Can't sync music on 3GS after IOS5 upgrade

Upgraded my 3gs to ios5, got an error state, restored, got "An error occurred while restoring this iPhone (-34)", but successfully restored after a couple of tries, but now I can't synch any music to the phone. My Apps,contacts, and photos are there, but no music.  When I try to synch the music, It says syncing, and "completes" but the music app shows "No Content".  I tried unchecking al music in itunes, syncing, then checking some music and resynching, thinking it my clear something out, but to no effect.  It's as if it thinks it's adding music, bt nothings there.

my problem occurred when I upgraded to IOS5 on my iPhone 4.  I received an unable to sync message that indicated that there was no space left on my iPhone; and a "Other" Capacity indicator appeared on the bottom of the iPhone device sync screen (in yellow color) and noted an overage of 12GB!  Ofcourse, prior to the upgrade I actually had 6GB free on my 32GB iPhone.  So, there is a bug.  The following link indicates a few solutions and hopefully it will answer your concern.  The link is
However, I had to restore as the first two solutions didn't work.  Furthermore, about 3.3GB of "Other" remains while I synced up.  Clearly, the problem has not been resolved.  Apple owes me and you community members a patch to fix this bug.  Basically, I have spent about two hours fixing this and I still cannot use 3.3GB of my iPhone space.

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  • Can't restore my music and apps after ios5 upgrade on 3GS

    I have an ipone 3GS 16 GB and a Macbook pro 13''. I did the ios5-upgrade yesterday, which worked fine but the sync didn't work through. All my Apps are empty although I see their pics and there's no music at all, only the recent potos available, no albums. I tried the sync several times, nothing different, it always shut down at the end of preparations for sync. I shut the pone down and restarted it new, no change. So, what happened, how can I make the complete sync happen?

    thanks for your recommendations, but I solved the problem   Thing was ONE photo file, which is probably corrupted and led to shutting down the sync. So I first skipped the 'latest entrys for the last 12 month' photos and all the other photo files during syncing and then added one file after another and finally found the one which had gone bad. So I'm going to delete this one and everything should work fine the next time (hopefully) ....

  • Can't sync music on Ipod after formatting

    I recently formatted my computer and so, lost Itunes. I installed it all over again. No problem until then. I put my music and videos from my Ipod (Fifth generation, 30go) on my computer and then on my new Itunes. Doing this, I lost over 500 songs and about 50 videos, who knows why, but that isn't the main problem. My problem is that now, I can't sync new music on my Ipod.
    Also, when I plug my Ipod on my computer, the "Do not disconnect" sign appears automatically and stays there until I manually eject my Ipod. Before the formatting, the "Do not disconnect" would only appear when I was syncing something on my Ipod, and would disappear right after.
    Other minor problem, time on the clock is wrong. For exemple, it showed 12:30 AM when it was 20:00.
    Can anybody help me?

    just had about the same thing happened to me,downloaded a few songs, went to sync them and lost about 400 songs that were already itunes says computer is not authorized to play!

  • Can't recover 3GS after IOS5 upgrade attempt - phone no longer seen in iTunes

    Tried upgrade on 3GS to IOS5, got msg that iTunes detected phone in recovery mode and I must restore. iTunes no longer sees the phone so restore doesn't work. Win XP sees the phone driver when I connect the phone, and driver says it is working properly. Have went through the entire support topic "iPhone not appearing in iTunes" and found no problem.  Rebooted computer 3 times and tried all USB ports -  iTunes still doesn't see the phone. Any ideas on how to recover this phone?

    my problem occurred when I upgraded to IOS5 on my iPhone 4.  I received an unable to sync message that indicated that there was no space left on my iPhone; and a "Other" Capacity indicator appeared on the bottom of the iPhone device sync screen (in yellow color) and noted an overage of 12GB!  Ofcourse, prior to the upgrade I actually had 6GB free on my 32GB iPhone.  So, there is a bug.  The following link indicates a few solutions and hopefully it will answer your concern.  The link is
    However, I had to restore as the first two solutions didn't work.  Furthermore, about 3.3GB of "Other" remains while I synced up.  Clearly, the problem has not been resolved.  Apple owes me and you community members a patch to fix this bug.  Basically, I have spent about two hours fixing this and I still cannot use 3.3GB of my iPhone space.

  • Can't sync music or podcasts after update to iOS4

    Just upgraded my iPhone 3G to iOS4. Since doing this, iTunes can no longer sync music or podcasts to the iPhone. Only the apps will sync. iTunes claims the files cannot be found - despite the fact that they are all listed correctly in iTunes and all play fine if I double-click on them in iTunes. I've done a complete reset of the iPhone and configured it from scratch and the problem remains. I'm at a total loss as to what to do. Everything worked fine before the update. The only possible oddity in my set-up is that the music files in iTunes are stored on another Mac in the house, mounted as a shared drive - but this hasn't caused any issues previously.
    All my computers are Macs running 10.6.4 and all latest updates. Help!!

