Can't get rid of old icloud acount

I created an icloud account some years ago but haven't used it in a long long time as I no longer use that email address.  The problem I have is that my shiny new iphone 5c which I registered this afternoon has backed itself up of my previous 3GS info and low and behold this old icloud account has found its way onto my new phone.  I can't rememer the password, I can't recieve any password reset emails to this address and if I go down the security question route it doesn't accept my date of birth!!  I sent an email from my new email address (which I use for my new icloud account) to this old email address of which I recieved in seconds to the old email account definately works.   My question now is how the **** do I get rid of the old icloud account?  I want it off my nice new phone so I can use my new icloud account, off my computer and off this planet!!!  Pleeeeeeeeeease help.

Hello, TONYTONE8. 
Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities. 
Since you have attempted to reset your old iCloud account password to no avail, I would recommend reaching out to our account security team to assist you with this. 
Apple ID: Contacting Apple for help with Apple ID account security
Jason H. 

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    Also, you need to have activated the computer for use with itunes. Why that's not done when you install is a mystery.
    Because you don't need an iTunes account tio use or install iTunes.
    You cannot authorize the computer until you have an account because that's what you are authorizing.
    Note, you can only have 5 active computers, but you can deactivate all of them.
    You can have 5 computers authorized at any one time. You can only select Deauthorize all when you do hae 5 authorized and you can only do it one time per year.
    Next, create/update your itunes account.
    Again you cannot "activate" (which is authorize) unless you have an iTunes account. So you cannot authorize iTunes and then create an iTunes account.

  • I can not get rid of a iCloud address in my drop-down from mail window

    Email address wrong in mail on drop-down from window. The email was created as an alias in icloud but one leter is a mistake. I corrected this mistake with new address but can not get rid of old address and its not in icloud mail either.
    Can you help.
    End of tether

    morgan d falcon wrote:
    drop-down from window
    Sorry, I misunderstood. Apple calls it "the From pop-up menu" — see under Set the From address in this Apple doc:
    Mail (Mavericks): Address messages
    ...Presumably if follow the instructions there and set "Send new messages from" to the address you want, you won't then need to click on the "From pop-up menu" and see the incorrect address.
    Perhaps someone else here knows how to remove the incorrect address completely — or try clicking on "Manage your Apple ID" here:
    My Apple ID

  • I seem to have more than one apple ID. How can I get rid of old ones?

    I seem to have more than one apple I D. Apple keep rejecting my password so I create new one. iPhone still seemd to use original ID. Apps get attached to old IDs. Can't log into game centre on old ID or use my nickname. Says its already in use! By me!

    Roger.  Can you drop in to HT4436 Multiple iCloud accounts on OS X: Apple Support Communities and see if you can help the OP?  Thanks,

  • Can't get rid of old screen name in iChat

    when I first got my iMac a couple years ago, I was experimenting with the apps, including iChat. In iChat, I setup an account using a screen name that I no longer want to use, but when I try logging into iChat using the AIM account with the screen name I want, the "user name" that shows up in iChat is the first one I used when I was experimenting for the first time with iChat.
    How do I get rid of this old, unwanted screen name? I tried clicking on the minus sign in the list of users to delete the account and tried signing up for a new iChat account using my AIM screen name/password; neither worked (when I tried logging in with my AIM info and clicking on the button to set up a new iChat account, I got sent to the AIM web site that wanted me to input all my info again then sent me to the site to download AIM - which I already have.) I could find nothing in the iChat preferences other than the minus sign I referred to but that won't allow me to definitively delete the unwanted screen name/handle.
    Is there some place I can find the iChat preferences in the system folder, maybe, and delete them so next time I start iChat a new, blank set of preferences will be opened that will allow me to set the username I want? If this will work, where is this file located?
    P.S. I got Skype recently to try, but like some of the features in iChat so would rather use iChat if I can get it to use the name I want and have with AIM.

    Pic first
    Handle = Screen Name.
    Name = Your Details as per your My Card (Head and Shoulders iCon) in the Address Book - Or the User that is Logged in to the Mac.
    Each Buddy List will show the same Name but a different Handle based on the Screen Name for that Buddy List.
    If you only have one Buddy List (other than the Bonjour One) and you Delete it then the Buddy List Disappears - Problem Solved. (Presumably you are re-adding a New Screen Name ?)
    Pic of the Minus Button I am talking about.
    Multiple Buddy List are created by adding more then One Screen Name to the Accounts List (Previous Pic)
    I am a little confused where you were when you did this:-
    I tried clicking on the minus sign in the list of users to delete the account and tried signing up for a new iChat account using my AIM screen name/password;
    "List of Users" sounds like you were in System Preferences > Accounts.
    You can "Delete" an Account here. It is not actually removed from the Users Folder (Hard Drive/Users) but is locked in a way that no-one has access and they are Removed from the Login Screen when the Mac Starts Up.
    But if you use the same Screen Name in another Mac User Account the same Handle will appear.
    You will see my GoogleTalk Account is headed "GoogleTalk" and my AIM Account as "Main AIM Account" These are set in the Description field in the iChat > Preferences > Accounts.
    The Default if you have one account that logs into AIM is for it to read "AIM Buddy List"
    Similar for one Jabber Account.
    With more accounts of any one type they take on the info in the Description Field - which itself by default is the Screen Name.
    Are you trying to create a New Mac User Account and use the same AIM Screen Name there ?
    Are you trying to just change AIM Screen Names ?
    8:05 PM Wednesday; December 29, 2010
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"

