Can PCI-5640 be controlled using Labview 7.1?

I am running Labview 7.1 and acquired a PCI-5640. I installed the 5640 drivers (ver. 1.1) but cannot find any 5640 VI's  in Labview.  Is Labview 8.2 required to control the 5640? Thanks.

You will get all the new features for the board in LabVIEW 8.2. It can also be run with LabVIEW 8.0 but the feature list is reduced. It cannot, however, be used with LabVIEW 7.1 or previous versions.

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  • PCI Express interface control using LABVIEW

    I've made my own PCI Express card which is meant for data transmission from external device to PC through PCI Express intergace.
    Everything is being controlled by FPGA chip.
    My qiestion is, how to make Labview be able to recognise the device and send data through PCIe interface?
    Thanks you very in advance for you help.

    Thanks for your reply!
    Basically, this is a signal
    acquisition system. The main part are ADC which is connected to FIFO memory and
    then to PCI Express pins. Cyclone from ALTERA is meant to control all the
    Something similar you can find here:, all the system is located on the PCI
    Express card which is supposed to communicate with a PC through PCI Express
    There is a program inside the Cyclone which makes all the necessary
    packages according to PCIe Specification for the data transmission through the
    So the problem is how to get data into the PC using
    Engineer of Electronics

  • How to arm channel 1 of a PCI 6133 DAQ card using labview?

    I am new to the Labview and I need some help.  I have a PCI 6133 multifunction DAQ card and I'm using Labview 8.2 to capture five channels waveform data.  I setup channel ai0 to be the trigger channel and I need to capture data from ai0, ai1, ai2, ai3, and ai4 when ai0 is trigger.
    1) I am using DAQ assistant to configure my channels.  How can I arm the channel ai0?  I have an "execute button" and it should arm the scope when I click it.
    2) Is there trigger ready signal, so I can save all the channels data when channel ai0 is trigger?
    Can anyone provide some help?

    Hello wirte spreedsheet,
    Thanks for posting to Discussion Forum. It looks like you are using the
    PCI-6133 to acquire analog data from ai0:ai4. You want to use ai0 as
    the trigger for the other channels.
    Does your application need to be retriggerable?
    Are you doing continuous acquisition?
    Are you doing Analog start trigger or reference trigger?
    Take a look the following shipping examples, found in LabVIEW click
    Help>>Find Examples. On the browse tab, Hardware Input and
    Output>>DAQmx>>Analog Measurements>>Voltage:
    Cont Acq&Graph Voltage - Analog SW
    >> This example demonstrates how to perform an analog software
    triggered acquisition. The example allows the user to specify the
    triggering condition and the number of pre-trigger samples to acquire.
    Cont Acq&Graph Voltage - Int Clk - Analog
    >> This example demonstrates how to continuously acquire data
    (Waveform) using the DAQ device's internal clock and an analog slope
    start trigger.
     Take a look at these applications and let me know if you have any questions or comments.
    Have a good day.
      Sandra T.
    Applications Engineer | National Instruments

  • EMG based DC motor control using labview

    I have a project where i need to use my EMG data to control DC motor
    using labview.I've already got the EMG signal by using ADinstrument and
    import the signal to labview. The problem is i don't know how to connect
    the signal with DC motor. This motor will start to move when it detect
    the signal exceed certain value and stop when it less that value. I'm
    still new with labview and i'm using labview 8.0. Can someone help

    Please check out our Biomedical User Group - there are similar project discussions going on there and links to the NI Biomedical Starter Kit - a free download for doing biomedical data acquisition, signal processing, and other tasks.
    Visit the NI Biomedical User Group at:

  • Really need help (motor control using labview)

    hi all readers,
    im new beginner. really need help for my project. i've been assigned to monitor/control motor using labview 8.5 (using NI DAQmx). the problem is, the techinician told me that i cant use 3phase motor with this card. things that i need to displayed using labview is :
    really appreciated if readers can help me with this:
    wut type of motor shud i use that compatible with NI DAQmx
    thanks a lot.

    Hi fauziana,
    NI data acquisition devices are primarily designed to take measurements, so it's a good idea to measure the signals that you have mentioned with a DAQ device.
    You also can use DAQ devices for control tasks, but for reliable and deterministic control behavioryou typically need to use a real-time operating system (not Windows!). If you want to learn more about the pros and cons of using DAQ devices for motion control tasks, please refer to these threads. Still for standard motion control tasks it's much more efficient in terms of development time, to use a dedicated motion control device for the motion control part of your application.
    In general the control part is independant from the motor type, as these devices only generate control signals (+/- 10 V). There are many power drives available, that accept this type of control signal and you should select your motor according to the requirements of your application.
    For a more detailed system consulting, please contact your local NI branch. To select the products that fit best to your application requirements a face to face discussion is much more efficient than a discussion forum thread, because there are a lot of parameters that need to be taken into consideration. If you tell me in which country you are living, I can provide appropriate contact data to you.
    Thanks and kind regards,
    Jochen Klier
    National Instruments

