Can't Install Flash CS3 Trial

Hi everyone -
I'm new to Flash - in my quest to find a tool where I can
develop rich internet application, or rich applications for that
matter I decided to download the trial version of Flash CS3.
But I can't seem to be able to install it no matter what I
I downloaded the trial version (Windows - 403.71 MB). I
extracted the file 'ADBEFLPRCS3_WWE.exe' and ran the setup.exe, the
installation screen saying 'loading setup' opens for a second and
then disappears - I don't have any application running when when I
start the installation - and the only Adobe software I have in my
machine is adobe writer/ reader.
OS: Windows Professional with plenty of space and memory.
Has anyone experienced the same issue and can help me.....I
want to evaluate the software and then make a decision for
Please Help

Thanks for the suggestion...
But I never had to reinstall the OS in order to install an
application, that seems a little bit extreme.

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  • I can't install flash cs3 AND got error my addRemovePrograms

    after i downloaded flash cs3 trial yesterday . when trying to
    install it, the setup aborted with no reason.
    and when i open the add remove prog in control panel the
    softtware name is in there. and been trying to remove it but its no
    use, when i clicked the remove button i recieved errors.
    i wonder why it wont install in my system, and why is it i
    can see it in my add remove programs?
    my system specs
    80GB HD
    1GB memory
    AMD Sempron 3000+, MMX, 3DNow
    Direct X9.0c
    ECS-761GX-M mobo
    Windows XP Pro SP2
    software currently installed
    MS OFFICE 07
    MS SQL 2005
    MYSQL 5.0
    MS Visual Studio 2005
    Is there anything i can do to uninstall this? and install the
    sotware properly?
    pls let me know thanks in advance.

    Try using the offline installer

  • Can't install Flash CS3!

    I've got a MacBook (about a year old), and when i'm trying to
    install adobe flash cs3 i get 2 errors, the installation completes
    but "Adobe Flash CS3 and Adobe Asset Services CS3" failed to
    I've tried with the free trial and the full version (design
    premium cs3.
    What to do??

    I fixed it myself with the CS3 clean script. I seems the
    ruins of Photoshop CS3 beta were all over the place (even though
    that never worked and i uninstalled it with the uninstaller). Whats
    with the nick name? There has to be some reason why these apps get
    twice as large every time they update, and installation gets ever
    more painful. Loving the Flash though, native at last.

  • Can't Install Photoshop CS3 Trial

    I began the setup process for photoshop cs3, and while installing it crashed. I tried to run the program, and it wouldnt load. I attempted to uninstall it through Add/Remove programs, and it would not work. I tried re-installing the program, but the setup program will not run. Nothing about this program will run/work correctly for me. If you have any ideas as to how I can uninstall/repair/re-install photoshop CS3, please let me know.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Use the CS3Clean Script:

  • Can't install Flash CS3 on Vista SP1

    Hello all,
    I decided to try out Flash CS3, but when I click on Setup.exe
    just some window shows up for a few seconds saying "Adobe Setup"
    but then it dissappears and nothing esle happends, I'm using
    Windows Vista Service Pack 1.
    I get this
    Would anyone have any suggestions to why this is hapeening?

    Hey man,
    Thanks for your reply but I have found the answer here:
    I don't know if this was safe to do but I did it anyway, and
    it worked like a charm.

  • Can't install Photoshop CS3 Trial on Windows

    Hey, I downloaded the trial version of CS3 the other day, wanting to try it out and see what it's like, I got to the end of the installation and it says
    "A problem was encountered while trying to load the trial period for Adobe Photoshop CS3.
    Click Quit to see if restarting your computer or reinstalling the software fixes this problem. Otherwise, click Continue to display a screen where you can enter a valid serial number to begin using the product without trial."
    I'd rather not buy the software just yet, just want to try it out. I know CS3 is a little out-dated but due to pc requirements, I'm not able to run CS4 on my laptop, also I'm used to using CS3 as I used to use it on an old computer but for some reason it won't work on my laptop.
    I've tried reinstalling it, I've also tried to restart my laptop and the program and none of these got it to work.
    Is there anything else that can be done?

    Use the CS3Clean Script:

  • Can't get rid of Flash CS3 Trial !

    I did a search first, no real solutions in prior posts that I
    could see. Searched the rest of Adobe too.. no solutions found that
    In January I downloaded and installed the Flash CS3 Trial.
    I'm not going to buy it, so now that the trial has expired, I want
    it OFF my machine. I ran it thru the usual Add/Remove Programs.
    Well, my machine rebooted (I was doing something else at the time
    and never did see any prompts to reboot from the installer
    program), but when it came back up the Flash CS3 trial
    was still there ! So, I tried the add/remove again - only
    this time the only thing it would uninstall are the Flash Player
    and the Flash Player 9 ActiveX component ! NO choice to get rid of
    the actual program.
    What do I have to do to get this program OFF my hard drive ?
    There's no other uninstall program, the add/remove programs is
    useless, and the only thing even close for getting rid of it was
    some CS3clean script - which was apparently meant for deleting the
    early BETA versions.
    How can Adobe NOT supply an uninstall mechanism other than
    add/remove programs - most other software I've ever used does

    Thanks, wasn't sure about that. It's not a problem, Flash CS3
    is the ONLY CS3 product on my machine. I have Studio 8 currently
    installed, and CS2 Suite too, so hopefully that won't be trashed.

