Can time capsule be used to store the iPhoto library?

Can somebody please advise if the time capsule can be used to store iPhoto library files (90GB) and iMovie files (600GB).
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Don't know about iMovie, but if you check with the experts in the iPhoto support area, they will strongly advise against locating the iPhoto library on the Time Capsule....especially if you are using wireless.
Might be a good idea to post over there for first hand info, but even if you decide to do this....risking corruption to your image library....have you thought about how you will back up the iPhoto library once it is on the Time Capsule?
You will need another hard drive for this, of course...and an application that can backup a network drive....since Time Machine cannot do this.
A better idea might be to connect a hard drive directly to your Mac using USB or FireWire and store the iPhoto library the iPhoto experts will also recommend.
Then....Time Machine will back up both your Mac and the hard  you have backups of everything.

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  • Can time capsule be used to store files for future retrievel (not backup but storage)?

    My MacBook Air is full and would love to store the currently unecessary files in the time capsue for future retrievel. Is this posible and will it be a practical solution? The nature of the files is mostly photos and documents. Will the time capsule hard drive appear as a reguler file from which I can reitrieve any stored file wtihout orignally having it on the Macbook? Thanks a lot.

    What Niel is saying is that if you move "original" files from your Mac to the Time Capsule, the "originals" are now on the Time Capsule.......and you have no backups for those files when.....not if....the Time Capsule has a problem.

  • Can time capsule be used with windows programs

    can time capsule be used with windows as a wi fi router? or dose the disk that came with the time capsule work with windows program?

    The wifi router side will work fine.
    The disk that came with the TC should have windows version of airport utility but you can download it.. that is important if you want to setup the TC or use the shared disk.

  • Can time capsule be used on windows7

    can time capsule be used on windows7

    We have Macs and PCs in our house.  The mac is set up and running fine on TC/TM. 
    Questions is - what is the best way to also use TC to back up the windows 7 machines?
    The windows machine is set up on the wireless network - but not currently sharing files.
    If not practical I'll stay with the Windows external hard drive to back up that laptop.
    You can just connect to the TC and use a backup software.. I backup to TC using Macrium Reflect which is free for disk image.. paid for version does incremental.
    Make sure you have plenty of space though on the TC for all the computers hdd usage.. with about 2x or 3x that space spare. TM uses a lot of free space and gets slow and unreliable deleting old backups if there isn't sufficient space.
    An NTFS formatted disk makes good sense for a pc.. if you want to see and use the files you backup.

  • Can time capsule be used with one computer?

    Can time capsule be used with one computer?

    Time Capsule can serve one or more Macs:

  • I am thinking of buying a "new" iPad but I have a very large iPhoto library which I would like to keep intact and be able to view on my new iPad.  Is there a way to use a external storage device to store the iPhoto library and view it on the iPad?

    I am thinking of buying a "new" iPad but I have a very large iPhoto library which I would like to keep intact and be able to view on my new iPad.  Is there a way to use a external storage device to store the iPhoto library and view it on the iPad?

    You can't use an external hard drive like you would with a computer.
    You can use a USB flash drive & the camera connection kit.
    Plug the USB flash drive into your computer & create a new folder titled DCIM. Then put your movie/photo files into the folder. The files must have a filename with exactly 8 characters long (no spaces) plus the file extension (i.e.,; DSCN0164.jpg).
    Now plug the flash drive into the iPad using the camera connection kit. Open the Photos app, the movie/photo files should appear & you can import. (You can not export using the camera connection kit.)
    When you first connect the USB flash drive, you will only see thumbnails of the pics on the iPad; you have to import the pic file to see the full size. With your large library of pics, you will have to do this repeateably and then delete pics so you don't exceed your memory capacity.
     Cheers, Tom

  • Can Time Capsule be used for both Time Machine back-up and a place to store other things?

    I thought I had heard that it was best to keep whatever external drive you use for Time Machine to be exclusive for Time Machine back-ups. Does Time Capsule automatically partition an area for Time Machine. Also, since Time Machine auto deletes some things when the external drive gets full, does it just keep backing up until it fills the Time Capsules 2 TB or whatever the space is? Thanks in advance for help.

    It does not partition the drive but creates a sparse bundle which acts as a sealed directory.
    You can store other things on the TC. Just create a new directory for your stuff.
    The TC needs to have at least 2 or 3 times the space used by your hard disks in all your computers. So it can manage a full backup plus the hourly incrementals.. !! It can take a long time to fill up if you don't change stuff around much.. or it could fill up relatively quickly if you constantly load files in and out.
    Remember though a TC is not a NAS, it has no mirror and if the TC is the only copy of some files you are storing on it, and the TC breaks down, then those files are lost.
    I have seen others suggest it is better to use a USB hdd connected to the TC to store files you want access to. Balance between storage and backup won't be that difficult. If the TC is becoming full, make a decision about where you want to store those other files.

