Can't open Tiff in Camera Raw CC

I have checked the Camera Raw preferences to open jpgs and tiffs in Camera Raw.  I have the Bride CC preferences set to Bridge CC for jpgs and tiffs.
I c n open jpgs in Camera Raw, but I can't open tiffs in Camera Raw.  I must be doing something wrong. 
The settings for jpgs and tiffs in Windows file association are identical.
The settings for jpgs and tiffs in Bridge preferences are identical.
Yet, I can open jpgs in Camera Raw, and I can't open tiffs in Camera Raw.
Any suggestions?

Can you, from within Photoshop, choose File - Open As, then choose the TIFF file, and set the selector over on the right to Camera Raw?
I know that you'd really like to set up to open them automatically through Camera Raw, but this could serve as a workaround.

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  • Can't open NEF with Camera Raw from Bridge

    I recently updated to CS6 and got a new Nikon D600.  Downloaded the lastest DNG converter but when I pull up files in Bridge I can't open them with Camera Raw anymore.  My process was to open in Bridge.  Select the NEF files I wanted then click mouse+control, which gave me a menu to open in Camera Raw.  Now my only option is Photoshop CS6.  I downloaded the trial for Photoshop CC and Bridge CC but still can't select to open with Camera Raw.
    What is going on?  I have never had issues like I have been.  HELP Please.

    From your description it sounds as if Camera Raw isn't installed, or is installed incorrectly. In Photoshop go to Help/about plug-ins/Camera Raw and verify that you have it installed correctly. Since you are on a Mac, I cannot advise as to where it should be installed.
    The other thing I have been thinking about in your situation is, how were these images downloaded from your camera?if you used an older version of Nikon Transfer it can alter the files so that they cannot be opened in Camera Raw.
    Do you have other software like ViewNX2 or CaptureNX2, and will those programs open your files?

  • Can't open files in Camera Raw while in Bridge CS6

    Believe this issue/problem happened after automatic update from Adobe (but can't be sure).
    Have always uploaded files from camera into Bridge then do some editing by opening JPEG and RAW (NEF) files in Camera Raw from Bridge. 
    Now, "Open in Camera Raw" is greyed out and I am unable to find a way to open files with Camera Raw from inside Bridge CS6.  This seemed to happen suddenly and without any new software or applications being added to computer.  All other apps/software working well.
    Have tried various fixes found on Adobe community discussions without success.  Problem now ongoing for over a week +.
    Am able to open files in Photoshop with no problem but want to be able to do some quick edits using Camera Raw opening files from Bridge CS6. 
    I'm using Bridge CS6 Version  (as part of Adobe Creative Suite 6).  Updater states I have most current version of Bridge installed. 
    I'm using an iMac computer with Intel Core i7 processor
    OS X 10.8.5
    Have found others with this same or very similar problems on forums but either can't understand patches/directions or unable to complete instructions on my computer.
    for example see:  Camera RAW update issue with Bridge CS6
    From that link/discussion, one finds this "solution": 
    After you update to Camera Raw 8.4, Bridge CS6 in Mac OS doesn't display image metadata or allow you to edit images in Camera Raw.
    To the top 
    Manually install the Camera Raw 8.4 plug-in.
    Exit Adobe Bridge.
    Download the file below.
    Locate and double-click the downloaded file to decompress it. The resulting file is Camera Raw.plugin.
    Navigate to the Macintosh HD folder.
    Open the Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CS6/File Formats folder.
    IMPORTANT: Navigate to the root Library folder on your hard disk, not the Library folder under your user folder.
    Copy the Camera Raw.plugin from step 3 into the File Formats folder.
    IMPORTANT: This new file overwrites the file already in this folder. It's important that only one Camera Raw.plugin file is in this folder.
    Open Adobe Bridge.
    Mac OS Camera Raw 8.4 plug-in for manual installation 
    However, when I try the above, I have these issues:
    1.  When I double click on the downloaded file, my computer opens PhotoShop and an error message is displayed that states "Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file."  (I suspect this may mean my computer has automatically decompressed the file, but I am not certain of that).
    2.  Not completely certain I know how to "Navigate to the Macintosh HD folder" as suggested in step 4. above (OK, I'm new to Mac; long-time PC user….)
    3.  When I am in "Finder" and click on "GO" while holding down "Option" key, I find "Library".  within that, I can find "Library/Application Support/Adobe" but there is no "Plug-Ins" folder within the "Adobe" subfolder. 
    4.  Not sure how to tell if I am in the "root Library" on my hard disk vs. "Library under my user folder".  (Again, new to Mac….)
    I have NOT yet tried doing an "Uninstall" and then Re-installing the whole Adobe Creative Suite 6 and would like to avoid that if possible. 
    Would absolutely LOVE it if Adobe would simply push an update that would fix this problem or if someone would explain to me how I could restore the earlier version that worked perfectly for me. 
    Any help, suggestions (in very basic, simple terms that any idiot new to the world of Macintosh can understand) would be appreciated.  Very frustrated with Adobe at the moment. 
    Mostly have liked the switch to Mac, but with this and my photo workflow coming to a screeching halt, having second thoughts.  (But I suppose Adobe update for PC may cause problems as well.)
    Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.

