Can't create boot camp partition on new macbook pro

Hi all. Having an odd issue installing boot camp on my 2011 Macbook Pro. When I try and create a partition it gives me the following error message:
"The disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved."
It goes on to tell me that I need to reformat my drive and try again. Seems a little extreme and even worse, I'm wondering if this will work considering that I still have over 600GB of free space available on my drive. Thought I'd post here and see if anyone has had a similar issue before harassing support.

If you look at the pdf guide in Boot Camp Assistant, step one is to backup. Common sense before altering, installing new OS, and should be required of anyone even if just updating Mac OS.
Now, having fragmented space: Apple never considers defragging free space and says Mac OS X defrags some files, and that having more than 25% free should not impact Mac OS performance.
So I think that covers Apple support for their own OS.
When you install updates, applications and such, the patches are compressed, expanded, space is fragmented, and some vendors often choose to write their updates to the far end of the drive in order to leave high access for other portions.
the best and perhaps only way to move files is to boot from another hard drive, rather than pick yourself up by your own bootstraps and try to shuffle files.
I would never recommend using only built in tools. I don't advise Apple DU First Aid as the sole utility for maintenance and repairs for Mac HFS file system. nor would I use TimeMachine alone. They are free and there and better than nothing.
Create a bootable backup clone of Mac OS for one.
Repair your internal drive.
Try using Boot Camp Assistant; or iDefrag; or Paragon CampTune (yes, it can be used to install Windows partition as well as resize partitions now or later if needed). Does a better job.
The use of x86 Intel cpus opened up new possibilities. Some unintended or not foreseen I guess too. A competition challenge to see who could install Windows on a Mac first and easiest took place in 2006. Apple came in later with their beta. but Boot Camp Assistant has always been a weak, lame, partitioning tool.
Macs and users using gparted and other tools? and try to stop the hand-holding concept? unlikely.
A better tool? there should be, and not only that, it really needs to just be rolled into Disk utilty as one more feature and tab along with other tools - so integrated and if you want to create, resize, remove an MBR slice and Windows partition, you can.
Paragon lets you create a partition, and also they have their own NTFS driver so you don't need to format BOOTCAMP (MSDOS/FAT32) during the install phase later.
Of course installing Windows in a VM doesn't have all the trouble of dual boot native install and given RAM and processor resources, can be more than functional enough for many.
With Windows 7 you can install and have a Windows-only computer, remove all traces of Mac OS (and boot OS X off 2nd drive, either with two SSD + hard drive or eSATA or Intel 'Bolt' interface as well as FW800.

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    You might get faster response by posting your question in the Boot Camp forum where the Boot Camp gurus hang out.

  • AMD Crossfire, Boot Camp, and the new Mac Pro Issue

    Hello, all.
    I have a new Mac Pro (Late 2013) with 6 cores, 32 GB RAM, and dual D700 AMD graphics cards.  I'm using an older 30 inch Apple Cinema Display (with the dual link DVI adapter).  I've successfully installed Windows 8.1 under Boot Camp.  Here's my problem...
    I understand that for the new Mac Pro under Boot Camp enables AMD CrossfireX by default from multiple sources online.  However, it's disabled on mine, and every time I try to enable it (and hit "Apply" in the AMD Control Center), it disables again.
    Is Crossfire only available for use with a Thunderbolt Display attached?  Could that be the problem?  Or is the AMD Control Panel lying to me?
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    Fixed it!
    So, not only would Crossfire not enable under Windows 8.1 on my Mac Pro in Boot Camp... But Windows started crashing massively.  I was about to wipe Boot Camp entirely and try a clean install (even though the only three things I'd installed were Windows itself using Apple's exact instructions, Steam, and Skyrim), but decided in a last ditch effort to try disconnecting and reconnecting peripherals.
    Turns out the culprit was my Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock.
    Disconnecting the Belkin Thunderbolt dock not only stopped Windows from crashing, but now I can enable Crossfire, as well!
    Now, this is especially strange since I have read elsewhere that people have no problems using the Belkin dock under Boot Camp with other Macs... This issue is probably isolated to using it in Boot Camp with the new Mac Pro.  But disconnecting the dock from my Mac Pro has solved not just one but all of my Boot Camp issues.  (Of course, using the Belkin dock under OSX on my Mac Pro is no problem.)
    Long story short, if you have a new Mac Pro and plan on using Windows 8.1 under Boot Camp, don't have the Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock attached.
    I'm going to contact Belkin and tell them what I've discovered.
    Hope that helps y'all.