    Problem solved itself - eventually. Solution was to reboot the computer and reconnect to iTunes. When iPhone was connected to iTunes a message appeared which said that the iPhone restore had been previously interrupted and did I want to resume, restart or cancel. Ironically, whilst choosing resume and restart failed every time, by selecting cancel the system proceeded to correctly sync all the music. Go figure.

  • Can't sync music to iphone after a restore from back up

    I Recently backed up my itunes library to external hard drive to move it to a new PC.  Now on my new PC I have the album files showing in my itunes folder but when I click on them they are showing empty so I though I had lost all my music.  However when I opened itunes it searched my PC and restores my library as it was before.  The problem now is I cannot update any songs on my iphone it is still showing what I had installed on it before I done the backup.  I have us synced music in itunes and when I connect my iphone it is showing no music on it and about 8 gb free but when I look at my phone the music is still there and it is only showing about 500mb free on there?

    Is iTunes match switched on on your iPhone?

  • Loss of key clicks and music via speakers after ios5 upgrade

    Have lost key clicks and music via speakers after updating to ios5.  Sounds are there when headphones are plugged in.  Have checked all settings and done hard and soft resets. What to do?

    I've been tracking some issues on the Conexant drivers. Can you send me a DxDiag.txt and your c:\windows\inf\ file to "mediaq at Microsoft dot com"?
    John W [MSFT]

  • Can't make calls or sms on iphone 3gs after iOs5 upgrade?

    I upgraded to iOS5 on my iphone 3gs and I am having major problems connecting to the 3g network. I can't make or recieve calls or sms, or log on to the internet over the 3g network. wifi works fine, but that doesn't help with the calls or the sms, and i can't always be on wifi for my emails. the phone worked fine before the upgrade.
    i've restored the entire phone as a new phone, i've gone in to the apple store and had my phone looked at, they say there's nothing wrong with the hardware.
    i live in Canada and my carrier is Rogers - of course when I call them for help they say it must be the phone not their network. they'd rather i buy a new phone and sign another 3 year contract
    the only thing that seems to help is restoring network settings. immediately after doing that I can make calls, send and receive sms, and use the internet over 3g. but it only fixes it temporarily... after about 15 mins I'm back to the same problem. can't make or receive call etc.
    anyone else having this same problem?
    anyone know of a solution?

    After 2 hours with Apple Support, which was great, we figured out the issue. 1-800-my-iphone. When I upgraded to iOS5 and started using the iCloud, I was unaware that my previous synching settings were still set to where I had been sycning wirelessly in the past. So the Apple support tech showed me that I had multiple accounts in both Notes and Contacts. I had iPhone, iCloud, yahoo, Outlook accounts and my default settings on the iphone should have all been set to icloud. Syching was occuring, but not in icloud. It took a little manual conversion of some Notes and Contacts into the icloud folders in Outlook, but now everything works and I only display and use the iCloud accounts in Notes and Contacts. Apple realizes that this is an issue for those of us that were previously using Yahoo and equivalents for wireless synching and they provded my support free. Usually they charge $27. All is well.

  • Can't sync music to iPhone after iOS 5 upgrade

    Help. PLEASE HELP.
    So here's what happened. I finally took the plunge and upgraded my iPhone 4 to OS 5. To my surprise, everything seemed fine... until I opened the Music app and there was NO music. No playlists, no albums, NO songs. Only a message that said "No Content You can download music from iTunes." With more than 10,000 songs in my iTunes library, i have no shortage of music. So, I tried syncing it again the next night and when iTunes opened, a window popped up saying that my last restore was stopped and asked if I would like to continue so i said yes. After a few minutes of waiting for the restore to complete, i got a window saying that it couldn't finish the restore and gave me error number (-36). I tried again, and this time it looked like it loaded my playlists, but when I opened them all of the songs were greyed and I couldn't play them. I hit the forums to find an answer, and after a few solutions (such as playing a song in its entirety in the device drop down menu and then resyncing) I was able to load SOME of the songs, but about 348 would not load. I tried restoring it again... and again... and again. Nothing worked to get the last songs on the phone, and I kept either getting error messages (-36) or (-47). Finally I was about to go onto the summary page from the device menu, but I couldn't . Everytime I connect my phone to my computer and iTunes, it is stuck on the "Set Up Your iPhone" screen, so my only option is to restore... again. I'm going in circles here, people. I'm flying out of town tomorrow for a few days, and i can't bare the thought of traveling without music.

    Is iTunes match switched on on your iPhone?