    Literally minutes after I posted the above, I figured this out myself and now I'm a happy camper and things are back to normal!
    Here was my error/issue:  as a new Mac user, I was not negotiating/finding files on my hard drive correctly. 
    In case there are others out there with this same issue (and as dense as I apparently am ):
    Here is what I did that resulted in a fix:
    First Steps:
    1. Quit/close Bridge
    2. As noted in post above, go to this link to download Camera Raw Plugin file:
      Camera RAW update issue with Bridge CS6
    Link to get to download is near end of instructions, but I will attempt to insert that link to download here:
    3.  Once file has been downloaded, find it by using "Finder" Click on "Finder" and look on list of options on left side of Finder window to find "Downloads".  On my computer, when clicking on "Finder" these options appear in the list at the left:
    All My Files
    4.  Download you just did should be at or near the top of your downloads list and should be named as "Camera Raw.plugin"  and will be 83.5 MB in size
    5.  I right-clicked (two fingers on touchpad) to bring up drop down options and selected "Copy 'Camera Raw.plugin'" from that list to copy file.
    Now, you have copied the plug in that will fix this issue.  The second set of steps below will walk you through how to replace the file that is on your hard drive with this plug in file that you have copied.
    Second set of steps (and this is where, as a new Mac user, I was confused initially)
    1. Again, click on "Finder" on your Mac
    2.  On top of screen, find "GO" and click on that.  (You should see "Finder" in the upper right corner of your screen, then "File, Edit, View, GO, Window, Help"  Click on the GO
    3.  In drop down menu that appears, click on "Computer" 
    4.  Then, double click on "Macintosh HD" to open your hard drive
    5.  Next, double click on "Library" folder to open that.
    6.  Next, click on "Application Support" folder to open that.
    7.  Then, double click on "Adobe" folder to open that.
    8.  Then, double click  on "Plug Ins" folder to open that
    9.  Now, double click on "CS6" to open that folder.
    10.  Finally, double click on the "File Formats" folder that appears.
    11.  NOW, you should see this: 
    12.  Right click (two finger press if using a touch pad) to open window with options.  Select "Paste Item" by clicking on that option. 
    13.  You will be prompted with an option to keep existing file OR replace the file.  Choose "Replace" to past the new "Camera Raw.plugin" file to this folder. 
    Finally, if you now go back and open Bridge CS6, you should be good to go. 
    Hope that helps someone out there. 
    Hopefully future updates will from Adobe will be better. 

  • Can´t open files with camera raw

    I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 and the option to open files with Camera Raw is disabled in Bridge and in PS.
    Can anyone help?

    While each situation can be different this has been discussed on several threads. Scan down the list or do a search. If you can't find the answer, post a note.

