Can't Install Final Cut Studio V3.0

I'm currently using a mid-2009 13-inch Macbook Pro running OS X Mavericks 10.9.1. I'm trying to install a retail verison of Final Cut Studio V3.0 that has 2 installs left, but my Macbook ejects the first installation disk about a minute after I put it in.
Does anyone know why the installation disk isn't being recognized?

Here's a user tip on installing fcp
In particular, there's a link to this
which details a method in which you create disk images of all the dvd's.  Works great.

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  • How can I install Final Cut Studio 2 on my new MacBook Pro with Lion?

    I just purchased and received a new 15" MacBook Pro (non-retina) last week. I need to install Final Cut Studio 2 on this computer. I have researched this and found that I need to install Rosetta from the Snow Leopard DVD in order to do this. This is the first Mac I've bought ( although I've been working with them for years), so I don't have a Snow Leopard DVD. I am a high school teacher and we use FCS 2 for my classes so buying FCP X is not a viable option for me since I teach FCP 6. The iMacs we use in school run Leopard and were never upgraded to Snow Leopard (budget cuts and all), so I can't even borrow one from my district.
    Does anyone know how I can obtain Rosetta? Or another way to install this without it?
    Thank you ! :)

    There is no way to add Rosetta support because it is not supported by OS X Lion at system level. This has been documented before the release of OS X Lion by itself.
    If you really need Final Cut Studio 2, I would return your computer if possible, and purchase a Mac that is capable of running Snow Leopard (all 2010 models, early 2011 MBP and some other 2011 models)

  • Can i install Final cut studio 5 and DVD Studio Pro 4 on OSX lion

    Is any body who can help me on giving me some direction on how to install Final Cut Studio 5.1 and DVD Studio Pro 4 on my OSX Lion, if it's doable. Thanks

    The easiest way is to install Rosetta from a Mac OS X 10.6 DVD first.
    There's also a way of doing it via Terminal that's been posted here a couple of times. A search should bring that up.
    Edit: Found it... read the second post.

  • Can't install Final Cut Studio 2 because "PowerPC applications are no longer supported"

    Bought a brand new 15" MacBookPro OS X 10.7 2.2Ghz Intel Core i7 and tried to install Final Cut Studio 2. Got the error message "You can't open the application FinalCutStudio.mpkg because PowerPC applications are no longer supported." Oh no, does this mean I have to spend more money!???

    I'd like to provide an update on this situation in case anyone is in the same boat I am.
    I went to the Apple store today. I asked if I could downgrade my operating system. They said no, since it came pre-installed with Lion. I asked if Final Cut Studio 3 was compatible with Lion. They said yes, for the most part. They said there was an issue exporting video in 1080p.
    Of course, conveniently Apple is no longer selling FCS3 and the ones on Ebay I saw have gone up to more than $650 a copy. I am out $400 for stupidly buying FCS2 a few months ago, which is now useless to me. I told the Apple guy that I'm not buying FCS X until they work out all the kinks. This leaves me with this laptop that I bought for video editing with no editing software to use.
    I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually considering getting Premiere Pro now for Apple, which is supported in Lion and is running a deal for 50% off. ( If Apple doesn't start selling FCS 3 again, they are really not giving me any choice but to switch!

  • Can I install Final Cut Studio 3.0 after already having FCP X?

    I have already installed FCP X on one of my computers.  I need to install Final Cut Studio 3.0 on the same computer now. 
    When I tried to install, I get the selection screen and Final Cut is ghosted out and unavailable.
    Is there a way around this?  I know FCP X can co-exist with Final Cut Studio 3.0 if it's installed afterward, but I need to know if I can install Final Cut Studio after FCP X which I imagine is a fairly rare situation.
    I'm on Lion -- in case that matters.

