Can't change email

Hello, I wanted to change my email but it alway said my password is incorrect.I already tried to change my password and to reset it but it always said wrong password.I carefully checked it when i was typing my password but it said it's wrong.  

Hi Mike,
Kindly try Solution 2: Clean up cached user login information.
Please share the results if you are able to sign in with correct ID.
Atul Saini

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  • Email send/receive suddenly doesn't work ; can't change email settings as BB phone won't accept valid username and password -- what to do?

    email send/receive suddenly doesn't work (as of September 24th); I can't change email settings (one suggestion from tech) as BB phone won't accept *valid* username and password -- what to do?
    I understand from a support note that if I keep trying my password/username combination, my BB will eventually delete all data!
    I can't understand this. I'm completely lost now. I can't remember what I've done or tried to do. A plethora of usernames and passwords is swimming in my head.
    Thanks for any hints. I have always loved this BB Bold and have never had any trouble with it.

    But the real question is why for the past year did the passwords work and then all of the sudden after this anomaly the disk password doesn't work?  I'm not 100% sure of what my configuration was, but I know that most of the time it required one password -- supervisor, and occasionally it asked for 2 -- disk password as well I believe.  This may have been related to the Password on Restart setting I think -- asking for the disk password on cold vs. warm boot.  But I know both were exactly the same.  But after this incident only the Supervisor password worked.

  • How can I change email address on my ICloud account?  It won't let me change old e-mail address.

    How can I change email address on Icloud?  It won't let me delete old email address so I can enter new email address.

    Are you trying to change the email address which forms the login? Or the address you created when you opened the account? You can't change the latter.
    You can change the login address as long as it isn't an, or address.
    Firstly, if you have 'Find My iPhone/iPad/iMac' enabled on any of your devices, turn it off.
    Create a new email address, for example  at Yahoo or Gmail, or anywhere convenient (or you can use an existing address as long as it has never been associated with an Apple ID).
    Go to and click 'Manage your Apple ID'. Sign in with the current ID.
    Where it says 'Apple ID and primary email address' and gives your current ID email address, click 'edit'.
    Enter your new address and click 'Save changes'.
    Now you will need to go to each of your devices and sign out in System Preferences (or Settings)>iCloud - 'Sign out' on a Mac, 'Delete this account' on an iOS device (this will not delete the account from the server).
    Then sign back in with your new ID. Your iCloud data will disappear from your devices when you sign out, but reappear when you sign back in.
    I re-iterate: before you start, turn off 'Find My Mac' (or whatever) or you will need the services of Support.

  • How can I change email received by others from me via my IMac and MacBookPro being received as APPLE?ring as just Apple

    How can I change emails received by others from me on my IMac and MacBookPro appearing on their computers as 'APPLE' and not my name?

    Thanks - I did not realize that Homesharing can be specifically set to a photo destination like that!
    So, it would appear that I can either point it to iPhoto (and folders/ events within that) OR the default Pictures folder and subfolders of that OR any other specific folder (and subfolders of that) of my choice.  However, I cannot select BOTH the default Pictures folder (and some subfolder of that) AND a folder in iPhoto AND/ OR an event/ folder in iPhoto.  Is that a correct assumption?
    If so, the only way I see getting homesharing to get both set of pictures is to get all my picture folders (internal and external drive based) into iPhoto (without physically duplicating them) - and then pointing Homesharing to iPhoto, right?
    I think you have solved my issue - but I just want to be sure of that.
    Thanks a ton!

  • Ugly system: Can't change email address?

    For some reason, my e-mail account provider had been merge by Yahoo (you know), so my e-mail address changed.
    Then I found that OTN not support change e-mail address?!
    It's a BIG surprise for me.
    "ALL" my service provider support change e-mail online.
    If some systems use e-mail as a login id or e-paper address, it also support change id when my e-mail address change.
    If I make subscriptions of ALL OTN Newsletter / Information in my OLD account which use non-effective e-mail address.
    OTN will happy to receive the reject mails?
    If "YES", all we can try this.
    I don't know if OTN want to show ORACLE DB is POWERFUL to carrier lots of garbage accounts.
    It might be.
    Fine, I'll try to create accounts for my each active e-mail account for safe and future change of OTN.
    (Who know if OTN will decide that we can't change address/phone number or something in the future OTN version?)
    I don't think this function is hard to implement and we need wait to next OTN version.
    It just need a extra field when SQL update, isn't it?
    I'll like to help OTN to fix this if I can get a FREE ORACLE 10g Ent. Ed. ;p
    You(OTN) can't contact me because my email address is changed.
    It's funny, isn't it?