  • Can't open jpegs into Camera Raw from Bridge

    Everytime I right click on an image to open it into camera raw I get a message telling me
    Bridge's Parent Application is not Active
    Bridge Requires that a qualifying product has been launched at
    least once to enable this feature.
    I don't get it, PS CC is open, so I would have thought that would be the parent application.  It used to do it, like until a few days ago.  What has happened?

    Yep, you would think, but it is open, and it won't do it.  the only way I seem to be able to do images in camera raw is to use the camera raw filter in the PS.
    It will open a raw file if I double click on it, but not if I right click and select open in camera raw.

  • In Bridge, can't open jpeg in camera raw

    I have CS3 installed on several computers. On one of them, apparently Bridge and/or Raw never updated to the ability to open a jpeg in Raw. I can do this on the other computers. When I suggest running updates, it says none are needed. I'm confused.

    Actually I'd only discovered this feature recently as Bridge was not program of choice - my 7 yr. old system didn't have resources to handle PS and Bridge well simultaneously, having only 512 MB RAM. Was lucky to run Photoshop alone, s_l_o_w_l_y on a P4. This all changed with 4GB RAM and a dual core. What a relief.
    Old system dubbed 'Frankenstein' sits networked in pasture in case of need for XP dependent programs or external bkups which no longer run in Vista without wiping data and reformatting. Fortunately won't need them to thanks to networking the two. Only thing not supported by Camera RAW is .bmp which I'll convert. Files from scans years ago of old photos before understanding formats. Live n' learn.
    Much of the time I use Lightroom in lieu of Bridge, but there are times it comes in handy for quick access. Now that Lightroom 2 works interactively with Photoshop it's made this less necessary, but still have uses for both.
    You are indeed fortunate Vista is your friend. Must have plenty of RAM to run 64 bit. I on the other hand run 32 and intend to downgrade next fresh install so previous peripheral investments work again. Did not play nicely and Microsoft failed to support their own products, deserving a hall of shame award IMO. Still waiting for MS's next OS, as functional and non functional skip generations with that company.
    Close friend also loves Vista, but couldn't help noticing he runs an XP machine on the side like myself.... hehe just in case for specific needs. I'm sure he wouldn't mind my saying we are both happy for you though. ;^D Whatever works. Each person has different needs as always.

  • Can't open photos in Camera Raw from Lightroom

    I used to open my (RAW) photos from Lightroom (2) into Camera Raw - it did it automatically when I clicked "edit in photoshop". Now it doesn't work anymore, and I have no idea why - it opens the pictures directly into Photoshop (CS4).
    However, it works from the finder and from Bridge. Any idea what I should do to get that functionality back? I know some of you will say I should just develop my RAWs into LR, but I prefer Camera Raw and would love to get that option back.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I'm shouting because you don't seem to be hearing me when I'm speaking normally.
    I (and others) are hearing. And we are offering what we can.  You're
    just not accepting it, in the spirit given, even if it's not what you
    had hoped to hear.
    2. I DO want to open CR. What I'm trying to accomplish is NOT to edit several pictures at once, but to open CR from Lightroom.
    So ... you don't really care about editing multiple pictures; you only
    care about using CR?
    Even if I can edit multiple photos in LR, I will continue to use CR, by opening my pictures from the finder or from Bridge (which
    >I've been doing all week). I'm not trying to be hardheaded, I just like my workflow the way it is, and I made that clear in the
    >question to specifically avoid people coming around and telling me "oh but you can do this from LR". I don't care. I don't WANT to
    >do it from LR. Otherwise my question would have been "how do I do this from LR"!!
    Yes, we all got your preference (repeatedly). What you don't seem to
    get is the fact that - even if you can't get what you want (i.e.,
    using CR), you can still edit multiple pictures. Isn't doing that
    the most important element?  That you get your photos to look how
    want/need them? Or your client wants/needs them, whichever? Or is the
    most important thing to use a specific program?
    Having a fallback plan to accomplish what you need (i.e., editing
    multiple pictures) is key. Any fallback plan will be more unpleasant
    than you first preference.
    Suppose the answer had been "Nope; no way to do that using CR. None at
    all" ... would you then not have edited those photos some other way?
    Or would you simply have abandoned your images, since you couldn't get
    your first preference (CR) to work the way you wanted?
    My question was clearly "how do I open my files from LR into CR". Anybody who's responding anything else than "this is how
    >you open your photos from LR into CR" or "you can't do that anymore" is just here for attention, not to help me. I would
    >understand and appreciate the impulse to show me a new workflow if I hadn't SPECIFICALLY SAID IN MY QUESTION NOT TO
    >DO THAT.
    How can you not understand how frustrating that is?
    I can. I can also understand how you sound, when you didn't get what
    exactly you wanted, which you can't seem to understand.
    Regardless, others have given you insight into how to let you use CR
    (or other areas to explore, anyway), which (according to you) is what
    you care about. So good luck with that, and I hope you find a final
    solution that makes you happy. CR is an amazing program.
    Michael J. Leone, <mailto:[email protected]>
    PGP Fingerprint: 0AA8 DC47 CB63 AE3F C739 6BF9 9AB4 1EF6 5AA5 BCDF
    Photo Gallery: <

