Can't get CF working with IIS6 on W2k3 sp2

I really have no idea how many times I have had no problems
getting CF and
IIS playing nice with each other: dozens and dozens of times.
Prior to
today, the last time I had a problem was back in the latter
days of
Today I am faced with a new Windows 2003 (Enterprise, I
think) server
running the latest patch level of the OS, and a fresh install
of CFMX7.0.2.
Using the inbuilt JRun webserver, CF works fine. Using IIS
for serving
HTML pages works fine (with a caveat, see below). Using IIS
with CF and
browsing *on the server itself*, works fine. As soon as I'm
off the
server's local network: I just get a 401.3 error.
I understand the purported cause of the error. However all
the releavnt
resources I can think of have "full control" set for:
- authenticated users
- everyone
- local system
- the login a/c that IIS is using.
I have set these to cascade down the entire webroot subtree,
as well as the
entire JRun4 dir subtree. This is a gross overkill, I know,
but it's the
point at which I've got to with "troubleshooting" this.
NB the caveat I alluded to above: HTML pages STOP serving
externally if I
install the JRun connector. And start again if I remove it
(with no other
I've googled about the place, wracked my brains, and waved my
fist at the
screen whilst pulling unpleasant and threatening faces at the
None of this has worked.
So my question is this: what sort of animal am I supposed to
sacrifice, in
order for this to work? In qhat quantities? Is there any
specific way in
which I effect the sacrifice, or is simply performing the
killing enough?
Are there any rituals or chants I am supposed to engage in
whilst doing all
this? Time of day?
Thanks for any insight or special juju.

Cheers Ted.
I decided "peacocks" were probably the correct sort of beast
to sacrifice, and decided as long as my feng shui was all aligned
nicely (it is. It *always* is), I probably did not need to any
rituals, provided I recited some Henry Rollins spoken word for good
And I also tried setting some permissions on the IIS_WPG
user... not the ones you said exactly, but slightly more broad
ones, and it seems to have worked.
We'll never know if it was the peacocks or the permissions,
though. Or the Rollins.

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