Can i use Logic Pro with Macbook?

My Macbook is 2GHz Intel Core Duo with 1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM... Can i use the Logic Pro 8?

But it works with 1 GB of Ram? To buy new memory for this computer here in Brazil is very hard and expense... Thank you!

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  • Can I use Logic Pro 9.1.6 on two computers with one licens

    I have download and install Logic Pro 9.1.6 on my MacBookPro 13". I record on location with my MacBook an wil edit and arrange the music on my iMac at home. Can I use Logic Pro 9.1.6 on two computers with one licens. I'm the owner of both computers. If it can where can I find the program on my MacBook? and how to install and register?

    Hi, is  the iMac also 10.6.8? I had an iMac die when 10.6.8 was installed, it worked at first but after some You Tube flash videos the screen just locked and no mouse clicking anywhere did anything. It turned out that most older iMacs [ mine was from august 2007] have a graghics chipset that can't handle Snow Leopard, there were [are?] 77 pages on this "locked screen"topic in the Snow Leopard forum. I checked out a web site that tells you how much your mac is worth by filling in the sereal number-mine was worth only $168, I may give it to a friend for his children to play with, although that seems unholy. I doubt anyone woud buy it,the problem is now so well known that even Apple certified resellars here in the Netherlands refuse to repair them,they claim Apple will revoke their certification if they replace the faulty Graphics unit,it is also VERY hard to get to that unit in an iMac, everything is so tightly packed inside.
    If your iMac is running Mountain Lion[10.8.0] you may have to change the app store preference to accept apps from all sites,normally ML will only allow app store apps to be downloaded.

  • "Can I use Logic Pro in my new imac with 2.66 intel core 2 duo"

    Can I use Logic Pro in my new imac with 2.66 intel core 2 duo? With the new leopard operating system?
    I have a 002 rack from digidesign, that should be good running with a logic pro 8 DAW.

    Can I use Logic Pro in my new imac with 2.66 intel core 2 duo? With the new leopard operating system?
    Yes. Click here for more information.

  • Hello! Can i use logic pro x with mbox 2 ?

    Hello! Can i use logic pro x with mbox ?

    Yes, I´m quite sure you can, go here:
    Haven't fully tested it myself, but have a go.

  • Using Logic Pro with Reason 3.0

    I am trying to use logic Pro with reason 3.0. I want to be able to sync them together to use redrum within reason as my drum machine. I am using a MOTU 828 mk II audio interface with 8 in's and 8 out's.
    When I start logic first and the reason I am not hearing any sound from reason. I can see the meters move in the mixer of reason but I hear nothing.
    From the standard documentation that comes with Logic all I can figure out is that rewire is there to sync any other rewire program so that can run side by side of one sequences transport controls.
    I want to be able to hear audio from both my arrangement in Logic and in Reason at the same time in the same song in sync.
    Can someone please tell me firstly if this is possible and if so how can I implement this kind of setup.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Common problem. LP doesn't rewire 'out of the box'.
    There are two ways to do this (well, more, but I'll tell you 2)
    1 (Easy Way):
    Restart Mac (Just to be sure things are sorted, not everytime)
    Launch Logic
    Launch Reason
    Arrange Window
    Choose a Channel> Pan Left
    Go to the Middle section of the Parameters on the Left
    With the Channel pop up menu, select Rewire> RWMix L
    Repeat for the Right and away you go.
    2 (More Advanced)
    Environment Window
    In the Middle section of the parameters on the Left select Create
    Name it Rewire
    Under that windows "New" pull down (Top Left), pull down to Audio Object
    In the "Channel" pop up (Left, bottom section) select>Rewire (Left, right, 3,4... What ever you want.
    Double Click the Audio Object to expand it
    Pan Left or right, or whatever you need.
    Rename if you wish
    Do the same for the other stereo sideNow's the fun part. Assign these stereo pairs to a bus (above the fader, the default is "Out 1-2")
    Go to the Mixer window
    Double click the Bus you assigned, this puts it in the arrange window
    Arrange window
    Name the Bus "Rewire" or "ReDrum" or something great like that.
    Now you can use it like a stereo pair (which I wish Logic had) for automation and effects and such.