    Try resetting the password.
    You can do it at an Apple store by making an appointment:
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar
    or send it in to Apple. See:     
    Service Answer Center - iPod
    If the iPod has iOS 7 then you have to enter the password (and ID) for the last ID used for iCloud.
    iCloud: Find My iPhone Activation Lock in iOS 7

  • Can't change email adress

    whatever i'll try i can't change my email adress and neither my password!
    can some moderator take a look at it?
    Regards, Arnoud

    Originally Posted by kgroneman
    Hey Arnoud,
    >whatever i'll try i can't change my email adress and neither my
    I've synchronized your email address. If you are curious why you were
    having problems with it, it'd documented in our forum FAQ:
    Novell Forums FAQ
    I suspect your problem with the password was because of this and it's
    now gone as well. If you need to change your password, when you go to
    login to these forums, click on the "FORGOT IT?" link. From there you
    can get information on resetting your password.
    If this hasn't solved your problems, let me know. Sorry for the
    Kim - 1/7/2013 10:56:36 AM
    Thanks for your support!
    The email address is indeed synchronized ;-)
    I've tried to change my password but that doesn't work yet. I didn't test the FORGOT IT way.
    It's not necessary that i change my password but i tried it when i wasn't be able to change my email address
    Thanks again for your help!

  • Can I change email report name?

    Hi everyone,
    This question has gone unanswered in the forums so I must ask...
    Can I change the name of the report from report.pdf to something more meaningful when using DESTYPE = MAIL?
    I'm using Forms 6.

    Hi Lesley!
    I don't think it is possible in Forms/Reports 6i to do this using native Reports parameters. There was an enhancement request to implement this functionality registered as bug 1273155 and fixed in Reports 9i. In 6i you can generate your report into file and use freeware/shareware programs, like blat for DOS/Windows, that can send email attachments and call them from Reports using DDE.App_Begin procedure.
    Andrew Velitchko
    BrainBench MVP for Developer/2000

  • Can't change email in iTunes

    Hi folks. I've dropped my service and only have a .me email address. When I try to update it in iTunes account I get a message saying that the .me address is already associated with the account and it won't let me use it. So, my frontier email remains my username and email address that iTunes uses for purchases. However, I don't receive frontier email anymore so I don't get communications from apple/iTunes regarding news and receipts.
    Hope this makes sense. The bottom line is that I can't change my email to my .me address in iTunes even though that's my only email account. Is there anything I can do in order to receive receipts for purchases via email, etc?
    Thanks in advance for any help

    Oh, sorry for wrong terminology in above post. I don't mean  '.me' email. Rather,  my iCloud email that cannot be used in iTunes account.

  • How can I change email address RIM sends mail to?

    I have two emails, one that's strictly friends and family, and one for everything else. A while back I changed the "everything else" address to gmail. Although I've never submitted my personal address to RIM (other than setting up that email on my phone), they've begun spamming my personal mail with daily "notifications." I don't mind getting the mail, but 1. I don't want it coming to my personal address, and 2. I find it very disturbing that RIM harvested my personal account info to use at their convenience. I see in the emails I receive I can "unsubscribe," although they'll still send me mail they deem important. I don't want that, I want to give them my new everything address, so they'll stay out of my personal acct. I have thoroughly searched their site, but see no way to submit this new address, or to set up my acct preferences for my interaction with RIM. Please tell me how to change my address with RIM, or to at least contact them, not about my phone, but about their service (there doesn't appear to be any such option among the "Contact Us" selections they offer). Thanks very much!

    Notifications of what?
    I promise you, from all I've seen, you would have had to check a box in something stating you want to receive updates, etc., from BlackBerry. They certainly haven't "harvested" your email address from simply being loaded to your BlackBerry.
    You need to unsuscribe from the current emails you're getting. Even if you don't want to.
    You probably downloaded an OS or file update or Desktop Software somewhere that you clicked to agree to receive updates.
    1. If any post helps you please click the below the post(s) that helped you.
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  • Can't change email address in 4.0 Contact book

    I need to change my email address in the Sharing palette of the Contact book (as accessed from the Photo Browser).  When I highlight my address in the recipient list and then go to Edit, I get a message saying "This contact is used by a print recipient in the Order Prints palette. To edit this contact, select it in the Order Prints palette and edit it using the Order Prints palette's Edit button." So, I go to the Order Prints palette (as accessed from the Photo Browser) and go to the recipients list.  My information including the email address is in the "default" section - first in list. This information is the correct email address so I don't need to change that one.  (Note: I can't remember how I got it in the default section in the first place).  I tried to just delete the email address so that I could then edit it in the Sharing palette recipient list, but when I delete each line of my information and leave that page, it has not been deleted. I assume it has something to do with the fact that it is a default address.  How do I get rid of my contact information as the default or is there another way to change my email address in the Sharing recipient list without having to do something in the Order Prints recipient list. I called the Help desk, but they don't support Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 anymore.  Thank you.

