Can't open from skydrive in Reader for Android

I have adocument I needtowork in whileIam travelling. It had tobedownloaded fromanon-linesource and I THINK I had to use Microsoft Explorer to open it nitially. I startedtoworkon it (its a document one had to enter data into in stages). I saved it an uploaded it to my Skydrive. Now trying to open it on an android tablet (HP Slate 10 HD) and I am getting the following message:
"Please wait.............if this message is not eventually replaced by the propercontents of the document your pdfviewer may not be able todisplay this type of document." This is followed by advice to go downlaod the latest version of Adobe reader -Idownloaded the android version only yesterday -I have tried viewing the cloud document ANDdownloading and trying to open it.
Any suggestions please - I really need to work on this whileaway.By the way other windows documents open fine and allow meto edit without diffficulty. Although thispdf is specific to me it isn't password protected in any way.

the source document is a blank master for each user to complete so doesn't contain any confidential information and resides at: mv3.pdf 
it opens in adobe reader for windows but if I save to Skydrive it won't open in adobe reader for android.
I then thought I might be able to download the original to my tablet and open in reader for android (hoping  I
could then upload the completed document to Skydrive and open it in windows on my laptop) but no luck.
Am also posting to e-mail as requested.
Thanks CH1
Depressingly it opens in Explorer with no problem at all. Not much help having made the decision to go down the android/Chrome route
I do hope you can help.
many thanks,
Chris Harris

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