Can the screen on my i phone 4s be replaced

Can the I phone 4s screen be replaced, I have contacted Apple who say it cannot be replaced because of the technicality of the phone, apparently they will replace/give me a whole new phone for £139.99 upon attending a 'genius' appointment?
Just a bit confused as I've seen companies offering to fix the screen only for around £80.00 but I was wondering why Apple would say they couldn't if it WAS actually possible?
Please note this is an I Phone 4s not just an I Phone 4.
Any help/advice would be appreciated!

Apple does not fix a user's iPhone, they replace it. This is quite common with smartphones, from any manufacturer; it's generally just not cost-efficient for them to try and do repairs in-store. There are other companies who get parts from unknown sources and can do a repair, but you lose all warranty if you have that done. So it's up to you which option you wish to pursue.

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    Hi AppleLove78,
    I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with your new iPhone 6. If you continue to have audio or call quality issues, you may find the information and troubleshooting steps outlined in the following article helpful:
    If you can't hear a person on a call or voicemail or if the sound quality is poor on iPhone - Apple Support
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    IF you have installed/activated Verizon Message+ on your phone, then yes you can. If not, you are out of luck.
    If they are iMessages on an iPhone, you could log into your iMessage account on an Apple computer to read the iMessages, but would be unable to view SMS/MMS.

  • Decided to update iphone 4 to ios 5.1 and mid update it froze and the screen is black.  Phone does not respond to any combinations of home and power buttons, when plugged into computer it does not see it is plugged in, any ideas?

    Decided to update iphone 4 to ios 5.1 and mid update it froze and the screen is black.  Phone does not respond to any combinations of home and power buttons, when plugged into computer it does not see it is plugged in so I cannot restore or anything.  Looks like the screen is on it's just unresponsive and black obviously.  Has anyone had this problem?  I was updating via wifi right in front of my router and my computer.

    Spoke to a "senior advisor" in the Apple TV department.  Her suggestions:  change channel in router to minimize/eliminate wifi interference from other users; move router away from any metal - i.e., DVD player, phone modem, etc.; keep router away from wireless 2.4 gH phones, which are "notorious" for crashing wifi routers.  So she confirms that the problem is one of connection to router suddenly dropping out.
    My own feeling is that none of these fixes will do the trick, because it seems pretty clear that there is a hardware component here - the timing of the drops seems like an overheating issue.  It takes 35-40 minutes for the box to warm up enough for the first drop; then each consecutive drop happens quicker than the one before, as it heats up more.  Each time it drops, its tiny brain gets a little more scrambled; last night it finally wouldn't start up again at all.
    My suggestion is that everyone who is experiencing this problem, please call Apple tech support and ask to speak to a senior advisor in the Apple TV department.  Make them aware of this problem!

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    You need to be able to:
    - Read those files from your old machine.
    - Transfer them to the new machine.
    Unless you were intending to buy an external drive anyway, you don't need to buy the external drive just to transfer files. As long as your old machine is connected on the same network, you can transfer the files using Network File Sharing from your PC to your Mac.
    I would however recommend purchasing the drive to use for backups with your Mac. Time Machine on Mac makes backups a breeze.

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    I was sitting here and my phone randomly said incoming call from my friend that is an iphone user. I answered it and nothing was there. He texted me the screen shot on his phone that said I called him, but it showed on my phone as an incoming call. Why?

    Heyc123 wrote:
    I had bought an iphone from this guy . ... . I had try to call him but he wouldnt answer and went ghost on me . Is there another way to activate the phone without putting in his apple id

  • Is their a way to unlock the screen to an I Phone that i found, so that I can find out who the phone belongs to

    I found an I Phone & I would like to find out exactly who the phone belongs to,except the owner of the phone has a 4 number lock code on the screen . So my question is ,Is their anyway to unlock this I Phone so that I can figure out exactly who it belongs too & return the I Phone to its rightful owner?

    With the device locked, unless the owner puts it into Lost mode and enters a number for someone to call, there is no way to do it. Attempts to try and enter a passcode will result in the device becoming disabled. Turn the device into law enforcement in the jurisdiction where you found it. If it was reported lost or stolen, they should be able to find the owner.

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    I got a droid incredible pre owned ordered it from a verizon store. now the screen isnt working right when I touch it doesnt work. Will I get a new phone or what will happen?

    How long ago did you purchase the phone?  Does it have any water damage or major physical damage?
    If the phone has no damage and is less than 1 year old, it should be under manufacturer warranty and Verizon can help you with the exchange process.  You can call them at *611 to start the process, and they will send you another refurbished replacement of the same model after they do troubleshooting with you to determine that it's a covered issue.
    If the phone has damage, or is outside of warranty, your options are limited unless you have paid for an extended warranty or insurance.  If you call Verizon, they can help explain all your options and direct you to the right place to start your claim.

  • Can the screen be cropped to and exported at a custom aspect ratio?