  • Can I open Nikon D600 Camera RAW files in Photoshop CS5 Extended?

    We've got CS5.5 and a new D600. The NEF (RAW) files will not display. I've downloaded the DNG converter (7.2) as a workaround but it's not great. Spoke with Apple and they say I'll have to upgrade to CS6, which in turn will mean upgrading the OS on this Mac which will in turn require a new computer. All this to get a version of the ACR Plugin that works. OUTRAGEOUS!!

    Sorry, but the D600 is not supported by Photoshop CS5.1, support for it was only added in CS6 with ACR 7.2. What kind of computer do you have?
    If you (understandibly) don't want to get a new computer, it might make sense to use Lightroom to do your RAW editing, and then open them in Photoshop if you so need.

  • Even though I have checked "Automatically open all supported TIFF's" in Camera RAw Preferences - My tiff files do not open up in camera RAW What is the problem?

    Even though I have checked "Automatically open all supported TIFF's" in Camera RAw Preferences - My tiff files do not open up in camera RAW. How can I correct the problem?

    What kind of TIFFs?  Are they multi-layered, for instance?  ACR will not open layered files.
    Due to the current unavailability of clairvoyants and mind-readers in the forum, we respectfully request you supply sensible, complete details.
    Note that because this is boilerplate text, not all points may apply to any given, specific poster.
    If you give complete and detailed information about your setup and the issue at hand,
    such as your platform (Mac or Win),
    exact versions of your OS, of Photoshop (not just "CS6", but something like CS6v.13.0.6) and of Bridge,
    your settings in Photoshop > Preference > Performance
    the type of file you were working on,
    machine specs, such as total installed RAM, scratch file HDs, total available HD space, video card specs, including total VRAM installed,
    what troubleshooting steps you have taken so far,
    what error message(s) you receive,
    if having issues opening raw files also the exact camera make and model that generated them,
    if you're having printing issues, indicate the exact make and model of your printer, paper size, image dimensions in pixels (so many pixels wide by so many pixels high). if going through a RIP, specify that too.
    someone may be able to help you (not necessarily this poster).
    a screen shot of your settings or of the image could be very helpful too.
    Please read this FAQ for advice on how to ask your questions correctly for quicker and better answers:

  • I can't open tiff in raw. I have opened the same files in raw in the past.

    Hi D Fosse (and everybody else) are you still there? You won't believe, but I am having the oposite problem! I have some tiff, and they have never been converted to PSD, and I can't open them in raw. Actually, they are scans from the lab. However, they have been in raw sometimes in the past, yes, and they are still tiff. Using your precious info I went to:
    Photoshop pref>file handling>prefer camera raw for jpeg and supported file, (I know, they are tiff, but just in case): CHECKED
    Bridge pref>thumbnails>pref adobe camera raw for tiff files: CHECKED
    Camera raw pref>always open jpeg tiff using camera raw: CHECKED
    But the magic didn't work.

