Can not import PhotoShop CS3 files into Illustrator CS3

Worked just fine yesterday. I can place a JPG. I typically just drag a PSD into Illustrator. I now get an error message sayng it can not read the file. I have tried placing the file and nothing happens (no messages or warnings).
I tried saving the PSD as a TIF, but no luck here either.
I have tried opening a new file and dragging various PSD files in. It seems that none of the work any longer.
And yes I've rebooted.

I have the exact same problem. I haven't placed PSD files into Illustrator for quite a while, but I just tried it this morning and it doesn't work (just like the OP). I even opened a file about a year old, which used to work just fine, but now the PSD file doesn't appear and I can't re-import it. So it has to be some issue recently introduced.
@Galumph - I have Vista x64 and 8GB of RAM. Is there a specific issue that applies to this particular combo?

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    I have sketches and files on Adobe Idea on the iPad. How to I bring them into Illustrator and preserve the layers, etc? .png, .pdf and .jpg don't seem to do this. I'm sorry if this is a "no duh" question, but I am just starting out with these programs and would appreciate the help. The question didn't turn up in a forum search.
    Thank you in advance!

    Mr. Zimmerman,
    Thank you for taking up six post spaces on this forum question. Obviously I haven't read any of the app information, or subscribed to the adobe cloud, or searched the forums, despite having used those to discover this problem. Perhaps I should have underlined the program name that I mentioned in my original post, and the file formats I listed, which are only available if downloaded from the cloud, so that you could have more easily understood my question. I should have included Google link for the application so you wouldn't have to waste time looking it up for yourself. Maybe I should have mentioned that I called support and they suggested that I post in the forums to see if anyone else had gotten around the problem.
    Also, sadly, the link doesn't answer my question. You seem to think that I am simply trying to export files. I have demonstrated in my original question and my reply to a previous answer, that I have already exported in every file available for use with the app and the cloud. I was asking, since I need to clarify, why .idea files would not open in Illustrator CS3, and why, when other file formats were tried, did they not preserve the layers. Also, since they wouldn't, was there another way to export besides the -listed- export file formats that would allow layers. And, as before when I tried a search in the Adobe Ideas forum, there was no answer to how to open an idea file in CS3, or preserve the layers in CS3 in any of the other file formats offered.
    I am sorry that you misunderstood my question.
    Have a lovely day!

  • Can't import any .psd files into after effects.

    Hello all.
    I was using CS5 master collection without issue, for a year. 
    Decided to upgrade to the CS6 master collection and that’s when the problems began.
    For example, I can’t import any .psd files into AE.
    All files are saved in RGB mode.
    The previous files were made on CS5.
    I made a new .psd file in CS6 with just a couple of layers on it, couldn’t import that either.
    I’ve tried Ctrl-alt-shift to delete preferences, that had limited success. I can import a file and do a little bit of work on it but as soon as I close the file down and opened it up again, it does not recognise the .psd file.
    The errors I’m getting in AE are many
    For example:
    After Effects warning: Reading past end of file
    After Effects error: Could not open intro.psd because it is not a valid Photoshop document
    After Effects error: Crash in progress. Last logged message:<8104><dynamiclink><5>C:\ProgramFiles\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\Adobe Premiere Pro exe
    After Effects error: Not enough memory to initialise PSL
    I have un-installed and re-installed many times.
    I’m using Windows 8, with 32ram. Hard drives C: 100mg, D: 2 Tb
    I’ve tried installing on both drives, still the same thing happens. 
    Does anyone out there in Adobe Land have any ideas?
    Totally confused

    Hi Arie,
    Thanks for your response.
    It actually happens with every .psd file regardless of size or specs.
    All the other programs in the CS6 master collection work fine, except for AE and PS.
    I tried the small file. Created a small file, 100 px by 100px 72dpi, just with a gradient background. Same thing, not enough memory to initialise PSL.
    I got the adobe cleaner, and re-installed on my system (again) .... same thing.
    As long as I open AE with doing ctrl-alt-shift every single time or export layers from PS individually I seem to be OK.
    The problem is far from solved, so I guess i just have to put up with workarounds.
    Thanks for taking the time to respond

  • How can i import an excel file into formscentral?

    how can i import an excel file into formscentral?

    Thanks for asking.  This is not something we currently support but you can add or vote on feature ideas:
    If you need to add a new idea click "Create an idea" under "Actions" in the top right.

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    Can any one help?
    How can I import MP3 audio files into premiere pro cs5?

