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I am living on a boat and I am using my iPad w a camera connector kit. Can I back up photos that won't all fit on my iPads internal memory(16G), using iCloud like an external hard drive?  I don't have a pc w me and don't want one.

With iCloud and photo stream your photos are automatically syced to the cloud, but the photos will only stay in the cloud for 30 days which is enough time by Apple's standards to download them from the cloud to a mac or pc so I guess the answer to your question would be no, you cant use iCloud as a mass storage device.

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  • Using Blackberry as a Mass Storage Device is not working at all. Please advise

    It does not show up in My computer.It shows up in the device managers under Universal Serial Bus Controllers as
    Blackberry Smartphone I would like to be able to have access to my media card without  having to use my storage card reader.I went to computer management to see if it is a drive mapping issue, but it does not even show up there so there is no letter to assign.
    I have made sure that The media card is formatted.
    I have a Blackberry 8310
    Media Support is set to ON
    Mass Storage Mode is ON
    and Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected is set to YES
    It is a 4GB sandisk micro sd
    The bberry is not locked.
    Encryption mode is not enabled.
    I do not have Acronis installed or an Iso mounters to cause any conflicts.
    I am not using any network drivers.
    Nothing else in plugged into any of the other ports
    There are only two on my laptop and I have tried both usb ports.
    It is plugged directly to a usb port and not into a hub.
    My Computer's OS is XP Pro SP3
    Also to reiterate, I am able to take the card out of the bberry and read it no problem through a card reader, but
    that is annoying since you are supposed to be able to use see the blackberry as a mass storage device through
    And just recently as a test,I tried plugging in another blackberry, a 8800 and that one popped up no problem as a removable device in my computer. What I do not get is why Roxio Media Manager can see the 8310 and copy files over and the device manager has it listed as a smart phone under the Universal Serial Bus Controllers list. This is bizarre.
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    Hi and welcome to the forums!
    GREAT FIRST POST!! Very clear and specific. You don't know how rare that is
    Is the laptop in a docking bay?
    Content "encryption" meaning Content protection is turned off, right?
    Are you able to backup and sync with the Desktop software?
    Do you have the correct folders on the card?
    Blackberry, music, ringtones, pictures, videos, voice notes?
    (blackberry has to be first).
    Last one, how did you format the card?
    Update device drivers manually:​ayKC&docType=kc&externalId=KB13336&sliceId=SAL_Pub​...
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  • Can I use a 3.0 usb storage device on an older MacBook wht 13inch ?

    I need more storage for projects at work. I noticed most of the storage devices are usb 3.0. My MacBook is 2.0. What are the pros/cons in using a usb 3.0 storage device.  Specifically I am looking to store iPhoto collections and iMovie projects directly to the portable drive.

    I have found their prices to be better as is their support.

  • Can you use icloud without an apple os device on pc's?

    I have  friend who has a pc and I would like her to be able to subscribe to my ical. When I look at the min requirements for installing the icloud panel it is microsoft windows vista. She installed it, created an apple id, but it tells her that she needs an os device to use icloud. Is this correct? Does she need to have an os device?
    And if not, what might be the potential problem? I know that I can send her a url of my calendar but it is read-only. I would like her to have full access to the calendar thru icloud.

    what if i have an account already, but i forgot my password and reset it?? it tells me the same message that i should use an IOS device.
    and the problem is that i lost my phone so i need to access it from my PC.. what shall i do ?

  • Can i use iCloud like idisk

    Will iCloud allow me to access my space in the cloud to use like I did with iDisk?  I like to be able to upload files so others can download them.  If that part of the iCloud is missing, it would be a huge bummer.

    No: iCloud provides nothing like this facility. There are other services which may be suitable - this page examines some options:

  • Can I use icloud between Mac and Windows devices??

    I have over 140 gb of music on my windows desktop pc and will be purchasing an ipad soon.  I also have a windows laptop which i'd like to share my itunes library with. My current ipod is a 160 gb classic.  I have no problems updating that as long as the laptop/pc/ipad are synced.   If  I purchase the unlimited icloud storage will I be able to push the music to an Ipad or Iphone??  I'm eventually going to switch my next desktop to a Mac, but the incompatibility of the music collection I've collected over the years is my main deterrent.

    No, at the present time Airdrop is not supported on iOS devices.
    See here for compatible machines

  • How can I use Time Capsule as a storage device to play my music from, but get Wifi from a different place?

    I have all of my music stored on my Time Capsule, I'm using it as an external hard drive, however, my WiFi comes through my school's campus routers. How can I connect to their WiFi, but still be able to access the files on my Time Capsule?

    You can set the TC to join the campus wifi but I do not recommend that method. You make the TC available to everybody in the process.. and it will be super slow. All files to and from your TC, then go via the campus routers and wifi system.
    You cannot have two independent wireless connections at the same time..
    You can use ethernet to the TC.. this is fastest and best method.. keeps the TC totally isolated from the network.
    Or you can use a USB wireless stick in the computer to join a second wireless network.. I recommend using 5ghz as it is much faster.

