Can't get homesharing to work  between two computers on same network

we have been using homesharing for a long time and now all of a sudden homesharing isn't working. Turned it off on both computers and then turned it back on, but still doesn't work. What do I do now?

Have you tried restarting the router.

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  • Cannot get Telnet to work between two servers on same subnet

    I need to test if communication is open on port 8444 between two servers.
    I installed telnet client on a Server 2008 R2 server and telnet server on a Server 2008 SP2 server.  I also manually started the Telnet service that was set to disabled on the SP2 server.  I disabled the Windows firewall on both servers.  They
    are both on the same subnet so they don't need to go through any routers and I can ping successfully.
    When I try to telnet to the remote server by typing telnet "ip address" 8444, I get an error that says "Could not open connection to host, on port 8444:  Connection failed.
    I tried other ports like port 80 and got the same error.
    What else is needed to get this to work?

    VMs have nothing to do with it, as long as there's network communication between the servers.
    As I said, there must be a service or application listening on that port for it to respond. For example, try this:
    C:\> telnet
    When the telnet prompt opens, type in:
    open 25
    If it works, you should see this:
    220 Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service ready at Thu, 7 Feb 2013 00:57:33 +0000
    That means that Microsoft's mail servers are LISTENING on port 25 and it responded. And note, telnetting to port 25 is a non-default telnet port, because port 23 is the default telnet port. When you type in a space and then a port number, you're telling
    the telnet client to use that port.
    That is the SAME THING if some sort of application or service is listening on port 8444 on that other server you're trying to telnet to. If there is no app or service listening, it will just time out.
    And no, installing the TELNET service on that sercver will NOT answer to any port other than 23. The telnet service by default, uses TCP 23, unless you specify otherwise.
    So once again, what service or app on that server is supposed to be listening on 8444?
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  • How can I get extract the data between two cursors on an XY graph

    How can I get extract the data between two cursors on an XY graph

    Well, you say xy graph, so this might be a more complicated problem.
    For a waveform graph it's trivial. Simply get the two cursor indices (property: cursor index) and apply them to array subset of the data. Is that all you need?
    Here's how the above code would look like. using cursor.index instead of cursor.x elimnates the need to include scaling information.
    For an xy graph, there could be multiple segments (e.g. imagine a spiral that passes the desired x range multiple times from both sides). This would neeed significantly more code for a general solution.
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  • How do you get FaceTime to work between two Mac's with the same email address? Thanks, Mike

    How do you get FaceTime to work between two Mac's with the same email address?

    I would like to know the same thing.  How does facetime work between a MacBook Pro and an I Pad that run off the same email address/mac id

  • How can i get number of days between two dates represented by two dates?

    how can i get number of days between two dates represented by two date objects. One is java.sql.Date, the other is java.util.Date?

    tej_222 wrote:
    But how do I do that conversion. from and to calender?
    -thanks for the quick response.You may find the following utility code samples useful:
    ganeshmb wrote:
    (date1.getTime() - date2.getTime())/(1000*60*60*24) should do.
    getTime returns millsecond value of date object and the difference divided by no of milliseconds in a day should fetch you the difference in terms of days.This doesn't respect the DST. Use java.util.Calendar.

  • HT201335 I can't get airplay to work between my 5c and apple tv

    I've tried just about everything I've read on it and still can't find a way

    they have to be on the same network airplay does not work across the Internet
    the appletv has to be appletv 2g or later

  • Sharing aperture library between two computers in same house

    How do I go about sharing the same library between two computers in the same house? I would like to take some or all photos around with me on my laptop and be able to have them also at home for use by my family. Will I have trouble with changes and keeping things in sync? Would I locate the library on a portable drive on our home network? Thanks,

    cut and dry ???
    are you wanting to constantly move the external around from machine to machine ??? or are you looking for simultaneous access ???
    if you had a library on an external and moved it between computers, it could work ... just be careful to always have the external connected before starting aperture, else it will create a new null library for you ...
    you could have db issues if you tried to have two people access it at once ... i dont believe that the aperture db could handle multi access at once ... not robust enough ... no locking of records, etc ...

  • I have changed my password and still can't get homesharing to work. Get the message "Homesharing could not be activated because the account or password was incorrect. It's what I have used to sign in here!

    I  have changed my password and still can't get home sharing to work. Get the message "Home sharing could not be activated because the account or password was incorrect." It's what I have used to sign in here! Any help much appreciated.

    So I reset my Apple ID password. Which then stopped my MobileMe account from working. Hang on - these were 2 different accounts a while ago, with different passwords!!!
    So I have logged back in to MobileMe with my AppleID, and that's working again. After a short wait I can now create Home Sharing again.
    Folks, I think we have just had our Apple IDs merged with our MobileMe accounts!! With no consultation or warning.
    My guess is that this is the most seamless way for Apple to do it, as the vast majority of people use only one email address and one password for everything. Only those of us who had the same email adress but different a different passwords for MobileMe and Apple ID will have noticed. Annoying for us few, but a clever strategy on Apple's part, becasue we have been driven to fix the issue ourselves by chaning the password, and in doing so we have realised that our mobileme account is now the same thing as our Apple ID.