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    Hi Codye24
    I don't know if you saw this thread
    Connecting a Canon HV30 camcorder vai a thunderbolt port to a new imac
    Hope that this helps

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    Reinstall the software properly, don't use Migration Assistant/ Tmemachine.

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    I wouldn't recommend installing through a network connection.
    For a Virtual Machine:
    If you have the Win 7 media (DVD), use an app like PowerISO or MagicISO to make an ISO file of the install disc and use that.
    For BootCamp:
    Use the original install media and BootCamp Assistant, to install from your DVD Drive.

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    Hi there,
    Are you running Lion or Snow Leopard? either way this may help by the looks of it.

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    Phil0124 wrote:
    You can copy it to the internal hard drive as long as it fits on it. How big is your library, and how big is your internal HD?
    The only thing you do not want to do is over-stuff the internal hard drive. The OS needs some space to operate correctly, so if your iTunes library uses up more than say 80 to 85% of the internal HD's available space it may not be a good idea to transfer it over.
    With that said, the internal HD will provide slightly faster access to the library than the external would, but other than that, you can point iTunes to the external drive just fine.

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    i boot camped a new Partition at 10 GB and put Windows XP SP2 on it
    i got 2 new questions
    1.Can i change the 10GB to 20 GB and if so HOW
    2.Can i do yet Another Partition so my macbook can have OS10/Xp/Vista in 3 seperate partitions?
    what about Linux
    is there a way to open Both Partitions at the same time to view OS10 and XP side by side on the same computer ?
    thanks in advance

    Sounds like you didn't plan enough space. Not w/o destroying (backup) your current partitioning to install each natively.
    Maybe Parallels would fit your needs.
    Triple boot

  • OS X Partition split and duplicated when creating Boot Camp partition

    I have installed a larger internal HD 3TB into my iMac Late 2009 21.5 inch. All went well until I used Boot Camp to set up a Windows partition. My intention to have an OS X partition of 2.8TB and a Boot Camp partition of 200 GB. I am running the latest version of Yosemite.
    Once the Boot Camp partition completed, and Windows 7 installed successfully, I have rebooted in OS X to find that the HD is now showing as a Partition of 200GB for Boot Camp, a partition of 2TB for Macintosh HD (with all my applications and data etc), and a second Macintosh HD partition of 800GB, also containing all my applications and data etc which appears to have been duplicated. Prior to completing the Boot Camp process, the internal HD was showing correctly as a single partition of 3TB.
    I have completed this process twice, with the same result. After the first occasion, I reformatted the new internal HD and started completely from blank again (as I was unable to erase or change the duplicated partition in Disk Utility).
    I used Migration Assistant to transfer my files, data etc from the old Internal HD which is now an external HD.
    Any thoughts on what I am doing incorrectly?

    This is expected behavior. On your Mac, the 3TB disk is partitioned to allow Windows to function properly in BIOS mode. BIOS mode (and CSM-BIOS, to be precise) has a limitation of a 2TB disk. on a larger disk (including 3TB Fusion drives), the disk is partitioned in such a manner that the Windows adheres to the 2TB limit.
    You can can see the exact partitioning, if you are so inclined, using the following Terminal commands.
    diskutil list
    diskutil cs list
    sudo gpt -vv -r show /dev/disk0
    sudo fdisk /dev/disk0
    The "sudo" commands will prompt for your password, and it will not be echoed back. You may also see a warning about improper use of "sudo" and potential data loss due to "abuse" of the command.

  • Windows installer can't detect boot camp partition

    I recently bought my first iMac and I am trying to install Windows 8.1 using the Boot Camp Assistant. I have rebooted the Mac into the Windows installer program and made it to the screen titled "Where do you want to install Windows?" However, the Boot Camp partition I thought I created earlier is not showing on the list of available drives. I have tried hitting the Refresh button several times.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.

