Can I use an iPad and a ipad2 with the same iTunes in my computer? I want to use both

Can I use an iPad and a ipad2 with the same iTunes in my computer? I want to use both. Want to give one to I need to open a new iTunes account for her?

bashepard wrote:
Can I use an iPad and a ipad2 with the same iTunes in my computer? I want to use both.
Yes, No problem at all.
Want to give one to I need to open a new iTunes account for her?
No - you can share the same iTunes account (my wife and I share the same account). But when you sync the iPads, just remember to select the correct content for her iPad and the correct content for your iPad.

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    Can I have an iPhone, ipad and MacBook Pro with the same apple id. When I use I tunes it get confusing and I have a paid app that needs the same id

    When syncing the iPhone and iPad with iTunes on your computer that is logged in with the Apple ID you plan on using on all three, the Apple ID should be transferred to the iPhone and iPad for the iTunes & App Stores on each device. If not, you'll need to sign out of the existing Apple ID on the iPhone and iPad followed by signing in with the Apple ID you want to use on both.
    Keep in mind that all 3rd party apps include DRM protection which is tied to the iTunes account or Apple ID that was used to download the apps. With an app installed on your iPad and iPhone that was downloaded with a different Apple ID from the one you will be using now, you will need to use that Apple ID and password to install app updates for those apps. Not possible to transfer apps purchased with one Apple ID to another or to merge Apple IDs.

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    My mac, ipad and apple tv share the same itunes account.  Why do movies rented from itunes on my ipad or mac not show up in my apple tv?  is there a way to get them there?

    Rentals are one-time only downloads, they will not show on other devices/computers for redownloading.
    If you rent a film on your iPad or Apple TV then you can only watch it on that device. If you rent it on your Mac then you can move it from there to your iPhone or your Apple TV (if it's a first gen Apple TV) : FAQs about renting movies from the iTunes Store :
    If you rented the movie on your computer, you can move it to an iOS device or Apple TV (1st generation). To do this, connect the devices and sync using USB. When you move a rented movie from your computer, it will disappear from your computer’s iTunes library. You can move the movie between devices as much as you want, but you can only have it on one device at a time.
    If you rented the movie on your iOS device or Apple TV, you can’t move it to any other device.
    Renting and moving rentals from a computer : How to rent a movie from the iTunes Store on your computer.

  • I have 2 iphone with the same apple id. Now I want to use a different apple id for the iphones. How to do it? Help . Thank you!

    I have 2 iphone with the same apple id. Now I want to use a different apple id for the iphones. How to do it? Help . Thank you!

    Create a new Apple ID using a new valid e-mail address
    In iPhone's Settings > Store > Apple ID > Sign Out and sign in the new.

  • Using iphone 3GS and iphone 4 with the same account

    I have an iphone 3GS 32GB and yesterday i bought an iphone 4 32GB. I want to know how can i transfer everything from the "3GS" to "4" without loosing any data from applications i had already stored in "3GS". I also would like to know if it is ok to use the two phones with the same iTunes account and if it is possible to use applications i had purchased for the first phone to the second, or i need to buy the applications again.
    Thank you in advance

    Welcome to the discussions,
    After you set up your new phone, iTunes will ask you if you want to set it up "as new iphone" or restore it from an existing backup, which in your case would be the latest 3GS backup. So you can use this backup to restore all compatible settings and data to your new phone. See what's inside a backup here:
    You can use more than one device in iTunes with the same account, and iTunes will remember the settings for each of those. Applications can also be used on more than one devices, but you'll have to use the same iTunes account.

  • What can't I use my iPad in another house with the same internet service as mine

    Why can't I use my iPad in another location that has same internet service.   Comcast. As me

    Presumably, if that house was a wifi network, and you know the wifi networks password so you can connect, you can use it.  Does the homeowner have a secured network?  Have you asked them for the password to connect?

  • How can I differentiate between iPad and iPhone iMessages for the same contact?

    I have my sister in law's email and phone number all in the same contact. She iMessages me from both her iPad and her phone. They come up as two different iMessage conversations, but they both are under her name. When I go to text her I don't know if I'm sending it to her iPhone or iPad. Anyone know if there's anyway to differentiate? Sometimes looking at what was previously said in the conversation helps but I can't always remember (nor do I know which device he was messaging me from in the previous convo). Thanks all

    Try scrolling to the top of the conversation and tapping Contact.  You will then see the originating address highlighted in blue on the contact.  If the iPad and iPhone are creating two different conversations, chances are if the email address is highlighted it's coming from the iPad; if the phone number is highlighted it's coming from the iPhone (although not necessarily).  To know for sure you would have to ask her to check Settings>Messages>Send & Receive and tell you which is checked under "Start new conversations from" on both devices to know for sure.

  • How can I bandle Mac-mini Ipad and Iphone all with the same usser name and password

    I alway's have problem with my ID AND PASSWORD  also I want to bandle my mac-mini Ipad and Iphone with the same password and usser name how do I do tyhis?

