Can't edit titles in iMovie

I want to edit my theme title in iMovie (v 10.0.02) so that I can put the text on more than one line but the options are all greyed out
I've read the help section on this ( but I don't have the ability to click on the font, size, alignment etc tools. I can see them, they are just completely unclickable.
Any ideas?

Hi ivdemark,
If you see above, I read the iMovie support.
It says that the titles that you can't edit are in gold, while the titles you can edit are in blue. This title is in blue.
The options are there, they are just greyed out.
Below is a full screen shot. Does this help show the issue?

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  • How can I edit titles in iMovie on slideshows?

    Hi support community!
    I'm in the process of creating a slideshow with subliminal affirmations for myself. I watched a video on how to do this but the video editor was for a PC. Windows Movie Player. How can I using iMovie add titles and change the length of time, position and transparency of the titles(affirmations)??
    Brian Forrest

    Would have been useful to know what Mac you have, with what versions of OS X and iMovie.
    There are many ways to produce slide shows using iPhoto (see this: ), iMovie or iDVD and some limit the number of photos you can use (iDVD has a 99 chapter (slide) limitation).
    If what you want is what I want, namely to be able to use high resolution photos (even 300 dpi tiff files), to pan and zoom individual photos, use a variety of transitions, to add and edit music or commentary, place text exactly where you want it, and to end up with a DVD that looks good on both your Mac and a TV - in other words end up with and end result that does not look like an old fashioned slide show from a projector - you may be interested in how I do it. You don't have to do it my way, but the following may be food for thought!
    Firstly you need proper software to assemble the photos, decide on the duration of each, the transitions you want to use, and how to pan and zoom individual photos where required, and add proper titles. For this I use Photo to Movie. You can read about what it can do on their website:
    (Other users here use the alternative FotoMagico: which you may prefer - I have no experience with it.)
    Neither of these are freeware, but are worth the investment if you are going to do a lot of slide shows. Read about them in detail, then decide which one you feel is best suited to your needs.
    Once you have timed and arranged and manipulated the photos to your liking in Photo to Movie, it exports the file to iMovie  as a DV stream. You can add music in Photo to Movie, but I prefer doing this in iMovie where it is easier to edit. You can now further edit the slide show in iMovie just as you would a movie, including adding other video clips, then send it to iDVD 7, or Toast,  for burning.
    You will be pleasantly surprised at how professional the results can be!
    To simply create a slide show in iDVD 7 onwards from images in iPhoto or stored in other places on your hard disk or a connected server, look here:
    Preparing images for iDVD slideshows:

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    I have many hours of home movies copied years ago to DVDs. Can I edit them using iMovie? All the Help instructions assume that you will be transferring info from cameras not from DVDs.

    See my User Tip here.

  • Can anyone edit title fonts and sizes in iMovie 10?

    Trying to edit title fonts and sizes in iMovie 10 but font drop down does not respond.  Tried a couple of different style titles with same results.  Anyone else have this problem? 

    Another bug from apple. I can't even understund how do they test these products if most of the inspector options are not working. Same on Transition speed.

  • Can't edit title text in Final Cut Pro X

    Okay I'm seriously about ready to pull my hair out. Every time I go to edit text, FCPX crashes. Now I have to close the inspector before editing text for it to not crash...and that works sometimes. But now I have a new problem. After exporting my movie, I noticed I needed to make some adjustments to titles... Tried double clicking the text in the doesn't even let me edit it anymore! Really? Why would you even release this Apple? Final Cut Pro X is clearly not finished. What a joke.

    It seems I have nearly the same problem. The simple fact of selecting the title in the project or in the project library crashes FinalCut Pro.
    I thought it was caused by the accended frensh characters, like for an imported iMovie Project, but this is not the case. Even without accended characters, the crash is systematic.
    Thanks a lot for the idea of closing the inspector! Now I can work with titles (sometimes at all) without crashing
    The good news is: I can edit the title, even when re-opening the project later, if I:
    1. Select the title element with the inspector closed
    2. Open the inspector
    3. Modify some parameters like the colors of the titles.
    - The first time I did it, the inspector opened, empty, on the left side of the screen !?!
    - It works even in the precedent little project wich I encountered the bug
    - I can edit too in the viewer.
    My config:
    MacBook 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    Mémoire  4 Go 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    Graphisme  NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB
    Logiciel  Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1 (11B26)

  • Can't edit pics in iMovie

    Im trying til edit a photo in imovie (ken burns effect).  When i mark the clip, and push the ken burns button, i cant move the start and stop point .  Can anyone help?

    Hi ivdemark,
    If you see above, I read the iMovie support.
    It says that the titles that you can't edit are in gold, while the titles you can edit are in blue. This title is in blue.
    The options are there, they are just greyed out.
    Below is a full screen shot. Does this help show the issue?

  • Can I edit title of PDF in iBooks?

    I wish to edit some of the titles of PDF's that are in my iBooks to make search a lot easier. Is this possible?