  • How to create a strictly typed refnum control using LabVIEW scripting

    I wish to use LabVIEW scripting to create a strictly-typed refnum control that is bound to my custom control (a type-defined cluster), but I'm unfamiliar with scripting and can't see how to do it.
    If I create a New VI Object, using Control Refnum as the Style, how do I provide my custom control to the VI Object Class terminal? When I try using a reference to my custom control.ctl file (using Open VI reference) I get an error: "Error 1057 occurred... Type mismatch: Object cannot be cast to the specified type."
    Or, if I create a new Control Refnum as above, using a standard Cluster as the VI Object Class, how do I then convert this refnum control to a strictly typed refnum that is bound to my custom cluster control type?
    Thanks in advance for any advice,
    Thoric (CLA, CLED, CTD and LabVIEW Champion)
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    Here we go...
    You have to create a new Control VI and then specify the VI Type as Typedef.
    Da Helmut
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  • Building SCADA software for substation automation control using LabVIEW

    Hi, I would be interested to know if anyone has built or developed a SCADA software for substation automation control using purely LabVIEW and its add-on tools (beside NI LookOut). The SCADA software, somehow similar to WinCC, should fulfill basic SCADA function for substation such as monitoring and interlocking control of CB and DS (single/double point), generate event or alarm list which includes information such as topical/not topical, valid/invalid...., archiving, redundancy, etc.

    Hi Remzi,
    Thank you for your information.
    I understand that the DSC Module is a tool capable of developing monitoring and control system. Using the module would enable me to build a SCADA software (similar to LookOut) according to my requirement. But I think it's quite a difficult task to design and build a SCADA software from the scatch. Unlike a SCADA software, the DSC module is not really a SCADA software where user can directly parameter the I/O points and graphics via GUI. I've actually tried the LookOut software, but found that it's not really suitable for substation automation & control field. Hence, I would be grateful to know if anyone in this field has developed similar SCADA software for substation automation.
    Best Regards,

  • Zaber linear actuators control using labview

    am new at using Labview-{3 weeks old as of 31st May} and i would like to control three Zaber Linear actuator to operate a X-Y-Z translation/linear stage. 
    Any advice as to where to start
    Jeffrey K.
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    Hi, I wrote the LabView instrument driver for
    Zaber Technologies that's described on our web site. It comes with
    several example VIs you can experiment with. The Write Commands and Read Responses example is useful for trying out the different commands on the controllers. Once you've played a bit and read through the beginner examples, you might find the Simultaneous requests example useful for your XYZ setup.
    Another option for learning how to use our devices is to download our Zaber Console software for Windows. It lists all the commands and settings along with a description of how they all work. Once you're familiar with the devices and their commands, you can either write a script in Zaber Console, or go back to LabView and use our instrument driver.
    For a general introduction to LabView, I've been pretty happy with the book LabView for Everyone.
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  • Spellman power supply SL40PN2000 remote control using Labview

    We have a SL40PN2000 Spellman power supply. We want to do remote programming using Labview program.
    We want to control the voltage output. 
    Many thanks for your help.

    You need to first determine the remote control interface. Is it GPIB, RS-232, Ethernet, USB, etc.? In the case of GPIB, you would need to purchase a GPIB controller.
    There is not an existing instrument driver but you can review the information here on what a driver is and how to devleop one.

  • Which operating system is best for computer control using LabVIEW

    I am using LabVIEW 7.1 and want to write a program to control a system of pumps, heaters, and  compressors.  I am wondering if using Windows XP is a bad thing, given how many background processes computers tend to use these days.  I don't want my computer to slow down for intermittant checking for updates, or any other sort of routine maintenance computers are set up to do.  I have heard mixed things about windows reliability and computer control, most of which is people saying windows could crash and completely ruin my tests.  Does anyone have any advice on the best operating system to use for continuous computer control of my system? 

    If you plan on using a desktop PC for control type applications, then your best option in terms of performance will be with a Real-Time operating system. Windows is not deterministic for many reasons. Determinism involves the ability to respond to an event within a specified amount of time with an acceptable amount of error (jitter). First of all, Windows is not deterministic because it has to service mouse and keyboard events, as well as anti-virus software, automatic updates, etc.
    You can, however, convert an existing desktop PC to a Real-Time target with a Real-Time OS and use it for your control type application with the deterministic behavior of PXI, Compact FieldPoint, and other Real-Time targets. Check out this link for more information.
    On a side note to a previous reply, using the LabVIEW Real-Time module on Windows XP won't make your application deterministic. Your best bet, as others have noted, is to use the LabVIEW RT Module on an RT OS with good RT programming practices (avoiding memory allocations, etc.).
    Jarrod S.
    National Instruments