  • Can I use logic express with my Macbook

    I just got a macbook and i was wondering if I can use Logic express or pro on it??

    it of coourse depends what you want to do with it - but yes!
    by all acounts logic express and pro will run very well on the new macbooks.
    I'm using pro on my old powerbook - just about manage to use it live and it's slow but useable to get ideas down onto and am using an intel imac as my main studio computer with logic pro 7.2.3 - it's essentially the same as a macbook except it doesn't have integrated graphics and it has a faster hard disk which does make a difference. Apart from that i'm sure your new macbook would toast my powerbook in terms of performance.
    Be sure to get the intel version of logic (7.2 and above) as an older "ppc" version may run but is not supported and would probably run very slowly.

  • LOGIC PRO; with Macbook or Macbook Pro???????????????????????

    Just wondering if you could help me. I 'm hesitating to buy MacBook or MacBook pro to use the LOgic Pro7. My question is; do you think that with the MacBOok will work properlly, or not? Do I need to buy the MacBook Pro? Please, help me becouse I should buy it in one week time....and I am soo confused
    Thanks xx
      Windows 2000  

    It's still me, but hey ..
    I'm sure Stefy, willing to spend 700 quid on Logic Pro, was not planning on using the build in speakers of any laptop to do music. If so: Wrong. You can however use the build in analog (or digital) output to hook up to a stereo or to active monitors, they aren't bad at all. I've done it myself a few times when on the road.
    As for soundcards, I can warmly recommend the new tc Konnekt series. The mic pres are really good for the price (and I use Neve, SSL, Fairchild, Neumann and the like when it comes to pres on a daily basis, just so you know where I come from), and generally they seem quite solidly build and the drivers too (even though the GUI is a bit, ehm, quirky).
    Express vs. Pro. Well. You do get some some quite good Logic-only plugs with Pro that aren't there in Express and with the intel based portables you can actually USE these plugs too. There's a few features that I really like in Pro that aren't in Express too. Strip Silence, Curve Tool, those sorts of things. That being said, having to deal with the XSKey sticking out the side of your laptop is a bit hairy, so what I do is I run Express when on the road-on the road, and Pro (XSkey and a couple of iLoks) when stationary-on the road (so to speak). Luckily, the two haven't got any probs whatsoever opening each other's songs. In fact, I've had clients come over with sketches they'd done in GarageBand and both Logics open them NP as well.
    It would be good to know what you're actually planning to use Logic for, Stefy. Then it's much easier to advice you.
    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

  • Issue using logic pro with bfd 2.0 - not enough RAM?

    Right, I posted a little while ago when I first installed BFD 2 on my mac pro, and was having problems whenever I tried to use any effects (either in Logic itself or in the BFD 2 program) whilst using BFD 2. What I think I forgot to mention was I was trying to do different processing on different "areas" of the drum kit, and I wanted to use the Logic effects, so I had a number of tracks with BFD 2 loaded as the instrument.
    Well, I phoned a local Apple-certified shop to ask for advice on this, as nothing I'd tried had fixed the issue. The guy suggested I try a clean install of the OS and Logic and BFD 2, to see if that fixed the issue. I* have done this, and logic now works with BFD 2 and effects when I have just one BFD 2 tracks, but as soon as I add another and program some MIDI notes into the 2nd instance, even just a bar or two, then play the whole song, there is a large amount of digital noise. Now, on my mac pro, i only have one HDD - the system disk - and 4 gb ram. I had just now come to the conclusion that, with the minimum spec for Logic being 1GB, and for BFD 2 being 1GB, with the OS running as well it's actually likely the system is short of RAM. But now I see that it can also be an issue if your Logic project is stored on your system disk.
    So I'm thinking of getting both an extra, internal (SATA) HDD, and an extra 8GB RAM at least. Is this likely to solve the issue? I'm not currently using an interface with it, and as I say, with just one BFD 2 track, it's fine, the issue is caused when I try to add more BFD 2 tracks. Obviously, without an interface, I am unable to try recording audio to see if there is an issue with that too.

