Can one SPLIT or FREEZE PANES like one can in Excel?

Is it possible to do anything similar to this in Numbers 08?
Or in any previous version of Numbers?

No, we can not freeze or split panes. And, this is the first version of Numbers. Perhaps in a later version...
By the way, Pages does something very similar to Excel's Print Titles that you may find an acceptable substitute. See 'Using a Table Header Row or Column' in Numbers User Guide, page 69.

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  • Freeze panes, like in Excel?

    Can we have the freeze panes effect in Flex? I like my top
    component staying at the same position in the page while I can
    scroll the bottom part up and down. Thanks

    A Flex app consists of navigators, containers and display
    components. Use two containers, and only enable scrolling in the
    one you want.
    I suggest you set vertical and horizontalScrollPolicy="off"
    for all your containers, including Application. Turn them on where
    you specifically want them. The default behavior,
    scrollPolicy="auto" often works, but also becomes very confusing
    when you have deeply nested containers, and scrollbars start
    popping up all over the place.

  • Freeze panes (like in xl)in basic list

    i need freeze panes(like in xl) option in basic list .
    thank u

    This option is not available in SAP. Please transport is to excel at there you can prepare your file.
    Reward points if useful,

  • Freeze panes(like in xl) option in basic list

    freeze panes(like in xl) option in basic list
    thank u in advance

    I think you are displaying report in ALV format.
    You use fix the column by the option
    fieldcatalog-key = 'X'.
    Now when u scroll right or left then this column will be fixed.
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  • How can I quickly view pdf files like I can do with Windows Picture and Fax viewer for jpg files?

    How can I quickly view pdf files like I can do with Windows Picture and Fax viewer for jpg files? I need to look at several thousand PDF files. It takes too long to open each one individually. The only thing I could think of is combining them into large groups and then using the Navigation index. But I like the way windows Picture and Fax Viewer does it because you can keep the files separate. Combining PDFs causes loss of individual file names. That would be a problem since I do need to have the individual file names.

    Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is a DLL and is started via a rundll32.exe call and can't be set as an application to handle images in Firefox 3 and later versions.
    Try to set Windows Picture and Fax Viewer as the default viewer in Windows, then it should be listed automatically in the Mozilla Firefox Browse dialog.
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  • HT1528 Why can't I bookmark this page like I can with support.discussions pages?

    Why can't I bookmark this page like I can with support.discussions pages?

    Hi UI Guy,
    I can't provide the technical reason, however, I'm farilry certain it is a function of Forum structure itself.
    Don't know if you are interested in suggestions to meet your need to "bookmark pages within the Apple Support system so you can refer back to them easily", but I use them regularly, and do this one of two ways (I use both):
    If it is strictly an Apple Support page that I retrieved from Apple, I bookmark it with clear easy to find names, and put them in my Apple Support Folder in my bookmarks (I use Firefox). That way, when I need to provide a link to someone I'm replying to, I can quickly find the item I want them to be able to link to.
    I also bookmark discussions that have links in them that I may want to use, and tag them so I can find them later.
    I have to say, however, that for Apple Support Pages, the best solution for me has been to have my Apple Folder with my personally named bookmarks in Firefox. Easy to find, easy to cut and paste into a discussion on a separate window, easy to reference when I need to know something.
    Again, don't know if you even wanted to know any of that, but thought I'd share!

  • Can I soft proof in LR4 like I can in PS CS5?