    How to Change PDF Titles in iBooks Right on Your iPhone or iPad Itself! 
    This was driving me crazy, especially as all over the net there are bold statements it CANNOT be done along with convoluted, multi-step, hard-to-follow directions for doing this.  They involve transferring to Calibre, or transferring via iTunes then converting, rummaging within container files, editing meta data, etc.
    Well, gang , it's easy to change *PDF* titles on your iOS device, iPad, or iPhone, right from within iBooks itself!!
    All you need to do is to select the specific book and tap its title!    You do that by putting the books into a list view, so that you can see the titles.  Then tap a Edit in the upper right corner, select the book (tap the empty circle to its left), then tap the title!  That brings up the keyboard.  From there, backspace to delete letters or double-tap the title to select it all at once to replace it all at once.
    I can't believe how simple it is.  Of course, bad Apple, it doesn't work the same way as in other Apple apps, but hey, it's doable.  It also doesn't seem to work with ePub books.
    For the visually oriented, or for those who find I've made it too simple or left something out, take a gander at this video:
    Note:   If you're having trouble making any selection, that's due to Apple's iBooks getting into a weird state every now and then where the empty circles cannot be selected-- for moving, deleting, anything.  If that happens, force-quit the app, relaunch, and go to town renaming your PDFs.  A couple of times I've also found that rather then being up the keyboard, it turns off the selection.
    Happily, files/PDF books that used to be named such things as
    can be renamed to their proper titles
              Pleasures of the Telescope
              Popular Guide to the Heavens
    Hope this helps someone else!

  • Can't edit titles or transitions in iMovie 10.0.2

    I just recently upgraded to OSx 10.0.2 and with came an upgraded iMovie. Unfortunately I am unable to edit either my transistions or titles. I have never had a problem before in all the years that I have used iMovie until the upgrade. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the responce but unfortunately Precision Editor is greyed out just like all of the other editing tools. I hope Apple is working on a fix because I have some videos I'm trying to finish.

  • Can you edit 24p in imovie 11

    imovie wont import my 24p clips

    No you cannot. There are no plugins for iMovie 11.
    Final Cut Pro X allows plugins, and you can even create your own transitions and titles with Motion.

  • How can i edit Title that i create in premiere pro?

    since i didnt find a way to color text in 4 colors in After effect
    but i did found it in premiere pro- (called 4 color gradient)
    so i create the Title in the premiere pro...but i still want to make on the text some effects from after effect
    how can i do that?

    Since you're new to AE, you should start here. The resources linked there will give you the information you need as well as a solid foundation in how to use AE. If you neglect such a foundation, you will face a world of frustration.

  • Can you edit "title safe overlay"

    just wondering if there is an easy way of customizing the title safe overlay

    Alternatively you can use a reference frame. I've got a black frame with a thin white line where safe title is, I put it on a top layer and set the comp mode to Add. I mostly work in 4x3 safe in 16x9 and this is the easiest way of checking.
    There is a very good Photoshop file that BBC engineering made which has all the cages you could want:

  • On fcp6 - all of a sudden my titles and images disappear when timeline stops. Can't edit or see titles.

    titles and stills work fine in playback, but disappear when timeline stops. Can't edit titles. Can't find how to bring things back. restarted FCP and Mac.

    Second image shows outline of title over background image.  All images are .jpg finished in Photoshop as I normally do.  They worked fine during the first half hour of editing.


    I am a pc but im trying a mac  and is different in short cuts.  My question is how can I edit titles once they are in the timeline?
    Thank you

    Should not matter if you are on a Mac or a PC.
    Double click the title in the Project Panel or in a Timeline Panel.
    When things get weird try this:

  • Edit .avi in iMovie

    Warning: new Mac user, so be gentle.
    I have an .avi 85MB clip that I want to edit in iMovie. It was filmed on a digital "still photography" camera. When I go to open it in QuickTime, it was playing just the audio; the video was just a white screen. Same thing happened when I imported clip into iMovie (audio fine, but no video).
    So I read through these forums and found a suggestion to add the component. As soon as I would open the file in QT or iMovie, the program would "unexpectedly" quit. I downloaded the VLC media player and can now view the video clip fine, but I still can't edit it in iMovies.
    Any suggestions? Thanks in advanced. Some of you are VERY smart and resourceful; I'm amazed!

    Before you can send the file to an app like iMovie it must first play correctly in QuickTime Player. Your file doesn't.
    Open the file in the QuickTime Player and then open the Movie Info window.
    In it you should see the video codec used in the file (Format:) and a Google search for codec name +Mac should help you find what you need.

  • Trying to add titles in IMovie. Using IMovie 8.0.6 and Mac OSX version 10.6.8.  When I try to add titles IMovie shuts down.  What do I need to do to stop the shut downs?

    I can not add Titles in IMovies.  When I click on the Titles, IMovie shuts down.  I am using Mac OSX Version 10.6.8 and IMovies version 8.0.6
    Was able to add some Titles yesterday, but had some problems with shut downs.  Today I can not get past clicking on Titles without a shutdown

    DK Flash, but you have 10.6.8. So this shouldn't apply. But just in case.
    This had to do with the Far Far Away title causing iMovie to quit.
    Try clearing caches and plist.
    Do the behavior persist in a new user on the computer?

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