  • Permissions issue:  can't sync music to ipod after installing leopard

    It says I don't have enough access privileges to write to my music folder, yet I'm the admin and the music folder says I can read and write. Here's the things I've tried:
    At first I thought it was an itunes problem so I re-installed itunes to no avail. Then I tried repairing permissions, no dice. Then, I was sure it was a permissions problem when I upgraded from Tiger to Leopard, because it said I had "custom access" and there was an unknown user listed along with me (the admin) and "everyone." So after searching on this forum, I tried using these commands (as suggested by djhartman) in the terminal:
    To set the owner and group correctly use the following command:
    sudo chown -R yourshortusername:staff ~<enter>
    Now type your administrator password. (and if needed confirm that you know what you are doing)
    This will remove the write permission for everyone except you.
    sudo chmod -R go-w ~<enter>
    This might "break" your Drop box in Public. This will fix it again (it means set read and write for you, and write only for others)
    sudo chmod -R 733 ~/Public/Drop\ Box<enter>
    To remove ALL ACLs from your homedir, use:
    chmod -R -N ~
    When using the last command, I got the message "chmod: Failed to clear ACL on file controlsocket: Invalid argument," but it cleared up the "custom access" issue and got rid of the "unknown" user. So now my music folder says I can read and write, but when I hook my ipod up, itunes continues to give me the message that I don't have enough access privileges to write to the music folder.
    Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

    What restore errors are you getting?

  • All app, pics, music everything missing after IOS5 upgrade please help! Got error-50 while restoring. But now no error syncing but still everything is missing :(

    Dear all,
    I just updated my I phone 4 to IOS5. After upgrade when it was restoring backup it showed me error-50. But now I dont see any apps, photos on my iphone. I tried to sync it again and again several times but its not working. Please help how to get back everything !!!


  • Can't sync my iphone 3GS after upgrading to iOS4

    Use iTunes 9.2 and iPhoto 8.1.2 and cant sync photos to the iPhone. Get a massage:"iPhone-Unit XXXXXX cant't sync. The file needed is missing"
    Had the some problem with an iPod 60GB but after deleting the iPod Cash mapp, in the iPhoto library, syncing is OK on the ipod but unfortunately not on iPhone.

    Made a new folder and that solved my problem

  • Laptop died. Had backup of ITunes Media Folder but now cant restore music to Ipod after ios5 upgrade!

    Hi guys.  My laptop died a week ago and I managed to get the Itunes Media Folder copied off hard drive before it completely died.  Since then, loaded Itunes on my main PC for first time (ios5), authorised it and then pointed iTunes at the Itunes Media Folder.  Since trying to sync my Ipod Touch (which effectively had to be overwritten) I've noticed that most of my music on the iPod Touch is Greyed out.  Majority of the music was from Amazon and purchased CD's imported to Itunes.  All plays OK on iTunes but Ipod wont play 'em.
    Any ideas guys?  Tried syncing about 8 times now.  Real pain in the bum! 

    I am getting a bit lost on what was done and exactly why you did it that way.  It looks to me like you use iTunes with standard preferences settings and you didn't so much move your media folder to the external drive as your whole iTunes library (everything in the top level folder including all the media files).  This should have been done simply by copying the iTunes folder from the old drive to the new one, renaming the AllMyiTunesMusic folder if you so desire, then starting iTunes while holding down the option/alt key and selecting that folder as the iTunes library to now start using.  Apart from the copy time when you could go away and drink a pot of coffee the actual labor time would be about 2 minutes.  I think you must have done something different which has kind of messed up your library and resulted in duplication of files.  Some of those folders such as Movies and the neighboring Music folder should be in the media folder, but don't move things about in Finder or iTunes may lose track of them and things will get worse.  If you can go back and do things properly then I recommend you do so, otherwise we can see what we can work with here.
    What are the iTunes library files? -
    More on iTunes library files and what they do -
    What are all those iTunes files? -
    Where are my iTunes files located? -
    iTunes 9 [and later]: Understanding iTunes Media Organization - - plus supplemental information about organizing to new structure
    Image of folder structure and explanation of different iTunes versions (turingtest2 post) - and making an iTunes library portable.

  • SMS Alerts Not Ringing on 3GS After iOS5 Upgrade?

    Hi folks,
    Odd issue with SMS ringtones after upgrading to iOS5. Despite the phone not being in silent mode and a text message tone being set up, my phone does not play the new text tone when I receive a new iMessage (seems to work for standard SMS messages though). This is for when the phone is locked, by the way; I know that there are no sound alerts configurable for the main notification area.
    This is annoying as it seems to only pop up an alert on the lock screen without actually giving me any audio notification. So if my phone's in my pocket or even if I'm just not looking at it, I don't know that I've gotten a new message.
    Any idea what I might have configured wrong?

    Can you explain what you mean by a full restore? Do you mean wiping the phone and restoring from iTunes?

  • Can't turn on location services after ios5 upgrade

    Since I upgraded to ios5, 'find my IPad' does not work. This is because I cannot turn on location services under settings. How can I get it to turn on?

    I found out that I have to change my restrictions in settings. That solved the problem

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