Can only see first and last frame of clip in the timeline HELP PLEASE

Hi, my first time and I did look for an answer, but can't find one. I have premiere elements 4 and I am trying out ver. 9. In ver. 4 the clips in the timelin shows all the frames, but in ver. 9 it only shows the first and last frame of the clips. Is there any way to make all the frames show. By "all the frames", I mean the clips fill with frames.I liked to see all the frames in the timeline, it is easier for me to select and trim the bits out.
My specs are Core 2 Duo 6750, Nvidia 8600GTS, 4G Ram, Vista Home Premium. 3 HDD 3TB.
Thank you for answering

As for the GUI, PrE had one more like PrPro (the early versions), up through PrE 3. With PrE 4, they streamlined the GUI (and some of the operation), and went with the "dark look." PrPro went in that direction starting with CS3, and now, the two programs' GUI looks more alike - darker. Personally, I like PrPro 2.0's brighter GUI. Now, one can alter the brightness, but the contrast can work against doing much of that - give me the lighter GUI....
The look of PrE 4 thru PrE 9 is very similar, though things have moved about some. Still the look is similar. Same for PrPro CS 3 through CS 5.5.
As for the trial, things have changed in PrPro, as of CS 5.5. Once, the PrPro trial was very crippled, but had no watermark. No more. No crippling, and still no watermark. The trial for PrE is far less crippled, but does have the watermark. We do not know what changes might be coming with the trial of PrE10. We will just have to wait and see. One great option that Adobe offers is the 30-day, money-back guarantee. If you buy Premiere (either flavor), and use it for 29 days, but do not like it, then you return it for your money back. This is the full-paid version (both flavors) with nothing crippled, and no watermark. Not that many companies make such an offer. Basically, on can use the trial for 30 days, to see some of the powers of the program, and then buy it, and try it fully for another 29 days. If not completely satisfied, they get their money back - essentially a 59 day trial.
Were I doing AVCHD, I would definitely look at buying PrE 9, and giving it a 29 day shakedown. The only caveat is that AVCHD requires a lot of computer "horsepower," and not all computers (especially if more than a year, or so old) are up to that task. I find it amazing that a consumer format, like AVCHD, requires more computer power to process, than most professional formats, until one gets up to, say RED 2K/4K. However, that is the nature of the H.264 CODEC, and by that, I mean all H.264, not just the AVCHD version.
Good luck and happy editing,

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  • First and last frame disappearing off every clip

    Every clip I import in Final cut pro 6.0 loses its first and last frame.
    The clips I import are in photoJpeg / 24p (verified with the -get info- of Quicktime Pro), but once in FCP they are marked as 23.98 ?!?!
    In the browser the info of the clip says 23.98 and also indicates that the clip is 2 frames shorter.
    When opened in the viewer the first and last frames are really missing.
    It gets worse, when a clip is longer (ie: 500 frames), the first and last TWO frames are missing ?!?!
    Am I alone with this problem?
    Please help!!!

    How are these clips getting created? Quicktime does not necessarily associate each frame with a certain TC, and the frame rate is dynamically calculated, rather than simply being hard-coded into the QT metadata. This results in Quicktimes that get created outside of FCP often showing up with different frame rates than you expect.
    You might try exporting movies back out of FCP, ether from the master clips, or from sequences. I have noticed that when I export from a sequence at the correct frame rate, the missing frames come back. Other tools that might come in handy are Compressor for converting batches of files to QTs that FCP will like better, and Cinema Tools for conforming clips to a particular frame rate (like changing them from 24 to 23.98)
    You might also try Dumpster which is a bare-bones utility that will allow you to view and edit the QT metadata directly.
    Try some experiments and post back and let us know what you find out. I found that placing the clips in sequences at the proper frame rate and exporting new movie files worked well, but I have seen timing and frame rate shifts with some clips using this method...
    Hope this helps -
    Max Average

  • HT1595 Ive just updated my Apple TV software to V 5.0(4099) and now i cant see you tube etc on my home screen, i can only see settings and computers, what gives? thanks

    Ive just updated my Apple TV software to V 5.0(4099) and now i cant see you tube etc on my home screen, i can only see settings and computers, what gives? thanks

    I just had this issue. Go into settings and reset the Apple TV after the firmware update. (note just "reset settings" and NOT back to factory settings)

  • I shared more than 3000 pictures in icloud, but when I try to watch them in another device  I can only see 300. Is there a limit on the number of pictures I can share?

