Can no longer read "Comments" on New York Times website

I updated Flash Player on Monday to the latest version, but today (Tuesday) find I can no longer read the "comments" attached to various articles on the NYT website.  Neither of our other home machines (an early iPad and a win7 laptop) have this problem, nor were they updated.  I contacted NYT, and they said they can't duplicate the problem, nor are others reporting the problem.
My system is Windows 8 64bit, (not 8.1 and not touch-enabled).  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Many thanks.

The thing is... The NYT comments DON'T require or use Flash Player.  They use Java, which is a separate plugin and has nothing to do with Flash.
How do I know? I disabled Flash and went to their pages:
There are the comments with NO Flash Player activated.
Try updating Java.
And BTW, you can't update Flash Player on an iPad, because there never was a Flash Player for iOS.

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  • Since the most recent Firefox updates, I am having trouble with certain features on The New York Times website; I can no longer see certain weblog comments, or post comments, etc.

    This question is admittedly a little complicated. The New York Times website has a number of weblog pages which include brief stories followed by space for readers to leave comments. You probably need to be a Times On-Line subscriber to really see what I'm talking about, but some examples would be this City Room blog: or this Arts Beat blog:
    Since the most recent Firefox updates, when I view these pages, which traditionally have a number of reader comments at the bottom of the Times' story (or at least a space to leave a comment), I can no longer see the comments. There's simply empty. blank space. I know that the comments are there; if I open Internet Explorer and log on to the same page, the comments are suddenly visible. I don't understand where this problem has come from. I haven't noticed whether I'm missing seeing anything on other websites yet.
    I also cannot post comments on other parts of the Times website; while the pages dedicated to story-specific reader comment seem to load correctly and the space to type my comment does appear, I can't actually submit the comment. Repeated pressing of the "submit" icon has no effect. Once again, this works normally in IE.
    For the record, in the past week, I have changed my computer's anti-virus software from McAfee to Norton 360. I run Windows XP. If there's any another information I can provide, please advise, as I vastly prefer running Firefox to IE.

    If it happens again then try to reload the website or clear the cache and the cookies from that website.
    Reload web page(s) and bypass the cache.
    * Press and hold Shift and left-click the Reload button.
    * Press "Ctrl + F5" or press "Ctrl + Shift + R" (Windows,Linux)
    * Press "Cmd + Shift + R" (MAC)
    "Clear the Cache":
    * Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage (Cache): "Clear Now"
    "Remove Cookies" from sites causing problems:
    * Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"

  • Can't open links on New York Times website

    I have the New York Times as my home page. Until yesterday, I had no issues accessing any of the content within (except for the new Premium articles.) However, when I click on any article, I get an error back that says no data found. If I log in through Explorer, I don't have this issue.
    Just me?

    Thanks a lot for the tip! I wrote to the NYTimes webmaster but did not get a reply. However, the next day my problem was solved and I could access all content as I did previously. Either a coincidence or...? I'll take it either way and thanks again!

  • Suddenly can't open content on New York Times website

    I have Safari 1.3.1 & have had as my homepage for a year. I suddenly cannot open any content, (get the following error: Safari cannot open the page...because it could not load any data from this location. I have emptied the cache & reset Safari.
    Any thoughts?
    eMac   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    Thanks a lot for the tip! I wrote to the NYTimes webmaster but did not get a reply. However, the next day my problem was solved and I could access all content as I did previously. Either a coincidence or...? I'll take it either way and thanks again!

  • Suddenly New York Times website not working in Safari

    I often leave the NYT website up on a tab in Safari, where it auto-refreshes every five minutes or so.  Worked fine earlier today.  Now I get "Page Not Found" posted by NYT with some suggestions and a short list of content.  This is on my iMac, see identical behavior on my MacBook Pro with Safari.  But: the site works fine in Firefox, on both machines.  I have the NYT extension in Safari on the iMac but not on the MBP.  No other extensions.
    Did run into some kind of malware yesterday when looking up song lyrics in Safari, somehow got a popup from url "<bunch of stuff>" that claimed to be "from the FBI" and tried to extort money; had to Force Quit Safari and hold Shift on the re-launch so as not to reopen that page, but after that Safari seemed fine.  Or maybe there's some lingering problem?  (But this wouldn't explain the behavior on the MBP.)  Kinda puzzling.  Thanks for any tips.  (Safari v6.0.5, OSX 10.8.5)

    Thanks for the tip!  I checked for malicious adware per Safe Mac instructions, found nothing suspicious. (Doubted DNS or network or other causes because is Safari-specific problem.) Meanwhile, the problem has gone away!  I suspect the NYT folks found and fixed something, because all I did was refresh their page in Safari (on iMac and MBP) and voila!, it displayed correctly. 
    Might it be useful for Apple to know more about this problem, since it appeared to expose a vulnerability in Safari that was not present in Firefox?  I'd suggest contacting NYT to see if they can enlighten.
    Thanks again for help.