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    Yes. Open iPhoto:
    File > Import to Library... > select the .move file > Import

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    You can link to a webpage or an email in Numbers-- that's it.
    The best way I found to do this is to enable websharing on your machine (see this article if you are running 10.8:
    You can then place your pdf files in the folder /Users/<your user name>/Sites/<somefolder>
    Then link to this using the url  "<your machine name>.local/~<your user name>/<somefolder>/<pdf Name>
    My machines name is "Proton" (you can get this from the System Preferences > Sharing pane)
    My user name is "wayne"
    so I stored a pdf file (DM00027543.pdf) in the folder "/User/wayne/Sites/PDFTest"
    and stored the URL "http://proton.local/~wayne/PDFTest/DM00027543.pdf" in the "URL" field of the Hyperlink inspector

  • Unable to place Photoshop psd file in Illustrator CS3

    Can someone help please???
    I am unable to place a Photoshop PSD file in Illustrator and be able to print the document correctly. The Illustrator file is saved as a ai file, both the document & PSD file are CMYK.
    On screen the document looks fine but as soon as I have printed the document, some of file has not printed.
    Do I need to have the Illustrator file as a eps file?
    I used to use an old Photoshop version that had a Export Image option, which was great for something like this, but CS3 doesn't have this option.
    Has anybody got any ideas what I am doing wrong?

    This seems to be an Illy problem, not Photoshop. You might want to check
    with the gurus there, but perhaps a few details, like what printer
    you're using and a few screenshots might help.

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    If you do not have done so, set the "Ignore Ownership" flag on the external drive. YOu can set this flag from the "File > Get Info" panel for the drive.
    How is your external drive formatted?
    Can other applications open these mp3 files? QuickTime? Do they play in the Finder preview?
    Do the filenames contain special charcters?

  • Can We Paste Photoshop Smart Objects Into Illustrator (as Linked/Embedded)?

    Since raster editing is much more limited in Illustrator, is there a way to link or embed an individual Smart Object from Photoshop into Illustrator? I know there is an option to Place a file into Illustrator. But what if I have a larger Photoshop document with many Smart Objects in it, and just want to copy and paste one of those into Illustrator, but also have it update when I update it in Photoshop. Is this possible?

    Copy and Paste won't have a link to the original file. Only Place can have that.

  • Import Quark 6 files into InDesign CS3?

    I'm looking to import my old QuarkExpress 6 files into Indesign CS3. I saw that there is a plug in for about $199 that would allow Indesign to import these files. Is that the only way, or is there a cheaper way to make this happen?
    Thanks for any input.

    This is not a design question. Please ask in the ID forum.

  • How can I import a .AVI file into my project?

    I want to import a .AVI file into my video project but Final Cut Pro will not import it. Final Cut says the file is not recognized but it plays with Quicktime.

    Jamison S wrote:
    DJ OZA,
    Do you get the warning "Media files are not optimized for FCP. Either recapture the media or use Media Manager to crate new copies of the files to improve performance for multi-stream playback."?
    What does this mean?
    I can import and edit the files no problem either, except for that waring, which concerns me.
    It means you will not be able to use the multiclip feature with these files because your Macintosh is working very hard to decode them on the fly. More than one stream will choke your machine.
    Your AVIs are visible in FCP because you happen to have acquired an AVI file that uses a codec you have available on your machine.
    AVI isn't even supported by Microsoft; it's been a totally concatenated delivery wrapper for more than a decade. It only survives because of entrenchment.
    Use Get INfo on one of your AVI clips, figure out what codec was used, use Google to find out what you can about the codec, and decide how you want to proceed. You want to determine what your output is going to be and work backwards from that decision. For instance, if you're going to distribute a standard MPEG2 DVD, you want to edit using conventional DV. Transcode you AVI files to DV using Compressor.
    Your easiest solution will be to edit on a PC that does handles the AVI natively or to contact whoever gae you the files and demand they provide you with clips you can edit on a Macintosh.
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    I am currently working on a flash animation title sequence but for some strange reason I am unable to import the mp3 audio into my flash library.  I keep getting an error message stating that it can not import. 
    Confused animator ZagonGirl

    The file is protected with DRM, encoded oddly or whatever. Try to convert it in an external program.

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    Until I updated lightroom to 5.6 I had no problem with importing mp3 music files into slideshow but since then it informs me it is not a valid format.
    This is very frustrating as have made many slideshow of Weddings,Christenings  etc & have been really pleased with the result & so have my customers.
    Can any of you guys assist me with this problem

    I have the same problem, i have also contact by the telefone but they have no solution
    Jean - Pierre

  • I can not import pictures from iPad into Aperture

    I have an iPad 1, latest iOS. I shoot Nikon RAW files that I import unsingh the camera connector kit (CCK). I use Aperture, again latest version. All of that in OS X latest and greatest on an iMac (March 2009).
    I simply can not import pics from the iPad onto Aperture.
    AP3 does see the iPad when I go in import mode (CMD I) and does see all my pics (just came back from vacation with 3000+).
    Importing All starts the process, the import wheel spins, but the nothing happens . If I double click on the "Importing..." message to see the scheduled tasks, I do see that a number of importing tasks are scheduled.
    However, no progress is ever made.
    Any ideas?

    Are you connected to the wi-fi and/or 3G

Maybe you are looking for

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