    I shared more than 3000 pictures in icloud, but when I try to watch them in another device  I can only see 300. Is there a limit on the number of pictures I can share?

    Quick Answer: Yes.
    If you are looking at My Photo Stream, check this out:
    How long are My Photo Stream photos stored in iCloud?
    The photos you upload to My Photo Stream are stored in iCloud for 30 days to give your devices plenty of time to connect and download them.
    How many photos are stored in My Photo Stream on my devices and computers?
    iCloud pushes all your photos to the My Photo Stream album on your devices and computers, and manages them efficiently, so you don’t run out of storage space.
    Your iOS devices keep a rolling collection of your last 1000 photos in the My Photo Stream album. From there, you can browse your recent photos or move the ones you like to your Camera Roll or another album to keep them on your device forever.
    Because your Mac and PC have more storage than your iOS devices, you can choose to have all of your My Photo Stream photos automatically downloaded. In iPhoto or Aperture preferences on your Mac, select Photos (or Photo Stream) > My Photo Stream > Automatic Import. All of your photo stream photos will be imported into your Events, Projects, Photos, Faces, and Places folders in iPhoto or Aperture. On your PC with My Photo Stream enabled in the Control Panel, all of your photos will be imported into C:\\Users\<user name>\Pictures\iCloud Photos\My Photo Stream. For iCloud Control Panel 2.0 to 2.1.2 users, the path isC:\\Users\<user name>\Pictures\Photo Stream\My Photo Stream .
    If you are using a Shared Photo Stream, check this out: and
    How many photos and videos can be stored in a shared stream?
    A shared stream can hold a maximum of 5000 photos and videos combined. When you reach your limit, you must delete some photos or videos before adding new ones.
    How long are iCloud Photo Sharing photos and videos stored in iCloud?
    The photos and videos you share (and the comments or Likes associated with those photos) remain in iCloud until you or the contributor delete them manually, or until you delete the shared stream completely.

  • HT1551 Apple TV - can only see Computers and Settings options (no internet)

    sine the apple2 tv software was updated last week I can only see options for computers and settings
    whilst my internet connection is clearly working, I cannot access youtube or internet radio as there is no internet option
    any ideas how to fix this pls?

    My ATV3 has worked beautifully for the last week.  We woke up this morning to find this problem. Nothing weird happened over night - my entire network has been up all night with no resets or anything strange.
    The ATV3 accessing all of my Home Sharing content, so I know the network is fine (wired). Tried resetting and cycling power.  Tried changing locations/setting language.  Nothing. I even tried resetting my DSL Router, but to no avail.
    I've got nothing fancy going on with my location, short of being in Canada.
    Update: Oh, and I have a 2nd ATV3 downstairs, also on a wired connection.  Just found out that it, too, is exhibiting the same error.  Although, I'd left it in 'iTunes Match' last night and the first thing I saw when I started it up was "Error:  iTunes is Unavailable. Please try again later".  Plugged my old Popcorn Hour in and it, at least, is working fine.

  • Can only see first page of document.  Any ideas?

    I am looking at a federal court docket that I downloaded from court's website, but I can only see the first page. The same thing happened with a tif document sent by a client.  Any thoughts?

    MacBooks Pros don't run iOS.
    It might help if you changed the browser or check if the Java or Flash versions are current.
    Contact and ask them which Mac web browsers are most compatible.
    And inform them that has instructions on how to make websites browser platform agnostic.