    You also need to upgrade to the latest version of BFD2. There were many fixes. You should also install BFD2 samples on another hard drive. The 4 gigs of memory you have is more than enough. Your main problem is probably not installing the samples of a separate drive. Hope this helps. BFD2 is an incredible program once you have it set up properly. As noted previously switching from 24 bit to 16 bits will help also.

  • Can I use logic Pro 9 on both my laptop and my i Mac?

    I have iMac 24 for use at home and just bought a mac book pro laptop. Can I use the same program on both computers? One for remote recording and one in my studio at home? Thanks!

    If you are talking about the App Store version of Logic Pro 9...
    You can actually install Logic on any number of Macs you own so long as you use the same Apple ID and Password to download them via the App Store. Just look under the Purchased tab to find the download button.

  • Have just upgraded to Lion and can't use Logic pro 9 .1.5 or Mainstage.Keep getting message : L P 9 app cannot be used on this computer.Also can't reinstall from DVD.Any idea's.

    Have just upgraded to Lion and can no longer use some apps namely Logic pro 9.1.5 and Mainstage ,Also can't reinstall them from DVD ,any idea's.Plus also locked out of Terminal by Administrater{Me}.

    Maybe the real Logic cracks in the Logic Studio Forum can answer/help.

  • Can I use Filemaker pro with Thunderbird to send emails

    I use Filemaker Pro 11 for my database which is a list of names and addresses. I currently use Microsoft Outloook to send Emails. I have ten mailboxes on Network Solutions. They let me send 100 emails at a time, for each box for a maximum of 1000 per hour.

    No. mail merging is done with an add-on and it does not use filemaker.

  • Can I use Logic Pro 9 Sound Libraries with LPX or do I need to download them all anew?

    I have LP9 installed on my system. Does LPX use the same sound files, or must I download them all again?

    Yes you can - maybe.
    These are all free to use, as clearly stated in section 2.C of the iLife Software License Agreement:
    “You may use the Apple and third party audio content (“Audio Content”) contained in or otherwise included with the Apple software, on a royalty-free basis, to create your own original soundtracks for your video and audio projects. You may broadcast and/or distribute your own soundtracks that were created using the Audio Content, however, individual samples, sound sets, or audio content may not be commercially or otherwise distributed on a standalone basis, nor may they be repackaged in whole or in part as audio samples, sound files, sound effects or music beds.”
    You may need to contact Apple Legal:

  • Can I use logic remote with a USB cable rather than wifi connection?

    I don't have wifi in my studio. Has anyone gotten it to work with a USB cable?

    tsand19151 wrote:
    I don't see how this would be possible. The app is for an iPad, which has no support for USB. I could be wrong, though.
    You are mistaken..
    The iPad does support a USB to Mac connection.. use the Camera Connection kit for iPads 2/3 and the USB connector for iPad 4s or achieve this...
    I use USB with apps like TouchOSC without issue...

  • Is anyone successfully using Logic Pro with a Thunderbolt RAID?

    I am having hanging issues before recording which I would like to narrow down possible causes - thanks

    I am having hanging issues before recording which I would like to narrow down possible causes - thanks

  • Audio input,  Logic Pro with Lion

    When I change my Audio input, I have to reboot my computer for the change to work. I am using Logic Pro with Lion on a macbook Pro. I am switching between a Mbox Mini3 and a Blue Yeti Mic. Is this normal?

    What happens if you disable, then enable "software monitoring"?
    I would imagine it has more to do with Avid's Core Audio drivers for the MBox.
    Also, this is a personal preference:  I never have the Mac using the pro-audio interfaces, only Logic.
    In Audio-Midi Setup and in System Preferences/Sound I only have "Built-In Audio" selected, my recording interface is for use with Logic only.

Maybe you are looking for

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