  • I can not get sync to work between my windows desktop and mac notebook

    I have Windows Desktop, a mac notebook, and an android phone.. my desktop and phone sync fine, but i can not get my notebook to sync to my desktop..

    Try rebooting your router.

  • I can't get icloud to work between my iphone and ipad

    Anything I put on my calender never syncs to either device.  Same with music, contacts, etc.  Any help?

    they have to be on the same network airplay does not work across the Internet
    the appletv has to be appletv 2g or later

  • I can't get Firefox to sync my two computers. Going round in circles. Please help!

    I hvae gone through the process of syncing my two computers. I have seen, many times, the tab that tells me that my data is being uploaded in the background and that setup is complete. Nonetheless, nothing syncs. The two computers retain their separate states, nothing changes. I can't figurte out what I need to do in order to make sync work. I'm sure it's something simple, but I throw up my hands and ask this question.

    Please note that we are currently experiencing server issues with Sync. Our techies are working around the clock to fixing the issue and making sure that it works its best. The current option is to try to keep syncing and if you are able to get it to sync properly, we suggest not to sync more than once every 2 hours.
    Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

  • File sharing doesn't work between two computers

    I have a Macbook Air bought late 2009 (I'll call it MBA 1). OS 10.6.0.
    I have a new Macbook Air bought a few days ago (I'll call it MBA 2). OS 10.6.4.
    I have been attempting to share files from the two computers.
    I was able to move files from MBA 1 to MBA 2 without too much fuss. I could do it both ways: by finding "Shared" in Finder and then accessing the files or I could go to "Go" and "Connect to Server". I was able to add the username of the MBA 2 to the list of users in the Sharing pane of the MBA 1.
    So going from MBA 1 ---> MBA 2 is fine.
    However going from MBA 2 ----> MBA 1 doesn't work.
    1) The finder in the MBA 1 doesn't show "Shared".
    2) I can't add user to the Sharing pane of the MBA 2.
    The problem could be that the two usernames of the MBA 1 and the MBA 2 are very similar.
    Username of MBA 1: jk
    Username of MBA 2: J K
    I tested this theory out by adding a username I just made up called "Jack" and it added the username fine to the list of users.
    But it's too late to change the username of the computers now.
    What can I do?

    I got it to work.
    What I did was on MBA 2, I went to "Go" and "Connect to server". Then I selected the MBA 1 to connect to.
    As soon as I did that, "Shared" appeared in Finder with the MBA 2's name on it.
    After connecting which took a long time, the folders to be shared showed up in the Finder window.
    I don't know why trying to connect to MBA 2's server didn't work in MBA 1. I went to "Go" and "Connect to server" many times on the MBA 1 but it didn't work.

  • How do you get two computers on same network for mirgration.

    I am trying to migrate from an older iMac G5 running the most updated version of TIGER to our new MacBook Air running LION.
    The air doesn't have a firewire connection, so it's trying to do it over the wireless network.  I have them both on the same network, BUT the new Air is asking for me to update the Migration Assistant on the older machine.  Don't have any idea how to do that.
    Is there a work around? 
    Can I use USB connections?

    You need to install 10.5.8 on the PPC computer to work with Migration Assistant. It would be easier to clone the drive to an external hard drive. Then restore from the external hard drive using Migration Assistant.

  • I can't get airdrop to work between iPhone 5 and Macbook Air.

    Can anyone tell me how to use airdrop between iPhone and Macbook?

    Airdrop betweem iOS and OS X devices is not currently supported.

  • How can i get my Dashboard sync between two macs?

    I have mabbok pro and imac how can i make this possible??????

    POP accounts can be set up to leave mail on the server. Thus this mail could be accessed from several different computers.
    I used Eudora a while ago, and set up 2 accounts, one left email on the server, and one did not. I would normally check mail from the one that left it on the server (accounts like this on several macs). When I was ready to download the mail, then I would check it from the other account that existed on only one of the macs.
    So in Mail, you could set up for POP and leave mail on the server. Then when ready to download (and not be able to see mail from various macs) you could switch to another user account, where Mail would be set up to not leave mail on the server.
    However, iMap makes this whole process easier.
    Normally, iMap mail can stay on the server forever. But I do like to get my mail and store it on my Mac after an arbitrary period of time. So I have set up a smart rule in Mail.
    It is GET MAIL:
    if Date received is less than 10 days old
    perform the following actions: stop evaluating rules
    So every day the mail is received, and of course it is less than 10 days old, so the rules stop evaluating.
    When I am ready to download the messages I select all in the mailbox, and use command-option-L to apply the rules. Any messages less than 10 days old stay on the server, Older messages then follow the other rules which are listted after GET MAIL. Usually these just filter mail into specific dumb mailboxes on my Mac. And/Or they could color the mail, or whatever else I choose to do with the mail.

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