  • I can only see Inbox and not any other boxes (eg outbox, drafts, sent...)

    Thunderbird has been running OK for months but now I can only see my outbox. I cannot see any way to see anything else! I'd really like to get back to the display that shows the whole list of 'boxes' in, out, etc, and my custom name boxes. These usually appear in a column on the left. But I am stuck in Inbox. I can send mails OK. In fact I can access
    Get Mail, Write, Chat (not used), Address Book, and Quick Filter... and there's the search box. I could send a screen shot if you had a way for me to send it.
    I feel there's a button somewhere that could sort out my problem... but I've tried everything I can think of.
    So for now Thunderbird is of little use :( I hope you can help.

    Please post a screenshot.

  • Do i have a bad iphone? can only see movies and no songs, then vice versa!?

    How can i fix this? sometimes i can only see the 1 movie i put in, and sometimes i can only see the songs i put in, and no movies at all.. but they are deffenetly in there....
    anyone? what should i do?

    Maybe a syncing issue or a software problem....Have you tried Restoring your iPhone ?
    To Restore follow the steps here :

  • Setting motion keyframes on head and end of a clip in the timeline

    I've been exeriencing a weird problem lately.
    If I throw a clip into the timeline, then double click it
    back into the viewer, then use CONTROL K to place keyframes
    across all motion perameters at the head of the clip, THEN hit the down arrow button to get to the end of the clip so I can make adjustments and have keyframes placed at the end of the clip, the process of hitting the down arrow to get to the end of the clip actually takes me to the head of the next clip in the timeline and up in the Viewer keyframe viewer.
    If I use the left arrow to move one frame backwards to try and get to last frame of the clip I actually want to place a keyframe on the end of, it doesn't get
    me back to the original clip...I've still got the second clip up in the Viewer motion keyframe area.
    It's been requiring me to reload the clip from the timeline again, drag the viewer playhead to the end of the clip being careful to not accidentally go past the end of the clip, or it again goes into the next clip and it's impossible to navigate back to the first clip without double clicking it back up into the window.
    So long question...after having placed keyframes at the very head of a clip double clicked back into the viewer from the timeline, how do I quickly get to the end of the clip to place my changed keyframe perameters, without overshooting the clip and running into the next?

    To get to the Out point of the current clip, instead of the next clip/edit, you need to press Shift-O.
    Also helpful: pressing Shift-I takes you to the In point.

  • Web pages with Tiff with more than one page! Can only see first page!

    Please help me out. This is kind of a big issue for me.
    For work I need to visit regularly a webpage which contains a number of official documents that have been saved on the webpage as Tiff files with multiple pages.
    I can only view the first page on the ipad!
    I think this is a problem linked to quicktime, as I also have it on my pc I open the documents with quicktime whereas on with Windows Life photo Gallery, I see all the pages...
    thanks in advance

    I don't believe there is a single app that can view any but the first page of a multi-page tiff currently available for the iPhone or iPad, though a few paid iPhone "doc-viewer" apps' descriptions would seem to imply that they could.
    However, if you are able to upload these files to google docs, then use the **desktop** version of google docs via Safari (there's a small link to this at the bottom of the page on the default mobile version), it will correctly display and navigate to each page of your multi-page tiffs. This is completely free, and you could probably stream-line the process to your needs, but it does seem like a lot to go through for such a simple feature. It's possible that this would work with equivalents to google docs as well.
    You're right that you're not alone in needing this feature. It seems like it should be quite easy to implement, but no app appears to have done it. Maybe requests to the writers of several doc-viewing apps would do the trick, especially given the importance to enterprise.

  • Can only see text and image outlines

    I am new and got stuck!
    When I run the fla, it runs fine. However I have hit some setting and all I can see is the texts and image outlines...
    Here are some screen shots:
    This is what it looks like when i run it:
    Please help! its probably the most fundamental thing ever but I am stuck and it is hot and I'm frustrated. Thank-you

    Your timeline is set to outline view. At the top of the timeline, in the section where the names of each layer are shown, there are three icons: an eye, a lock and a box. Click on the box icon to switch between outline and normal view.

