Can't connect iPhone 5s to macbook pro retina via bluetooth

Just downloaded Yosemite and am trying to pair my iPhone 5s to my macbook pro retina via bluetooth to take advantage of call handoff.  I cannot get the pairing to work.  It appears to try to connect, sends the pair code to my phone and I accept, but then fails.  My phone mysteriously shows two available options for my Macbook Pro.  Can't figure that out either.  I tried resetting my network settings on my phone, and did a two button reset on my phone as well.  Any suggestions?

I have a feeling this is a Yosemite bug (or iOS 8). I'm getting the same error message, and I also have 2 copies of my macbook air (2013) showing up on my phone (iphone 6 plus) . Bluetooth is on for both devices, its just still telling me it cant get network access even after momentarily saying its connected and giving me a pair code.
Update: Unpairing the phone and re-pairing doesn't fix anything. Still get a pair code, then it immediately disconnects.

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  • Can I connect my iPad and MacBook Pro both via an iPhone hotspot?

    First, a little background. I have an aging MacBook Pro (~5 years old), and my netbook was smashed on the way to work last night. My cell phone (not an iPhone) crapped out a few weeks ago.
    So my first priority is to replace my netbook with an iPad. When I can afford it, I also want to upgrade to a new MacBook Pro. I've also been thinking of getting an iPhone.
    One thing that always confuses me is Internet connections. I currently connect my MacBook Pro to the Internet via Verizon and use T-Mobile for my cell phone.
    I was surprised when an Apple salesman told me the iPhone has a "hotspot" that I can use to connect both an iPad and MacBook Pro to the Internet. But an Apple salesman at another store told me the hotspot will connect the iPad.
    Can anyone offer some details? I've been browsing some of the other threads, but I still don't really understand what a hotspot is. Am I correct in understanding that as long as I have an iPhone with me, I can use it to connect my iPad to the Internet? Can I similarly use it to connect a MacBook Pro (either my 4-year-old+ model or a new model)?
    What kind of connection speed does a hotspot offer? I do a lot of websurfing and web design. Would a hotspot connection be about as fast as my current connection via Verizon?
    Also, is the hotspot feature available with either AT&T or Verizon?

    Your hotspot will be billed by AT&T or Verizon based on your iPhone's model. Only the iPhone 4 from Verizon would allow a Verizon hotspot. Others have posted information revealing that the Verizon 3G connection is somewhat slower than the AT&T service. Also, the Verizon service suspends the use of hotspot when you take a phone call. The AT&T service continues during calling.
    Selecting the hotspot feature under General> Settings> Personal Hotspot will change your data plan from your previous 250MB, 2GB, or unlimited amount to a new 4GB plan that includes tethering. AT&T charges me $45 instead of my Unlimited, but No Tethering Allowed, $30.
    You can connect three devices that have WiFi. Verizon hotspots can connect five. Your speed should be about the same as the iPhone 4 browsing speed on 3G. If your phone is on WiFi, the devices need to connect separately to that WiFi, not to your hotspot. I would love to see a software update that allows my WiFi connection to be shared, so I don't have to manually connect the iPods that my boys use one at a time.

  • Can't connect iphone 4S to macbook pro via bluetooth.  Help.

    I see on lots forums that people have problems connecting mac book pro with iphone 4s - I am having problems getting it to work consistently.  Is there any work around to this isssue?

    Sig, Many thanks thought so, I had a new router set up recently and could not get anything to work.  Was trying blue tooth as another option.  But have just disconnected everything from the WiFi and re-set up the connections.  Mac and iphone all connected up now.

  • My iPhone 5 won't connect to my macbook pro retina over bluetooth?

    My iPhone 5 won't connect to my macbook pro retina over bluetooth?

    Ah, sure it actually won't.  I have the same problem, and I contacted Apple Support.  They told me that there is an incompatability between the iphone 5 and MacBook Pro Retina such that Bluetooth pairing is not possible.
    The Support Agent actually had the audacity to tell me this was part of the design of the OS on the MacBook Pro, like Windows people saying, "That's not a bug.  It's a feature!!"
    Personally, I think this is insane.  While I was trying to tether the iphone to the MacBook Pro retina for an internet connection, there are other reasons related to file transfers for which one would want to pair the iphone 5 with the MacBook Pro retina.
    I am hoping this "feature" is fixed in iOS 7, and/or in some dot release of Mac OS 10.8.
    By the way, the personal hotspot feature on my Verizon iphone 5 works great either via a wifi or USB connection.  There are occaisions, however, when one would 1) not have a USB cable, and/or 2) have another wifi relationship between the phone and a network that one would not want to have to "forget" in order for it not to connect to that wifi network.  The Macbook will not find the iphone as a wifi hotspot if the iphone is connected to wifi in the first place.  At least mine won't.
    WWSJS???  What Would Steve Jobs Say???!!!

  • HT3413 can I connect my new 15" macbook pro to 2 external video monitors?

    can I connect my new 15" macbook pro to 2 external video monitors?

