Can I use an airport with a non apple product such as net gear

I have been wanting to get another router because I am going to be playing some ps4 pretty soon here in the next week and I was wondering if I could get an airport express to extend my houses wifi, but we have a router that isn't from apple. Could a airport express work with that? Or would have I have to buy another airport express and replace the router I currently have? Any answer would help thanks, appreciate it a lot!

The AEX can only connect wirelessly to your router in Bridge Mode. It can Join your existing network, but it cannot Extend it. Given that you can connect an Ethernet cable from the AEX to your PS4. But since the connection to your router is wireless there is no speed increase. That will only occur by connecting the PS4 by Ethernet directly to a LAN port on the main router. There's no way around that unless you put a second cable connection in the other side of the house. If you have to do that then you might as well run Ethernet cables. You can hire someone to run the cable up through the attic area and down the wall to an outlet box with an Ethernet jack in it.

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    can I use my airport with an  android vigo tablet ?

    You can use the AirPort to connect all the wireless devices you need, including Android tablets, phones...

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    Can I use my 27"iMac late 2009 as an external display for a non apple product such as a cable box?

    To get TV on your iMac off the cable box you would need to use an external TV tuner device such as the company ElGato is highly regarded for.  I have used one of their EyeTV products for many years with my iMac to watch television shows from my Comcasst cable TV box.  You can look at the models here:

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    Can I use the airport card from an Apple gen1Apple TV in a G4 Mac Mini?

    I would say no since this
    says the 1G Apple TV uses the same card as a Mac Pro and those do not work in a G4 Mac

  • Using an AE with a non-Apple network

    I have a new 802.11n airport express that I would like to use solely for streaming music from an ipod touch to my stereo (airtunes). The problem is that I am sharing wireless with my neighbor (yes sharing, not stealing, he gave me his password), and I would like to get the AE on that network, which is a non-apple network. Since I don't want to use the AE for internet I could just set it up with it's own network without internet and run airtunes that way. Unfortunately, in order to connect to it I believe I would have to disconnect from my neighbor's wireless network which would take me offline. This would be fine if I was playing music stored on my ipod touch, but I mostly play music through Spotify which requires an internet connection. So instead I would like to figure out how to join the AE to my neigbor's non-apple network using his network pretection info he gave me. Is this straightforward or do I have to change the settings to a different mode, like ProxySTA? Will it even work at all with a non-apple network?
    This is a ski house I am renting for the winter and I am currently not up there, so I am trying to figure this out before the season starts.
    Thanks so much for any help.

    I would like to figure out how to join the AE to my neigbor's non-apple network using his network pretection info he gave me.
    To join the wireless network, you would choose the option during setup of the AirPort Express (AX) to "Join a wireless network" and follow the guided step by step configuration process.
    You will need to know the exact type of wireless security that is being used on the wireless network and the password for the network. You probably already know the password, but you will need to tell the AX what type of security settings it should use during the setup.
    Unfortunately, there is just no way to set up the AX for the task that you want in advance because it needs to "see" the wireless signal before you can begin to configure the device.

  • Can I use home sharing with two different Apple IDs?

    Can I use home sharing for two different Apple IDs?

    I have the same sort of problem I want to share two music liberys but my wife dos not like some of the music I do and I don't like some of her's but we like to share the music we both like.
    At the moment we have home shareing on but when my wife buy's music It downloads her's and my laptop and when I buy music it downloads to my laptop and my wife's.
    We want it so we can share music (home sharing) but only my music on my laptop and my wife's music on her laptop. 
    Sorry for the spelling I am dyslex.

  • Can I approve a purchase from a non-Apple product?

    I need to approve my daughter's purchases on her iPhone from a non-apple product. Is this possible?

    Assuming you are using Family Sharing, no there is no way to do that.

  • Can i use existing airport with Time Capsule

    i have already bought an airport, but can i use it with Time Capsule  OR do I need to buy the $299 Time Capsule wireless hard drive?

    If you are telling us that you have already bought an AirPort Extreme, and that you want to connect a USB hard drive to the AirPort and use that for Time Machine backups, this is not officially supported by Apple.
    Some users seem to be able to make this work, while me....who try this have nothing but problems.
    To be officially supported, you need to connect a hard drive directly to your Mac for Time Machine backups or use a Time Capsule.

  • Does Airport express can be used for other non-apple products, such as lenovo laptop?

    Can someone plesase help me? I am so confuse on the apple products?

    Its a wireless router - NOT a modem - You need to subscribe with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) operating in your domain (Country).
    You normally pay the ISP monthly for Internet access and many/most will supply you with a modem as part of the package.
    Most ISPs deliver the Internet access down your existing fixed telephone line - this is either ADSL or DSL and its very common for the ISP modem device to incorporate built on Wifi functionality.
    This means you do not need to buy an Airport Express/Extreme at all.
    Caveat the "free" modem/routers are frequently prior models and almost always require firmware updates for optimum performance.
    However if your chosen ISP delivers your Internet access over fibre cable these companies usually provide a simple modem and to provide the wireless routing an Airport Express may be ideal

  • HT4259 Does this work with a non-apple router, such as the TP-Link TL-WR1043ND?