  • Can Time Capsule be used to access video files for editing?  Or do I need a wired hard drive using USB/Firewire/Thunderbolt?

    I'm using Final Cut Express 4 and would like to store my video clips on an external hard drive so the internal hard drive in my MacBook Pro 13 doesn't have to work so hard.  I heard from a reliable source that it might be impossible to access the files wirelessley though, meaning that I might need to get a wired external hard drive that uses USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt.
    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks a lot.

    The experts in the iPhoto, Aperture and iMovie support areas all strongly advise against trying to locate a "working" library on a network drive, like the Time Capsule, even if the Mac is hard wired to the Time Capsule. Things would be a lot more dangerous with a wireless connection.
    Apple does as well:
    “Additionally, storing the iPhoto (or other image) library on a network rather than locally on your computer can also lead to poor performance or data loss.”
    You might want to post in the Final Cut Express support area to see if the folks over there feel the same way.
    Final Cut Express HD
    Your best best....if you do not have the space on your Mac's hard drive.....would be to add a USB, FireWire or Thunderbolt drive directly to the Mac to establish a "local" connection. This is much better and more reliable setup that trying to use a network drive, like a Time Capsule.
    Use the Time Capsule for its designed and intended purpose....your backups.....not "working" files. Time Machine on your Mac can back up both your Mac and the attached hard drive to the Time Capsule.

  • Can Archive Link be used to store the docs from SAP R/3 to KM Repository

    Hi All,
    Could you please advice whether archive link can be used to store documents from SAP R/3 enviroment to KM Repository. I have verified the storage types that archive link can support (Like HTTP Content Server) . But i couldn't see any storage type out there which is compatible with KM Content storage.
    If it is not possible, Could you please advice is there any way to store the documents from SAP R/3 environment to KM Repository.  

    Hi Vivek,
    until now I haven't found a solution in detail, but some ways to verify the connection.
    I wrote about a tool that export the pdf to the filesystem, this wont be able at this time, it must developed, because a function will place the data in a sap table and from this point there we can export it on the filesystem after we've develop some abap code.
    I thought that was already available, but that what i found was the Report RSTXPDFT4 in the sap system, with this you can transfer spool to pdf and store the file in dialog on a filesystem, there will webdav be able to use, but it must be batch.
    So I search to a new way, I try to set the repository for rooms from persitence from db to fsdb, this works, but with our patch sp9 there are some errors, so i must patch it to sp 15/16 first.
    I'm able to make the netshare on windows, so the repository is reachable with an unc Path. If the report, that must be written can access such unc path (normaly thats works in the same domain) we can store the Files in the room workspace document folder an the portal synch job can make the rest. >IN the sap system there must be a table to map the rooms to the responsable folder.
    This way should be work, but it isn't fine for productive, I heard from a way to transfer the data with  java. In CRm System there should be a fnction from sap CRM_ISA_ORDER_CONVERT_TO_PDF and the isa use the java-stream to transform it in pdf, but this is nothing for me, that must be checked from a java developer, a colleague of my will check this.
    Best regards

  • Can time capsule be used for wireless backup without serving as a router?

    can time capsule be set and used for wireless backup without serving as a router?

    Not if you want it to work.
    If you do want stand alone .. ie a TC sitting all on its lonesome with no internet connection.. then reset to factory and start over..
    The TC has to be in router mode so it can handle dhcp and addressing.
    Ignore all the problems.
    BUT then you can connect your computer to TC for backup
    you can connect to main wireless router for internet..
    You cannot do both.. at the same time.
    UNLESS you have ethernet connection.. to either main modem or TC.. if you have two networks and two different network clients, then you can do both at once but the setup is tricky.

  • Can Time Capsule be used for Backup of Iphone

    Can Airport Time Capsule be used for Backup of Iphone & ipad

    The iPhone and iPad cannot back up directly to the Time Capsule.....they only back up to iTunes on your Mac or iCloud.
    If you are using Time Machine to backup your Mac to the Time Capsule, then all of the backups of your iOS devices in iTunes will then be backed up to the Time Capsule.
    See this Apple support document for more information on iOS backups.

  • HT1449 I moved my itunes library to the time capsule. Everytime I put the computer to sleep, I have to change the location back to the time capsule. I cannot get the iTunes library to stay located in the time capsule.

    My itunes library does not stay in its new location in the time capsule. Every time I put the computer to sleep or leave it alone for awhile, the itunes location goes back to the original location in the macbook. Then I have to change the location back to the time capsule and wait for it to reorganize all the files again. So the question is how to keep my itunes in its new location the time capsule?

