Can't open CR2 files in photoshop and camera raw

This weekend I rented a Canon 5D Mark iii. I have downloaded the files and all of the thumbnails in camera raw say CR2 and when I try to open Photoshop does not recognize this product.
I have:
Photoshop CS4
Camera Raw CS4
Canon 5D Mark ii
I have checked my updates folder and all my updates are current. Do I need to upgrade to CS5 or is there a way around this?

Hi I recently had a problem opening CR2 files in PHotoshop cs4. I had to reinstall into a new computer, so obviously it installed the basic programme and not the updates.
After trying everything, even calling the help desk, there was apparently nothing that can be donw as they no longer support cs4.
I kept trying and found a you tube video, which i cant find again to add the link but i followed the link and with what I did earlier I can now open CR2 files in my photoshop cs4
I found the relevany update that I needed to install and downloaded it, camera raw 5.2 ( Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter : For Windows : Camera Raw 5.2 update )  this is the one for the Canon 5d Mk2
After downloading it would not update the progeramme so I was in the same possition, but i noticed the files were there and i just needed to put them in the right place in photoshop so carried on looking for were to put the Plus In.
This led me to the video.
To the point.
Download the update and save to a location where you will remember.
open Adobe photoshop and go to "edit"
Them " Preferences "
then "General "
Then " Plus-Ins"
At the top you will see " Add Plug-Ins Folder " Check this box then navigate to the "win64" ( this is because mine is a windows 64 bit computer and the download is specific ) and Choose it.
Shut down photo shop and try to open a raw.
Bridge doesnt work for some reason but im going to keep looking.
Hope this works for you as well.

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    Firstly take note I shot these with a Canon EOS 450D (or Rebel XSi)...
    I see a lot of answers speaking about having the most up to date version of the Camera RAW Plug-in.
    I have a similar issue with my .CR2 files... I cannot open them in Camera RAW because it tells me that my camera model or make is not supported by the Plug-in, and so I was directed by other forums to just try converting the .CR2 files to .DNG. I already had the Adobe DNG Converter (version 6.5 I believe), so I tried this. It too told me that my files or camera make were not supported.
    However, I have always been able to successfully both open my .CR2 files AND convert them to .DNG. I had not updated anything on my camera nor on my Adobe programs and for some reason this last attempt to open RAW files failed me... I have no idea what change would have led to it. Luckily I shot in both RAW and Large JPG but I certainly don't want to rely on my JPGs of course... Any idea why this problem might have arisen now if it had always worked easily in the past?

    Are these the same exact files you've opened before that you cannot now open?
    Or are they newly copied files (camera or CF card to computer)?
    Can you not open ANY Canon 450D files, even those you find online and download?
    What I'm getting at with these questions is to try to eliminate or suspect data corruption of the files on your disk.
    Exactly what versions of the various tools do you have, specifically (don't guess - go check)?

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    I'm trying to open .CR2 files (Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS) with PhotoShop CC on my Mac. When I try to open them I get an error saying the file can't be opened. The raw plugin version is Adobe's charts say I need at least "4.6,5.1" so I would assume my version should open it. What gives?

    First thing I should do is to link you to the Camera Raw forum where the members there have a far better understanding of Camera Raw problems than I do.
    If the generic advice doesn't work, it's time to bring in the specialists.   Click on that link and post your problem with the CR2 files.
    Adobe Camera Raw

  • Unable to open d800 files with cs6 and camera raw 8.3

    unable to open d800 files with cs6 and camera raw 8.3

    Have you used Nikon Transfer on those files? Early versions are known to corrupt files so that ACR can't read them. Nikon has since fixed the bug so new versions are safe.
    Here's a thread (with a fix) in the Lightroom forum:

  • I can't open .CR2 files in Photoshop CS4

    I'm unable to get the .CR2 files from my new Canon Rebel T3i to open in Photoshop CS4.  I just got this camera and I never had this problem with my old camera (Rebel Xsi).  The raw files from the Xsi will still open, but not the ones from the new camera.  Can anyone help me understand why this is happening?
    Thanks,   Jo

    Mollysnoot wrote:
    Your only option is to upgrade or use the DNG convertor.
    Just to be perfectly accurate, that would be two options. 
    To use the free Adobe DNG converter, you would download and install the very latest version then whenever you want to edit raw images you'll go through a process something like this:
    1.  Upload the .cr2 files from your camera into a folder on your hard drive.
    2.  Run the DNG Converter application and select the folder (it works on folders, not files).
    3.  Convert all the .cr2 files to .dng files.
    4.  Open the .dng files into Photoshop CS4 through the Camera Raw dialog.
    Download links:
    Adobe DNG Converter for Mac OS
    Adobe DNG Converter for Windows

  • Can i open eps file in photoshop element 12 and convert it into jpeg?

    can i open eps file in photoshop element 12 and convert it into jpeg?

    You can open it in Irfanview (free), then save as JPEG.
    Download the program here:
    IrfanView - Official Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide

  • Can't open .CR2 files off of a Canon PowerShot S95 (LR3/PS cs5)

    I just bought the new Canon S95.  I download pics off of a reader and usually go directly through LR.  This time, LR would only download the few Jpgs I had on the SD card and showed me "The files are from a camera which is not recognized by the raw format support in Lightroom." 
    It does however show a Canon S95 as part of the info when viewing the jpegs in the library module. 
    I copied the files from the SD card to my hard drive via copy and tried to open the files in Photoshop and got the following error.  "Could not complete your request because the file appears to be from a camera model which is not supported by the installed version of Camera Raw.  Please visit the Camera Raw help documentation for additional information."
    I am running a MacPro with 8 G of ram and the current versions of LR3, Photoshop CS5 and Camera Raw.   I can see the thumbs of these raw files in finder where I placed the copies.  I have downloaded many .CR2 files from a Canon S40, S70, 20D, etc.  I'm lost.
    Thanks to all.

    mybrotherbob wrote:
    try using Adobe DNG converter to convert them to a supported format…
    That's silly.     The Adobe DNG Converter and ACR are always released in tandem and the same camera models are supported in each respective version.
    If that camera is not yet supported in any version of ACR, it wll not be supported in any version of the DNG Converter either.
    Wo Tai Lao Le

  • How do i open CR2 files with photoshop cs5?