    Basically, I have fixed the problem by just
    putting in my new email address and leaving the
    old one in there because I can't seem to delete
    it.  I go to Edit - Contact Book, and highlight
    my old email address in the list and click on
    Delete.  I get a message box saying:
    "One or more selected contacts have matching
    Order Prints recipients. Before you can delete
    this contact, you must first delete the recipient
    from the Order Prints palette."  So I go to the
    Order Prints palette, and my old email address
    isn't even in there. I had changed it over a year
    ago to my new one.  Very strange.  The bottom
    line is; that I can't delete my old email address
    from the recipient list, but since I added my new
    one, I can live with it that way. Since this
    Photoshop program is set up with Kodak Gallery,
    it might be the Kodak Gallery part of the process
    that is not letting me do this.  (I just want my
    address in there to email a photo to myself once
    in awhile to see how it comes up.) I have no
    problem deleting and editing other peoples'
    addresses. I have Adobe Photoshop 4.0, which I
    know is quite old and now has no online support,
    but it still does what I want.  Thanks for your response.

  • Can't change email password in iCloud

    When I initiated iCloud yesterday, I created a email account using my iTunes store login.  I am not sure what password it is using.  It does not appear to be the same as my iTunes store account and I cannot figure out how to change it.  I wish to check this email address in the Apple Mail client on my Macs.  TIA for any suggestions. 

    Okay. This IS THE SOLUTION. Read this. 1) YOU did use your Apple ID password ... even if, like me, you don't remember doing it and couldn't figure out why you did not log the "new iCloud password". 2) See link below. Apparently, Apple does not currently allow you to enter a different password for a new @me, iCloud e-mail account. I followed the instructions in this link below, using Snow Leopard, and set up my @me e-mail account on my iMac in Mail app. The icon is "mobileme", but I can live with that. Geeh! Did I actually solve an Apple problem for once? Boy, that's neat. Enjoy all. /

  • HT1338 can't change email address in iCloud. changed and verified on all other devices.

    i need to change my email address on icloud.  i have done that in all other accounts on macbook pro, iphone and ipad, all successfully.  cannot get icloud up to date on mac.

    Okay. This IS THE SOLUTION. Read this. 1) YOU did use your Apple ID password ... even if, like me, you don't remember doing it and couldn't figure out why you did not log the "new iCloud password". 2) See link below. Apparently, Apple does not currently allow you to enter a different password for a new @me, iCloud e-mail account. I followed the instructions in this link below, using Snow Leopard, and set up my @me e-mail account on my iMac in Mail app. The icon is "mobileme", but I can live with that. Geeh! Did I actually solve an Apple problem for once? Boy, that's neat. Enjoy all. /

  • How can i change email address for security questions and password resets

    I've noticed that my password reset requests are going to an old email acount. In fact, i am not sure where they are going.
    the real issue is that i don't see a way to change it when i am logged in (it took me many tries to actually log back in) to my apple id account.
    I've changed alternate email accounts, but again i don't see a way to change my destination email account for security section of the account.
    Also i would rather reset these via text (ATT has this option for my cell phone account reset and i love it).  I don't see an option like that from Apple at all.
    Any suggestions and help will be much appreciated. Don't want to struggle with password resets every time i need to get in.

    If you're able to supply two of your security answers, click here and follow the instructions to change your rescue email address.
    If not, you need to contact Apple.

  • Can't change email preferences

    I've tried unsubscribing from emails posted re: Creative Cloud and they will not stop sending.
    I am getting an enormous amount of emails and I want to unsubscribe.
    I have used the email preferences and everything is checked "no".

    Here is how to unsubscribe from email notifications Also for other forum how-to questions you can click on the Forum guidelines link in the top right of the page

  • I don't see the 'accounts' setup icon within my iphoto- so can't change email default- can anyone help?

    I'd like iphoto to use gmail but don't thave the 'accounts' icon with which to add/delete accounts for this purpose.  Any ideas?

    You need to go thru the Mail application to set it up as you want. 
    Set the Mail application to use your Gmail account  in Mail's Composing preference pane:
    and in iPhoto set Mail as your email client.

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