  • Can't get rid of old bookmark list for current list to save for backup

    My computer was infected with malware and crashed in November. I lost everything but was able to get my bookmarks back with a jump drive.
    I then went in and removed a lot of bookmarks and folders, and have added a lot of other folders and bookmarks over time. I do mean a lot.
    I am now trying to make a current back up, but every time I try to export it to html format it reverts back to the original list that was edited to the current list, which I can see, and even though it does light up when I select all, it again reverts back to the original list for export, and will not show the list as is now.
    Am curious why the original list is even here, as it should of disappeared when the computer crashed, so how can it still be here is another question, but this is not my main question of course.
    How do I get rid of the original list and get it to export the current list for back up? PLEASE! Once bitten twice shy.
    Running XP Professional on a Sony Vaio 2002.
    I have tried to make a copy in a word doc but cannot get it to "copy" to paste to put it into that format.
    Thank you in advance, Trisha

    I'm still unclear what is happening when you export.
    This article has the steps to export bookmarks to an HTML file: [[Export Firefox bookmarks to an HTML file to back up or transfer bookmarks]].
    Are you saying that the file you export contains the old bookmarks that you removed, or the old bookmarks reappear in Firefox when you try to export??
    The JSON format consists of text, but isn't meant to be easily read. Its real purpose is to be restored back to Firefox is you lose your bookmarks. So it is a convenient backup format.
    I can understand that you aren't sure what it contains. If you'd like to see how it restores, you can copy the .json file to a convenient location (e.g., thumb drive or documents folder) and restore it into a new Firefox profile.
    This doesn't replace your existing Firefox settings, but would be an independent settings folder that exists alongside it. You can create and switch between profiles for testing, to isolate different users, or other purposes. Just don't delete any profiles without backing up the ones you really care about, just in case something were to go wrong during the process.
    Exit Firefox and start up in the Profile Manager using Start > search box (or Run):
    firefox.exe -P
    Any time you want to switch profiles, exit Firefox and return to this dialog.
    When creating a new profile, I recommend using the default location suggested, and to avoid data loss, not re-using any existing folder.
    Once you get the new profile with its default bookmarks, you can restore your last .json backup to see what it includes. This is where the "convenient location" comes in: when using the steps in the following article, you will use "Choose File" to locate that .json file. [[Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer]].

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    Hello!  I'm trying to transfer one of my phones (an LG Cosmos Touch)  to someone else (on my account), but I can't get the old user's  Backup Assistant information removed.  I've tried removing the app so I can download a new copy; it tells me it's removed, but it's still on the list.  I've tried syncing the new user's contact list to the phone from the computer, but the phone tells me the number's changed, and if I try running Backup Assistant it still tries to contact the account for the OLD number, not the new.  I just reloaded the address book by hand (since there weren't too many numbers yet), but I'd LIKE to be able to run Backup Assistant for the new user of the phone, whom I'm sure will be adding additional contacts.  How can I do this if I can't replace the app?  Thanks for any help you can provide.

    On most devices where you can't remove Backup Assistant, you can do the following to get rid of it.  
    1) Open up Backup Assistant. 
    2) Press on help (may be under options).
    3) From the help screen type in *73738#.
    4) This will remove Backup Assistant and you can just reconfigure it altogether.
    I hope this helps someone who is in the same predicament.  NO need to master reset the phone to get rid of Backup Assistant. Woohoo! 
    Any questions, please let us know!

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    I have rented a few movies on my phone (and on my computer then transferred to my phone) now I can't get them to delete off of my phone. help please

    Hello, TONYTONE8. 
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities. 
    Since you have attempted to reset your old iCloud account password to no avail, I would recommend reaching out to our account security team to assist you with this. 
    Apple ID: Contacting Apple for help with Apple ID account security
    Jason H. 

  • How can I get rid of my icloud account

    appointments in my calendar only show up when I am connected with my Icloud account, If I am logged out I am not able to add new appointments in my calender.
    A lot of stupid questions when I am logging off
    As far as I am concerned ICloud is a a pain in the *** and I want to get rid of it asap.

    Your computer will automatically connect and disconnect from iCloud as it needs to, while it remains logged in to the account.
    You should not log-out of iCloud in System Preferences on your Mac when shutting your computer down, or at any other time, as this will prompt you to remove the iCloud data from your computer (which you don't want).
    Just leave iCloud signed in in System Preferences and forget about it.
    If you need to change any of your preferences you'd need to be logged in anyway.
    The only reasons to ever log out of iCloud are for troubleshooting purposes, or if you ever decide you never want to use iCloud again.