    I'm not positive, but I believe that FCPX installer is aware of FCS. If you intsall FCPX and FCS is already on your computer, the FCPX installer will move FCS into a folder inside Applications. I'm sure FCS installer is not aware of the existance of FCPX.
    I would guess that you would have to uninstall FCPX, install FCS and then, if you wanted, re-install FCPX, using the App Store.
    I have not actually done this, but I'm guessing that having FCPX already on your computer is what's causing issues with the FCS installer.

  • Can't install Final Cut Studio

    I have a MacBook Pro OS X 10.6.6 and am trying to install Final Cut Studio. When individually do Livetype or Motion it works. When I do the Final Cut disc I get this error message.
    "Your computer does not have the hardware required to run this software. See the Read Me for details."
    My computer should have necessary specifications with 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7, 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3.
    What should I do?

    That could very well be a Pre-Intel version of FCS. It won't install properly on an Intel Mac.

  • How many computers can I install Final Cut Studio 2 on?

    Here's my dilemma. I'm a poor soon-to-be college grad with an old 2004 PowerBook G4. I'm starting to do video projects this summer and want to get a new computer and Final Cut Studio 2. The problem is, I don't have money for both. However, my current computer DOES meet the requirements (1GB RAM, 1.5Ghz engine, and 17" monitor) to install the apps and run them. So, ideally, I would buy Final Cut Studio 2 and install it on this old computer until I saved up enough money to get myself a Mac Book Pro in a few months. Then, I would install FCS 2 on my new computer. Is this possible? Can I install FCS 2 on my old G4 and then months later when I get a new computer, on my new computer? Or at least transfer the apps to my new computer?
    Thanks ahead of time! I haven't gone computer shopping in a while so I don't remember how this all works!
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    Install it on the PowerBook, and when you get the MacBook Pro, download and use this tool on the PowerBook prior to installing it on the MacBook Pro. The license for Final Cut Studio 2 permits it to be installed on a desktop and portable but not two portables.
    If you're in the middle of a project when you get the MacBook Pro, complete it before changing the configuration.

  • Can I install Final Cut Studio on the G5 I have?

    Currently have Final Cut 5.0.4 - I just purchased Final Cut Studio 2 and am nervous about installing it on this computer. From the box specs, it appears as though this computer meets all specs except the VRAM for 16 and 32 bit rendering. (It says I need 128 MB, but my graphics card is 64 MB.)
    Any advice on what problems this might cause and if I should or should not install Studio 2 on this computer?
    Any input is appreciated.

    I think you'll be able to run Motion, as long as you stay 8 or 10 bit.
    You may remember that I wrote:
    So if you do all your work in regular 8 or 10-bit, it should work.
    It's difficult to upgrade a computer that old, as you probably realize.
    I'm not sure whether your computer is a M9454LL/A or a M9555LL/A
    I checked out these spec pages:
    and it seems that, if you can find this card
    ATI RADEON 9600 XT with 128MB DDR SDRAM
    (wihch was used on the faster G5s of that series)
    it should plug in and work.
    In any case, Motion needs a good graphics card.
    My suggestion? Go ahead and install FCS on your G5 and get to work.
    When you can afford an Intel machine, you can install it on the new machine
    and go crazy!

  • I can't install FINAL CUT STUDIO!!!

    Everytime I install the first disk when I get to the second disk put it in the computer it stil says that another disk is required. I take it out put it back in at leat 15 times and it stil says the same thing in fact if you lesve the disk in for any amount of time it pops back out on its own. For some strange reason it seems as if my computer is not recognizing the DVD studio pro disk that comes with the set....Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on???
    Before installation I do get a message that says... my graphics card does not support the "OPENGL".... recommended by Final Cut what is this ???

    a brody may be correct, but I'm going to throw out a couple of other thoughts.
    1) Do you have a DVD drive in your G4? If that second disk is a DVD and you don't have a DVD drive, that would be why it's spitting the disk back out.
    2) If the second disk is a CD (or it's a DVD and you DO have a DVD drive), then check it for scratches. Even heavy fingerprints can make it difficult or impossible for a drive to read a disk. Clean as necessary.
    Open GL is a graphic display function that greatly speeds up 2D and 3D graphic generation. While Final Cut will likely still work without it, expect it to be much slower with some types of screen draws.