  • On the New York Times website, why do I end at the login prompt? I am a subscriber and logged in. Mac OS X.
    When I email, I often end at the login prompt. I am subscriber already logged in. This does not happen on PCs with firefox and does not happen on my mac with Safire. I clear the cache and this works sometimes but not other times.

    I have a similar problem.
    I get logged in at some points, but not others. Usually I get looped around to no avail.

  • Just got hit with the New York Times Virus!

    Hey guys,
    While visiting the New York Times website I got a pop up saying I need to click to get antivirus for my computer, of course I said no but am I infected and should I reformat my drive. I won't post any links, just Google it yourself and you can see this is all over the internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Of if anyone had encountered this.

    It's actually a 'rogue virus' that wants you to click OK to buy a solution for a nonexistent problem on your machine. Same thing happened to me on Saturday, and a few million N.Y. Times internet readers. So I called the Apple helpline and was told to reset Safari, being sure to click "clear history, empty the cache, and remove all cookies". And that was that. (To reset, click "Safari" on the top bar, click "reset", and click the three options I mentioned. No need to reformat anything or spend more than a couple of minutes on this phony 'warning'.

  • Unable to use interective photo galleries (i.e. New York Times' before/after Japan tsunami damages, and others, also in NYT website) Had to use Google Chrome, even though not my default browser.

    On 03/13/2011, I could not use an interactive photo gallery in the New York Times website. I had a slide on each picture which showed the before and after the tsunami damage, in Japan.
    I had to use Google Chrome, though Firefox is my default browser.
    I had the same problem with the photo gallery of dresses during and after the Oscar event.

    That site relies upon JavaScript to use the before and after feature. Make sure JavaScript is enabled, to do that open the Options window, go to the Content panel and make sure "Enable JavaScript" is selected.
    If you have an add-on such as NoScript that blocks JavaScript, you need to set it to allow scripts to run on that site.

  • Why can I no longer copy a word or phrase from a New York Times article with a right-click? To copy I have to go to the toolbar Edit|Copy.

    mouse right-click no longer allows me to select Copy of a word or phrase in a New York Times article. To copy I have to use the Firefox tool bar Edit|Copy.
    == URL of affected sites ==

    One or more of your add-ons could be affecting the right-click function. You did not list your extensions. Type '''about:support''' in your URL/location bar to see a list of your Extensions, modified preferences and other Firefox information.
    <u>'''Safe Mode'''</u>
    You may need to use '''[[Safe Mode]]''' (click on "Safe Mode" and read) to localize the problem. Firefox Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode that disables Extensions and some other features of Firefox. If you are using a theme, switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Add-ons > Themes <u>'''before'''</u> starting Safe Mode. When entering Safe Mode, do not check any items on the entry window, just click "Continue in Safe Mode". Test to see if the problem you are experiencing is corrected.
    '''[[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]'''
    '''[[Troubleshooting plugins]]'''
    '''[[Basic Troubleshooting]]'''
    If the problem does not occur in Safe-mode then disable all of your Extensions and Plug-ins and then try to find which is causing it by enabling <u>'''one at a time'''</u> until the problem reappears. <u>'''You MUST close and restart Firefox after EACH change'''</u> via File > Restart Firefox (on Mac: Firefox > Quit). You can use "Disable all add-ons" on the Safe mode start window.
    <u>'''''Other Issues'''''</u>: ~~red:You have installed plug-ins with known security issues. You should update them immediately.~~
    <u>'''Install/Update Adobe Flash Player for Firefox'''</u>: your ver. 10.0 r32; current ver. 10.1 r53 ('''important security update 2010-06-10''')
    See: '''[ Updating Flash]'''
    -'''<u>use Firefox to download</u>''' and <u>'''SAVE to your hard drive'''</u> (save to Desktop for easy access)
    -exit Firefox (File > Exit)
    -check to see that Firefox is completely closed (''Ctrl+Alt+Del, choose Task Manager, click Processes tab, if "firefox.exe" is on the list, right-click "firefox.exe" and choose End process, close the Task Manager window'')
    -double-click on the Adobe Flash installer you just downloaded to install/update Adobe Flash
    -when the Flash installation is complete, start Firefox, and test the Flash installation here:
    *<u>'''NOTE: On Vista and Windows 7'''</u> you may need to run the plugin installer as Administrator by starting the installer via the right-click context menu if you do not get an UAC prompt to ask for permission to continue (i.e nothing seems to happen). See this:
    *'''<u>NOTE for IE:</u>''' Firefox and most other browsers use a Plugin. IE uses an ActiveX version of Flash. To install/update the IE ActiveX Adobe Flash Player, same instructions as above, except use IE to download the ActiveX Flash installer.
    *Also see: ~~red:'''''and'''''~~ [[How do I edit options to add Adobe to the list of allowed sites]]

