Can't Open PDF Package In Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3

Yesterday, I created a PDF Package of about 30 documents. When I attempt to open the package using Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3, I get the Data Execution Prevention pop-up message saying that the file cannot be opened. Does anyone have any thoughts on why this is happening?

Have not tried that yet. It was next on my schedule. I have another project that I'm working concurrently, but will have some time later today and will try that. Will post the results. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    I can't open a pdf (that was created with Adobe Acrobat Pro) using Reader 11. However, the file will open with an older version of Reader (10.1.4) on another workstation. Is there any way to resolve the problem?

    Reader 11 is not available for general release. If you participated in the beta program, there is a place for this discussion which you have been provided. If you did not participate in the beta program, then you should not yet have access to Reader 11. I have just checked the Adobe website and it is not available to download from there.

  • Can't open patch package to uninstall Acrobat Reader

    I need to uninstall the current version to troubleshoot why my pdf files aren't (suddenly) printing to a printer that works otherwise.  Am getting the message about this patch package.  What can I do?

    Use the Adobe Cleaner
    It will completely remove the old version

  • MacBook won't open pdf files with Adobe Acrobat Reader

    I just bought a 13" MacBook and transferred everything from my 12" PowerBook to the MacBook. I just tried to open a file saved with Adobe and I get the following message:
    You cannot open the application “Adobe Reader” because it is not supported on this architecture.
    Any suggestions?

    Yep you need Adobe Reader for Intel. Actually you don't even need that. You could use Preview to view .pdf's but I always use Reader. Don't really know why

  • Can I batch print PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader X

    can I batch print PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader X?  I have tried from Windows Exploer (Windows XP) and it looks like the files are opening but they do not print.

    Very strange!  What is your installed Reader version?
    Try disabling Protected Mode in Adobe Reader [Edit | Preferences | Security (Enhanced)].

  • How can I delete a file from Adobe Acrobat Reader DC?

    How can I delete a file from Adobe Acrobat Reader DC?

    What operating system do you use? Where do you store the files?

  • Cannot opening PDF created with Adobe Acrobat 5 on Samsung Android device

    Hi I have an number of links to PDFs on my blog home page ( These were created in Adobe Acrobat 5, with security applied that allows viewing and printing. They open fine on my laptop (e.g. with Google Chrome), but when trying to open on my Android mobile (Samsung Note 3 - a standard design) with Acrobat Reader installed, an error message appears 'The document cannot be opened because it is not a valid PDF document'. It is a valid PDF as it was created with Adobe 5 itself. Do you know what the problem might be?  I have uploaded another PDF (not sure what this was created with) on my other site, and it downloads fine, so is not the problem per se.  Many thanks for any advice anyone can give.  Rob

    Hi Robert,
    I am so sorry for the inconvenience caused & will try my best to get this issue resolved.
    I will recommend you to upgrade your Adobe reader to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on your Samsung Note 3 mobile phone and then try to view the pdf files. You can download it for free from the Google app. store or you can refer to this link Acrobat Reader DC Learn & Support.
    Let me know if you still experience the same issue.

  • I can't open PDF files with adobe flash player

    I have installed it and whenever I try to open pdf files it says I need to agree with your liscens and you do that automatically when you download it. I have followed all your instructions on your website and uninstalled it and installed again, but I can't open pdf files with it. I don't know what the problem is exactly, but it's really frustrating..

    Flash Player CANNOT open PDFs because they AREN'T Flash Documents.
    Adobe Reader opens PDFs.
    To accept the license agreement (NOT the one you accepted to download or install - the one for USE)
    Go to: C/Program Files(x86)/Adobe/Reader 11.0/Reader and double click the eula.exe file. The license agreement will open for you to accept.
    Go to: Mac HD/Applications and double click the Reader app. The license agreement will open THE FIRST TIME you open it.

  • Open PDF files with adobe acrobat

    I need to open my PDF files in Adobe Acrobat NOT in Preview. How do I set my full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro X for Mac to open all PDF files by clicking on the icon without having to choose adobe acrobat to open each time?
    Thank you; these simple savings of time compounded over a year really add up.
    Doug Kennedy

    Select a PDF file and do a Get-Info (command-I) Where it says "Open with" select the drop down menu and then select Adobe Acrobat Pro X. Then select the box "Change All"
    BTW, this bit is Mac 101. Get a good book on Mac OS.