  • Can't Install Final Cut Studio 2.0

    What the **** is going on? I just got a new iMac and the Universal software I own can't install? Is there no workaround - no alternate installers available? You have got to be kidding me.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    I love how Steve Jobs was known for "Think Different" - yes they hit a home run out of the park with certain products - but they get a huge #EpicFail in customer service.

    Here's a user tip on installing fcp
    In particular, there's a link to this
    which details a method in which you create disk images of all the dvd's.  Works great.

  • URGENT - I can't install Final cut Studio

    I just got FC studio and I can't even get through the second part of installation....saying "try again", which I did many many times!
    I have more then enough space and requirements to install this package or else I obviously wouldn't of bought it.
    Please help cause I need to work on it urgently
    Thank you in advance

    We need more details. What are you calling "the second part of installation"? The 2nd DVD disc?
    If that's it, try removing all but the inner two RAM modules from your G5, and try it again.

  • How many times can you install FINAL CUT STUDIO 2

    i have several computers. how many times can this software be installed

    gogiangigo wrote:
    Welcome to the forums,
    Your license allows you to install FCPS2 on one desktop and one laptop.
    To expand on that, you can install it on two machines but you're only allowed to run it on one machine at a time. In fact, if you have both copies running and the machines connected to the same network, you will get an error message and the application will quit.

  • I can't install Final Cut Studio

    I have just brought a iMac and am a new Mac user. I try to install FCS. However my iMac will be hung while installing Boris Calligraphy 2.0 preset. Please advise it.

    Which iMac and which version of Studio?
    Also how much RAM and is this an Intel Mac
    We cannot see your set up from here.
    I brought iMac with 24'duo core intel version which contains 2G ram. I intend to install FCP 5.0 and then upgrade to 5.1 version. However the program seems to inactiveate without any response while installing Boris Calligraphy 2.0 present.Please advice me how to solve the program?

  • How can Install Final Cut Studio in my Mac Pro Early 2009 ??

    I have Final Cut Studio 7  NOT installed yet and Mac Pro Early 2009 with  OSX  10.9.5. I have Final Cut Pro X  Version  10.1.4 installed. Can I installed Final Cut Studio here together with  FCPX ?? Maybe not. What is the best way to install FCP Studio??
    Do I need to make a partition? How? If so, what is the best OSX Version for FCP Studio ??   10.6,  10.7,  10.8, 10.9  ??
    Thanks for any help I can get
    Alberto Marban

    Here is the Best Practice Guidelines from Apple:
    Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4: Installation best practices - Apple Support

  • Why Can't I Install Final Cut Studio?

    I have a MacBook Pro which is about 12 months old. It has a 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 Processor and 8G of RAM. I have been trying to install Final Cut Studio 5.1. Yeah I know that is an OLLLLLLLLLLLD version. Why I chose not to update is neither here nor there. I was about to update when Final Cut Pro X was realeaded and FCS vanished into the ether. I really only wanted DVD Pro but when that wouldn't install I went back to Square 1.
    The specificationa as stated are:- "These discs contain the files required to install Final Cut Studio 5.1 on either PPC or Intel based Mac computers."
    The error message that shows up on the screen when I click on the install package is:- "You can't open the application Final Cut Studio pro.mpkg because Power PC applucations are no longer supported."
    This is despite the stated specifications and the fact that there is a Universal Icon on the discs.
    I am also having a simillar but not the same problem with iLife '06 but i'll start another thread on that.
    I'm confused, thanks for your help in advance.

    Your problem is you are running Lion as your OS (10.7) and Lion does not support Rosetta which is required to run the INSTALLER of FCS 2. If you were running Snow Leopard, you would have been able to do the install.

Maybe you are looking for