    Not without an adaptor such as those from Matrox.

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    No. There's no video input.

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    It depends on what connections the camera has. If it has USB, just plug it in. If it is networked, put the camera on the network and then access it from your Mac using whatever software or browser access is directed by the camera instructions. If it has a purely video or analog connection (coaxial, RCA, etc), you will need some kind of video interface in addition to the Mac.

  • Recently when I connect Iphone 4s and MacBook Pro my computer stopped see new photos on Dropbox.

    Recently when I connect Iphone 4s and MacBook Pro my computer stopped see new photos on Dropbox.  I have changed iCloud password on Mac and Iphone, nothing.  Deleted some pictures of iPhone, didn't help.  Any ideas what I did to mess this up?

    I cannot deleted.  Computer keep telling that my dropbox is open.  Don't see how to shot it off.  Do I need to delete all pictures from dropbox first and delete application after.  Will I loose all these pictures? Usually, I copy all photos to iphoto app.

  • Can't connect external projector to MacBook Pro running Windows7. Any suggestions?

    Can't connect external projector to MacBook Pro running Windows7. Any suggestions?

    Did you try a cable? The point is you did not provide any information about: what projector, how you are trying to connect, what happens when you try, error messages if any, does an external monitor work, what computer you have, what OS, etc.

  • Connecting Mac mini to MacBook Pro retina?

    I just purchased a 13" macbook retina. I was wondering if I were to purchase a Mac mini, can I connect it to the MacBook Pro using that as a display through Target Display mode?

    TDM is only supported in iMacs.

  • How do I activate continuity calls on my macbook pro? I have an iPhone 6 and Macbook Pro Retina Mid 2014 and I live in Dubai

    I have an iPhone 6 and Macbook Pro Retina Mid 2014 and I live in Dubai, I bought my macbook from Canada and iPhone from UAE so it doesn't have FaceTime but i should be able to get calls on my mac right?

    If you set your imessage off on your phone it will only turn it off on your phone i think I don't think it effects your mac. I'm not 100% sure on this though.
    If you want to remove imessages from your mac  -  Open iMessage, go to Messages top left, and then select Preferences. Select "Accounts" and then simply "Sign out" That should do it.

  • Can I listen to music when MacBook Pro Retina is closed?

    Can I listen to music on MacBook Pro Retina when its closed? It can update when its closed as I know. Please reply!

    What happened when you tried it?  Care to share?

  • Why i can't download iWork in my macbook pro retina? Apple said that is free and i can't download it. help please!

    Why i can't download iWork in my macbook pro retina? Apple said that is free and i can't download it. help please!

    Is your Mac new?
    FWIW, iWork as such is no longer available; it is now separate applications: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.
    Do you have the older (via install DVD) iWork 09 version installed? Then the new versions should show up in Updates (mac app store).

  • How can i delete 'other' in my macbook pro retina?

    how can i delete 'other' in my macbook pro retina?

    About “Other”:
    Go step by step and test.
    1. Start up in Safe Mode.
    2. Empty Trash.
    3. Disk space / Time Machine ?/ Local Snapshots
      Local backups
    4. Delete old iOS Devices Backup.
        iTunes > Preferences > Devices
        Highlight the old Backups , press “Delete Backup” and then “OK”.
    5. Re-index Macintosh HD.
        This will take a while. Wait until it is finished.
        System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy
    6.Try OmniDiskSweeper. This will give the storage size details of the items.
       Select Macintosh HD and click  “Sweep Selected Drive” at the bottom.
       Delete the files yo don’t want to keep.
       Be careful. Delete only the files that can be safely be deleted.

  • Can't pair iPhone 5s with Macbook Pro via Bluetooth

    I have an iPhone 5s and Macbook Pro with retina display (running on iOS 8.0.2 and Yosemite respectively). For some reason, my iPhone can never see my MBPr but the MBPr can see the iPhone. Pressing the "Pair" button on in the Bluetooth setting panel in OS X will trigger the pairing confirmation to show up on my iPhone. After confirming the pair request, the devices remain connected for no more than 2 seconds. Then they just disconnect. (The status is "Not connected" underneath my iPhone on the Devices list in OS X)
    This has been bugging me for a while, even before I upgraded to iOS 8 and Yosemite. I was hoping the upgrade will solve the issue but apparently not. My iPad  on the other hand has no problem in connecting and remaining connected to my MBPr. That's just baffling.
    Just some context: the reason why I wanted to connect my MBPr and my iPhone via Bluetooth is because I want to use my my iPhone as the hotspot. Yes, I can use the USB cable, but can't blame me for trying the wireless route (And no, connecting via wifi doesn't  work)
    Any help is appreciated!

    Hi ddfaulk,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.  This article has some steps you can try if you're unable to pair your iPhone 5s to your MacBook Pro over Bluetooth:
    iOS: Troubleshooting Personal Hotspot
    - Ari

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