  • Can I use ICloud as backup for my huge movie archive ?

    Hi Mac Friends, first I have to admit that I am not a computer expert, but willing to learn. I have many movies stored on 2 external HDD's, approx 3,5 TB, and I am scared of loosing data for any stupid reason. What's the best, saving data on another HDD, or using ICloud ? Thanks to all who are responding

    You can't use iCloud for general file storage such as your movies.  There are other cloud-based options available that will, some of which are listed here on Roger Wilmut's site:
    If might be cheaper to just copy them to another external HDD or two, and save these offsite or in a fire safe if you're concerned about losing them.

  • Help using my zen touch to use as a mass storage device

    Hello all I have a zen touch DAP-HD004
    Does anyoe know of a way to use this as a mass storage device not just for audio media files,
    any help would be greatly apreciated
    paul roy

    Okay, usb_modeswitch works fine.  There is one odd quirk though...  Arch is set up so that it loads XBMC by default (I'm using this as a media PC).  On my old wifi adapter, which does not need modeswitch, the weather and news on XBMC update immediatly when it is started.  With this wifi adapter they do not update at all.  I can tolerate this though, but if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!

  • Can I use iCloud on a PC without any Apple OS device?

    I have no Apple devices and nothing with an Apple OS. How can I use iCloud on my Windows-based devices?

    yes, you can but why would you want to?

  • Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra as Mass Storage Device?

    I found an old Nomad Jukebox in my closet and seeing as its pretty obsolete im wondering if there are any firmwares that will allow this to function as a plain usb dri've instead of only being able to sync with specific software.

    nosmokingbandit wrote:
    Probably Windows 7 more than anything else, but the main reason i would like it to behave like a mass storage device is so i can plug it into my car stereo via usb and play music from it. Sure, i could use the auxillary plug, but i find it easier to navigate to a song using my headunit's controls than the Jukebox's.
    Well since that is how you want to use it you could always remove the hardri've format it & use it in a portable hardri've enclosure.Your car stereo does it read an MTP device? What make & model is your car stereo? Do you have access to a XP/Service 2/WMP0 computer?

  • Help my computer does say USB Mass storage device

    ok so i can't charge my ipod and the computer doesn't even recognize that i have connect the ipod. so i went here
    and it told me what to look for so i lookded for it but my computer doesn't say anything like USB Mass Storage Device or Ipod. I was wondering is there any way for me to download USB Mass Storage Device for the ipod.
    If so can you help me do it.
    Ipod Video   Windows XP  

    How about this article?
    iTunes for Windows: iTunes 7 doesn't recognize iPod

  • Can I use iCloud as my library instead of using local storage?  Would I be able to synchronize the music on my phone? and make CDs out of the my music in the icloud using itunes?

    Can I use iCloud as my library instead of using local storage?  Would I be able to synchronize the music on my phone? and make CDs out of the my music in the icloud using itunes?

    Many thanks JEM24 for your help.  Ive just spent the best part of six hundred pounds on a new Sony Rx100m2 compact camera, so I have no interest in the Ipods camera at all really. I doubt Ill be watching many videos on it as Im very lucky in that I have a good Android tablet. Its more as a stock music player that Ill be buying the Ipod for, if indeed I do end up buying one. I dont like the idea of paying the exorbitant amount added for more memory space that Apple along with most other companies charge. In fact I read an article on this very subject just yesterday in the tech section of Flipboard. It stated in the article that in the case of the Iphone  the actual cost of each additional  gigabyte of storage  to Apple et al is something in the order of 60p.. This is certainly not reflected in the price us the customer has to pay at the till.. Its for this reason primarily that Apple in particular, because their products do not allow adding expandable memory of your own in the form of cheap to buy cards, that nobody in their right mind buys the 64gig etc Iphones..I am aware that we are discussing my potential purchase of an Ipod Touch here but you see my point. Many thanks again though for helping me.

  • Can i use e60 as a usb mass storage device over bl...

    Anyone knows if i can use e60 as a usb mass storage device over bluetooth?

    no you cannot, mass storage is a USB device class like you said yourself.

  • Can I use iCloud storage to upgrade my 4s to ios6?

    Can I use iCloud storage to upgrade my 4s to ios6?

    Click here and see the bottom of the page.

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    Hi Gurus,               I had tested IDES system and it doesnt have live cache , can i use the system for further.Please conform me as i requested for it that it doesnt work. Thanks in advance regards, Kumar

  • PULLDP.MSI not trusted

    Hi all, I have one PullDP already configured and pulling content regularly and smoothly. Now, to pull down new content or new content version I note the following logged message in DISTMGR.LOG saying that PULLDP.MSI is not trusted, Primary site OS is