  • When I open 'new' in Yahoo to write a new mail, the page does not show tabs from bold through to indentation. Can only see font and font size tabs

    The only tabs on display are '''font''' and '''font size''' - nothing else. Tabs from bold to indentation are not visible.
    Moreover the arrows to go '''up''' and '''down''' on emails are 'invisible' too.

    You can middle-click or Ctrl left-click the Home button on the Navigation toolbar to open the Home page in a new tab.
    You can look at one of these extensions:
    * NewTabURL :
    * New Tab Homepage :

  • I was able to print my month view from ical, but no longer is "month" an option. I can only see list and day. Please advise!

    Just curious...about two weeks ago I was able to print my ical calendar in month view. For some reason, "month view" is no longer an option in print mode. The only two options I have are day or list. Not sure how to print in month view now or retreive that back. Please advise : )

    Be sure Safari does not have the Block Pop-Up Windows preference set.
    Where I work now there are several unencrypted VLANs that require authentication, and Safari promptly pops up a window for me to register every time.

  • After a period of time the tab bar stops scrolling or scrolls eratically, the first and last tabs are inaccessible via the mouse

    Over the period of a day or three the tab bar stops responding to attempts to scroll the tab bar. I can still advance through the tabs with ctrl-tab and shift-ctrl-tab but the tab scroll arrows either don't work at all or work erratically.

    A "solution" that requires restarting the program is not a solution at all. This is a bug in Firefox - once you have enough tabs open, tab scrolling becomes unresponsive, and tabs at the far right and left cannot be tabbed to at all. It is also not a solution to open less tabs; if I want 50 tabs open, and work best that way, then FF should permit that. It does not do so now.

  • I can't retrieve usm and vacm tables from router cisco 2800. Help please!!

    Hi, I'm doing some tests in a router cisco 2800 using snmp in versions 2c and 3. I configured views and communities for version 2c and user, groups and views for version3; I suppose that the vacm and usm parameters involved in the groups, views are stored internally in usm, vacm tables. I wanted to check if the parameters I configured were inside the tables, but when I tried to retrieve all those values through get table or get next commands, I obtained the answer "end of mib view" in the application I'm using (SNMP J MANAGER) and also in wireshark where the requests are sent but the responses contain the OIDs belonging to  the tables but with the value end of mib view.
    I know for experience doing the tests, that "end of mib view" is obtained in a response when you try to request a OID that is outside of the view being used by a community. But the last thing I did was create a community related to a view with access to internet included. Later, I used that community (comlectura) in version 2c to retrieve those values of usmtable ( ) and vacmtable (inside of and nothing.
    These are some commands I configured in the router:
    snmp-server group readonly v3 auth read readview
    snmp-server group writeonly v3 auth write writeview
    snmp-server view readview internet included
    snmp-server view writeview internet included
    snmp-server view viewcomlectura mib-2 included
    snmp-server view viewcomlectura2 system included
    snmp-server community comlectura view readview RO
    snmp-server community comlectura2 view viewcomlectura2 RO
    snmp-server trap-source FastEthernet0/1
    I think the cause of this error perhaps is because these tables don't exist in the CISCO MIB, but I don't thinks cisco devices ONLY have cisco mibs ( inside of them, because I can make request with OIDs of mib-2 branches. Anyway, please someone that can guide me in this problem. Thanks in advance.

    You cannot use Mavericks. Ask a friend who still runs windows or any Mac OS except Mavericks to bring their laptop and help you out.
    Or plug in a USB drive for instance and create a bootable version of any previous version of OSX since 10.5.x -10.8 all of which will work fine.
    Or dual boot to windows where the latest airport utility is still 5.6

Maybe you are looking for

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    I need a Disk Utility for OS X 10.9.2 to add disk space to a partition and fix permissions.

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    I can't get on without paying for upgrade or access my photos..ugh!!