    I haven't used LR 4 yet, but did view the soft-proofing tutorial.
    I applaud Adobe for adding this functionality in LR4.  It was one of the most obvious lacking features in the previous version, and I've still been mostly doing all my printing through PS CS5.
    While soft-proofing is not a perfect replacement for test printing, I've been mostly satisfied with proofing in CS5.
    Proofing in LR4 seems a  little different, but by using a virtual copy it looks like if I use my printer/paper profile I should theoretically be able to not only be able to deal with color gamut issues, but also adjust contrast & brightness to more closely match my original developed image, and could compare the original with virtual copy in compare mode.  Is it that simple?  And if so, why is there a contrast & brightness adjustment in the Print module?  That latter adjustment would be similar to what one goes through in PS CS5 when soft-proofing prior to printing.  However, why have it if it can be done in the Develop module......and regardless, from the video tutorial it looks like you can't preview the image after making those adjustments in the print module nor compare it with the original......thus forcing one to make multiple prints until the result is satisfactory.
    Just seems to me there is a bit more tweaking to do in LR4 to make the soft-proofing more functional.  Or, perhaps I'm too stuck with the paradigm set forth for soft-proofing in PS and need someone to clarify how I can achieve the same result in LR just as confidently.

    Beaulin Liddell wrote:
    BTW, I've benefited immensly from your and Martin's Evenings've never steered me wrong.
    Thanks for the kind words...but LR4's soft proofing is worth the effort to use. It really is better than Photoshop's soft proofing. I'm still on the fence regarding VCs vs Snapshots for soft proofing It's a tossup but the VC part has been built in while making a snapshot wasn't.
    The advantage of LR4's soft proofing is you get the ability to do a Before/After while still using the full range of LR4's controls to adjust the printed version. Makes it really easy to nail great print (assuming you have good print profiles).
    As for the Print module Brightness and Contradt...that's really a special case that doesn't involved color managed output. It's a crutch for those who don't have a locked down system. It's east to tweak but you have to make example prints since the controls don't actually display but only impact the output. I tend to avoid that.

  • How can you modify / customize radio stations like you can with Pandora?

    Hi all, I'd like to customize radio stations to add artists, but the only option I'm seeing is to follow artists. Can you customize radio stations in Spotify like you can with Pandora? I didn't find anything on the boards for this. And also, how do you delete radio stations? I'm not finding Spotify to be very intuitive. Thanks in advance!

    WBM wrote:
    Totally agree...I am on the 30 day premuim trial and will cancel.  Why would I pay $10 a month for a piece a softwate that won't let me make basic deleting a created radio station that I sdon't like or don't want attatched to my profile anymore. Rookie bull**bleep**.  You gotta do better to cmpete.You can always just not listen to that channel;  I keep adding new ones all the time. I admit it would me nice to be able to delete radio stations, but there are many other issues that need tackling first.  IMHO.  You're not paying for the software.  The radio feature is secondary to the extensive library.

  • Can I Copy a preference pane from one mac to another?

    Hi everyone. I regualrly work on a lot of different computers and to save time I've been keeping a usb with a few plists with me that i can drag and drop into the library to save time. I was wondering whether there were any issues with doing this with preference panes (that would have been installed by 3rd party apps, specifically wacom)? This particular pane is usually stored /library/preferance panes.

    Yes, and no.  Yes, if the plist(s) don't contain any pathname info.  Obviously, no, if they do, unless of course the other system has the exact same directory structure and filenames.
    I should add a little caveat about preference panes.  User prefpanes may store plists in ~/Library/ByHost.  And the plist filenames in there usually have a long code and letter sequence which I think is machine specific.  So they probably would be problematic moving to another machine.

  • Apex 4.0, want freeze panes like property for reports header row

    Hello all,
    I have some reports (Interactive, SQL) where when a user moves down to see the bottom rows, I want the header row should also move down with them, means the header row should remain constant in the screen only the data rows move up. Is there a way to do this.
    Is there any option to do this?
    Edited by: Tauceef on Oct 2, 2010 11:33 AM

    Is this possible? If there's a way to reference the column values for conditional display, I haven't been able to find it. No, this is not possible. If you want to conditionally render individual values rather than entire columns based on the value of other columns, build the logic into the SQL query using <tt>case</tt> or <tt>decode</tt> so that either the value or null is returned depending on the condition, or use a custom report template with conditional column templates, or a custom named column template.

  • Can I covert text to columns like I can in Excel?

    If I have a numbers cell that reads:  Mr. Tom Jones; can I parse that cell so I get
    Mr. in one cell; Tom in another cell; and Jones in a third cell?