    Hola amigo
    If you wish to use the same Apple ID for all your Apple devices then you need to set them up that way from the start. If you did not use the same Apple ID for them all then you would need to erase the iOS devices by returning them to the factory settings and starting over as if they were new.
    However, content is forever tied to the Apple ID that bought it. Apple does not transfer content from one Apple ID to another. Apple does not merge Apple IDs. You will never be able to download or update your content bought with one Apple ID with a different Apple ID. So you would need to decide if your are abandoning extra Apple IDs that you may have created and the content that you acquired with that Apple ID.

  • Can I use my ipod and an iphone on the same itunes library?

    I want to buy an iphone but when I asked the sales assistant if I could use my ipod and iphone on the one itunes library she said she thought I should be able to but was not 100% sure. I want to be able to play my music, audio books etc on both.

    Hey deepseablue71
    here is the link "using multiple ipods with one computer" again, just tested, it works for me:
    How do you use the same itunes library for multipul ipods/iphones? >
    First of all, when it comes to music I create playlists. That makes it more easy to handle on different devices.
    When I plug in my iPhone I select the playlists, video or other data I want to have and sync. Same with my iPods. After that I have similar playlists and data on my iPhone and iPods, even calendar and adressbook are updated.
    Hope this helps,

  • Can you sync 2 iPhones (a 3G & 4) with the same iTunes?

    I would like to use both phones but with different SIM cards and sync them separately with different information.  Can I do this from the 'same' iTunes or do I have to set up two separate iTunes?

    You can sync as many iphones/ipad/ipods as you like to one itunes library/computer.
    Each will only sync what you tell it to sync.

  • Can Atv1 and Atv2 sync with the same itunes library?

    I have imac running snow leopard.It was working perfectly well wit my Atv1. I decided to buy Atv2 for airplay function. Since I installed Atv2 icannot find my Atv1. What is more after resetting my Atv1 I cannot find it under 'Devices' in Itunes. It connects to the internet and my network. I can login to the itunes shop and download and watch movies etc. But I cannot register it with my itunes library and imac. Atv1 annAtv2 with same itunes library is it possible or is it uncompatible.?

    Quite possible.
    You may need to disconnect the 'connection' and reconnect on AppleTV1 in Settings>Computers.
    If a sync (content in My Music not My Shared Music etc) connection AppleTV will be wiped clean of media in preparation for a new sync library.
    There may be other factors at play (securtiy software, firewalls, corrupt iTunes/other software installation).
    Also worth restarting router, computer, itunes and AppleTV.

  • I have two ipad2's how can i load purchased apps to each ipad2 from the same itunes library?

    I have two iPad2's and I wish to load purchased apps from our iTunes library to our newest iPad2.  Can anyone direct me and or provide steps in completing this process?
    Thank you.

    delete/uninstall the apps that your relative downloaded on you iPad. to do that tap and hold on and icon til it shakes, once its shaking downloaded apps will havee (X) mark on them on a red bubble, tap on it to delete

  • Using an IMac and a G4 with the same keyboard

    I have an IMac Intel and a G4 that I use in Classic mode. Is it possible to connect one keyboard (through a hub, possibly) so that I can use it on both computers. The computers are connected to each other so that I can use files from either. but now I have to physically move to a separate keyboard and I don't have the space for two.
    IMac and G4   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    Apple Store has a 6 ft. listed as:
    "Belkin 6ft A to B USB Cable" @ (yikes!) $16.95 - [Apple Part Number: T6898LL/A] but even that looks inexpensive next to Belkin's own:
    Yes, it would act to extend the length - same concept as an electric ext. cord.
    Obviously you wouldn't want to buy one, much less two, unless it was absolutely necessary, as you could almost buy a new computer desk for that much and set your Macs closer together. I've noticed a couple sell on eBay for about $5 plus shipping, but there shouldn't be many listings offering them. It seemed like a handy idea until I found the list price:(
    My idea was it would be easy enough that you wouldn't even have to get up from your chair to change. Of course, there are less expensive computer equipment stores somewhere, and I myself bought a opened pkg from a Micro Center "sale" bin for only $4.95.

  • Can i cloud be used on more than one phone with the same itunes account

    I have two i phones one for my kids and one for me and we have one itunes/icloud account when we have i cloud on we lose our specific contact lists.  can we not share i cloud?

    I highly recommend individual iCloud accounts for stuff like syncing notes, mail, calendars, contacts, etc. My wife, kids and I have a total of 4 iCloud accounts and 1 iTunes in the Cloud account. My wife has one, I have one, my kids both have one, and we have one for iTunes in the Cloud. This way music, media, apps, and books are available across all the devices...

  • How can I create a new game enter account with the same iTunes account

    I Created a separate gamec enter account for my two sons, I'd like to create one for my wife but I can't find a way to do it under ios8 can somebody help? Thanks

    Go to the System Preferences>Users.
    Click the lock if and enter your password, if necessary.
    Then click on the "+" symbol below the accounts list.
    From the "New Account" menu, select"Administrator" and fill in the rest of the information.
    And finally click the "Create Account" button.
    Done. A new Administrator user account.

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