  • Can't open PDFs/uninstall program Adobe Reader (11.0.08) MUI

    I can't open PDFs, can't uninstall program, I have Adobe Reader (11.0.08) MUI (I don't know what MUI is...), help! I have tried numerous times to uninstall and change the program. Every time I try to do this, a window comes up saying that files are open (Adobe Reader) and to either retry or close. I can do neither, so I'm unable to uninstall the program. I've never had anything like this happen to me. I scanned my computer for viruses, malware, etc. and nothing came up. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I just try to download the software from the Adobe site and see what happens?
    Thanks, Tracy

    Assuming you are in Windows (which you haven't said), you can try using this tool to first remove all traces of Reader from your computer:
    Then, you can download the full offline Reader installer from
    After downloading, restart your computer and run the installer before doing anything else.
    And I think it is Multilanguage User Interface...

  • Can't open PDF with newest version of reader says it's not supported?

    Can't open PDF with new version says it's not supported?

    Since you don't answer my last question, all I can do is point you to

  • Picture in PDF broken in Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows

    I always thought that Adobe's PDF-format is the ultimative, interchangeable file format. Well, what a surprise: it isn't:
    I have a picture in a PDF document.
    It is displayed fine on my Mac in Preview and in Adobe Acrobat 8.
    The picture has severe distortions on Windows (eg. current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader).
    You can find this PDF here:
    Please let me know how I can fix this?
    Furthermore I would love to know why even Adobe cannot manage to display the PDF correctly under Windows?

    Ok, just to summarize the status of my PDF:
    Doesn't work in Adobe Acrobat X Pro (Win XP)
    Doesn't work in Adobe Acrobat Reader X (Win XP)
    Works just fine in Evince (Win XP)
    Works in Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro (Mac)
    Works in Preview (Mac)
    Works in Skim (Mac)
    So most of the rederers tested display it correctly. For me that looks like a huge inconsitency in the Adobe Acrobat product family. It is not platform specific, because it does work in Windows as well (using other renderers).
    I have two issues with that:
    How come that Adobe Acrobat seems to be the only renderer with issues with this file?
    Why do some version of Adobe Acrobat display it, while others don't?
    To me that really sucks since I trusted the portability of PDF and my own Pro version of AA on my Mac far too much!
    My lessons learnt here: Do not use Adobe products since they cannot be used consistently accross platforms (see Flash for another example).
    Since the support policy of Adobe does only offer this forum free-of-charge even for obviously valid bugs, I decline to report this (again) as a bug due to my own time constraints.

  • I can't view PDF files in Adobe Arcobat/Reader in Firefox v5, but I can view them in Internet Explorer?

    I have the current versions of Adobe Acrobat/Reader and Firefox

    you need to install the reader into Firefox
    Do not accept anything but the reader, any thing else offered would be crapware and difficult to uninstall.

  • Can't open PDF portfolio in Adobe Reader 11.0.10

    I've seen this question asked a few times on the Forums, but I haven't seen an answer.
    I received a PDF portfolio, but I can't open it on my Mac (OSX 10.10.2) using Adobe Reader 11.0.10. When I try to open it, I get the message, "For the best experience, open this PDF portfolio in Acrobat 9 or Adobe Reader 9, or later." I've tried both Adobe Reader and Acrobat (also 11.0.10) but I keep getting the same message in both. I heard that this can sometimes be a problem caused by Flash, but I am running version of that. I tried updating both Adobe Reader and Flash Player just in case I didn't have the latest version for some reason, but I still can't open the file. Is there anything else that I should do to get it to open correctly?

    Hi Zak ,
    In order to view PDF Portfolio content, you need to have Flash Player installed on your system.
    You might have been prompted to use Flash Player to view the same.
    Have you installed Adobe Flash Player on your system? You can install it from the link mentioned below:
    Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions
    Let us know.
    Sukrit Dhingra

  • Opening pdf files in Adobe Acrobat within Safari?

    can pdf files be opened with adobe acrobat files in Safari? if so, how?
    any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi Heather,
    Assuming you already have Adobe Reader installed, launch it and check the Reader preferences. There will be an 'Internet' section where you can toggle whether the Adobe plugin is used or not in web browsers. Safari will need to be restarted after making this change.

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