  • Sorensen SGI control using labview

    I am attempting to control a sorensen sgi400/63 dc power supply using labview. I have the supply connected via rs232 and using windows hyper terminal i am able to issue a *idn? command and get a response back detailing model name / number etc. - This says to me that the comms link is working.
    My troble comes when trying to use labview to do the control. I  have downloaded the labview driver for this power supply form - this gave me a .zip folder (called containing some .vis. I opened the self test vi. It seems when run in highlight execution mode that all is well writing to the supply, but reading from it throws the error -10738007339. Any ideas?
    I have contacted sorensen but no reply as yet...
    Many thanks.
    Attached is screen shot of the vi not working quite as i'd like.
    selft test.jpg ‏1615 KB

    I still have the error.
    What error are you getting?
    I'm not sure what you mean by changing the display mode to "\".
    Right click on your "*IDN?" string constant and select the display mode - Normal, \, Hex or Password
    Also in the "Visible Items" select "Display Style" to show the '\" symbol in the string constant.
    Is there anyway to configure a termination character in labview?
    Yes with the same property node that you are using to set the other com port settings.
    But for the writes you do not need to if you include at the end of your *IDN? string. Now as for the read, it is good to set the termination character for the VISA reads and then set the bytes to read to some number larger than anything you expect.

  • PID control using LabView 6i

    We use NI PCI 6024E Card in PC with Celeron 1,1 GHz, 256 MB SDRAM,
    The Card has 16 Analog input and 2 analog output. I plan to use this card as
    a PID controller.
    Our LabView contains the modules for motions and all the add ons to.
    The question is, whether the PCI 6024E is capable to do controling, since we
    have to
    control the velocity of 2 mm/s with scan rate 50 S/s.

    I can tell you that using a PC of similar horsepower under XP Pro and a PCI-6071E I've successfully run PID loops with sample rates of 10KS/s in 100msec bursts. At first I was seeing a fairly high rate of input buffer overflows. But when I set LabVIEW's execution priority to "High" this problem all but disappeared. (At some time in the future we plan to migrate to LabVIEW RT, which I hope will cure this problem completely.) 50S/s should be a breeze. You might want to add memory. I've got 512Meg in my machine.

  • Help me in my mini project about dc motor control using labview

       actually the idea is that  using pid controller in labview.. controlling motor.i.e giving a setpoint to pid... n checking whether motor is running accordinly using a sensor.. i.e feedback n/w...  i dnt knw hw to proceed.. can u help me with the circuit diagram

    Hi swats,
    "i dnt knw hw to proceed.."
    I suppose you mean "I don't know how to proceed..", something is wrong with your "o" key
    I would suggest going to the library of your school or university and get a book on basics of electric devices. There you will find a lot of hints on how to measure speed of motors and how they work. In fact your question covers several seminar hours in "Electrical Measurements" course at university...
    Best regards,
    CLAD, using 2009SP1 + LV2011SP1 + LV2014SP1 on WinXP+Win7+cRIO
    Kudos are welcome

  • Motor control using labview

    I'm new to Labview. I just installed a new labview system with analog output.
    What electrical component do I need so that I can power a decent size motor with labview output? The signal from Labview is only enough to power a tiny motor. Well, the only thing I know is to amplify its voltage using opamp, which doesn't do much since I need to increase its power.
    I don't have good electrical background, but I'm trying my best to learn.....
    Please help experts.

    This depends on several things.  I have a few questions about your application:
    1. What National Instruments Hardware are you using to control your motor?
    2. Are you using a Stepper or Servo Motor?
    3. How much power does your motor require?
    4. How are you planning on controlling your system?
    5. Does your motor require an analog or digital signal?
    The answers to these questions will be a good way to get started with your application.
    Mike S
    NI AE

  • SP8T switches control using labview (1 input 64 outputs)

    Hi there,
    I have a board with 1 input port and 64 Output ports and want to test it using VNA.
    I could not find any switch with 1 input and 64 outputs. 
    So going to buy 9 of SP8T switches. 1st switch will work as main and will connect to next 8 switches to make 64 outputs.  (PLEASE SEE ATTACED .png FILE FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING)
    Before I buy these switches, can anyone help me that what other stuff I need to buy as someone said I need to buy Controller that will control these all switches.
    If i need to buy controller, what about the LabVIEW program. Is it going to be any driver and Express VI to control these switches.
    switches diagram.png ‏17 KB

    Hi Faheem,
    Thanks for posting your question. As mentioned, we'll need more information on the switches and even about the application. We have dedicated sales engineers who would be able to recommend a controller further to a discussion of what it is you are looking to achieve. I'll have one of our sales engineers contact you for further assistance.
    Application Engineer (CLAD)

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