  • I recently uploaded 10.8, but I have a number of VALUABLE old files which I can no longer read because "power PC applications are no longer supported.  How can I retrieve them?

    I recently uploaded 10.8, but I have a number of VALUABLE old files which I can no longer read because "power PC applications are no longer supported.  How can I retrieve them"?

    Here is a post I assembled for another with a similar problem:
    Unfortunately you got caught up in the minor miracle of Rosetta.  Originally licensed by Apple when it migrated from the PowerPC CPU platform that it had used from the mid-1990's until the Intel CPU platform in 2006, Rosetta allowed Mac users to continue to use their library of PPC software transparently in emulation.
    However, Apple's license to continue to use this technology expired with new releases of OS X commencing with Lion (and now Mountain Lion).  While educational efforts have been made over the last 6 years, the fact is that Rosetta was SO successful that many users were caught unaware UNTIL they upgraded to Lion or Mountain Lion.
    1. If your Mac will support it, restore OS X Snow Leopard;
    2.  If your Mac will support it, partition your hard drive or add an external hard drive and install Snow Leopard into it and use the "dual-boot" method to choose between your PPC software or Lion/Mt. Lion;
    3. Upgrade to an Intel compatible versions of your software, or find alternatives that will open your data files;
    3.  Install Snow Leopard (with Rosetta) into Parallels:
                                  [click on image to enlarge]
    Full Snow Leopard installation instructions here:
    NOTE: STEP ONE of the instructions must currently be completed on a Snow Leopard or Lion Mac and the resulting modified Snow Leopard.cdr install file can then be moved over to your Mountain Lion Mac for completion of the remaining steps.
    NOTE 2:  Computer games with complex, 3D or fast motion graphics make not work well or at all in virtualization.

  • I can no longer read Yahoo verizon mail, RETR error, I can send

    I can no longer read e-mails from Yahoo Verizon. I can send them. I am getting a messageBox with the error "The RETR command did not succeed. Error retrieving a message. Mail server responded: problem retrieving message."
    I verified my settings, which were working up until I tried to read any mail from June 2014 onward.
    Settings:, port 995, POP3, SSL/TLS normal password, automatically download new message, leave messages on server
    Running Fedora 20, Thunderbird 24.7.0
    Bob Cavanaugh

    I assume Yahoo have reindexed all their mail yet again (Their service is rubbish really if oyu don't use web mail)
    Open your profile folder, locate the popstate.dat file and delete it.
    ALL mail currently on the server will download. if that is 100,000 mils then that is what it will be. You seriously need to consider using IMAP as they can not screw it up as badly as they do POP.

  • Since upgrading to ios8, pages very slow to load, and can no longer read items in my reading list when offline. ?????

    SI since upgrading to ios8, Safari pages are very slow to load, Kindle crashes upon opening, and I can no longer read saved artices from my reading list when offline. Big disappointment. Is it possible to downgrade to previous ios?