  • Can't get rid of old smtp option

    I have changed ISP. Therefore, my smtp server is different, and I have changed it under Accounts, and have edited my listings of smtp servers to delete the server for the former ISP. Nonetheless, whenever I send a mail message, the defunct smtp server is listed (usually as the default) in the selection for the outgoing mail. How do I get rid of that listing?
    There is no Help item for this, and no one seems to know where that information is stored. Is it on a plist somewhere? If you know, please be specific.
    Incidentally, does it not seem that when an smtp is deleted from the list, it should get lost, and not keep popping up again?

    You should be able to view the contents of in human readable form with Property List Editor, which is included with the Developer tools, or with one of the third-party property list editors available out there, such as Pref Setter or PlistEdit Pro.
    Anyway, if you cannot get rid of that setting by normal means, you may re-create the preferences file as follows:
    1. If you have a .Mac account and .Mac synchronization of Mail data is enabled either in Mail > Preferences > General or in System Preferences > .Mac, disable it before proceeding.
    2. Quit Mail if it’s running.
    3. Make a backup copy of the ~/Library/Mail folder, just in case something goes wrong while trying to solve the problem. You can do this in the Finder by dragging the folder to the Desktop while holding the Option (Alt) key down, for example. This is where all your mail is locally stored.
    4. In the Finder, go to ~/Library/Preferences/. Locate and move it to the Desktop (to be deleted if this fixes the problem).
    5. Open Mail. You’ll have to set up your non-.Mac accounts from scratch all over again. If given the option to import existing mailboxes or something like that, don’t. Just enter the account information and Mail will automagically rediscover the data in ~/Library/Mail/ when done.
    6. You’ll have to re-configure most of your settings in Mail > Preferences. For spam-related security reasons, the first thing you should do is go to Preferences > Viewing and disable Display remote images in HTML messages if it’s enabled.
    7. You may also need to re-install or re-enable any Mail plug-ins you have installed for Mail to recognize them.
    8. As a side effect of re-creating, Mail might rename Outbox (which is where messages waiting to be sent are stored) to Delivered. The name of that mailbox is actually a misnomer, as it would contain messages (if any) that couldn’t be delivered for some reason. You can delete that mailbox if you wish.
    9. If the problem is fixed now and .Mac synchronization of Mail data was enabled at the beginning, enable it again, go to System Preferences > .Mac > Advanced, click Reset Sync Data, and choose the appropriate options to reset the Mail data stored on the .Mac server with the data locally stored on the computer, i.e. sync data must flow from the computer to the .Mac server.
    Note: For those not familiarized with the ~/ notation, it refers to the user’s home folder. You can easily locate any of the folders referred to in this post by copying the folder path here, doing Go > Go to Folder in the Finder, and pasting the folder path there.

  • Can't get rid of old email address

    Since purchasing my iPad, I changed internet carriers and changed my email address. If I go to iTunes & App Store in Settings on my iPad, it still says my Apple ID is the now invalid email address. Can't get pass that point. Wants me to put in a Password for that ID that no longer exists.
    Created a new Apple account to no avail.

    The last thing that you want to do is to create a new Apple ID since purchases are always tied to the Apple ID that was used to make the purchases. You want to change the old Apple ID email address to the new one.
    Did you follow these instructions to change your Apple ID?
    Change your Apple ID - Apple Support
    If you followed those instructions and all went as it should, you can sign out of your old ID in settings>iTunes and App Store>Apple ID. Then sign in with the new ID. You should also take a look at this.
    Apple ID: What to do after you change your Apple ID - Apple Support

  • HT204053 Can't get rid of old ID from previous owner when need upgrades from APP Store?

    My son set up his acct when he download most of the APP Store, few months later I downloads few more in his name till his ID doesn't work, so I decide to change into my name in acct, however when the APP show need upgrade those games etc.. Still automatic to his name . I seem can not get it to change to my name. Does that mean I have to download ITune Store reprogramming ?

    You cannot change the iTunes store account from his to yours and continue to use the purchases made from his account. I'm not quite sure why his account no longer works, there is no reason why it shouldn't.

  • Upgraded players---can't get rid of old explorer in windows explo

    I upgraded from a zen touch to a zen sleek and uninstalled everything from the zen touch before going to the zen sleek cd---the icon for the explorer of the touch is still in windows explorer
    how do i get rid of this and what else might be left behind? (I keep a VERY clean system and want to keep it that way)

    Have a look at this thread here at

  • I can't get rid of old email on iCloud and I don't remember the old email's password

    OSX 10.9.4 iMac  - When I try to sign into iCloud an old email address appears, one for which I don't remember the password.  I have updated my profile under my apple account but the old email keeps appearing.  This blocks my using iCloud.

    There is a contact link.
    Apple ID Support

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