    I haven't really kept up lately but the only thing I see missing in your information is you didn't say if you had Formatted the Boot Camp partitiion to NTFS. The last I looked into Boot Camp that was one of the mandatory things you had to do in order for the installer to "see" the partition.
    You end up formating it twice.
    The original format when you make the Windows partition should be "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" it's done by the Mac (BootCamp) then when your booted from the Windows installer you then have to format it again with the NTFS format. And of course it has to be on an internal drive. And a full install disk not an upgrade disk. Boot Camp 5?
    Take a gander at the instructions again and see if you might have missed a step?
    Hope it helped, at least I bumped ya up.......

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    I AM able to open the files on my old G4 with Photoshop CS2 with no problems. It seems to be a OS 10.49 problem or MacBook Pro problem instead of Photoshop because they are not opening in the finder either. I tried resaving the files in PhotoShop CS2 (on my G4) and burning them to a CD to transfer them to the MacBook Pro. Still didn't work.
    These files are part of a web job I need to finish soon. I've been braging about how cool my MacBook Pro and the new CS3Dreamweaver is. Do I have to eat my words and go back to using my slow G4?.

    Me thinks you have tried to connect to a shortcut folder and not a genuine folder.
    Note Mac OS X in Mac OS X 10.4 has 3 popular folder shortcut locations:
    The leftmost column of the Finder window.
    The horizontal toolbar on the top of the Finder window
    The translucent bar which can be anchored on the side or bottom of the screen known as the Dock. These are not true folder locations, but only locations for shortcuts. When you click on a folder for a volume that is not mounted, or is a folder which was deleted it will behave in this fashion. Often if you click on it the right fashion, it will change to a question mark.
    In addition if it is an alias to an existing folder that has no contents, it will behave this way from the three shortcut locations.
    If you right click instead of the left click a folder, it may think you want to do something to the folder which you can't do. Make sure your mouse button functions properly as a Primary button on Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Keyboard and Mouse.
    Also make sure Universal Access is not turned on as it too can cause funny behavior in the mouse click actions, in Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Universal Access.

  • Can I run windows xp on a new macbook pro retina display?

    I would like to know if it is possible to downgrade boot camp in order to run windows xp on the brand new macbook pro.

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    The hardware of your MacBook is just not compatible with Windows XP. You won't find any computer with the specs of your Mac running Windows XP, and Apple doesn't provide Boot Camp drivers for Windows XP in your MacBook.
    Instead, what you can do is to install Windows XP on a virtual machine created with Parallels, VMware Fusion or VirtualBox. As your MacBook Pro is very powerful, you won't notice any performance difference between Boot Camp and the virtual machine unless you need Windows for things that require a good graphic card. In this case, consider the option of installing a 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 8 version by using Boot Camp >

  • Best Boot Camp version for my MacBook Pro?

    Hi guys!
    So, I've got a 17" MacBook Pro from 2007. It's listed as "macbookpro2,1" in System Profiler, if that helps. I've got the Windows 7 Release Candidate installed on a Boot Camp partition running BC version 2.0. I guess I'm a bit confused - what is the "correct" version of the Boot Camp drivers for this machine?
    I bought Star Trek Online today, and I just want to make sure I'm getting the best performance this trusty old Mac is capable of!

    Hi Huxley,
    Windows 7 BootCamp Driver support requires both the Snow Leopard install DVD, which contains the 3.0 version of the Drivers, and the 3.1 driver update which can be download from Apples download site.
    The version number of the BootCamp Assistant in OSX is either 3.0 when you use OSX Snow Leopard or 2.0 if you use OSX Leopard.
    To my knowledge the Windows 7 Release Candidate is only valid for use till the end of March, so it might be time to buy the full version.

  • How can I add a bootcamp partition to a MacBook Pro (10.6.8) with Parallels 6 already installed?

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    Open Boot Camp Assistant, read the documentation carefully, then configure the partition. Your hard drive must contain only one partition - the OS X partition. If you've made a second one on which to run Parallels, then you cannot create a Boot Camp partition.

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