    Welcome to the discussion area!
    +Can someone please provide a definite answer, or at least warn against using the TC as a shared media device on a network. The whole point of getting such a device is to be able to offload large multimedia libraries from the laptops, yet access a shared library when networked. N'est ce pas?+
    We're all users here...not you'll get few definitive answers on a forum with varying opinions about almost every subject.
    My opinion would be this: Apple designed the Time Capsule for Time Machine to automatically backup all the files on your Mac and other Macs in the household on a regular basis and provide a way to retrieve a file that had been deleted recently by mistake. It's a pretty good router as well.
    If you check the info about the Time Capsule on Apple's site, the main features mentioned are backup of your Macs and a dual band wireless network capability.
    The Time Capsule was never designed to be a media server housing audio, video and other multi-media files and has never been promoted as such. Nevertheless, some users seem to have adopted the stance that this should be one of the benefits of the device, if not a main feature.
    There may be a need for media server type device, but the Time Capsule, at least at this time, is not the answer. If you feel otherwise, you might want to speak directly to Apple and let them know via Time Capsule Feedback.

  • Can time capsule be use simultaneously as a wireless hard drive and time machine backup?

    Hello, I currently have a macbook pro retina and have about 600 gig of content. I am tired of hauling around an external hard drive with him to hold it all. I was thinking of getting a Time Capsule but wanted to know if it can serve as both an external hard drive for my content as well as the destination disk for a time machine back up. If not, can I attach an external hard drive to the time machine to use as the backup drive. Oh one more thing, will I only be able to see the content if I connect to the same home internet network or will I be able to access it with any internet connection regardless of where I am??

    Hello, I currently have a macbook pro retina and have about 600 gig of content. I am tired of hauling around an external hard drive with him to hold it all.
    Who is him?? The MBPr.. interesting choice of pronoun if it is.
    Do you really need 600GB of content.. ??
    You can buy a 1TB 2.5" drive in a tiny holder now. In terms of the amount of lugging.. I doubt you will feel that much extra.
    I was thinking of getting a Time Capsule but wanted to know if it can serve as both an external hard drive for my content as well as the destination disk for a time machine back up. If not, can I attach an external hard drive to the time machine to use as the backup drive. Oh one more thing, will I only be able to see the content if I connect to the same home internet network or will I be able to access it with any internet connection regardless of where I am??
    We do not recommend the TC as an external hard disk to store your files. It has no.. repeat NO ability to back itself up.. it is a sealed unit without spare parts available.. If it dies.. apple will replace not recover. Say goodbye to all your files.. and frankly that are not that reliable.
    TM cannot backup a network drive.. and you cannot backup without using a 3rd party software and another USB disk or NAS.. so.. to cut the long story short.. buy the right box.. a NAS.. QNAP and Synology make real NAS, with fully integrated backup that can do TM backups.
    If you do decide on the TC for your files.. you can access it locally no problems.
    From WAN over the net using BTMM and iCloud.. remember every file movement is restricted to the slowest speed in the network.. usually your upload speed at each end.. try doing anything at 800kbps which is all most people get. If you have high speed fibre then great.
    A real NAS will be accessed by SFTP directly using dynamic dns or static public IP .. even better.. but the same limitation applies.. speed of the convoy is the speed of the slowest ship.
    A dropbox in the cloud is often a better way although accessing 600GB is still not easy.. and getting it up there.. harder still. But download speed is a lot better than upload.

  • Can Time capsule be used a normal router?

    and I would like all my macs to connect to the internet as well. Is this possible? thanks

    To answer your original question, yes Time Capsule can be used as a normal router. Think of it as a router with a built in hard drive. And yes all your Macs can connect to it to share Internet.
    Now as for your second question, how are you accessing the Internet right now? Because you can't connect the Time Capsule to your phone jack on the wall. I'm assuming you're using some kind of DSL. If so, then you need to connect your DSL modem to the Time Capsule, not Time Capsule to your phone wall jack. Then you'll be able to share and connect with all your Macs. Make sense?
    Time Capsule has ethernet ports (bigger "phone" jack), take the ethernet cable from your DSL modem and plug it into the WAN ethernet port of the Time Capsule.
    If you're on dial-up, then you can't share Internet with all your Macs. (Actually you could, but it's going to be painfully slow and not worth it)

  • Can time capsule be used to back up an imac and macbook?

    I use time capsule with my imac and I have recently bought a macbook.  Can I add the macbook to the time capsule so that both devises are backed up on it?
    Many thanks

    Yes, that is fine. .the two devices automatically setup different backup sparsebundles.. a disk image in effect.

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