    I think I'm needing Premier to do something it's just not designed to do. What I need to do is to take five or six different screen and audio captures of the same event (a 3D virtual reality instructional session), each representing a different person's view of that event, assemble those in a split screen, synchronize them to the designated "main" capture's audio, delete the other audio tracks, and add CG title labeling each one. The effect is like looking at a display showing six security camera images. From what I can determine, it is possible to do those things in Premier.
    However, what I then need to do is to crop out any extra space to the left and right of that split-screen image and export the file as a .mov with the aspect ratio produced by the cropping so that the videos are as large as possible and are not distorted from resizing them to fit the standard aspect ratio. Depending on the size of the screencaps, the resulting .mov might have nearly a 1:1 ratio. What is critical for this is that the video be as large as possible and the "black" space be as small as possible so that the person who comes in later to analyze these composite videos can see everything  as clearly as possible. I also need to crop on the fly; because these images aren't always captured at the same size, it is impossible to preset a size for the resulting video.
    We've been using a screen capture tool to do this that works but is a pain; clips can only be moved and resized by mouse-drags, and the software has to import to and export from its own proprietary format, which is very slow. However, ever piece of "real" video editing software I've looked at only seems to export in TV or film aspect ratios. Quicktime Pro looked for a bit like the best bet, but it doesn't seem to be able to handle multiple audio tracks (which are necessary since I have to synchronize tracks by ear much of the time).
    Is what I'm describing--exporting .mov files while preserving custom aspect ratios that are created by cropping during editing--something Premier can do? If so, would it be something fairly easy for complete novices to do?

    medeamajic wrote:
    On a Mac based system ScreenFlow might work best but on the PC side FRAPS might work best. You can do what you want to do with Premiere Pro once you record the screen capture. As Stephen_Spider mentioned you might need to crop and even resize the images. FRAPS can record at 1/4 the screen resolution and still have decent results. PP CS 5.5 can play several layers (6 PIPs) of the FRAPS codec at 1/4 resolution in realtime.
    Thanks, but we cannot change the screen recording process. According to the study's protocols, the virtual world has to be full-screen or almost nearly so during the session, and that full screen has to be captured for analysis. Resizing the screen captures is not a problem (especially since I already said I'm doing that), but if you're saying that Premier can only play back up to six screen captures simultaneously if they're captured at 1/4 screen, then that's a deal-breaker right there.
    By the way, here's approximately what each of the completed composite videos looks like:
    Screencap 1
    Screencap 2
    Screencap 3
    Screencap 4
    Screencap 5
    Screencap 6
    Each screencaptures is resized to the largest consistent size that will fit into this format, and then the resulting video is cropped to the outside border. If there are only five screencaptures, I simply center the single one on the bottom on the "center line."
    And, to be clear (though I've said this several times already), this is something that is already being done. We probably have more than 60 of these .mov files, each around 45 minutes long, with five or six synchronized screen captures in each. Frame rate etc. has not been any issue with these, and neither has playback of the .mov file from HD or DVD.
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  • Can the screen be replaced

    I have an Classic Ipod but the screen (plasma) is shattered. Is there any way I can send it in to get it repaired and if so what is the pricing on that.
    Also I have iCloud on my iPhone 4 that has my contacts saved and calender saved; I do not need my apps saved cause they can all be logged into. My iPhone tells me I have no memory left and I need to manage it and upgrade my memory because it will not back up anymore. I talked to someone before about this issue and asked if I could delete my prior back up if it will create enough room to save a new back up. When I click on delete back up it says all of my iCloud information will be deleted. Does this mean that the last back up will be deleted or all of my prior information from iCloud will be deleted.
    Jennifer Horvath
    [email protected]
    (734) 778-3289

    Apple will repair/replace it for something like $199. You need to call/visit them for this service. The normally replace it with a refurbished unit.

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    The connection to the screen of my satellite pro has been damaged; it works perfectly if held at the right angle with some pressure to the screen with one thumb - otherwise it is illegible / appears as scrolling horizontal lines.
    Otherwise the computer is fine and I'd like to get it repaired . is this possible and where should i get it repaired?

    Of course the screen can be repaired but have you checked an external monitor? Can you notice the same issue there?
    I think its also hard to say what part of display is exactly defective. You can contact an authorized service provider. The technicians can help you can check your notebook. I think this would be the best option. ;)

  • How do you unlock the screen rotaion on I phone 5

    help screen is locked cant find how to inlock????

    Open Control Center by swiping up with one finger from below the bottom of the screen. Orientation lock is the icon on far right of top row.

  • I have iphone 4s i cracked the screen but it gets hot after i replace it

    My i Phone is 4s i changed the screen everything is working properly except the phone gets very hot than the normal so can you please help me for an advice or what should i do ?

    There is no way of telling what you did in there. One thing you can't do is take it to Apple. They will not touch it now you've opened it up.

  • I have a late 2008 Macbook Pro last updated to Mavericks OS.  The screen died and it's not worth replacing.  How do I remove the hard drive and use a drive sled to access info I need?

    I have a late 2008 Macbook Pro last updated to the Mavericks OS.  The screen died and I took it into an Apple store and was told replacing the screen and the hardware to repair everything would cost almost as much as buying a new laptop or a cheaper model.  I was told that I can use a drive sled to access data I need on my hard drive. How do I remove my hard drive and use a drive sled to get to the information I need?  What makes matters more complicated is I need to update my iPhone and my iTunes/App store purchases.  How can I accomplish this?
    My wife has a late 2008 Macbook Pro as well, which I am assuming I need to run my hard drive.  Is there a way to just access just my hard drive without interfering with hers?
    I know this is lengthy.  Thanks to whoever looks at this and offers advice/instruction.

    the device you need is an External enclosure for a 2.5" (laptop form factor) SATA drive.
    A USB-interface enclosure will be slow, but is adequate for this task and for re-purposing as a backup drive later.  A firewire-interface drive would be faster, but is harder to find, more expensive, and faster than needed for this purpose.
    The drive will mount as an "extra" drive on your wife's Macbook, and you can drag and drop whatever you wish. You could create a separate Account for yourself on her computer, and use Migration Assistant or just copy your stuff over to the new account. Then it would not interfere with her files.

  • I got my iPod Touch five days ago, and I cracked the screen. Is there any way to replace it for free?

    Can I replace the screen for free?

    Maybe yes but likely no. Make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store and find out.
      Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar

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