    The instructions shw this working with a range of Apple routers, such as the Airport Extreme.  I own a TP-Link   TL-WR1043ND and I wondered if the same function can be accessed, using the Time Capsule to extend the TP-Link's network.  I have tried setting this, and the Time Capsule seems happy to oblige, but then I loose the access to the internet, which sits on another router behind the TP-Link.  The Router is the one that gives out the IP addresses on the home network, not the TP-Link or the Time Capsule.  Perhaps this is the problem and another arrangement wouldbe better? 

    do I simply configure the TC to "Extend a Wireless Network", or do I Create One, but of the same name as the one on the TP-Link?
    With an Ethernet connection, you would choose the "create a wireless network" setting using AirPort Utility. Things can get tricky because the network must be configured to use the exact same name, same wireless security and same password as the TP-Link network.  Bridge Mode is required.
    if I picked up an Airport Express and used that as the principle router instead of the TP-link, would that solve it wirelessly?
    Yes. 2nd Generation AirPort Express will certainly work.

  • Can I use iTunes files on a non-Apple device?

    Hi all
    I have a bit of a random question I was hoping someone could answer. I have a 120GB iPod, and I´ve got an iTunes account with a bit of cash in it, ready to spend on a few movies.
    HOWEVER, the catch is that I´m actually travelling around South America right now for 6 months. I do not have my PC/laptop with me, and therefore can not sync anything to my iPod, so using the device for movies is out of the question.
    I DO have an Epson P-6000 with me, which plays MP4 files. So my question is this:
    If I log into my iTunes account whilst overseas, can I download a movie and transfer it to my Epson to play, instead of using my iPod? The Epson just uses Windows Explorer to transfer files to picture/music/video folders, so physically moving the file won´t be a problem. I´m just curious if the file will prohibit me using it outside of iTunes or my iPod.
    Thanks in advance.

    I am not sure you will be even able to download files outside of the UK to your account. The newest terms state
    +10. Territory. The Service is currently available only in the United Kingdom and is not available in any other location. You agree not to use or attempt to use the Service from outside of the available territory, and that iTunes may use technologies to verify your compliance+.

  • Using the Airport with an Xbox 360 and such

    Hey guys I'm thinking of buying a new Airport Extreme N for my home since my linksys router is being stubborn. I have an xbox 360 and i was wondering if it worked well with it. What i mean is it faster with the Extreme and is it very reliable. Thanks guys for helping me out and have a Merry Christmas. --- Vinny the Pooh

    I just got the Airport for Christmas and it only took a couple of minutes to set up with my xbox 360 and all of my computers connected right away. The signal is twice as good as the signal with my linksys router was. Much better for xbox live. Good luck

  • Using skype on iPad with a non apple product

    I WANT to download the Skype for iPad but have read there is an issue using an iPad Air with Skype and the calls are dropped. This will not be with another apple user so I want to try skype since she is able to use it from her android. Should this be possible? Appreciate any answers. I would try doing this from my iPad not using my cell phone but if that would work I would be interested to know if others have used either one or both.  Thank you so much!

    Look at this link about setting up Skype on the iPad.
     Cheers, Tom

  • Can I use my personal email address (non apple/iCloud)?

    I had a life before iPhone, iCloud and Apple-ID and use several email addresses
    including a couple belonging to my website (URL).
    Is it possible to integrate those other email addresses into iCloud so that I have all in one place?
    Thanks in advance!

    Hey Ultimatesh,
    Thanks for the question. Based on what you stated, it seems like you want to know about needing to use an iCloud account. I would recommend that you read this article, it may be able to help you resolve or isolate the issue.
    Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac using Continuity
    How to get started:
    Sign in to the same iCloud account on all your devices.
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.

  • I want to take my ipad to hospital, but its only a 16gb can i use an airport to watch more itunes content?

    Ive gota 16gb ipad 3 with wifi and cell, but I cant justify data at $10 a gig for watching tv and movies while im in VA hospital. Can I use an airport with a drive attached to store more of my movies or am I relegated to using a laptop and syncing every few hours...
    I thought NAS might be an answer but my browsing suggests that Its not simple. I just want to watch want I own on iTunes already. the hospital has a 50mb a day wifi you can pay for but that's no where near enough for any video etc
    on previous visits I've taken a small tv and my apple tv and streamed from the laptop but that's a lot of stuff to take and the hospital doesn't like you using too many electronic devices at once. I thought maybe the ipad could stream stored stuff from an airport if its iTunes? but I don't want to spend $400 to buy a 3tb airport if it wont work

    No, it won't work.. the Airports are not media devices.. they have no brains .. no media extensions.. and itunes must be running on a computer.
    You can however watch movies from storage but not with itunes..
    See how people use tools like VLC to get around Apple's built in iTunes limitations.

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