Can't send email with large (over 1MB) attachment

Win 7 64-bit, Thunderbird 31.2.0, eSet antivirus (but disabling it for email doesn't help), godaddy email server (works fine from godaddy web mail), port 80 (been using this port for years; 25 doesn't work)
Sending email with a 974KB attachment works. Email with a 1.4MB (and larger) attachment doesn't work. The error message appears pretty quickly (5 seconds at the most).
The message is "the connection to SMTP server timed out".
This problem seem to appear at random, then go away and all is well (for a while).

No. The modem is an Arris obtained from Comcast on 6/9/2014 after the prior one failed.

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    Hi , I can not send email with pictures attached (3 or 4 pictures) higher than 8MB. I have an Iphone 4S

    Pictures usually size is 2 or 2.2MB each, when i try to send 4 at the same time the phone takes about 10 minutes or more to send it and finally a message in the sent folder shows "Can not send email" and thats it, if I reduce the size of the pictures sending again to ~5MB the email goes ok.

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    One option is to convert the report to XML Publisher (which you might have already done as you are asking PDF/XLS), then look into the links below:

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    Can I send Email with AdobePDF

    What exactly do you mean by "AdobePDF"; I don't know of any such program or service.

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    Why is gmail blocking me from sending email with a "pages" document attached? I've checked the document for viruses with "MacKeeper" and it's clean.

    Google reads your emails, in case you did not know that. Unless you are sending an email containing content Google can extract and add to its vast database of personal information, Google has no use for it.
    Google Mail is becoming progressively useless. It won't accept .zip attachments, at least not the last time I tried, it will eventually prevent you from using an email client unless you visit their web mail interface, and it will disable your account if you attempt to log in from someplace Google deems is not where Google thinks you ought to be.
    Gmail is worth every cent you paid.
    Get rid of MacKeeper. It is capable of doing nothing beneficial and will only cause problems.

  • Can't delete email with a 9 mb attachment from iphone

    can't delete email with a 9 mb attachment from iphone(3gs, software v 4.3.1) -- every time i try to delete the email with a swipe it shows the red delete button on the right but then freezes for a while and then the delete button disappears but the email does not. when i go through edit function and mark it for deletion, the same thing occurs.
    any advice??

    No. The modem is an Arris obtained from Comcast on 6/9/2014 after the prior one failed.

  • Shell Script to send email with .txt file as attachment

    Dear Al,
    Could any one help me with code, for sending email with .txt file as attachment using shell script.
    Thank You!

    978334 wrote:
    Dear Al,
    Could any one help me with code, for sending email with .txt file as attachment using shell script.
    Thank You!

  • Can't delete email with large attachments

    Received two email with large attachments (photos in format that iphone doesn't recognize). Now can't delete or move to trash these two email. They just return to inbox and mail freezes, goes black, or returns to home screen. Clearing out all other mail in trash doesn't help. Reset doesn't help. I can still receive new email to my inbox and delete those just fine, but these two large email with attachments are stuck in my inbox.

    Well, I have the same problem. I tried to delete the specific account and redo it - but the ** email was still there. I've gone to the webmail site for the account, and deleted it there. It's deleted from my laptop, but keeps coming back on my iPhone. So, my iPhone is set to show 25 emails, but I don't understand what you mean by "send yourself 25 messages". Sounds like your solution works, and I'd sure like to try it. Looks like Apple needs to come up with an easier solution too. Thanks.

  • IPhone 5 no longer receive emails, but can still send emails with yahoo email account. Any ideas to fix?

    iPhone 5 with iOS 8.1.2 stopped receiving mail yesterday. Have yahoo email account. Can still send emails. Have turned device off/on. Have done the dual off/on thing using top button and menu button.   Issue seems to be only with main inbox, as sub folders are receiving mail. Other Apple device is not having issues like this, just on iPhone.

    LAMfromA2 wrote:
    iPhone 5 with iOS 8.1.2 stopped receiving mail yesterday. Have yahoo email account. Can still send emails. Have turned device off/on. Have done the dual off/on thing using top button and menu button.   Issue seems to be only with main inbox, as sub folders are receiving mail. Other Apple device is not having issues like this, just on iPhone.
    Your issue is with the Yahoo email account which is notoriously bad.
    you can try deleting and reinstalling the email account.
    If that doesn't fix it try the yahoo email app.

  • Can't send email with v4.5

    I upgraded to version 4.5 of the device software for my 8310 Curve and now I can't send emails (recieves OK). I can't seem to access the email settings. When I go to the Setup Wizard it gets to the date and time page and the next page returns a "404: Not found" error. If I go to my 'Mobile Email Settings' it doesn't recognise my username and password (grrrrrr). Any suggestions that don't involve reinstalling the original software?
    Network: Vodafone UK
    Go to Solution.

