Can TWO Editors Work On The SAME Project Separately ??

Have Premier CS3 on XP
We have a heavy edit this week for a film festival.
Can one editor work on part 1 on one PC machine...and another editor work on part 2 on a mac...and then somehow... be able to transfer the mac timeline over to the PC machine for final work.
What special gottcha tricks do I need to know???
We can get both editors to use the same clip names. They will be on different drives...but the same structure...the same directories and filenames exactly on each drive. The Mac version would copy the master clips folder im thinking. Both machines...same raw materials.
Im just concerned that we may forget to do an important step... and not be able to successfully bring all the edit timeline pieces over so they point correctly.
Thanks for your critical tips and tricks

Should work OK, as long as you're using the same media source for both platforms/projects. In other words, you need to be working with something like DV AVIs or QT DV MOVs with both. One platform will suffer because it's not as tuned to work with the other platform's media, but it's doable. You could capture the same media to each platforms native media (DV AVI on PC, QT DV MOV on Mac), but relinking once you transfer from Mac to PC will be a nightmare. If you're working with something like P2 MXF, though, this will be a breeze--just point to the proper directory and everything will be fine. This is a major benefit of PPro's native handling of such media, IMO.
You could also copy the media over, wholesale, from Mac to PC--I think this is what you're saying now that I'm reading your post again. I'm guessing that in this case, both machines would NOT be working with the same material originally, correct? Just note that you may have file system incompatibilities going from Mac to PC. Mac uses the HFS file system, whereas your PC is probably using NTFS. FAT32 is common to both systems (can be read/written on each) but you're limited in supported file sizes to less than 4GB. If you've got an HFS-formatted external drive you'd be moving to the PC, I recommend
HFS Explorer. It will allow you to mount and extract data from your HFS-formatted disc on the PC. There is also MacDrive, which is more tightly integrated with PC (disks show up as native filesystems in Explorer) but it's not free. Time might be an issue, though, and MacDrive might be the better option. There is a free limited trial, I believe.
Beyond that, just import the Mac-generated project into the PC-generated project, and relink your files. BE SURE TO DO THIS ON A COPY OF YOUR PC PROJECT, just in case the unthinkable happens. From there, the projects should be successfully merged, and you can proceed with final assembly. I would suggest keeping your additional timeline items to a minimum in the Mac project (ie. audio, graphics, titles, etc) just to eliminate possible transfer headaches. I really don't think you'll face an issue, but it could wreck your day if something goes haywire.
Finally, and most importantly, test this out if you value your sanity. This is not something you want to simply "hope" works without any sort of field trial. This should work perfectly well, but I assume to responsibility if it does not!
Good luck...

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    Does anyone have experience with having multiple editors work on the same project from different computers?

    As much as I hate to admit it, YOU ARE RIGHT!
    I will tread lightly on this project.
    Thanks for the sanity check,
    Ben Rayner
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    Concurrently working on the same project it requires a specific implementation in all editing programs like Avid's Unity/ ISIS shared storage. That's what you are simply not considering. none of your issues would be any problem if your projects resided on a commonly accessed server or something like that. Check respective hardware solutions.

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    As far as I know, "regular" Premiere Pro does not have any provision for the kind of file locking/unlocking required for 2 people to edit the same project... so if YOU save an edit and your other person saves after you, your edit is going to be overwritten and lost
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    See...I have a ipod nano which on being connected to itunes7, I'm able to make my own playlist&delete or download songs at my own will. But when I connect my ipod mini to my i tunes(on the same computer) just updates my mini but after that if i wanna make changes to the playlist on my mini or delete anything...I can't. It only works with my nano but not with my mini.

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