    What version of Photoshop, Camera Raw & Bridge?
    From your description I suspect it's CS3 (since in CS4 the prefs are all now in Camera Raw)...
    If so, try purging the cache in Bridge and make sure the tiffs have no layers and are RGB files.

  • Opening 32 bit TIFF in camera raw (or not...)

    I have been following tutorials on creating HDR images in photoshop using the 32 bit function.
    Once I have created the 32 bit image, and saved it as a Tiff file. I then go into bridge and made sure the preferences for camera raw are set to enable suppoprted TIFFs. However I cannot open this image through camera raw, it just opens up in photoshop...
    In the turorials I have seen this does not seem to be a problem for others, why won't this work for me?

    Thankyou for your reply.
    I have managed to resolve this problem now. I have recently downloaded photoshop and therefore assumed it was the most up to date version. This was not however the case, as I had camera raw 7.0 installed. I have updated this to the latest version and this problem has resolved itself, I can now edit the 32-bit TIFFs in camera raw.

  • Even though I have checked "Automatically open all supported TIFF's" in Camera RAw Preferences - My tiff files do not open up in camera RAW

    Even though I have checked "Automatically open all supported TIFF's" in Camera RAw Preferences - My tiff files do not open up in camera RAW - PS 6

    Sorry I'm taking to along, but I checked a few things using ACR 8.6
    Saved a png as an 8 bit tiff, then to 16 bit. Changed the background layer into a floating layer, all opened in ACR.
    It was when I added an adjustment layer, that it no longer opened in ACR.
    Now what can I recommend? If you have Lightroom, you can Import and work on your layered tiffs that way. I hope this is a viable alternative for you, because I think ACR does have a problem with layered tiffs and I don't really know of any workaround, but you are free to explore.

  • I can't preview RAW files in Bridge CS5 or open them in Camera Raw

    I've been using Photoshop CS5, Bridge and Camera Raw 6.7 with no problems whatsoever.  I recently upgraded the OS on my MacBook Pro to 10.8.5 and can no longer preview RAW files in Bridge, or open them in Camera Raw. 
    I've downloaded the Adobe DNG converter, but would much prefer to using my existing workflow if possible.
    Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance for any help!

    Adobe doesn't support CS5, an when I spoke to Apple, I was told that this is a known issue with OS 10.8.5 and that they're working on a patch.  In the meantime I'm using Adobe's DNG as a workaround.
    Have not heard before of this Known Issue, also find it hard to believe being true. But can't test my self because I only have CS6 and CC installed and always use Photodownloader to convert to DNG upon import. I have just installed the 10.8.5 update and checked in Bridge CC pointing to an attached card reader. no problem in showing the CR2 thumbs, it works as always and as expected.
    To my knowledge Bridge CS5 is already 64 bits and I can't think of any valid reason why an OS update would cause this problem so suddenly (but I'm not a technician I have to confess…)
    However, I would first try a check and repair permissions from Apple Disk Utility and also try Cocktail (good and cheap 3th party maintenance application for Mac) to clear caches and check permissions.
    Also try a new user account just for testing to rule out your current account as the culprit.

  • May i know where can i get the script to open layers in camera raw , cs6 64bit?

    i don't know if i will update to cc
    but i would like to add the script to open layer in camera raw , like cc
    where can i get it?
    is an adobe script or thirty script


  • In Photoshop CS5 I have updated my raw-update that was suggested by my updatebutton in my photoshop. But I still can not open my new camera srw-files from my samsung nx300.

    In Photoshop CS5 I have updated my raw-update that was suggested by my updatebutton in my photoshop. But I still can not open my new camera srw-files from my samsung nx300.

    You cannot open Raw files from the Samsung NX300 in CS5.
    Camera Raw plug-in | Supported cameras
    Camera Raw-compatible Adobe applications
    You need Adobe Camera Raw 7.4 or later which is only compatible with CS6 or later.
    Some choices:
    Upgrade to CS6
    Join the Cloud
    Join the CCPP
    Free option: download the free Adobe DNG converter, convert all Raw files from the NX300 to DNGs then edit the DNGs in CS5
    Photoshop Help | Digital Negative (DNG)

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