    As is often the case, there are many ways. Here's one:
    Full Name
    Mr. Tom Jones
    Ms. June Wilcox
    Mister Fred Rogers
    Sr. Ed Bushboulder
    Prefix column: =MID(A, 1, FIND(" ", A)-1)
    First column: =MID(A, LEN(B)+2, FIND(" ", A, LEN(B)+2)-LEN(B)-2)
    Last column: =MID(A, LEN(B&C)+3, LEN(A)-LEN(B&C)-2)

  • I get no sound when I play games on my iPhone 5s with just the speaker but headphone it works. Music works both ways. What do I need to do so I can hear my game without headphones like I can my music

    When playing games on my iphone 5s I can't hear any sound but if I play music from where ever it works. If  I put on headphones I can hear the game would like it to work with sound with out them too what did I do to mess up my phone help please

    Hello tiffay8,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    From your post I understand you're not getting any audio output from your speakers when you're playing games.  Follow the steps below to resolve the issue:
    Verify that the volume is set to a level you would normally be able to hear.
    Ensure that there is nothing plugged in to the headset jack or the dock connector.
    If the iPhone is in a protective case, make sure that the speaker port isn't blocked by the case.
    Make sure that the speaker and dock port aren't clogged with debris. If necessary, clean it with a clean, small, dry, soft-bristled brush. Carefully and gently brush away any debris.
    If an audio issue occurs when using a specific application, try testing other applications to see if the issue persists.
    If the iPhone is paired with a Bluetooth headset or car kit:
    Try turning off Bluetooth.
    If you experience difficulties with the Bluetooth feature, follow these troubleshooting steps.
    Restart the iPhone.
    If restarting doesn't fix the issue, ensure that your iPhone is updated to the latest version of iOS.
    If the issue is not resolved, please contact Apple Support.
    iPhone: No sound or distorted sound from speaker
    Take care,
    Alex H.

  • I am having a hard time browsing apps. Everything seems to be sub-categorized but I can't browse by sub-category like I can on my phone.

    I am having a hard time browsing the app store on my iPad. I just got it and I can't figure out how to browse for example adventure games. On my android phone I can go into the app store, click on games, I can look at a list of subcategories such as arcade or board games. They are then sorted by release date or popularity. I can't seem to do that with the iPad app store. Hopefully someone can shed some light on how to do this.
    Thanks :)

    You can choose a Category.

  • HT4059 Can you Purchase iBooks as gifts like you can in App Store?

    In the App Store it give you the option to buy app for yourself or gift it to someone else that has an iPhone or pad.
    I am unable to find that same option when Purchasing an iBook.

    It's not currently possible to gift ibooks, so the option won't appear

  • Importing forms(FDF) into a new pdf (like you can import FDFs in comments section)

    Hello I would precisely note what I want to do.
    ・I wanted to use the summation function, which I can use in the forms section.
    ・I want to export the form and import it to a different PDF like you can do in the comments section.
    ・It doesn't let me import the text boxes to a new PDF
    Are there any ways that I can import all the text boxes like I can do in the comments section?
    Thank you very much for your time and any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I am sorry for not explaining my situation clearly.
    This is my situation
    ・I am a teacher putting annotations and marking papers as my daily job.
    ・The paper consists of multiple pages which has variety of questions.
    ・Each question has sub-questions (Ex. Q1 having 1a 1b)
    ・I have to add each sub-question's score (Score(1a)+Score(1b)=ScoreQ1)
    ・Also I have to clarify the full mark for the  sub-questions by putting (Ex if the full mark of 1a is 12.  I have to write /12)
    ・I always did this work by using the importing the comments by FDF files. (In the function of comments section)
    This is what I want to do
    ・Sometimes I make mistakes doing the additions so I realized that I could use the form summation function to reduce my work and mistakes.
    ・However I couldn't import the FDF using the import function in the forms section.
    ・I want to paste all the forms into the correct location at one instance
    Excuse me for my grammars, I am not a native speaker.
    Thank you all for helping me for this.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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