    I actually managed to fix it! But unfortunately I don't know what I was that I did that helped.
    Anyways, this is kind of what I did.
    1. I tried to reset form bakup via iTunes, no change.
    2. I tried to reset as a new iPhone, problem still there and reading list also as bookmarks!? (several hundred)
    3. Noticed that I could delete a bookmark, once in a while, the other times I got the 'Bookmarks are being synced. Please edit the bookmarks once syncing has completed.' message.
    4. Because I figured that it was a memory problem, I thought it made sense to delete as many as possible, witch I did.
    5. Noticed that it was more likely that I coould delete a bookmark if I restarted Safari.
    6. Notice that it was even more likely that I could delete a bookmark if I turned the Safari sync with iCould off (with option detete information on iPhone) and then back on again.
    7. When I was about half way through deleting the bookmark list I suddenly discovered that all but one of the items in my reading list was 'waiting' and one was downloading. I kind of was 'unstuck' now.
    8. I started to delete items in my reading list, but every other time I got the 'Bookmarks are being synced. Please edit the bookmarks once syncing has completed.' message.
    9. It took a while to delete all bookmarks and items in the reading list.
    Hope you guys could use the info here to fix your problems too!

  • I am using CC adobe Acrobat to combine multiple pdfs and add page numbers. Mac users can no longer read the page numbers but pc users can.

    I am using CC adobe Acrobat to combine multiple pdfs and add page numbers. As of about 2 weeks ago the mac users can no longer read the page numbers they get a font error message and see only -- where the page information should be. The pc users do not have this same problem. When I replace our regular font (URW Grotesk) with a system font (Verdana) everyone is able to read the page numbers. This is a new issues, I have been creating these documents in the same way for years without a problem. I have been on hold and on and off calls for the last two hours, I keep getting hung up on once I find someone in adobe support to talk to!

    Hi KnoopL,
    Are the Mac users using Preview to view the pdfs or Adobe Reader?

  • With the latest FF update I can't load the New York Times

    I updated FF and Flash Player today and now I can't load the New York Times - all I get is a page with links. Other sites are loading OK. I've tried changing the security.mixed_content.block_active_content to false and that didn't help.
    I've got FF 36:0 and I use Windows. Does anybody know whether this is a FF problem and if there's a solution?
    I don't think it's my plug-ins because other sites load easily but these are the ones I've got:
    *Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 10.1.13
    * Citrix Online App Detector Plugin
    * Version
    * Google Update
    * Musicnotes Viewer plugin 1.21.0 For more information visit
    * The QuickTime Plugin allows you to view a wide variety of multimedia content in Web pages. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site.
    * Shockwave Flash 17.0 r0
    * Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version
    * 5.1.30514.0
    * VLC media player Web Plugin 2.1.3
    * NPWLPG
    * iTunes Detector Plug-in

    That's what we are here for.
    Many site issues can be caused by corrupt cookies or cache.
    * Clear the Cache and
    * Remove Cookies<br> '''''Warning ! ! '' This will log you out of sites you're logged in to.'''
    Type '''about:preferences'''<Enter> in the address bar.
    * '''Cookies;''' Select '''Privacy.''' Under '''History,''' select Firefox will '''Use Custom Settings.''' Press the button on the right side called '''Show Cookies.''' Use the search bar to look for the site. Note; There may be more than one entry. Remove '''All''' of them.
    * '''Cache;''' Select '''Advanced > Network.''' Across from '''Cached Web Content,''' Press '''Clear Now.'''
    If there is still a problem,
    '''[ Start Firefox in Safe Mode]''' {web link}
    While you are in safe mode;
    Type '''about:preferences#advanced'''<Enter> in the address bar.
    Under '''Advanced,''' Select '''General.'''
    Look for and turn off '''Use Hardware Acceleration'''.
    Poke around safe web sites. Are there any problems?
    Then restart.

  • How do I turn off automatic renewal of subscriptions eg to New York Times. AND can I be sure that when I download an update I am not being hooked into an on going subscription. Thankyou

    How do I turn off automatic renewal of subscriptions eg to New York Times.
    AND can I be confident that when I download an apstore update I am not then being hooked into an on going subscription.Thankyou

    I am using German OS therefore maybe the items are called differently in English:
    1) Go into the main menu
    2) Select "Alerts"
    3) select the Profile you like to adjust
    4) Select App Alerts
    5) Select Email
    6) You sould see your 3 mail accounts listed
    7) Select the one you like to "mute" and you can set everything (sound, LED, vibration etc. individually for this acount)
    Hope it helps
    Please feel free to hit "Like" if my post was helpful :-) Thank You!

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