  • Installing Flash CS3 Pro Trial

    I have a very simple task: to install the Flash CS3
    Professional Trial somewhere else than on C:
    I get to select where I want to install it, and I want it on
    d: simply because there is no room for it on c:. BUT the installer
    says that 626 MB still is required on c:.
    How can I install Flash trial on my d drive?

    Hey man I found it.
    Go to :\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers and
    delete it all what's in
    then go to regedit as in this article :,
    and search for adobe cs3 and delete it, then run install again.
    After that it should work, it worked for me fine (don't stop
    install it will take a while and may look like freezing while it's
    After install will complete It's possible that trial version
    won't work and you'll be asked to have a serial ...

  • Flash CS3 trial installation failure when Flash 8 Pro installed

    I am trying to install the trial version of Flash CS3 on my
    The installation fails to install Flash CS3 or Shared
    Components. I currently have a fully licensed copy of Flash 8
    Professional installed on the same PC. Is there some reason I can't
    do this?
    I am trying to see if we want to upgrade to CS3 by checking
    out the improvements/features etc. Sure, I could go ahead and spend
    the $200 but we may not need the improvements.
    Presumably there would be no problem upgrading to CS3 and
    that the problem is caused by the fact I am trying to install a
    full version trial rather than an upgrade.
    Can anybody confirm that this is the case?
    One of the things I wanted to test with CS3 is the
    possibility of loading a Flex .swf into a Flash shell to be able to
    run as an executable. We are not currently in the market for AIR
    which will allow that. We are just trying to add the ability to run
    our code as a stand-alone.
    Any help/comments appreciated.

    Certain components install with no problem. Adobe Bridge CS3,
    Adobe Device Central CS3, Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit 2 and Adobe
    Flash CS3 Video Encoder are installed. But Flash itself and the
    Shared Components are not installed.
    The problem with AIR is that I would need CS3 installed to
    use it. So I can't check that out yet either :-(
    Originally posted by:
    1) Installing CS3 when having Flash 8 or previous versions
    already installed won't make a difference. Previous versions, which
    were owned by Macromedia, install in a Macromedia Folder, however,
    CS3 will install in an Adobe Folder, so, no conflict.
    2) AIR is free, so not being in the market makes no sense. It
    is an 'extension' to Flash CS3 or Flex or Dreamweaver, that can be

  • Having trouble opening and installing Flash CS3

    Hey there,
    I recently downloaded the Flash CS3 trial version for my mac,
    and after downloading it seems that i can't complete installation,
    because once its installed about 2 out of 3 parts it comes up with
    an installer alert, saying the following
    "Please insert Adobe Extendscript 2 now and click ok"
    So i went through the folder i downloaded and found it but
    after i opened it and tried to click "ok" it just doesn't work....
    I really need this software to do uni work at home when i can't go
    in to complete an assignment.
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Here’s what I downloaded from my account – PremiereElements_10LS_15_win64
    I do get an error message when I double click to install:
    “The file archive part of Adobe Premiere Elements 10 is missing.
    You need all parts in the same folder in order to extract Adobe Premiere Elements 10.
    Please download all parts”.
    When on the Adobe site there are many choices which is confusing.
    Please direct me to the correct one….
    I’m running Windows 8.1
    Thank you George

  • Can't Uninstall Flash CS3 Professional

    Yes I've looked around the web and Adobe forums. There's a whole mess of things I'm trying to fix right now so I might as well start from top and keep it compact.  Scroll down to where it says "Let's recap" if you wanna get a summary of my technical issues. It may scare away some of you, but please at least someone respond. (ps all links are put here purposefully by me)
    I joined a site called newgrounds and became fascinated by flash movies there. I found a link which lead me to Flash CS3 Professional free trial download page.  I installed the program without a single problem. But after installation & restarting I couldn't find flash in there at all instead I found these (screenshot). I asked for help on newgrounds, and got advice to install CS4 instead. First I attempted to uninstall CS3, but it will only let me uninstall the Flash Player 9 ActiveX Component and not the program. I looked this up and the solution seemed to be CS3Clean Script. However I have two problems: first off I can't backup my files like recommended because the backup drive doesn't have enough room, which means 7.63GB out of 10GB is somehow being used (screenshot). If I decided to run CS3Clean Script without backing up my data I'd get a message telling me I need to install Windows Installer CleanUp Utility. (screenshot) Which leads me to my second problem.  When I run the file to install "Windows Installer CleanUp" (just downloaded)  I get this error. What does it mean? Because I am on the Administrator's account so I don't understand why I don't have privileges.
    That's all of it!
    Let's recap:
    +Can't Uninstall "Flash CS3 Professional" Trial
    +Can't use "CS3Clean Script" to Uninstall Flash unless "Windows Installer CleanUp Utility" is installed
    +Can't Install "Windows Installer CleanUp Utility" because of this error
    Minor-ish problem slightly related---> Can't back up data in case something else goes wrong!
    ps Did I scare any of y'all away yet?