    Adobe camera raw will not open CR2 files in photoshop. How do i open these files? i have tried updating camera raw witht he last 8 updates but it still will not open. Camera raw shows a pop up box saying the file is not supported.

    mushybutt wrote:
    I believe the proglem is with in Adobe CS5 and something just isnt working correctly and that maybe why it cant read or do anything with RAW files. I also noticed that Adobe's site says that it supports canon 70D CS2 files. my camera files are CR2, im not sure if maybe that might have something to do with my issue.
    Nothing to do with anything being faulty in CS5.
    The reason has already been given by tpolakov above: The 70D was first supported in Camera Raw 8.2 which is only compatible with CS6 and later. CS5 is not compatible with Camera Raw 8.2 so CS5 cannot read Raw files from the 70D. That's all there is to it.
    mushybutt wrote:
    Thanks Tomsm13, I actually tried to convert the files to DNG but that doesnt work either. I used the latest compatable Adobe DNG converter and i get a message that it can not find any camera RAW files to convert.
    You select a folder containing CR2 files, not a CR2 file.
    See Camera Raw: How to use Adobe DNG Converter - YouTube
    From 1.40 onwards.

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    I get the following error "could not complete your request because there is an error in the program
    Please me!
    Thank you

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    I can not open any files in Photoshop CS3. It has been working fine. I was using camera raw and did not open the file and now can't open any file in photoshop. I reinstall it photoshop and it did not work. I reinstall install window xp worked fine until I tried camera raw. Canon (xti) Only cs3 is on the computer now

    reset the preferences per the faq?

  • Can't open PNG files in Photoshop CS5...??

    I'm seeing lots of threads with this problem but none of them seem to have an answer.
    For some reason right now when I try to open a PNG file in Photoshop it just crashes.  I end up with a neverending "hour glass".
    I had all of my website project directories on a network share.  As I'm no longer sharing all of these files with an office of people I decided to move all of these project files back to my own local machine.  Ever since I've done that I can't open PNG files in Photoshop anymore.
    Any information on what could have caused this, or more importantly, how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

    I was able to edit PNG files just fine up until today, and the only thing I've done is move the files from the network share to my local hard drive.
    Any PNG, large or small won't work right now.  All of the other threads I see where people are talking about this say it's happening with their GIF files, too.  I just tried one here and the same thing happened.  From within Photoshop I did File -> Open, browsed to my image directory and the moment I clicked on one of the GIF files it locked up.
    So yeah, I'm certain it's isolated to my machine right now.  I just have no idea at all what could possibly be causing this.  The other threads are mentioning netework shares, too, but usually still trying to open over the network.  In my case it was working fine when I did it over the network, but now that I'm opening local files it's failing.

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    Try installing Camera Raw 6.7.1 manually
    Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter : For Macintosh : Camera Raw 6.7.1 Update
    Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter : For Windows : Camera Raw 6.7.1 Update

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    Pages 5.5.2 is extremely incompatible with even other Macs let alone the vast majority of PC and MsWord users out there, so not a good idea to leap into the fire with both eyes shut.
    After having done that to the first Pages 5 files, Apple has repeatedly done it to even the most minor point updates. Apple can't even anticipate its own erratic changes let alone what everyone else needs doing.

  • Opening JPG directly in Photoshop, passing Camera Raw

    Hi! I would like to open JPGs that were edited in Camera Raw directly in Photoshop and I saw in this video from Russel Brown how I could do this. Only, he is using Bridge CS3 in the video and I am using CS4. The thing is that I don't have "Always open JPEG files with setting using Camera Raw", instead I have a dropdown with: "Disable JPEG support", "Automatically open JPEG with settings" and "Automatically open all supported JPEG". I tried these options but they don't help.
    Menu options in the video
    The menu options that are available to me
    Do you have any solutions?
    Thank you,

    I just realised that setting to "Disable JPEG support" bypasses Camera Raw, but it has to be done to every file individually, and in that video from Russel Brown he just set an option and every JPEG opened in Photoshop bypassed Camera Raw. Do you know if this feature can be set in CS4 too?
    Thank you,

  • What is the optimum core configuration for a new Mac Pro to process and manipulate very large (80 megapixel) images using PhotoShop and Camera Raw?

    I will be using creative techniques to process and manipulate a large number (hundreds) of very large (80 megapixel) images captured using a medium format digital back (Phase One IQ180).
    Final output will be digital fine art imagery printed using an Epson 11880 at large sizes (up to 60 inches x ?), retaining the highest possible quality and resolution. I will be using Adobe CC PhotoShop and Camera RAW as well as Capture One software. PhotoShop filters will be used extensively.
    The Mac Pro needs to be optimized for the above purpose and be useful for at least five years. I plan to max out all the other options (RAM, graphics cards, storage). Performance is more important than cost.
    The few discussions I have found that mention optimum core configurations seem to lean toward 6 or 8 (but likely are not taking into consideration my need for manipulating a large number of very large files), so I am looking to this foum for opinions.
    Thank you,

    See if this helps

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