner or The rEFInd Boot Manager. I cannot tell you if these work with Parallels.

  • I erased my windows partition using disk utility then realized I should have used boot camp, because now I can't resize the original partition and seem to be stuck with a ghost unusable space. Boot Camp now doesn't give me the option to install or re

    I erased my windows partition using disk utility then realized I should have used boot camp, because now I can't resize the original partition and seem to be stuck with a ghost unusable space. Boot Camp now doesn't give me the option to install or remove windows partition.

    Hi, Ralph,
    The problem is that I did erase the partition, using disk utility, but I can't go back to my original disk size pre-partition, as disk utility won't let me do it and gives the message "Couldn’t modify partition map because file system verification failed." When I try to use Boot Camp Assistant it won't let me select the third option to remove windows.

Maybe you are looking for

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