    trimi-jareck wrote:
    > yes i tried this but it didn't work !
    > i still have the problem !
    Clear all registry entries manually, folders and directories
    then do the
    installation all over again.
    Best Regards
    "Never play Leap-Frog with a Unicorn."
    If you want to mail me - DO NOT LAUGH AT MY ADDRESS

  • Flash CS3 trial version - Dreamweaver 8 won't work anymore

    I recently installed the trial version of Flash CS3. It
    worked fine, but after the 30 day evaluation period, Dreamweaver 8,
    an app I've had installed for a few years now ceases to work. It
    loads up, then immediately crashes. Prior to that, both apps worked
    fine concurrently.
    I uninstalled the Flash CS3 trial version. Still, Dreamweaver
    8 crashes.
    I found the CS3Clean Script, ran that, and Dreamweaver 8
    still crashes.
    I'm positive this has something to do with the 30 day
    evaluation period, because I was using Dreamweaver fine yesterday.
    Any ideas on how I can fix this?
    I've tried re-installing Dreamweaver along with the 8.0.2
    update and still get the same results.
    I have Flash 8 installed already, if that helps.

    This really depends on what exactly you want to do.
    To export Photos from iPhoto to the Finder just use the Export command: file -> Export
    This User Tip
    has details of the options in the Export dialogue.
    But this will not save you any disk space unless you also delete the photos from iPhoto.
    If you want to move the Library to a flash drive: first make sure it's big enough.
    Then make sure the drive is formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
    1. Quit iPhoto
    2. Copy the iPhoto Library from your Pictures Folder to the Flash Drive.
    3. Hold down the option (or alt) key while launching iPhoto. From the resulting menu select 'Choose Library' and navigate to the new location. From that point on this will be the default location of your library.
    4. Test the library and when you're sure all is well, trash the one on your internal HD to free up space.

  • Error message when installing Indesign CS3 trial. I need help ASAP

    I have searched the forums and and have tried everything that I saw. None of it worked for me. I have tried and tried to install Indesign CS3 trial. I keep getting the error message: Indesign has encountered a problem and must close.
    I have windows XP and plenty of RAM. What can the problem be? I have done everything I can think of to do. I added more memory and did everything the forums said to try. I really need this for my class. I am getting behind. I cannot afford to buy the program. Please help!!!!!
    Thank you,

    If you scroll down you'll see there's Windows info there, too. Aside from being sure the fonts are activated, you might try renaming the Sing folder, which should be in Program Files\Common\Adobe.
    You could also try Help > Configure Plugins and disable the Sing.apln, but I don't know how you can get there if the program won't start. Maybe going to the Adobe InDesign CS3\Plug-Ins\Text folder and changing the name from SING.apln to SING.bak would do the trick.
    If it's really the SING problem, that ought to fix it, but you won't be able to work with Oriental languages.

  • Flash cs3 trial not validating

    Hello all,
    MX4 licensee here trying to install flash cs3.
    tried on two separate partitions on the same machine...same
    result......a message saying that there is a problem loading the
    trial version...and I cannot get past that to even open the
    my workstation has no known issues......
    what, please, do I need to do?

    yes, thanks...I did.
    I see now that this problem has been around since 2007...many
    users registering this complaint.
    I cannot see buying hundreds of dollars worth of upgrades if
    I cannot even get the trial version to load......would like to and
    am inclined to...but not this way.....
    any other thoughts?

  • Installed Photoshop CS3 trial, now previous Photoshop 7 won't work

    I've downloaded and installed PS CS3 trial and given it a go but decided to stick with version 7 as it's still doing everything I need.
    So when the trial period on CS3 has expired I've uninstalled it but now Photoshop 7 won't run. I get this message a few seconds after I click on the PS icon . ..
    "An unexpected and unrecoverable problem has occurred due to a program error. Photoshop will now exit"
    I've reinstalled PS7 several times to no avail.
    Since I installed the CS3 trial I upgraded from Tiger to Leopard - maybe this is the cause!
    Any idea's how I can get PS7 working again?

    >Since I installed the CS3 trial I upgraded from Tiger to Leopard - maybe this is the cause!
    Photoshop 7 will not run under Leopard...

Maybe you are looking for

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