    Hi mjbryan
    4.5 device software for the 8310 has not yet been released for Vodafone UK.  Chances are you have a development copy of the OS and it likely contains bugs - the reason why it is not released publically. 
    What happens when you try to send an email?  If you get a red X, open the message with the red X and it will give you a message status, post that here or type it into the BlackBerry Technical Solution Center

  • I can't send emails with my Ipad4.

    I have used my Ipad4 for a couple of weeks, then suddenly I can't send emails any more. I get the response that the username or password is incorrect. Well, actually they are correct. So I have checked and double checked. It seems to be a problem related to this specific Ipad. My other Ipad3 works fine, as does my Macbook. The web based email interface is also fine, so this is not a problem with the username or password. I also receive email fine, so it is rather strange.
    Could it be some software glitch? Have others had this issue or have any idea's?

    Thanks again for the reply. Well, it does not sound like this is a common problem, so maybe it is unique to my Ipad somehow.  As mentioned earlier, i have no issue on another Ipad, not a 4 but a 3, with exactly the same settings. I have tried to delete the account and set it up again several times with and without airplane mode turned on. I use Virgin Media for my email here in the UK. They had no suggestions so far that could help. They correctly point out that since I have no problem with the other Ipad and the web access, it seems to point to some Ipad issue for the Ipad 4 or maybe just my particular Ipad.
    So here are the details: This is a so called Imap account, so in order to set it up on an Ipad, one has to choose "other" in the email set up screen. One of the reasons my confidence is somewhat shaken in the software is that I get a message claiming that this feature is for O2 clients only. That is to be ignored however, and when one presses next, one then gets the choice to set up the account as Imap only if the Ipad is in airplane mode. I am sorry, but that strikes me as slightly clumsy, and it took me many hours of self tech help before I found another user who thankfully had discovered the aiplane mode trick to get the Imap option. Nevermind, now I set up the account as specified, which is:
    User Name: [email protected] (example)
    Password: correctly entered
    Authentication: Password
    Server: 465, but 25 is also supposed to work
    With all this, I can happily say it works on my Ipad3, but not my new one. Oddly as mentioned earlier, it worked for a month or so, then became intermittent, and then failed on my Ipad4. So it has actually worked even on the Ipad4.
    It is all very frustrating. Maybe I will take it to the store and have them check the device for faults, unless of course there is some guru who can help? Any suggestions are certainly welcome.
    Many thanks

  • Can't send emails with picture attachments

    All of a sudden, I can't sent emails with picture attachments. I last tried this a few weeks ago and it worked, now it doesn't.
    I have tried a battery pull while the phone is on, registered on the network again and had the service books resent and nothing works.
    Anyone else have this problem or have any ideas of how to fix it?

    Can you please provide more information? Are you getting any error message when attaching or sending the pictures? Are you able to send other types of attachments? Is this happening for all email accounts on your BlackBerry?
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  • Can´t send emails with pdf attachments - why?

    Since i moved all my accounts to my new airbook (OS X 10.8.2) everything works fine BUT i am not able to send emails with pdf attachments.I have an exchange and a mac.account - but they both won`t work.
    The emails stay put in the local ausgang? exit box and won`t move away unless i delete them.
    i checked the accounts, the activity - all says it works fine - but it doesn`t!
    Maybe in the *deep* of my mac is one thing that says no pdf - but where can i find it?
    I appreciate every helpful hint :-)

    it tries to send the email for about five minutes and than gives the message *server doesn't work* you want to try another? repeat? or later?
    when i change the server e.g. from exchange to mac - tries again and without further notice i find the message in the outbox - even when i click that one and *send* again - nothing changes......
    I already tried to name the attachments in.pdf - i also change the pdf to jpeg - nothing works - all emails i write after that go immediately to the outbox - so when i want to send messages at all i need to delete the ones with the attachment or send the other ones manually
    Please notice in the activity window there is a lot of traffic :-) but it doesn`t help
    i even closed all other programmes like excel,safari and stuff - but still
    and i still have al lot of free GB on my airbook....
    any idea????

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    For some reason, I became unable to send emails with Mac Mail about 3 weeks ago. Did not change anything... For a while couldn't connect to the server with connection diagnostics, but now I can and it still won't send.
    Any ideas?

    anything? my wife has no problem on the same computer with her login, also with optonline. I am cursed...

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    Delete the e-mail account and set it up again.

Maybe you are looking for

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